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"Last month Miki Zohar, a legislator in the ruling Likud party, observed not only that there is a 'Jewish race', but that it represents 'the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending'."

Read the Talmud. And Zohar (Cabala). #Supremacist #misanthropy #misogyny
"..the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending."

Miki Zohar, lawyer, politician, #Israel's ruling Likud party…

For example... legal debate of "the Sages", on female "ritual purity".…
"..the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending." 🤔

The great "Sages"...…
"..the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending."

The mystic "Sages": Zohar, Vol I, Bereshith 47a…
The 7 decade genocide of Palestinians by the "Jewish State" is in perfect accord with the Supremacist ideology of the rabbinic 'Sages'.

"According to Rabbi Steinsaltz, Jewish mysticism – or #Kabbalah – is the official theology of the Jewish people."…
Intercourse with a three (3) year-old girl is "of no consequence" – "like putting a finger in the eye" – because, "as the eye tears and tears again," so too her virginity magically disappears and reappears again.

The 'Sages' of "the smartest" race:…
"Is a woman ejecting semen [after she has undergone ritual immersion] regarded as observing a discharge or as coming in contact with one?"

The big questions answered, by the 'Sages' of "the smartest, the most comprehending" race:…
A boy one day old "enables [his mother] to eat Terumah and he also causes her to be disqualified from eating Terumah"

Charming #doublethink of the 'Sages' of "the smartest, the most comprehending" race:…
Your eternal destiny depends on how you hold your penis when urinating.

Who knew?

Thank heavens for the 'Sages' of "the smartest, the most comprehending" race:…
"But why should not the possibility be considered that the blood might be that of a louse? — R. Zera replied that place [#vagina] is presumed to be tested as far as a louse is concerned. There are others, however, who reply: It is too narrow for a louse."…
But wait, what if the stain is slightly smaller than the size of a bean?

See footnote 2: " may be presumed to be that of a louse."

The 'Sages' of "the smartest, the most comprehending" race:…
"What is meant by 'immediately'? ... What is meant by 'after a time'?

The big questions answered, by the Lords of Time:… #lunar #cycle
I for one am compelled to wonder whether a mustard seed is bigger or smaller than "a bean"?

Indeed, exactly what kind of bean did the 'Sages' refer to in Niddah 14b?

In light of that ruling, might not a possible drop of blood here, be that of a louse?…
"..the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending." – Israeli lawmaker…

Are you unlucky in love?

Here's lots more 'wisdom' from "the highest .. smartest" race:
Two pubic hairs.

Not one.

Not three.


Where would humanity be without the 'Sages' of "the smartest, the most comprehending" race:…
Do not remove your nails and throw them away in a public thoroughfare.


You will forfeit your life, and, a pregnant woman passing over them will miscarry..

..but only if you removed your nails with a pair of scissors.

BUT WAIT! There's more!…
Should you have sex in the day time? What if it is snowing?

Let not your heart be troubled.

The 'Sages' of "the highest .. the smartest, the most comprehending" race have all the answers:…
Is there blood in a woman's "chamber", "upper chamber" or "ante-chamber"?

How does one decide which of these will incur a tax ("sin offering")?

The great 'Sages' have figured it all out:…
"The haredi men packed into two venues in Israel to celebrate a labour of love that has seen them learn one page of the 2,711-page Babylonian Talmud every day, a task that has taken seven-and-a-half years. In Jerusalem, around 20,000 rabbis attended..."…
The ability of a rabbi to determine the #nature of a woman's menstrual blood "depends on an understanding of the [Babylonian] coinage".

But, otoh, one who *does* understand the Babylonian coinage might not understand the #quantities of menstrual blood.…
"Having smelt it he said to him, 'This is blood of lust'. 'Come and see', she remarked to her son, 'how wise the Jews are'. [..] Thereupon she sent to him sixty different kinds of blood and he identified them all but the last one.. ."…
"But are women believed in such circumstances?" #MeToo

"Come and hear: A woman is believed when she says, 'I saw a kind of blood like this one but I have lost it.'"…
But wait! If he could not identify the 60th type of blood because it was lice blood – "lice" being the plural of "louse" (cf. Niddah 14) – *why* could this great 'Sage' not identify it?

Oh, that's right. There, it was only "presumed" to be lice blood.
Do not read this article if you have a weak stomach.

But I'm sure there is absolutely no connection whatsoever between this, and the 'divine' laws of the rabbinic 'Sages' (up thread).… (h/t @DomeLord )
Don't discriminate. On the basis of *anything*.

Because $$$$.

And as we all know, nothing else matters but $$$$, right?

Thus saith the Princeton scholar, and economist.
One wonders whether the genius Princeton professor Mian has been to "the only democracy in the Middle East" lately.…
"Gentile souls are of a completely different and #inferior order. They are totally #evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever…"

No discrimination here. Only love, tolerance, inclusiveness. So 'humanitarian'.…
So ladies, what #shape is your "aborted object"?

And what colour is it: red, black, green, or white?

The great 'Sages' of "the highest .. the smartest, the most comprehending" race need to know:…
Is a man "unclean" ONLY when semen issues naturally from his body but not when it is brought out by means of a splinter inserted into the membrum?

What if the quantity of semen emitted suffices to close up the orifice of the membrum?

The 'Sages' decide:…
"According to R. Meir who ruled that a beast that was in the bowels of a woman is a valid birth, what is the ruling where a human child was in the bowels of a beast? — In what respect does this matter? — In that of permitting it to be eaten."

"On one occasion, when pursuing a deer, I entered the thigh-bone of a corpse, and pursued it for three parasangs but did neither reach the deer nor the end of the thigh-bone."

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