They couldn't find one #POC to remember for #RepealedThe8th.

Make no mistake, this is how we are stamped out of history created off our backs.

Because this is 'Remembering the Women Whose Campaigning Led to This Historic Voting Turnout' for posterity.
Sure, I didn't have even the startup loan, or the ability to source popup stores, or mass produce a single branded product behind a Middle Ireland four-letter name,

but @irishtatler still saw fit to include a photo of ppl wearing my merch in print? So why not give a voice?
Also, it is. CRIMINAL. that @JanetOS_ - included in #BBC100Women, a key rallying force behind ARC, blatantly and unceremoniously silenced for being too 'inconvenient' and diverse and honest in her approach to the ref because she'd been personally affected by it - wasn't included.
'Remembering' in print is myopic in Ireland, and for those who can pay to be remembered with flourishes (tbf Taryn and Tara are exceptions to that cos my heart bleeds for their immeasurable strength of personal experience and sharing and reliving and fighting till the last day)
And I don't mean paying an organisation directly, but moreso the accumulation of privileges that are better afforded to you for being white, conservatively cherry-picked blush-cheeked 'diversity' of sexuality or ability that still ticks the right pale Pantone box of magazines
But in a time of mass dissemination of information, where a disabled QPOC migrant creates an international brand with 0 startup funds, raises >10k for causes while living on €2.30 a day? And you know they exist cos you FEATURE their pieces in print, uncredited?
You not remembering is an epitomisation of the privileged white myopia inherent in your organisation @irishtatler.

And the elitist people who can get pregnant in your organisation? Lest you misremember, that's built on the time labour and money of the 'inconvenient' campaigners.
And you know what? After months of being beaten down by campaigners who did their level best at a time of poor mental health, loss and bereavement (and a medical education?!) to ensure I stopped contributing to #RepealedThe8th unless it was in their way and that alone? I finally
for the first time in forever, feel strong and validated in my beliefs that I may have been scales away in impact

(because my starting scale of investment and connections available was a very exact zero (0).)

but I Made A Difference here. Even if I stopped existing today
I'd be happy (I mean, anyways, but also) cos I changed a country I couldn't have a democratic say in, for the better, with creative expression.

and while I'm still here, I'm not gonna let them get away with silencing diverse voices outside of the purely democratic sphere too. So
when I started Repealist, the first abusive person I cut out of my life was a white queer woman who said specifically that
'I shouldn't contribute to #RepealedThe8th cos white Irish women just by being born here before I set foot here have done more that I ever will, and I should
get off the backs of coopting the struggle of real Irish women, and stealing their money.'

(This person is a leftist heartthrob of university life and the doublethink entrenched in their soul when they post catchy 'anti-racist' commie one-liners is astounding, but sure look.)
I hold up @irishtatler, @britishvogue and a billion other pieces of immortalised print 'remembering' white women and say:

I think the snow kissed darlings have made movement banners from dead POC women, and a platform off POC labour for themselves to wave down at us just fine.
And I think they've done that enough.

From sweatshop manufactured jumpers, to using POC activists to run groundwork without giving them organisational credit, to working with publications like @irishtatler who are so willingly myopic in their glorifying gaze.

(For the record, 'sweatshop manufactured' is going by the tops being either Fruit of the Loom or Gildan, both of which are not ranked highly for ethical sourcing issues although FotL is, to its credit, one of the better for worker agreements.)
Ok rant over for the moment although I have...many further thoughts.

I need to go back now and try to make sure after picking up my meds I can still eat food next week, cos wtf is savings when you give away more money in 10 months than you've ever had to your name, for
a cause you believe in implicitly,

only to literally fund PR jobs, manufacturing of campaign materials, shoulder rubbing events and eventual standing on the Dublin Castle podium, and publication of these incredibly sanitised voices in @irishtatler and the world over?
Oh and while we're at it, both an addendum and disclaimer to this thread:

I speak about marginalisation from the perspective of being a QPOC, disabled nb woman who presents very femininely.

