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Remind Republicans 24 / 7. We have a bizarrely amoral criminal occupying our gov.

By the time this video was shot, Trump had been accused by Ivanka's mother of a brutal rape & of sexually assaulting another woman.

Trump agrees. He's a sexual predator

Remind Republicans 24 / 7. We have a bizarrely amoral criminal occupying our WH.

1st time Trump ever saw her Trump said, "Who the hell is that?"

She was 12 yrs old.

Later, Melania brought 57 yr old Trump a sex tape of friends' then 22 yr old daughter

Christianity Today: Trump humiliates & demeans the vulnerable. The "embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool."

Trump publicly describing the "benefits" of sex w a troubled teen.

Never stop. Remind Republicans 24 / 7. Trump is unfit in every way.

Talk about it 24 / 7. Trump is a bizarrely cruel, sexual predator & criminal

Trump, 46 yrs old, spies 10 yr old girls riding an escalator

Trump's 1st thought is sexual, "I'll date you in 10 yrs." NOT a normal thought process when you see children.

Sure Republicans know Trump is a liar, a pervert, a criminal & a traitor.

Rub it in their faces 24 / 7.

Trump brags about getting away w going backstage for the purpose of leering at naked girls in his pageants

Some of these girls were as young as 15
Why bother publicizing what pervs we have in the WH? Because if we brought it up every time Trump's name is mentioned, even Republicans would begin to vomit.

Trump sexually humiliating Melania.

These people are living in the White House. Staggering!
Trump is in a press conference? Your neighbor wants to talk about the wall? Immigration?

Reporters / Americans ... Why can't Trump sit beside his own child without being a sick perv?

What do you & your daughter Ivanka have in common?

Trump's Answer: Sex
But Republicans don't care ...

They don't care because we didn't rub their noses in it 24 / 7 every time the perv's name is mentioned.

While under oath, the mother of Trump's 3 oldest children testified that Trump brutally raped her & pulled out her hair
Trump formal response through attorney & fixer @MichaelCohen212

"You can't rape your wife."

In a meeting, across the fence, the grocery store ... I refuse to have discussions about Trump that are substantive. It's not normal. He's a criminal. Say it…
Republicans harassed and tortured families like mine for decades ... they still are. Their excuse? Marriage is a sacrament given through devine grace.

On Trump's wedding day he bragged "vagina is expensive."


Remind Republican men 24 / 7 Trump isn't some rich playboy, he's a sick pathetic little dirty old man ... filth

Watch Trump near 70, brag about hiring a 17 yr old because she was "hot" & had no experience for the job

Trump is an embarrassing disgrace

Trump says men should "move forward even if you get smacked" by a woman.

For men like Trump consent, mutual relationships, respect ...

It's all about taking, scamming, stealing, manipulating an object he wants.

A sick old pathetic pervy criminal

Your Fox News zombie father says, "Trump is gonna give that Nancy Pelosi hell."

Dad, for sick pathetic pervs like Trump women serve 1 purpose, even baby & adult daughters.

Women & girls are just objects. Can't talk about his own child w/o being a perv
Republicans you voted for a weak, pathetic old perv. The kind of guy who peeps in windows at night & dreams of sex with his own children.

Trump thinks women are objects.

Trump can do anything - grab 'em by the pussy, move on married women like a bitch.

Republican women? What do we say to them?

I do this in real life ... every time.

"Stop. Trump is a sick perv who would grab you or your children by the genitals. I will not discuss that perv w you"

Trump says he doesn't treat women with respect

Tell Republicans. Trump is a pathetic sexual pervert. Make them sick to their stomach about this perv. Say it out loud 24 / 7

Trump "bangs Russian people." Trump said, "The girls have no morals. You gotta get out there."

Putin no doubt has the pee tape

Watch Trump's left hand.

Trump says "hot women are my alcoholism"

This is a first time meeting, in front of a crowd of people. Can you imagine being alone w this old perv Trump?

He is an embarrassment. He should be confined to a nursing home

We saw it this week with reporters.

Trump tries to humiliate women who don't "obey" his stupidity.

Why did Trump single her out & say he planned to lie about her for revenge?

She didn't want to introduce Trump.

Watch this embarrassing gross old perv:
Say it every time Trump's name comes up

Let's face it America when it comes to children, Trump has a screw loose. No wonder his orders resulted in children living in cages

Trump even makes disgusting jokes about dating children — a lot

Trump is a menace
Every time Trump's name is mentioned. NY didn't vote for Trump. Why? They know the perv

Look at this headline from his own buddies at the National Enquirer. Even friends couldn't keep this story from 1996 under wraps for Trump: TRUMP SEX ATTACK SCANDAL
Trump? You want to talk Trump. He's proving Republicans are racists. He's revealing each of you. It's a sickness. Weak & pathetic.

When the pervy sexual predator dude also looks, acts & sounds like a racist:

"Look at him ... my African American.""
Trump's racist rant about Mexico sending rapists & murderers, his disgusting attacks on so many black women like this week & Maxine Waters ("She's a low I.Q. individual") - all intentional racist red meat for his racist base

Trump is a perv & a racist

Trump uses a bullhorn to shout that he's a racist.

Trump played golf on #MartinLutherKing Day.

Republicans trying to defend Trump need to be shut down asap. This is no longer a debate. Case closed. Trump is a racist & he wants other racists to know

Some of the public racist rhetoric that's come out of the mouth of Trump in the past 2 years.

America will no longer pretend.

We are saying it out loud because it is true. Trump is a racist & a pathetic sick filthy old perv.

Republicans are all in

“They don’t look like Indians to me.”

Trump’s “Pocahontas” slur is another in his history of racist remarks made in public.

If you aren't white, Trump is obsessed with your race, looks & skin color. Why? Trump is a racist.

Go along w it? You are too

Jeff Sessions, a man too racist to be a federal judge gave speeches for Trump about preserving the white heritage of law-enforcement in the US

Of all attorneys, Trump picked the 1 too racist to be a judge! But the racist wouldn't help cover Trump's crimes
Trump has a certain soft spot for us white folks.

Trump says he has superior genes & is proud of his German blood 🤔

If anyone tries to tell you that Trump isn't a racist ... his words, legal history, actions, policies, hires & policies say otherwise

GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise admits he spoke at a white supremacist conference that included David Duke in 2002.

Companies pulled support of racist Steve King but Republicans elected him.

Duke: Charlottesville "fulfills the promises of Donald Trump"
Bottom line ... do not tell me to stop talking about Trump's history of sexual assaults, denigrating women & children and racist words, policies and actions.

Try it. When Trump supporters talk about him. "He is a perv, racist & criminal. End of discussion. It's a sick cult"
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