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So, the 'deal' is exactly what we expected: remain by 'stealth'. Britain will remain subject to EU austerity, ECJ, privitisation of public assets via 'competitive' regulations, the NHS, mass unemployment, etc. Which is precisely what May & Co voted for.
Its exactly what Corbyn himself voted for, remain. And the "whole country" doesn't have the same interests, the workers interests are diametrically opposed to the exploiters, both EU & the British variety. But Corbyn will never admit that.

All going as expected, May's Govt on its last legs, press in fits of 'chaotic' fury, cue the arrival of Corbyn the Messiah to save the day, ie: the status quo, 2nd ref, full remain.

"This Govt is incapable, we must have a general election, & then second referendum! Long Live the EU Cartel!!" - Now the Tories have done the job of messing it up (deliberately, cos they also want remain), Labour lackeys deliver the prepacked script...

Gosh, its almost like the Prime Minister voted for remain (she did), & then did everything she could to fudge any deal precisely in order to thwart brexit on behalf of capital, & now Corbyn can come along & play the Saviour... Its almost like theater...?

People who see only 'chaos' are people who see only that which the ruling class wants them to see. "The Tories have brought us chaos, only Corbyn the Messiah can save us & the Glorious Status Quo! 2nd referendum, Long Live the EU Cartel of Austerity!" -

Hahaha, "Seize the day Corbyn, lead us back to the safety of EU privitization, exploitation, austerity, mass-unemployment, trade-union wreckers, transnational corporations & 40 years of de-industrialisation! Hooray for imperialism!"

The real story is that the Tories are so utterly wedded to the EU Cartel, so determined not to leave their exploitative alliances, that they are willing to deliberately obstruct such a thing & even hand Downing Street to the Labour Party in order to fully achieve it.
"Shambles, Chaos.. We need Order! Bring us the Party of bourgeois Order! Bring us King Corbyn!" -
If Corbyn were at all socialist this is what he'd propose: 1) honor the vote, withdraw from single market & customs union, 2) rewrite of British legislature to reflect that, 3) plan State-led recovery of British industry, 4) plan independent trade agreements. He did the opposite.
Funny thing is, Corbyn mirrors Tories: did not propose or plan for a clean break from single market or customs union, (the EU), did not draft legislature to define Britain's economic &/or political independence post-EU, did not plan to recover British industry or intl trade.
As so many bourgeois politicians are eager to prove, 'the brexit deal' in question is the worst of all worlds, worse than remain, even worse than 'no deal', & that is its purpose: to give the impression that any scenario is less desirable than the dominant order, the status quo.
In actual fact, one could term the entire bi-partisan British political farce of the last 2+ years as one long ideological protection racket to engineer remain: "The future is bleak, unless you change your minds & uphold the dominant Order!"
More & more the media openly invoke the pov of 'business', ie: the capitalist exploiters, the incessant implication being that whatever is good for them is supposedly good for the masses they exploit, but ofc, in Britain the precise opposite is true.
'National Unity Coalition Govt' may be the next step for the British State as a whole, uniting the Fabians, some Tories & Lib-Dems, ie: uniting nothing but the pro-EU bourgeoisie.
The British ruling class as a whole, despite the cleavages & 'rebels' within, want to make brexit look so bad in order to make remaining part of the EU Cartel look like they're doing the workers a great favour.
Subjective value-judgements of success/failure entirely depend on one's point of view, from the pov of international finance capital, May & Co are doing a half-decent job of thwarting any sort of meaningful brexit, & maintaining their part in the EU bourgeois dictatorship.
Unsurprisingly, the imperialists love 'the deal', as its wholly designed to better enable them to exploit workers, hand in hand with their exploiter EU Cartel counterparts. ie: brexit in name only.

"May’s deal is not designed to attract a parliamentary majority. Rather it is designed to create an impasse in which a new majority can be constructed against a ‘no deal’ Brexit & persuaded to tolerate remaining in the EU as the least worse case." -
Reliable mouthpiece of British imperialism: "The real choice now is between a deal that nobody likes & the one we already have. [ie: remain]" -

Corbyn's boss kindly confirms the next step in the bi-partisan campaign to reverse brexit: Labour & Tories will push for a 'bad deal' not much different to May's current offer, rather than actually leave on WTO rules, ie: 'no deal'.

