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1) Late night thread, to speak out against disinformation gobbledygook.

Example: Robert David Steele and his comments about Orthodox Jews.
2) Robert David Steele writes: "Strike 9 could be the complete exposure of pedophilia and Satanism including the murder of children as an embedded aspect of Orthodox Jewery [sic] – and its synagogues – around the world but particularly in the USA."…
3) I was raised Orthodox and stayed nearly Orthodox most of my life. I went to Orthodox synagogues, yeshivas, and summer camps. Been to Israel and its holy sites. Studied Torah immersively. I know a lot of Orthodox Jews.

A lot.
4) It is categorically untrue that "pedophilia and Satanism including the murder of children" is an "embedded aspect of Orthodox Jewery – and its synagogues – around the world but particularly in the USA."

This is just a lie.
5) Right away, this lie discredits Steele in my eyes. It shows me that he is unfamiliar with my religion and the people who practice it, and that I should view his other statements with skepticism.
6) You can take it from me, because I am well-aware of the widespread denial, for decades, of pedophilia in the Jewish community, including by rabbis.

This is a despicable crime. It's not part of our faith.

Reference book.…
7) If he were objective, Steele would write that denial of sexual abuse is a problem in the Jewish religious community. He would write that the silencing of pedophilia, the looking the other way, has led to it being swept under the rug for too long.

We know.
8) It is, in fact, Jewish people ourselves who are speaking out in defense of our children. Not Robert David Steele.

We are talking to the media.…
9) We, the Jewish people, are filming the victims as they return to the communities that turned away from their pain.…
10) We, the Jewish people, Jewish advocates for victims, are working hard to expose misconduct.
11) If Robert David Steele really cared about victims of pedophilia as much as he says he does, he would do some real research and speak the truth, instead of saying things that aren't true and just cause hate.
12) It's a shame because Steele seems to be a highly intelligent person with much to offer and much to say.

He just doesn't like Jews.
13) Yoichi Shimatsu is similar. He writes brilliantly about so many topics. But like Steele, he has a problem with Jews.

Example: Discussing Parkland, he says: "Shomrim. That law-defying ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilante group protects pedophiles"…
14) I don't think anybody has a problem with facts.
We need the facts, ugly or pretty.

But simply SAYING things, without PROVING them, doesn't advance our knowledge.
15) The reason all this is important is not me.

It's important because bias gets in the way of knowing things.
16) I find that very often, people who have a credibility issue in one way, also stretch credulity in others.

Steele, as a former CIA officer, has a certain credibility - but is also viewed with suspicion by some.…
17) This is just one anonymous comment at Voat, submitted about a year and a half ago.

"Robert David Steele over played (sic) his hand. He came into the PG [pizzagate] spotlight out of nowhere. Now he is making mistakes and his agenda is clear."
18) "He is here because they are conceding this story is coming out, but they want to direct us away from expecting or wanting jail sentences. He also wants to muddy the waters about who the bad guys at the top are. Once a spook always a spook."…
19) "In this newest video Robert David Steele attempts a limited hangout. First he says he want to make clear that he thinks the truth should come out, but no arrest should be made...6:40 mark. "…
20) The unspoken accusation is always that "the Jews did 9/11."

I have seen a lot of stuff out there. Some of it is plausible - maybe we did.

But there are confusing aspects to the narrative.

As a subject matter expert, Steele's antisemitism isn't helping.
21) Let's continue a little bit, because I want to circle back to 9/11.

The anonymous commenter continues:…
22) "he says that Chenney (sic) was warned about 9/11, but thought it was convenient to allow it and used it to push his agenda. This is a limited hangout. For those of us that have followed, 9/11 was done by Mossad, CIA , along with Bush administration, our entire government" --
23) "and media apparatus was complicit and Larry Silverstein who owned building 7, planned it's demolishing well in advance. Giuliani shipped away the Steele at light speed to china for pennies on the dollar so it could not be tested for thermite."…
24) "It has become apparent to me what Robert David Steele's purpose is. Steele is here because the cabal is conceding that this is coming out, like it or not. "…
25) "Steele will attempt to muddy the waters on who is responsible at the top, and get us to be satisfied that truth came out, and not desire arrest. Moving on and being happy that they are gone, while focusing on our now free country and helping Trump."…
26) "This is his angle. This is what spooks do. He shows up at the 11th hour with this 'arrest are petty and counterproductive' nonsense. Look at how the two host nod in agreement. 'yeah definitely agree'. We need to move forward not focus on the past."…
27) "Is there anybody in there right mind that feels if everything comes to light, arrest are not needed? You can do this with impunity and walk away?"…
28) "The host also prompts Steele to agree that he thinks some arrest of big players will be made, but not as many as people think. He also attempted to make a left/right thing out of it and thinks we needs to recognize the republicans as the bad guys."…
29) "I reject Steele. I will continue to moniter his material, but I no longer take him seriously. We were doing fine before his so called inside info. Besides, if arrest are made, they won't likely tell us in advance."…
30) Now if you reflect on this anonymous comment, the comment sounds logical -- even if the data isn't fully there.

