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Who are the House Republicans treasoning with Trump in Paris? Guess they couldn’t get to the memorial either?
Think about all the pool reporters earlier today lying to us that Trump couldn’t travel due to weather. There is no way they didn’t know a bunch of congressmen were there with him!!
Who paid for their flights to Paris???
Putting out an official BOLO for @DanaRohrabacher in Paris with Trump.
UPDATE: Congressmen in Paris for a meeting of the "Ripon Society"
h/t @BabsEaton
Look at how many House Republicans are on the "Advisory Board" of the Ripon Society. There could be dozens over there in Paris, at the same time as dozens of Putin's guys.

These people are over there selling off our country to the highest foreign bidder. No one stopping it.
It's weird because it seems like traveling to Paris for a meeting on the 100th anniversary of WWI ending would be a big deal for the @RiponSociety ....no events on their website and no press releases announcing the visit though.
Maybe it is part of this "exchange" with the French?

I am delighted to welcome everyone this evening to the French Residence as we...celebrate the Congressional French Caucus and the Ripon Society and Franklin Center’s Capital to Capital Exchange."

Yes, that's exactly why these R congressmen are in Paris:

"This 4-day conference boasts an important list of topics...There will be opportunities...to meet w/ their counterparts...as well as other key actors in foreign affairs, trade, counter-terrorism, & national security."
Here's a "Post-Travel Disclosure Form" from August 2017 for travel to Berlin, Germany paid for by Ripon Society. What's up @TomReedCongress ?

Hi, Miami University Class of 2018 / @RiponSociety Communications Manager Kyle Chance --- can you please let us know which of our elected officials are over in Paris right now making deals on behalf of our country?

Kyle @riponsociety -- where's today's social media posts? Looks like you're on a 1-3/day schedule. But today nothing.

Seems like a big day for your organization, meeting with all those foreign leaders in Paris - why the radio silence??
Here's the @RiponSociety @FranklinCenter Berlin Meeting Report from 2017. The French Embassy press release mentioned that Franklin Center would also be participating in the "Exchange" in Paris this weekend. I'm not familiar with these groups at all tbh...
Looks like Tom Barrack over in Paris right now too.
h/t @MacFinn44
Reporters @politico heard BUZZ about "congressmen, K Streeters and corporate types" headed to Paris. Please elaborate @JakeSherman @apalmerdc @dlippman.
@RiponSociety under scrutiny in 2005.

"While such non-profits can legally pay for trips for members of Congress...congressional rules forbid registered lobbyists or agents registered to represent foreign interests from paying for such travel themselves."
Here are all the retired members of congress who now sit on the Advisory Board of @RiponSociety. Are any of them now registered lobbyists or registered foreign agents? I have time to go through a couple...
Henry Bonilla is a registered lobbyist on the "advisory board" of @RiponSociety.

Someone from @CREWcrew @POGOBlog @OpenSecretsDC @RobertMaguire_ @waltshaub would have to explain --

Can members of congress accept travel from @RiponSociety if registered lobbyist is on board?
So @RiponSociety is a dark money 501(c)(4) who has at least two registered lobbyists on it's board. Bill Paxon - also a donor to Trump's "transition committee". This is the group flying congress members to Paris, which they should be barred from doing, no?
I'm playing a game with myself right now called "guess the foreign agent" even though I really have other things to do...Haven't guessed right yet though
FFS. Here's a summary of former congressmen who were registered foreign agents as of Oct 2016.

Michael Castle lobbying for DLA Piper, set up meetings for the Saudis with House leadership.

On board of @RiponSociety.

Who else?

Here's a handy graphic from that Politico article re former-congressmen-turned-foreign-agents. Needs to be cross-referenced against the Advisory Board list for @RiponSociety for additional matches.

How come @OfficeGovEthics is approving this paid travel for congress members??
"Castle and Coleman both leverage their access to key Republicans for the Saudis, who’ve faced a steadily growing image problem in the United States since the 2001 attacks."

Any saudis hanging around @seungminkim?

Cc @RiponSociety
What's up Don Nickels? Still working on behalf of S. Korea to influence U.S. policy? Any other countries?

Asking because you are on the board of @RiponSociety, a dark money 501(c)(4) funding congressional members travel to Paris this weekend.

But also registered foreign agent.
Another lobbyist on the board of dark money group 501(c)(4) @RiponSociety sponsoring Paris trip.

"Trump whisperer" and former congressman Mike Ferguson works at lobbying firm Baker Hostetler.

Cc @OpenSecretsDC @POGOBlog @crewcrew @OfficeGovEthics

Ding ding ding Bob Livingston, former congressman from Louisiana. What are you up to in Ukraine, homie?

You are a registered foreign agent *AND* on the advisory board of Ripon Society. Is it legal for your group to fund travel for congress members?
Tom Reynolds, you are a registered lobbyist and on the board of dark money 501(c)(4) @RiponSociety.

Is it legal for your group to fund travel to Paris for congress members this weekend?

Did @OfficeGovEthics give @RiponSociety a waiver for this?