So Amber Rudd & Keir Starmer join hands to say: "Parliament will stop no deal" (leaving under WTO rules), which means parliament will use May's deliberately 'bad deal' & the hysterical threat of 'no deal' to offer-up 'remain' as the only feasible option.
The dumb remainer middle-class provide an open window to view the cynicism of the ruling class, & their now transparent attempts to engineer remain...

The Times now predicts that with a few cosmetic changes, Corbyn & Co will back May's revised 'bad deal' which for all intents & purposes amounts to 'remain', under guise of avoiding 'catastrophic no deal', (actually leaving the EU Cartel).

May's 'bad deal' will lose first vote, be amended to effectively mean 'remain', then Labour, most Tories, SNP & Lib Dems will push it through, committing us to the CU & perhaps also the single market, ECJ--austerity, privitization etc. All under guise of avoiding 'no deal'.
By "people" Jones means May's deliberately 'bad deal' has united all those bourgeois, lackeys & dupes thereof determined to maintain Britain's imperialist ties to 'Fortress Europa', which is precisely what May wanted. "Long Live the EU Cartel!"
Blair on Marr confirms the fudge: "The choice now is between a painful brexit [cos the State hasn't planned to leave] or a pointless brexit [cos May's deal is engineered for remain], so we must have a second referendum!" - Meaning, we must reverse brexit & uphold the EU Cartel.
Surprise surprise, the EU Cartel giddily accept May's 'brexit divorce deal' which amounts to a woman 'divorcing' an abusive husband only to become his undisguised slave. -
The Prime Minister, in-cahoots with the Labour 'opposition' are cynically posing a false choice to British workers: either accept May's 'bad deal' which amounts to remain, or accept Labour's remain by 'stealth' under threat of 'catastrophic no deal'. -
Tony Blair's celebrity courtier seems awfully angry, some Corbynites have dared to put their heads above the petty-bourgeois parapet & are belatedly advocating a 'no deal' (WTO) lexit, ie: actual brexit...

I almost predicted his exact words: Corbyn invokes May's 'bad deal' to declare he will "work with others" (pro-EU Tories like May, et al) "to block no deal" (actually leave the EU) & "ensure a plan that includes a customs union & single market deal" -- ie: status quo, remain.
In sum: pro-EU May & Co offered up the 'bad deal' knowing their pro-EU friends Corbyn & Co would oppose it in parliament, & then force amendments amounting to Britain effectively remaining in the EU, all under the threat of a 'catastrophic no deal' (actually leaving the EU).
Well i never, another Labour activist talking some brexit sense, better late than never i suppose.…
The activist's points wrt the EU being opposed to any sort of social reform, let alone socialism, are essentially correct, but the idea King Corbyn & Co are the magic panacea remains a fantastic delusion..
From the Govt's own mouth: May's deal is "very close" to remaining in the EU, (benefits for capitalist exploiters, more misery for workers), all it needs now is a few tweaks & it will represent remain in full.
"Make way for an alternative!" Cries King Jez, but the workers are still left with the question: what is this 'alternative' that abides the Fabians 'six tests'?

Not much different to May's current plan, a 'deal' that amounts to 'remain' by stealth.

So to confirm, as predicted, Labour agents now prepping for a 'peoples vote', ie: the reversal of the first 'people's vote', remaining in the EU Cartel, status quo restored.

The State has three major contingency plans to reverse brexit once May's deliberately 'bad deal' is blocked:

1) parliament amends, passes a deal that amounts to remain,
2) snap election, Labour renegotiate 'six tests' deal that amounts to remain,
3) 2nd referendum... 3rd, etc.
All going according to plan for the bi-partisan parliamentary reversal of the brexit vote, but will British workers follow their French comrades lead? Will they protest this travesty despite the connivance of the Labour Party & the unions?