I think anybody in their right mind has to agree that we should not "just move on" for what happened that day.

Here are some stats on what Americans believe.
31) 2014 study: "19% of Americans believed the U.S. government planned the 9/11 attacks to start a war in the Middle East"…
32) "A 2016 study from Chapman University in California, found more than half of Americans believe the government is concealing information about the 9/11 attacks."…
33) People who have a healthy skepticism of government narratives are...healthy.…
34) Nevertheless, citizens who believe in any "Conspiratorial Narrative" whatsoever (true or not) are basically considered...pathological.…
35) Or as these researchers put it: "Given the fantastical and implausible assertions of many conspiracy theories, it is understandable that they are often dismissed as manifestations of a latent psychopathology (Clarke 2002; Robins and Post 1997)."

i.e., secretly nuts.
36) But as any good sociologist knows -- anyone who has studied Marx -- it is in the nature of an elite class to keep information from the subjugated class, by any means necessary.

Gaslighting people into thinking they're crazy is one of those tactics.
37) So we (meaning those of us in the truth community) need to both validate each other's need for truth AND hold each other to standards of FACT, not FICTION.

Which is why bias and disinformation hurt our cause greatly.
38) Here's another relevant comment on Voat. I didn't write either of these, by the way. It's of a similar nature so the screenshot will suffice, but basically the anon points us to Steele's efforts to turn the narrative in a certain direction.…
39) Like, maybe I'm a little bit naive. I thought Steele was advocating for an "International Tribunal for Natural Justice" because it made sense.

It sounded so good, I actually signed on to the "treaty."…
40) This pedogate mechanism has a lot of videos collected on YouTube.

But you do have to ask: Why SHOULD we let the pedophiles off the hook????…
41) Q tried to do a similar thing -- tell us what we couldn't know.

"80% dark ops necessary.
20% public for justice.
The stage must be set.
Have faith.

42) I think we do need to know.
We need to see arrests.
We need to see trials.
We need to see jail or execution for capital crimes.
43) Since we really don't know who to believe, it is a good idea to have a healthy skepticism about "the messengers of truth."

Do not tell me to take things on faith.

Do not appeal to your presumed authority.
44) Do not use confusing language.

Do not weave a tangled web of stories.

Do not condescend to me.
45) Like I say, Steele seems extremely smart. I would read his stuff, but read it critically.

Here is an interesting post on Steemit.…
46) "There is another Ex-CIA operative Robert David Steele. He is another one of those that approaches it with mega 'appeal to authority' and makes huge claims. He does mix in what he is saying with some things that are going on."

@dwinblood, steemit…
47) "I have begun to wonder if he is actually 'Ex-CIA' or if he in reality is still working for them and is simply poisoning the well of Alternative Media."…
48) I actually hadn't thought of this (I tend to dislike "truther drama") but @dwinblood points out that Steele's whole "kidnapped kids to Mars" comment on Alex Jones ended up making Jones look bad.

Like perhaps that was the intended result.
49) Similarly: "Steele stated the NSA captures 'Every email & phone call' which is false, & impossible. I posted explaining how this is a myth & he responded "u don't know as much as you think u do." Yet, this happened 2 b my area of expertise...part of what I do for a living."
50) He concludes: "This does make me think if that is his job. Keep people distracted by mixing in disinformation. He has to mix it in with some information people believe and it muddies things."
51) I don't know, maybe we will never get the precise truth.

Do you want to know what I believe about 9/11?

We pinned the blame on one party, but that is not the whole story. For sure.

To say anything else would be irresponsible.

But you can look at who benefited.
52) One thing that does not make sense to me.

We know Prescott Bush supported Hitler.

That Hitler worked with the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Zionists.

So why would the Bush controlled CIA help the Zionists conduct 9/11?…
53) I don't get it. But either way, you can sort of see the logic of the CIA using Steele in the persona of "seriously pissed-off patriot."

Because if they weren't using Steele, and he was saying things they didn't want, would they let him just talk?…
54) Would explain dramatic comments:

"Robert Steele has informed me that his account was suspended...effectively a digital assassination of the AMA."

"speculative assumption that #GoogleGestapo has its hooks into Reddit, which is now compromised."…
55) In his most recent article (11/10/18) Steele states, also dramatically:

"While Moscow Talks About Treaties, the Deep State is Starting World War III – Now – This Month!"…
56) How does he know?