The HORDE of abuse internally and externally that my visibly gender-nonconforming
campaigners have received, while not my story to tell,

is one I will always platform with unequivocal solidarity,

cos they played an absolute blinder denying their names and selves on streets and to vote 'for the greater good', who told them directly their voice was no good.
And stuff like this is shocking and abhorrent.
And the exclusion inherent and so deeply ingrained into Irish progressive movements makes me so sick. Cos now the ref is over, these people still bleed into my daily life, the work I do with medical organisations or research,
and softblocking doesn't work in real life and to be quite frank I am too young and too brown and strange sounding to be able to fight that fight always alone, every time.

But thankfully, one benefit of not being interviewed by print media with an agenda means here I can
truly, and collaboratively, and with additions and clarifications and some learning bits and pieces from the community I've built around me, decide I might as well speak my mind.

In as fair or charitable a perspective as I deem reasonable.Considering I think the buck has to stop
*before* the 'yeah they did [X] BUT it was for the greater good of appealing to middle Ireland' every. Single. Time.

That is the same Ireland that killed Savita, the same lowest common denominator who formed the layperson's jury of #ThisIsNotConsent, the same xenophobic middle
Ireland of P*t*r C*s*y's incitement who believe they are 'greater' and 'good' while the 'other' is something to denigrate and deride.

...though, if someone wanted to hire me to write a column on regular Ireland's trendy BS in this regard, that would also be just fine.
Note - some of the jumpers are from AWDIs, who are ethical production 'certified' - but don't cite which level of certification (which are based on completeness of auditing that they maintain ethical best practice) they're actually at...
And if you read this and still go 'I'm sure they didn't actually mean it like that', or 'well it erased a lot of us too'
Then you're invested in not really listening.
Cos you being 'sure' of intentions of randomers who look more like you and are more relatable, is trumping in your head the experiences they imposed on us that we're sharing with you.
Ah here now lads @TEDxTCD this is getting to be a bit of a joke. No, really.

Do people in #Ireland know what #Diverse means? Cos pale and female is getting pretty stale too...could at this point give whole @TEDTalks about it 🙃
They have open avenue for questions, at - I would highly recommend if you actually want to mobilise and show solidarity with diverse talent beyond reading this thread, write to them about it!
Also wow I can't wait to hear what '#modern #feminism means to' largely rich able cishet #WhiteWomen for the umpteenth time cos it's gonna be So Informative And Representative Of The Modern #Intersectional #Feminist Movement At Large !
Literally wrote this YESTERDAY. When will it stop being relevant?!
So @irishtatler got back to me.

With art-ivism and exams this may not materialise for a few weeks,
but I *might be* in talks to write on how a diverse group of people contributed to #RepealedThe8th:

I'm looking for #POC, #Disabled, #trans women, #afab / #nb people to feature ~
If you have an extraordinary voice or experience,

and would like to talk about the work you did for #RepealedThe8th and do outside of it in your everyday,

and if/how you experience the lack of diversity off-social media in Ireland,

please get in touch!
I am hoping that if I write this I'll get similar resources and support that column contributors generally would,
else it would feels like they got the underresourced minority to write a DIY token article about minorities because paid white journalists can't and won't do it?
But 'if you can't see it you can't be it' only goes so far, someone has to 'be it' the first time and I'm more than willing to do it

if after our discussions this week I feel treated as an equal with other paid contributors , and that it won't be one off representation.
Cos I'd be writing from scratch like any other columnist, not just contributing to an interview when a journalist does the majority of the legwork.
But yes give me names, and I hope this will set a precedent for continued #intersectional representation in #Irish print media.
I've a few folks in mind, and I'll likely only have space for short quotes anyway,

