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The Cosmic Movement's penetration of Indian Freedom Struggle, Politics, Education & Religion.

This thread focuses on advanced threat perception from this group. Although this is a vast network covering many areas we concentrate here on key players driving it forward.
This guy is Max Theon original name Louis-Maximilian Bimstein. He founded the Cosmic Movement. As we will see each and every member of this network prefers to hide their original name, identity and history.
Many prominent people were involved with this Cosmic Movement as we will see. One of them was Tomáš Masaryk (who became the first President of Czechoslovakia) also the Princess of Rohan in Vienna and many others. However this group was actually a spin-off of the OTO.
OTO is Ordo Templi Orientis or Order of Temple of the East or Order of Oriental Templars. For those of you who dont know its European Freemasonry, one of the many secret orders that thrives from hiding their real objectives behind so called 'magical rituals'. So what does OTO do?
The most influential member of the OTO was Aliester Crowley. He identified himself as "the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century". But the key fact is that he was recruited by British Intelligence for whom he worked all his life.
The basis of OTO's sex magic is Crowley's theory of mixing of semen and female ejaculate released during the sex magic operation to produce an "elixir", which is then ingested or smeared on an object for magical purposes.…
In the VIII° degree the initiate is taught masturbation magical practices, in the IX° degree magical techniques related to vaginal intercourse and in the XI° a form of sex magick involving anal intercourse. Ofcourse they'll not tell you will be anually anally probed when you join
These Sex Magick rituals are meant to actually mask their real objectives. In his book Secret Agent 666, Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult, Richard Spence gives a fascinating account of Crowley's link to British Intelligence and his role during both World Wars
In his book Spence also describes Crowley's connection with events as disparate as the sinking of the Lusitania, the flight to Britain of Nazi leader Rudolph Hess as well as the disruption of Indian nationalist plots during Indian Freedom Struggle from the British.
Incorporating these ideas & protocols of the OTO, Theon founded The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (HBoL) that would provide a foundation for the penetration of these British covert agents into the Indian Freedom movements.
Next in this thread we will see how this Cosmic Movement penetrates India through their agents and start to establish their base of operations from where to influence nationalist Indian leaders and the freedom struggle itself. Stay tuned.
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This guy is Henry Steel Olcott served in US Army during American Civil War became Special Commissioner of War Department later promoted to Colonel & transferred to Dept of Navy. In 1865 following assassination of Abraham Lincoln assisted in the investigation of the assassination.
Olcott believed himself to be "Asia's Savior the outsider hero who would sweep in at the end of drama to save a disenchanted subcontinent from spiritual death" He started Olcott Harijan Free Schools (Children of God) and in 1948 between 500 and 600 children were in attendance.
This American Military officer Olcott in collaboration with one of Theon's disciple Helena Petrovna Blavatsky started a project called the Brotherhood of Adepts for the penetration of Indian society. Entire project was to be financed by the American military via Col Olcott.
Blavatsky's maternal great-grandfather Prince Pavel Vasilevich Dolgorukov had been initiated into Freemasonry in the late 1770s and had belonged to the Rite of Strict Observance. It is from his Masonic library that she got most of her ideas that she preached throught her life.
Blavatsky (Jack) & Olcott (Maloney) always communicated with codenames calling themselves the Brotherhood of Luxor directly from Theon's HBoL. In 1875 they started the Theosophical Society in New York financed by Olcott who became lifelong President & Blavatsky became Secretary.
Officially as a US Trade representative Col Olcott & Blavatsky enters India and establishes Theosophical Society with their base of operations headquartered in Adyar, Chennai. From here a covert penetration into the Indian society begins.
These guys Blavatsky & Olcott were in collaboration with the infamous chap Friedrich Max Muller. Under his supervision & sponsorship these guys began collecting ancient Indian manuscripts, text which were first housed in Adyar library later shipped to University of Oxford.
"India has been conquered once, but India must be conquered again, and that second conquest should be a conquest by education".

So said Max Muller who became the Cultural Philosopher in Chief of the British Empire, appointed a member of the Privy Council in 1896.
Gaining a foothold in South India these group of Theosophists/Freemasons then started penetrating/creating many Indian movements. One of which was the Brahmo Samaj which Muller saw "as the natural sect of Christianity" and which was used to disseminate the Aryan Invasion Theory.
Here is Madame Blavatsky (left) Col Olcott (centre) Dayanand Saraswati (right) of the Arya Samaj deliberating to merge it with Theosophical Society from which was born the British Theosophical Society of the Arya Samaj of Aryavart in 1878 also known as the London Lodge.