"I make it a point to check the Russian International Affairs Council pages regularly, and I was not disappointed when I found President Igor Ivanov’s article, “Road to Nowhere"...Everything stated in this article is in my view correct."

well, la di da.
57) it gets even worse, with "casus belli" and a footnote -- in italics yet.
58) Steele does a thing where he fuses something he has personally done/witnessed (or claims; false flag for the CIA) - with something he has not (9/11 op); and adds fancy words.

To me, this seems like a tactic. The goal is to make it sound "unquestionably true."
59) Steele also does a thing where he says "it is known," as if to say, "this is true." However, we do not have any evidence that what he is saying is true.

Let's watch this in action as he describes 9/11 elsewhere.
60) "Robert David Steele an ex-C.I.A. Agent On The Dangerous C.I.A. and Political Pedophilia" 4/17/17

INTERVIEWER: Brendon D. Murphy + Amy Devlin, GFM Media…
61) Creds

(note: quotes that follow come from the transcript at this link)…
62) Steele essentially blames 9/11 for NSA surveillance state and intelligence community financial corruption.

So McCain is innocent?

It started in 2001?

What about Operation Paperclip?

These are actual questions. Steele's words don't reconcile with other things I've read.
63) Asked about 9/11, Steele first promotes his website.
64) Then he blames Israel squarely, using the "it is known" tactic. (Not: "I heard this" or "I saw this personally.')

Steele: "It is known that 13 countries warned us in advance. It is known that the Israelis started planning 9/11 in 1988."
65) Again he says: "IT IS KNOWN that once Dick Cheney heard from
19 these 13 countries, he swore them all to secrecy. He didn’t
20 want the public warned about 9/11, and he scheduled a national
21 counterterrorism exercise months in advance for the day of 9/11."
66) "A missile, not an airplane" says Steele.

But I was in my kitchen and I saw the airplane hit as I was watching the Today show.
67) Because Steele says things that resemble other things you've heard, you tend to believe him.

For example, on the fake news media --
68) "So, airplanes did not hit the towers in, in 9/11, and, in fact, some of the media people who had the narrative ahead of time jumped the gun on timing."
69) Now he says it was Dick Cheney. Not the Israelis exactly.

What a powerful man!

"will be held accountable in a truth and reconciliation sort of way for not only allowing 9/11 to happen, but for actually taking it over and making it happen to his specifications."
70) Now the WTC is just an "asbestos problem" and Cheney "solved that problem?"
71) The claim that Israel/Cheney helped prepare to get the evidence out of town
72) Here, in one breath: 9/11, JFK, Paris, and Orlando as 100% false flag attacks.

But we know people were killed.

We don't understand each story at all.

It's confusing.

Plus he throws in Brennan, who we all can tell is a liar.
73) Here is an example of why you can't take all these comments at face value.

Dick Cheney: Was he a "puppet" of Israel, or did he understand the need for self-defense against suicide bombers?

Depends who you ask!…
74) Cathy O'Brien accuses Cheney of assaulting her brutally. Too graphic to reprint. You can search here.…
75) Another interesting Steele moment.

"In a public interview session, former CIA agent and Marine, Robert David Steele, has called Hillary Clinton a pedophile. Then, when questioned to provide direct evidence, he walked back that claim."…
76) "when questioned to provide direct evidence, he walked back that claim by retroactively editing the comment where he’d made that assertion."
77) "Over the weekend of Friday March 3rd through Sunday March 5th (2017), Mr Steele was scheduled to appear at Reddit’s /r/conspiracy forum to answer questions. Known as an IAMA (I am a), it is akin to an informal press conference open to all."
78) "In his AMA I asked him a range of questions about his public statements regarding a Trump’s election being an ‘ongoing coup against the deep state’."
79) "Mr Steele responded with two unverifiable assertions, the most salacious of which directly claimed 'Hillary Clinton is a lesbian pedophile traitor and criminal'."
80) Steele's proof was, again, "everybody knows" rather than direct.
81) "In followup questions, I asked Mr. Steele if he knew of documentation or had personally witnessed any criminal pedophilia by Hillary Clinton, and if he was able to state this as sworn testimony on the record at a formal deposition."

Which is when Steele admitted: opinion.
82) Steele's statements were used by an anon and shared online as proof the Mossad was involved in Jeffrey Epstein's crimes,…
83) Again, the issue is not "what is true and what is a lie." Rather, it is "be careful who you believe."

For its part, Israel freely admits it uses "honeypots."…
84) Of course these are trained Mossad agents. Who even have the blessing of a rabbi to do their work for the sake of national security.…
85) Did Israel, with the CIA and others, secretly support Epstein paying underage girls to entrap U.S. politicians, to keep them in line?

Nobody knows for sure. It's possible.…
86) One thing I know is this.
It's better to say you don't know a thing, but are willing to learn.
The false certainty gets you less than nowhere.

Have a good night everyone.

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