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Who is Jennifer Palmieri?…
wikileaks Podesta emails show that CNN leaked to the HRC campaign - I wonder if the FEC knew about this? I think this would count as Election Programming ... but I'm just a little crayon, coloring outside the lines...…
Remember when Hillary tried to stifle the Maginsky act and silence the press?…
What is the Madnitsky Act that John McCain wrote and Obama signed?…
Was HRC worried that her business with the Rusks would subject to scrutiny under the Magnitsky Act? ...only if human rights abuses were discovered, huh Madre. Nothing to see here, these are not the crimes you were looking for.
"In a piece titled, “Hillary Clinton forgets her part in a disastrous Russia policy,” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin referred to Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, asking, “Why did the State Department try to block the Magnitsky Act for so long?”
"On June 20, 2012, Clinton wrote an oped in the Wall Street Journal titled “Trade With Russia Is a Win-Win,” in which she sought to explain that retaining Jackson-Vanik “only fuels more anti-American sentiment in Russia.”"
Remember when the WSJ told us about the Media collusion with Her Royal Clintoness?…
The Magnitsky Act was written to attack Putin personally - and was funded and lobbied for by a UK banker (Rothschild?) named Bill Bowder who was outed by Putin for giving Hillary's campaign $400,000.00 Magnitsky worked for Bowder. Magnitsky went to prison for his crimes.
Hillary really stepped in this 🥿
Why did the Hildebeast lay it on Trump? Because Bowden is afraid of Putin. Bowden didn't pay his taxes and was tried in absentia with Magnitsky. If no Magnitsky Act sanctions, Bowden might get his hand slapped for reaching in the cookie jar...? They didn't think she would lose.
Hildebest & her HRCRapid google group got busy to put up their propaganda in the media. They blamed the Russians for hacking Podesta and the DNC email - no proof of hacking - lots of proof that it was done by social democrats feeling the Bern. Sorry, Seth. You got Berned, too.
I wondered why the media freaked out so badly over the Helsinki Summit? Trump talked to Putin. Putin wants to question people connected to Bowder, an American-born British banker who successfully pushed McCain to pass the Magnitsky act- Remember? Magnitsky was Bowder's lawyer.
This rabbit hole is twisty and stinky. It looks to this little crayon, that it's personal and is all about not paying the high Russian taxes on real estate. (Well, ya. Russia is a communist state. Taxes are too high.) ... Back to the leaks and wikileaks! CNN source told HRC....
CNN source knew that HRC had to get ahead of the story about the emails. Gave them a heads' up - Hildebeast and her policies hurt US-Russia relations. The Magnitsky Act went after Putin. Bowder escaped and left his friend to die in prison for his crimes. Bowder paid Hillary....
Hildebeast and her vermin paid for the Steele Dossier - McCain leaked it to the media . The media published it. They got a Meuller Probe going ... Trump ... all you have to do is keep a blackmail law in place that protects the Democrats.
Democrat Jennifer Palmieri was Obama's com's director until 2012, when she went to work for HRC.
Democrat John Podesta advised Obama until he went to work for HRC.
The Magnitsky Act is hailed as a Human Rights' Abuses Act - even though it's really about protecting a rich guy in the UK and an old woman in the UK... What are the worst human rights abuses being prosecuted right now? The sale of people - Human Trafficking.
ack. wish there was an edit feature.... old woman in the USA!
Which arm of the US law enforcement is targeting the human trafficking? ICE. Trump has made it a priority to put an end to it and congratulates ICE on the fantastic job they do protecting us.
Who wants to demolish ICE? The social Democrats. Makes this little crayon wonder why they would want to do that? Why abolish the most effective agency against human rights' abuses?
Very, very rich tyrants could lose all their assets if they are tried and convicted of their crimes - according to the Magnitsky Act...!
The mainstream media is owned by a handful of very, very rich tyrants. Do these names - GE, Westinghouse, Viacom, Microsoft, Disney, Time-Warner, Rupert Murdoch, Amazon - ring any bells?
GE, Westinghouse, Viacom, Microsoft, Disney, Time-Warner, Rupert Murdoch, Amazon own the mainstream media, but they are losing their grip on the American mind - their Group Think is failing. People prefer the alt-media.
On FB and Gab and twatter, people can get images and stories about events that are posted by personal cell phones in real time! alt-media sites get more clicks on a single post than CNN can pay for in a week. CNN and the DNC are in the bag together.
Remember when wikileaks posted the Sony email? I looked at their site. The wikileaks site was odd. I thought it was too much hassle to search it. I thought it was a quirky, weird little website that was letting people tattle on their boss. So what?
So... wikileaks has never posted anything that was untrue.
wikileaks protects their posters.
People trust wikileaks.
Someone trusted wikileaks with the Podesta emails.
Someone trusted wikileaks with the DNC emails.
Who publishes wikileaks? A guy named Julian Assange.…
Liars and criminals hate Julian Assange. The Hildebeast wanted to send a drone out to kill him. He's been in exile because of threats to his liberty. The Bowders's Magnitsky act could be used to protect Julian Assange... it could take down the global cabal -but not if they get...
...but not if they get to Julian FIRST.
It was the Obama Justice system that started the case against Julian.
They didn't expect her to lose.
I have a day dream that the Meuller probe puts Julian on the stand to testify and he proves that the deep state is real and the media knows it - and then he arrests the talking heads and the news giants' CEO's ant the tech giants have all their assets seized for ...
the same human rights violations and suppression censorship of the free alt-media press as outlined in the Magnitsky Act! That the same charges brought against Julian and wikileaks are filed against CNN and twitter and FB and...
...and then I stop day dreaming. The deep state isn't a swamp. It's a terminal disease that infected free people everywhere. I am just a little crayon coloring outside the lines. I have no power to protect Julian from having to come out of exile, even if it is to tell the truth.
... no power to get justice for a plot designed to smear Bernie Sanders and to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary - I detest the social democrats, but the fraud against them involved a lot of money, and I detest liars, most of all.
... no power to stop the repeated collusion between the DNC and the media and the leaks of classified information that they publish hurts the US people.
... no power to prove the questionable fundraising for both Hillary Clinton and the DNC and the social democrat voter fraud that is so blatant and in your face that if you don't see it as a crime you are a ... well, those names aren't lady like...
Isn't it a weird little twist that some obscure little guy with a geeky website is holding the keys that unlock some nasty closets and now the entire world power structure is nail-biting and waiting to see what happens next?
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