but the more options the better, so please comment here with suggestions so we can see just how much #diverse talent Ireland benefited from for #Repealedthe8th, and has to offer to @irishtatler!
Pale cis-female hale and stale isn't enough anymore. QPOC, trans-people, and disabled women will be represented more, even if we have to take the first steps ourselves -
Also just saw this and it's adorable and kind thank you so much Ilaina!
If like Ilaina and I you think this is not ok, I raised this on twitter yesterday but to their discredit @TEDxTCD seem to be dead here!
If you want accountability, email, *Ask Them* how they can call this panel #diverse!… please go and leave some comments for their panel today, if you disagree with @TEDxTCD's idea of 'diverse'!
@karlleonard4444 yeah the exclusion of trans and gendernonconforming narratives was shameful - cis white and lesbian is not the only queer identity in Ireland
That said, @brianoflynn_ did a wonderful little feature of queer voices for @them after the referendum -…
a) Don't let white able cishet panellists talk queer, trans, POC or disabled feminism.

b) I 'made no money from this venture' of Repealist - that doesn't mean I didn't learn

c) you have speakers in college who 'promote feminism' that is #intersectional.

No excuses @TEDxTCD.
Also notably, in 2017 when I interviewed to talk for them about how I overcame diverse challenges to start Repealist, I was told my story wasn't sympathetic enough for the majority.

Their events each year have been all white.

They really should do better.
Most philanthropic creatives don't make money from their charitable ventures (though your speakers are all there to talk about their businesses/paid work).
Creating a more diverse society shouldn't hinge only upon whether you're doing it for profit, @TEDxTCD.
👏Invite👏People👏Who👏Are👏Experts👏At👏Promoting👏#Intersectional👏#Feminism👏'At Personal Cost'👏To👏Speak👏You👏Cowards👏

(especially when you actually HAVE heard our stories from us and decided they're not relatable enough for your white 'diversity')
Actually hadn't seen this year's @TEDxTCD committee and like...explains so much about their 🙃diversity🙃

#Ireland white.

Though I have questions to ask of @TEDx @TEDTalks - why don't they have guidelines for #DiversityandInclusion for orgcomms or speakers?
Did I shoot my chances of ever speaking @TEDxTCD in the foot to drive the point home to them? Yeah probably.
Modern #feminism is #intersectional or it is bullshit.
An unreasonable response vs. a reasonable one 😂 despite not being 'Irish and white' we are 'professionals' who promote #intersectionality and #feminism here,so Ireland can present itself as such to the world.

Thanks @TEDxTCD. If folks wanna see us speak, nominate us via email!
Also at this point, if you want to see us speak at other public events, nominations are at!

(esp anyone who saw me speak at @WomenMedIreland, @TOG_Dublin, @ThisHeadStuff, or @Q_Soc and @trinitypolitics LGBTQ+ event - I do words good 😂)
Ask me, @ilainabananas from @senseaboutsci, @AineMulloy from @GirlCrewHQ, @nirushika who spoke excellently at InspireFest, to come speak at events like @InspirefestHQ or other panels! We got this, and we can give you a better picture of modern Ireland...
The delights of pseudointellectual backing up of people enforcing a narrative of white feminists being deserving of priority over any other expression of feminism - now they're just making TEDxTCD look bad after they decided to re-evaluate their actions.
Also I know some of these panellists tragically well, and it's highly disappointing that they would condone this kind of myopic behaviour after constantly pushing back against 'male pale and stale' panels to get their faces on them.
Considering among these women are people who have actively suppressed minority voices for their own gain...yeah don't feel so bad about fighting them.
Also again, #feminism is #intersectional or it is bullshit. Don't understand how you can have the word 'diverse' without it.
Also, make no mistake - this isn't even old middle Ireland any more:
this is the latest generation of this myopic nonsense, and @TEDxTCD and Irish mainistream print and press are reinforcing that this is ok (see @glittermamablog).
As is the 'woke left'.

