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1. We're given this link to review by #Q. I remember reading it in the past. It's chalked full of hope and surprise and information. Note Sessions' reveals Huber's been busy and is working with Horowitz at the IG's office! But, most of all, check out...…
2. ...the clue Sessions dropped: "The attorney general cited U.S. Code, noting...appointment of a special counsel was "reserved for use in only the most 'extraordinary circumstances,'" and that any special counsel must be "selected from outside the United States Government.""
3. Did you get that?

"...special counsel must be "selected from outside the United States Government."

What exactly does this mean? Does he referring to a foreign group of investigators? Or, is this saying non-government, US Citizens would be needed to prosecute the cases?
4. Civilian investigations aren't recognized by the constitution. The special counsel must be constitutionally recognized law enforcement. Local investigators in county and state systems are still "government". Ultimately local law enforcement agency findings cannot be used by...
5. ...federal courts. Ultimately, federal government special counsel and federal level courts are required for these cases to be tried in. And we'd never allow a foreign special counsel to investigate or build cases on US citizens as their findings and rulings do not satisfy...
6. ...the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. However, what court is recognized in the United States, that is not operated by the U.S. Government, but satisfies all constitutional guarantees AND all findings are valid for defendants? U.S. Military courts! For crimes against..
7. ...the nation, conspiring to provide and providing aid for the enemy, endangering national security, illegal distribution of nuclear material, defrauding the Department of Defense and for the crime of treason; U.S. military courts are more than constitutionally within their...
8. ...authority to exercise all aspects of investigations, indictments, arraignment, arrests, suspect confinement, evidence gathering, obtaining witness affidavits and statements, case compiling, case trying and defense, making rulings and judgments and imposing disciplinary...
9. ...action including fines and imprisonments as well as executions in death penalty cases. They can also provide and maintain adequate inmate control, housing, care, and documentation. They have their own prison systems as well, guarded by some of the most well trained people..
10. the world. The military is not considered to be part of the U.S. government. It's under its own auspices and control, its own laws and command structure. Is this the group Sessions was eluding to, to host a special counsel and investigation into this plethora of crimes?
11. In addition, any court rulings made by the military are appealed in military courts, removing the burden from the federal court systems. I honestly have no idea if this was Sessions' intentions or not but Huber is going to be the hammer, in all aspects of the term.
12. Huber has been solely responsible for leading the investigation into the Clinton email scandal, the clinton/Russian collusion, and the illegality of the FISA warrant taps on @POTUS and his campaign. It's as if he's already a special counsel of his own!…
13. It's interesting how much rhetoric and attention the left and the media give Mueller to try and pump up public disinformation? They're pushing for a Democrat base that will not accept Mueller's empty basket when all this is over. And they avoid talking about Huber almost...
14. ...entirely so that nobody will know or believe there's actually REAL CRIMES committed by their previously untouchable lords, being investigated by the Department of Justice, the Inspector General's office and the US Attorney's office. By keeping Huber's work quiet, the...
15. ...left will continue to believe that @realDonaldTrump is the only bad guy out there and that he is being investigated by the only legit special counsel in America. It's all a ploy! Eventually the truth will be revealed and it will take military force to bring down this...
16. ...cabal, this deep state. It will take military bases guarded by U.S. servicemen and women to protect the preceedings. It will take military precision and bearing to try the most high profile cases in U.S. history. And it will relieve law enforcement, local courts and...
17. ...local jurisdictions of the man power and resources it would've needed to carry out this process. There will be no riots entering U.S. military installations, there will be no idiots attacking a military base to try and rescue prisoners. It all makes sense now, doesn't it?
18. In case you didn't know, our president and his most trusted advisors are absolute geniuses. Q has alerted us and helped us know where to dig. Again, all my threads are my thoughts and opinions, not copying anybody or saying this is all 100% on point. Just me, trying to help.
19. I believe because of the violence and out of control behavior encouraged by the left and the media, local law enforcement agencies would simply be overwhelmed by radicals looking to interrupt any criminal preceedings of their masters. The military will not be overwhelmed.
20. By all signs, we're literally there folks. In fact, Trump deploying active duty troops onto US soil is a huge sign. Especially considering nearly every caravan/border skirmish story today has virtually zero mention of our military's presence. Makes you wonder, where are they?
21. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QArmy #QAnon #PeacefulResearch #USMilitaryStrong #TrustThePlan #PRAYFORPOTUS #PrayForPeace

One thing I'd really like to find out; what was the US Code AG Sessions cited when he said any special counsel for these matters must be from outside our government?
22. @Americanlll @MastersShelby @Dina1trump @AlbertJitka @brodigan @crazymike591 @Rise_Soar_BFree @martingeddes @O_IrishT @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q @Semaphore89 @TheRealRaNon

Scroll UP! Is Sessions' hinting that the military will be taking over for Huber!

- The End
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