Muller was hired by British East India Company to translate manuscripts exported to Oxford University via Theosophical Society. Its a tragedy still most Indians dont know these historical facts. Heres our PM glorifying Max Muller in the Indian Parliament.
Next we will see the operations of another branch of this Cosmic Movement setup by another brilliant disciple of Max Theon. The operations of this branch are very much active even today with this disciple regarded no less than a Goddess by Indians. Stay tuned.
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In 1873 at the age of twenty-six Max Théon the founder of the Freemasonic Cosmic Movement was made Grand Master of the Exterior Circle, "the humans who carried out the instructions of the Interior Circle". How his disciples infiltrated Indian socoety is the focus of this thread.
Theon was known by 7 different pseudonyms. When he took refuge in Algeria he adopted Arab name Aia Aziz (the beloved). When he began setting up Cosmic Movement he called himself Max Theon (the supreme God). This tradition of calling themselves God was followed by his disciples.
Besides Blavatsky one of Theon's other disciple was Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa. According to her Theon was "a powerful 'Vibhuti' of the Lord of Death, one of the four original Divine emanations turned
Mirra's father Moïse Maurice Alfassa was banker to the Ottomans involved in Banque Ottoman's stakes in Suez Canal. Mirra's brother Matteo was a lifelong French diplomat as well as a disciple of Theon.
Maurice was also involved in French Panama Canal project which became the largest corruption scandal of 19th century known as the Panama Affair in which a billion francs were lost to the French govt. The bankers swindeled even the French peoples money channeled into the project.
The scandal exposed middlemen between business sector & state, the Bankers who paved road for the Dreyfus Affair where French military secrets were handed over to the Germans. Maurice Alfassa was accused as key player & stratrgic Panama project was taken over by Anglo-Americans.
The Alfassa's after having to flee the Ottoman court soon ran into trouble with French Revenus authorities as well for non payment of taxes went bankrupt and had to sell everything they owned to pay off their debts. This was the harsh childhood atmosphere in which Mirra grew up.
Theon had significant impact over Mirra Alfassa who in her own words "once saw Theon divert a lightning bolt from its natural course". She once also "saw Madam Theon sit on her bed and make her slippers, which were some distance away, move towards her".
As the story goes Alfassa started having visions of a "dark Asiatic figure whom she called Krishna who used to be clad in 'vision dress' (dhoti)". Later she identified the person in her visions as Aurobindo. Indians know her as 'The Mother'. Below are some excerpts of their work.
In 1915 Mirra "experiences a descent of Power on touching Aurobindo's feet; considers it true significance of pranam". Sees vision "of 4 beings appear at 4 corners of an immense plateau" and spoke to her. Aurobindo identifies them as "Vedic Gods Mitra, Varuna, Bhaga and Aryaman"
During WWI Mother Mirra "used her occult force to defeat the savage Kali gloating over the impending destruction of Paris by the German armies then advancing upon it. The Germans, not finding any French resistance, suspected an ambush and withdrew."
When Indians were ordered by Churchill to participate in British war effort, on Sep 19 1940 Sri Aurobindo along with Mother Mirra who are projected as anti-British made a declaration in support of the Allies and contributed to War Fund much to the indignation of fellow Indians.
In 1942 British were hard-pressed with fall of Singapore by Bose's advancing army.
Then Winston Churchill sent Stafford Cripps from War Cabinet on what is known as Cripps Mission to keep India loyal to British war effort in exchange for a Dominion status within the Commonwealth.
However Mother Mirra sees "the Divine Grace directly present behind the Cripps' proposal" & it was declared with messages sent to leaders of freedon struggle to accept Cripps offer: "If it is accepted, the nation will survive and get a new birth in the Divine's consciousness."
When it was clear that Second World War was inevitable Mother Mirra "saw Lord of Nations appear before Hitler in a dazzling light in shining white armor leading & urging him to conquer the world with tall promises & gave him detailed advice." Aurobindo called this “Mother’s War.”
"Mother then decided on a fresh strategy. She took the appearance of Lord of Nations and appeared before Hitler & advised him to attack Russia. On her way back to Ashram she met that being who was intrigued by The Mother having stolen a march over him."
Even Aurobindo used to send his "spiritual force" in support of the Allies. At the famous Dunkirk battle the British troops were "miraculously saved when they crossed the channel under the cloak of fog. Sri Aurobindo used to refer to that with a smile as the mysterious fog".
Above is a brief rendering of the two World Wars as seen by Mother Mirra & Aurobindo; offered without comment. Next we will see how from this base the Cosmic Movement expands and lays the foundation of Freemasonic lodges all across India. Stay tuned.
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