Do better.
I'm, platform us and I'll debate you in a heartbeat my sweeties.

(also oh my god it's gone from white women calling us 'girls fighting with women'.
If even a friend did that in person I'd snap them 🤢🤢🤢 - this is really starting to look bad for @TEDxTCD)
It's nice to see @LDNIrishCentre taking a step forward in not platforming racist incitement too! But once again, repeated to death - you should be using your better judgement in inviting these people to speak in the first place:
@BoalsGoals stans me almost as much as I stan him - but seriously, I am very grateful for people with kind hearts listening to people from various intersections of marginalisation on contemporary social issues in Ireland
Sadly not something PoCs are unused to - we understand that you won't always be able to stand up with us - sadly defending *our*selves form ethnonationalism is never optional, nor is getting called 'nasty' for wanting equality.
Oh so...I was very fortunate that @kathleen_mcn interviewed me for UT apparently, cos it appears @DonalMacNamee97 didn't reply to @AineMulloy after asking for a quote, and decided it was ok to quote out of a public post w/o source credit, out of context?
Article is in the link - @AineMulloy's response to Donal, and her own full post is below in the images, shared fom her twitter:…
Come with meee,
and you'll seee,
how intense it is navigating Irish platforming spheres for marginalised people at
everyyyy turn

- re: the issue that arose with @AineMulloy
Missing the point in Irish media, part 3 -
@AineMulloy - this is the conversation had with myself and Kathleen since the events:
as a depressive w so little self worth I tried kms 3wk ago cos I was convinced I had no value w/o helping ppl & I hadn't ever done that cos I'd nothing to show for it - when I have self esteem I'll climb as hard as I can! ya don't mind white women doin it-
hey, if you don't want race pitted against socioeconomic status - me neither.
I started my Irish and global feminist activism, as a disabled queer nb woman *living on 2 euros a day*, sleeping on floors, eating a tin of soup over 3-5days, nowt else.
Platform Me and @ilainabananas.
This true. You never have/will experience this hellstorm like I, @ilainabananas and @AineMulloy have been, choosing to take a stand and discovering just how far the wormhole goes - and we're not idle people besides! So give us a voice and fund our efforts.
@TarynDeVere and everyone who liked your tweets about being better feminists -we see you, and we're v grateful you wanna support us - so embolden our voices, platform us on *on our own terms* and fund and work with any projects we are considering running ❤️
I swear if y'all think this is #nasty you a) have a racist inherent view of POCs raising legit concerns, and b) you're not ready for how nasty I'm willing to be so my minority community don't have to fight in defence or go 'if I can't see it I can't be it'
Aine's reply is far better considered, and consideratel, than is merited. You're 'obviously entitled to use' anything in the public domain ONLY when you embed the full source in your article - I learn that from my #ThisIsNotConsent art use in global press!

We are only people too. and very busy people also trying to employ just a modicum of self care after what's been a heavy year of fighting for #intersectional #feminism at every corner!
Likes aren't enough, share our content, add your voices to this thread!
Thank you for adding your voice to ours Alannah @Wheelie_Happy

I'm literally living off 1/3 a bag of pasta and of spinach for weeks rn to save up to survive Dublin and do research in Harvard this summer, but the fact I might have to endure this dude's 'non-racist way' if I went there is blowing my 'economical anxiety out the water
a well off 'sailing fanatic' who cares about socioeconomic deprivation? or just cares about leveraging it to express his 'economical anxiety' and being a racist in a 'not racist way' more?
thx for RTing @LexiAlex, and highlighting the insular conversations around #DiversityandInclusion in #Feminism in #Ireland ❤️ POCs, differently orientated/identified queer ppl, disabled ppl, and ppl living in poverty, contribute to #Irish #feminism and need a voice!
Lads I had missed this thread by @sineadredmond - but it is thoroughly valid. Although, while we would appreciate the apologies we'd appreciate your voices in solidarity a great deal more
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