Score card after 1st quarter @RiponSociety :

💰Henry Bonilla, R-TX
💰Mike Ferguson, R-NJ
💰Tom Reynolds, R-NY

Foreign Agents
💰Mike Castle, R-DE
💰Bob Livingston, R-LA
💰Don Nickles, R-OK
Forgot Bill Paxon on that score card👆....

Anyway - looks like Kevin Yoder (R-KS) is in Paris, but he isn't on Ripon Society Advisory Board.
H/T @lrozen
Short <thread> here with some of my past flagged connections re France btw.

Need to add that Giuliani was in Normandy on July 4th this year, at the same time the 8 senators where in Moscow.
Brief aside: Paris was also were Rudy Giuliani attended a MEK conference this summer...a few days before the 8 senators went to Moscow and Trump announced his Kavanaugh pic.
🚨Ok, we've got another foreign agent on Team Ripon Society. That brings us to 4.

What's up Jim McCrery, R-LA? How's that Turkey lobbying going these days?

You over in Paris rn?

Hey Ripon Society Advisory Board Member and Registered Foreign Agent Jim McCrery, who else is in your "well-connected lobbyist army"?
Ripon Society Advisory Board Member Scott Klug, former congressman from WI and registered lobbyist. Think that brings us to 4 foreign agents and 5 registered lobbyists on board so far...

Klug, you over there in Paris with a bunch of Republican congressmen right now?
Here's some data on Ripon Society from @capitalresearch -- which I'm not familiar w/ as a source.

The only listed donor is National Education Association (Labor Union).

Since they are a 501(c)(4) I'm not sure what financial info gets filed. Anyone know?
The link above 👆 has PDF downloads of Ripon Society's Form 990 filings. Based on the grant amount of $15K from NEA, safe to say it's measly chump change compared to their $3,666,081 in 2015 donor revenue.

Where are the donations coming from??? Who funds Ripon Society?
Based on their 2015 form 990 filing, this "Capital to Capital Exchange" is an ongoing program for Ripon Society. I mentioned earlier there's an exchange partner @FranklinCenter - they might be the "Democrats"? Are there D congress members in Paris?
Here is the Flickr page for the French Embassy event w/ Ripon Society & Franklin Center 9/12/18.


The reception speech opened:

"Dear Senator and Mrs. Boozman,
Senator Coons,
Congressman and Mrs. Latta,
Congressman Keating,
Members of Congress"
Yo Senator @JohnBoozman -- was this picture taken today? You going over to Paris for the Capital to Capital Exchange w/ Ripon Society or nah?
Yo Senator @ChrisCoons -- were you invited to Paris this weekend for the Capital to Capital Exchange? Are any Democrat representatives attending the 4-day conference w/ Ripon Society and Franklin Center? Who?
Yo @boblatta - Member of @HouseCommerce Committee, Chairman of the Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommittee.

You over in Paris for the Capital to Capital Exchange w/ Ripon Society?

Where was this tweet sent from?
Yo @USRepKeating same question - what's up with the Capital to Capital Exchange this weekend in Paris w/ Ripon Society and Franklin Center? Are you over there?
Just a reminder - reporters purposefully gave cover to Trump and ALL of these R congress members this AM w/ that phony “rain” BS. News cycle reduced to mocking Trump about rain, completely distracted from this huge “FACT”.

Negligent. Americans are sick and tired of this crap.
Here is a French Embassy tweet about the Paris trip w/ Ripon Society from a couple months ago. @franceintheus

This is the original source identifying Kevin Yoder as one of the congressmen in Paris.
Apparently the Russian fake news journalist who was detained earlier by @fbi is now in...

.......*wait for it*......

H/t @olgaNYC1211
🚨This is a problem.

Just finished going through @TomReedCongress Ethics disclosure from his 2017 trip to Germany paid for by Ripon Society.

There are several questions re lobbying / foreign agent status they appear to bald face lie in response to @OfficeGovEthics
I mean come on @OfficeGovEthics — the ex-congressman @PatTiberi who invited @TomReedCongress on behalf of RIpon Society IS A LOBBYIST!!!!

What the actual fuck, gov’t.
Ok this needs to be my last one for now - 8 hours later, think my Sat night plans are shot :/

Here’s the full list of R and D invitees for the Ripon Society / Franklin Center Exchange that traveled to Berlin in Aug 2017.

Would assume a similar list for Paris. Yoder on there.
Here's an updated @RiponSociety Score Card vs Ethics Disclosure:

💰Henry Bonilla
💰Mike Ferguson
💰Tom Reynolds
💰Bill Paxon
💰Scott Klug
💰Pat Tiberi

Foreign Agents
💰Mike Castle - Saudi Arabia
💰Bob Livingston - Ukraine
💰Don Nickles - Korea
💰Jim McCrery - Turkey
A few things I learned from @TomReedCongress Post-Travel Disclosure Form from his Ripon Society trip to Berlin Aug '17.
1. Congress required to file w/ House clerk w/in 15 days of travel
2. Reed had to know Tiberi was a lobbyist, he resigned senate to do so - he lied on form.
Hmmm...come to think of it, @franceintheus knows all about what the @RiponSociety was up to over there in Paris this weekend.

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