So, the other thread I was talking about at the beginning of the week and, sadly not about Vagrant Story or Farscape.

One of the questions I see pop-up again and again is why do TE*Fs (note the wildcard placement, there's nothing radical about these #Fuckwits) have such...

hatred for #trans #people?

Well, if we step back a little and change how we look at the patterns of behaviour, and look at those behaviours in a different paradigm, one more associated with personal relationships, TE*F behaviour and attitudes have a depressingly familiar...

pattern to them.

CW:Discussion of abuse, and the power dynamics used by abusers


It's intimate partner/child abuse writ large, but it's still abuse.

As I've pointed before, when tearing apart the official TE*F guidance on how to abuse #trans #children by using the mechanics of Conversion Therapy, the first thing any abuser tries is to isolate...

their victim(s), and this is done fir multiple reasons.

By isolating somebody an abuser cuts off a route that would allow somebody outside that relationship from recognising what's happening and intervening, and it also stops the person from being abused from seeking...

help. It also allows the abuser the thing they crave most - control and the ability to exercise unrestrained power over the person or people they've targeted

But most insidiously, free from outside interference, it allows the abuser the greatest opportunity to...

convince the victim that what's happening is perfectly normal, acceptable, and something the victim deserves.

And when you watch TE*Fs with this in mind this pattern of them trying to isolate their victims becomes apparent.

When going after #trans #women TE*Fs try to...

isolate #trans #women from accessing facilities, services, and opportunities that trans women, as women, have the perfect right to access. Because, of course, if they can isolate #trans #women from access to the much larger non-TE*F segment of society and support, it...

gives TE*Fs free reign to reach their end goal (more on that later).

And to do this TE*Fs actively try to make society afraid of #trans #women in an attempt to isolate trans women from society. Just like any intimate partner/child abuse dynamic, TE*Fs use fear to try...

and control #trans #women and #trans #girls.

When going after #trans #men TE*Fs tend to change tactic (hardly a surprise. Their entire playbook comes straight from how #anti-#LGBT+ US Far Right Evangelical Christian groups operate). Instead of trying to make society...

fear #trans #men to deny trans men access to support and help, TE*Fs instead rely on attacks and abuse that, historically, have been used against women to control them. TE*Fs relentlessly try to push the narrative that #trans #men are 'deluded', or 'just confused'...

or 'easily manipulated', or 'can't accept their place as women, but if they just tried...', etc. It's all language designed not just to delegitimise trans men, but also exists to try and implant the idea in society that trans men simply aren't competent enough to decide...

for themselves who they are, and does so through deeply sexist and misogynist language and attitudes. And of course abuse from TE*Fs towards #trans #men takes this form. As I touched upon in the embedded thread, one of the lines of attack, one...


of the forms of abuse that TE*Fs engage in is the attempt to forcibly strip all #trans #people of their autonomy. All abusers do this, all abusers forcibly impose their power on the unwilling to strip away their victim's right to make choices for themselves. And this is...

exactly the reason why TE*Fs use this form of abuse against #trans #men. And of course it's going to take the form of #sexist #misgynistic #abuse used to denigrate women, both because TE*Fs want to use that form of language to try and publibly strip away #trans #mens...

identities, but also to try and beat #trans #men, to strip away their confidence to assert their own identity, and to try and force #trans #men to accept the identities that TE*Fs want to force on them.

When it comes to non-binary and genderqueer people, TE*Fs use...

both of the above patterns of abuse against, but also really emphasise attacks and abuse based on not even recognising the existence of non-binary and genderqueer people. They did try that with #trans #women and #trans #men, but even the dimmest of TE*Fs has realised...

that's a non-starter, and that the public are aware that #trans people exist (it's only knowledge that's been acknowledged in societies since at least the advent of the written word (and almost certainly a lot longer than that), so it's little surprise that TE*Fs have...

only just found out about it). But White Western societies are only just beginning to wake up to the facts long since acknowledged by, well, nearly everyone else, that non-binary and genderqueer people exist and are valid, and so TE*Fs are desperately trying to stuff...

that knowledge back into the bottle. And, again, it's a form of abuse that's designed to isolate TE*F targets from accessing support and help, to stop the victims from getting away from TE*F targeting and rhetoric by trying to make that rhetoric so widespread it's...

everywhere. And, of course, it's also a form of abuse that's also aimed directly at the people it targets. It's an attempt by TE*Fs to intimidate non-binary and genderqueer people into silence, and also an attempt to so intimidate them that it undermines their confidence...

in themselves, and an attempt to force non-binary and genderqueer people into giving up their insistence on being able to define themselves and to instead accept only what is given to them by their abusers.

So what's the end goal of TE*F abuse? Within the dynamic of intimate partner/child abuse the abuser is seeking control, dominance, and power over their victim, and in this regard TE*Fs are absolutely no different to any other abuser in this dynamic. But intimate...

partner/child patterns of abuse, when used in a group dynamic, also seeks one other thing—the #extermination of the groups being abused.

And it's not like we have to look at history to examine this in action. It's happening right now, with Myanmar, Uganda, Nigeria...

Somalia, Sudan, etc.

The end goal is simple - recant and convert (admit that you aren't who you say you are, you're only what TE*Fs say you are) or die. First societal and legal death, where TE*Fs dream of all #trans people having no recognition of the reality or truth...

of who we are, followed swiftly by removal of our ability to access medical transition, with the inevitable end goal of our very real #extermination as these conditions force us into self-harm, suicide, and where sections of society see us as legitimate targets for...

violence and murder.

And it's easy enough to see this in action. As #transphobic and TE*F #abuse has been ramped up in the UK, both online in in the print media, the incidents of #hate #crime that #trans #people have experienced has sky-rocketed. And it's all designed...

to intimidate #trans #people; to cut us away from support and help; to isolate us and leave us at the "mercy" of our abusers.


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