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BTW, y'all may have noticed I'm not all that broken up of the fact that the House investigations into SpyGate will be ending soon when Democrats take control.

That's because 30 years of watching them convinces me most Congressional investigations are useless.
The REAL investigations into SpyGate/FISA/Steele Dossier matters have been taking place inside the DOJ for the past 2 years. Congress got stuff handed off to it when DOJ IG Horowitz was done, either with witnesses or documents.
Even when they get a witness passed off to them the grandstanding lushes of Congress often have no clue what to ask them.

Allow me to now demonstrate this.
After going back over former FBI Director Jame's Comey's testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8th, I noticed something amazing.
Comey was brought in SPECIFICALLY to discuss the memos he took with him from the FBI. He spent HOURS testifying & taking questions from Senators about them.
Are you sitting down? In *hours* of being questioned by Senators about his memos, Comey manages to NEVER tell them:

1) how many memos there were
2) how many memos contained classified info


3) how many memos he gave to Professor Daniel Richman.


That actually happened.

NO Senator on that committee asked Comey the most BASIC foundational questions:

"How many memos did you take with you?"
"How many memos had class. info in them?
"How many did you give to Prof. Richman?"
Comey had mentioned he had 'nine' conversations with Trump that he summarized in his memos, so the Senators *assume* there must be nine memos. You can see this in some of the questions Comey is asked, like this one:
In HOURS of being exhaustively questioned by Senators, Comey is never pinneed down and asked exactly how many memos there are. Several Senators say there are 'nine' and COMEY NEVER SAYS A WORD.
At no point in his testimony does Comey volunteer just how many of his memos there actually are.

In fact, it's not until over a month later it's revealed in a report by The Hill that the number of Comey memos is SEVEN, not nine, as several of the Senators were assuming.
In that exchange above, Senator Heinrich kinda sorta MAYBE invites Comey to directly tell the Committee how many of these memos were written so as to be classified - that is, how many were written on classified devices and now many contained classified information.
Read Comey's answer again. You are watching a master of Bullshit use a word salad to avoid answering how many of the 'nine' memos he took were classified, either from having been written on a classified device or containint classified information.
In that highly lawyerly, convoluted answer, at best Comey seems to be saying perhaps maybe at least TWO of the 'nine' memos are classified. It's hard to tell.

Well in fact FOUR of the seven had classified info in them.
Naturally, the subject of just how many documents with classified information that he took without authorization from his last isn't an issue Comey wants to go into great detail about, so he doesn't.
In fact, according to The Hill's later report the following month, four of Comey's seven memos contained information that was classified at the 'Secret' & 'Confidential' levels.
Now, you remember how Comey had admitted he gave 'several' of these 'nine' memos to a friend named Daniel Richman, and that he had Richman leak part of the contents of one of these memos over the phone to the New York Times.
So. How hard would it be to get a straight answer from Comey as to HOW MANY OF HIS MEMOS DID HE GIVE TO RICHMAN?

Brace yourselves.

He never tells them, and they never pin him down.
So watching how Comey did a rope-a-dope with members of Congress for HOURS and they can't even pin him down by pressing him with BASIC QUESTIONS just reaffirmed what I already know: Senators & House Reps aren't investigators, they are politicians.
Senators questioning Comey for hours couldn't even establish BASIC NUMBERS involved in what they were trying to investigate. He of course, was NOT going to help them, so they had to ask him specific questions.

Which they never did.
I know people don't believe this when I tell them, they dismiss it without even seriously considering it when I bring it up but:

All the REAL MOVEMENT on SpyGate has come from DOJ Inspector General Horowitz.
Anything you think Congress is 'exposing' in SpyGate with either it's Senate or House investigations, was actually from evidence handed off to Congress when Horowitz & his investigative team were done with it.
And even then, since investigations & grand juries are seated - 1 of which was already revealed publicly about McCabe - the testimony of SpyGate witnesses & SpyGate docs given to Congress by the IG had to be tightly controlled.

Congress doesn't operate under the strictures and limitations that the DOJ does. Congress is full of grandstanding lushes who want face time on TV and to get reelected.

Career federal investigators/prosecutors aren't going to publicly discuss their cases or evidence until done.
The DOJ has serious business to conduct, and yes it's Congresses' job to exercise oversight over that business.

Which more than a few members of Congress use for grandstanding, not to mention partisan leaks to the news media to drive narratives.
"Oh no we lost the House!" they cried.

Yeah, that sucks.

But does that stop Horowitz and all the ongoing investigations at the DOJ? How?

Does that stop Trump from declassifying all the SpyGate docs? How?
Does that stop new Acting AG Whitaker from doing his job? How?

There's now a 2 year window to roll out all the SpyGate stuff. And weather the national crisis that will result from it's being made fully public, so people can see the full extent of the crimes/damage caused
Watergate was bad, but when SpyGate is fully public people will see it is only about 100x worse than Watergate.

Watergate didn't get any body killed.
1) A SecState that insists on a off the books private server that likely exposed THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CLASSIFIED SECRETS of both the St. dept and the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES who work in concert with it.
2) By 2012 it's OBVIOUS there'd been a massive security breach, the CIA/Western intel networks in China and Iran are being rolled up
3) Clinton steps down as SecState to prepare for her 2016 Presidential run.
4) I believe by the time she did that. ALL THE MAJOR PLAYERS in Spygate knew by 2012 what she'd done, what resulted worldwide from the nat. sec. security breach she'd caused.
5) They all made the decision to COVER UP FOR HER so she could run for President
6) Then in the runup to 2016 Trey Gowdy's House committee finds out about the homebrew server while investigating Benghazi
7) Comey & McCabe & Co. go the extra mile to fix the FBI investigation to ensure Hillary can continue to run for President unimpeded
8) After finessing THAT, the Weiner laptop is then dropped on them. They find a way to fix THAT too.
9) But at this point these people are all increasingly nervous. They ony way they can TOTALLY ENSURE what they did covering for Clinton's crime is never exposed is to continue to ensure she wins the election.
10) And THAT'S why SpyGate happened. It was their 'insurance policy' in case a miracle happened and Trump won. If Trump wins, then the massive crimes they ignored/covered up so Clinton could run would be exposed.
So this wasn't just about protecting CLINTON because they think she's awesome or something. It's about protecting THEMSELVES and hiding what they did on her behalf.
11) Watergate didn't KILL anybody. DOZENS of CIA agents in Iran and China were dropped through trap doors with ropes around their necks or had bullets fired into their heads
CIA/Western intel networks in China and Iran that it took DECADES to build were rolled up in just a year or two.
12) There's no way Obama didn't know. This went right to the top. Trying to frame Trump so he could almost instantly be impeached or forced to resign or at the very least effectively sabotaged for his one and only term as President they used OFFICIAL GOV'T POWERS/AGENCIES.
So when I say NATIONAL CRISIS when the lid gets ripped off of this and the public airing of what these criminals did starts, I am not joking.
It's only recently been fully impressed on me just how STUPID it would have been for Trump to launch this national crisis just before a midterm election.
Now there's a 2 year window to publicly reveal it all. Trump's not going to waste the opportunity. When a national crisis of this magnitude has to happen, it has to be managed with the utmost care.

You don't like that?

I don't care.

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