If British workers did independently raise a militant struggle against the inevitable reversal of brexit, or any other substantial issue for workers, the first people the State would send to pacify if not outright oppose us would be the Labour Party & the soc-dem 'left'.
In fact such 'left' pacification & demobilisation of the British workers movement against poverty, the EU, et al, has been a constant fact since the vote itself, the social-democrats & the 'left' have done nothing but try to reverse it against the interests of the working class.
Reliable bourgeois mouthpiece lays out the parliamentary plan to obstruct 'no deal', ie: engineer 'remain', once May's deliberately 'bad deal' is rejected:
'Grieve Amendment' is the "mechanism" (sleight of hand) parliament will invoke to impose what for all intents & purposes amounts to 'remain' once the 'bad deal' is thrown-out as the pro-EU executive planned, Labour, SNP, Lib Dems & some Tories currently lining up to support it.
"Hilary Benn, Labour chair of the Commons Brexit committee, says if MPs do not pass Theresa May’s deal next week, it is “essential” that MPs [not 'the people'] have the chance to have a proper vote on what happens next [remain]. He urges all MPs to back the Grieve amendment."
"Sir Oliver Letwin, Conservative, spoke in favour of the Grieve amendment. He said that, if MPs do not support Theresa May’s deal, there had to be a mechanism that would allow the Commons [not 'the people'] to unite around an alternative way forward [remain]."
"Joanna Cherry, the SNP’s justice and home affairs spokesperson, says the SNP will be backing the Grieve amendment."
Competence is dependent on certain class pov; if UK is run by a few capitalists who greatly profit from the rest of the population being under the diktats of distant, unaccountable power, then their 'appeasement' to the EU Cartel is very competent indeed.…
"MPs have voted for an amendment that will ensure MPs can vote in favour of a “plan B” option [remain] in January if Theresa May’s deal gets voted down [as it is certain to]."
'Grieve amendment' puts option one in place... All that remains is for May's deliberately 'bad deal' to be rejected, then the squabble over a Tory minority Govt + parliament can form 'good deal', or whether Labour will force an election, hold 2nd referendum & revoke Article 50.
The Attorney General's 'legal advice' is solely designed to confirm the utter bankruptcy of May's deliberately 'bad deal', so parliament can confidently reject it, and then engineer remaining in the EU Cartel, which lets not forget is what May & Co wanted in the first place.
Grotesque as he is, Fox is essentially correct (cos he's an accomplice). MP's from all Parties, representing finance capital, not 'the people', have ever since the brexit referendum been intent on reversing it.
In other shocking news, British billionaires say they will personally steal children's school dinners if brexit is not reduced to 'remain' & their cosy alliance of european exploitation not upheld, 'deeply concerning'.

Here comes the PR for Corbyn's possible betrayal of brexit, if May can't get it done first:

"A social europe **inside** & outside the institutions of the EU.." -- How can you have a 'social europe' inside imperialist financial institutions? You can't.

"Labour is ready to step-in and save European imperialism!" -
"Make no mistake, if the Tories can't get a 'deal' (that amounts to 'remain', thus betraying the working class vote to 'leave'), then Labour will do it instead.." - @jeremycorbyn

May's deliberately 'bad deal' worked a treat, now parliament have reduced the brexit 'options' to 1) a 'leave' deal that amounts to remain, similar to May's, or 2) remain via 2nd ref/general election & Labour '6 tests'--no chance of 'no deal', ie: actually leaving the EU Cartel.
Rudd floating the Tories 'alternative plan' this morning is an attempt to go down the amendment route through parliament once May's deal is rejected, & pass a 'deal' not much different to May's current offer, ie: option 1.
"Corbyn has reached out to the DUP, and said that Labour is ready to step-in and negotiate a deal that can work for the Northern Ireland Party.." ie: Labour are ready to negotiate the status quo, remain, & thus uphold British colonization of Ireland.
"Mr Corbyn also made an appeal to the large bulk of his [petty-bourgeois] members campaigning for a second referendum to "wait a few days", making his strongest yet hint that Labour's position is about to change."
Corbyn deputy confirms Labour would prefer to engineer remain by other avenues than a second referendum, in order to better dupe workers who voted to leave. ie: renegotiate a deal under '6 tests', which amounts to remain.
"Corbyn confirmed for the first time that Labour would back an option for remain being on the ballot in any second referendum.." - Peston. [but not any option for 'no deal', ie: actually leaving the EU].
European-British high finance, and ofc the gullible petty bourgeoisie, are most thankful... (This is the same 'Court' that unilaterally dictates our publicly-funded hospitals & homes have to be handed over to capitalists & austerity be upheld). Woohoo!
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