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I was receiving reports on this over the weekend, while I was away, but there is more to this story, not being reported on. #Haiti
2) There was an alert put out on the 15th regarding large demonstrations planned for Nov. 18th in Port-au-Prince, and possibly other locations. I’ve scoured the internet, and I’m not seeing the reports I am receiving, which are far more concerning. #Haiti
3) Here are some reports I have found on twitter. They are verifying there are in fact U.S. troops on the ground in #Haiti, securing Port-au-Prince. This is about far more than "demonstrations." I have not found any news sources reporting on this. No surprise.
4) I am being told that the Michel Martelly / Jovenel Moise regime, lap dogs of the Clintons PHTK drug traffickers, have assassinated 50 people in the past 48 hours in the La Saline neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. #Haiti #ClintonCartel
5) Random killings are also taking place all over the country. I was sent videos that I absolutely will not post due to how graphic they are. Instead, I took a screenshot from one of them. There are wild pigs eating the bodies of those killed. This is horrific. #Haiti
6) The people of #Haiti have long been protesting the theft of $3.8 billion by corrupt former and current government officials of #Haiti, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton. #ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily
7) This money was a low interest loan by the government of Venezuela, during the Chavez era, to help the poor, create jobs, and well needed infrastructure. It was stolen by the corrupt, and Jovenel Moise has done nothing about it. #Haiti
8) I am told these corrupt officials are all being protected by the Clintons, as well as some members of the DNC, including Maxine Waters. I have also been told numerous times that Kenneth Merten, from the U.S. State Dept., is corrupt. #Haiti #ClintonCartel
9) The opposition is planning to topple the #Haiti government on November 18th. My source says this is why the U.S. forces have taken over the airport in Port-au-Prince. Some seem to feel it is to protect Americans, while others feel it is to protect American interests.
10) Meanwhile, Michel Martelly, longtime lapdog of the Clintons, who played a big part in the theft of $3.8 billion, has fled to his home in South Florida for refuge, while this attempted takeover of the government goes down on the 18th. Pray for #Haiti. I will keep you posted.
11) More information by @Ezilidanto regarding what is happening in #Haiti. Pray for the people of #Haiti. 🙏
12) I'm going to post all of my #Haiti articles in this thread because they cover a lot of corruption in Haiti, as well as players involved. This one is a case going down in the U.S. right now. I add updates as the case progresses.…
13) Drug Traffickers Exploit #Haiti While Amassing $10 Billion Under U.S. Scrutiny. Trey Gowdy sent IG Horowitz a letter requesting the DEA in Haiti be investigated, back in May.…
14) This is happening worldwide, as well as in #Haiti.

Organ Trafficking Co-Conspirators - A Worldwide Epidemic…
15) Haitian Human Trafficking Connection to U.S.…
16) (From April) EXCLUSIVE: Haitian Billionaire Gilbert Bigio's Building Ablaze…
17) 5 Shocking Facts About The Clintons & Haiti You Likely Don't Know…
18) Clintons' Haitian Black Magic Secret…
19) This source is posting some information on what is taking place in #Haiti. WARNING: There are some rough graphics and videos, which is why I'm posting their main link rather than specific posts.
20) People have been informing me they cannot access my site. I had a surge in traffic and it bumped me offline. I am not being hacked. I apologize. I will have this fixed tmrw. Please bookmark my site and it should be back up soon.
21) FYI, great find by @micahburnside on an incorrect photo used in screenshot of tweet #3:
22) While I am in a holding pattern, awaiting more info, I just want to reiterate that I am being told, they believe the U.S. forces are at the Port-au-Prince airport in case they need to evacuate Americans. I've seen many people expand on this.
23) I'm fully aware my website is still down. I am working on it. I apologize. I am doing the best I can to get it back up and running.
24) @CharlesOrtel has also received confirmation that U.S. Forces are at the international airport in Port-au-Prince. Again, I believe they are their to evacuate Americans if need be, but I hope they are there to help #Haiti in their fight to remove the corrupt. Awaiting updates.
25) This source is reporting on the protests in #Haiti. They have photos, videos, and (warning) graphic images on their timeline.
28) As of right now, it sounds like the protests will likely continue tomorrow and possibly Tuesday. Again, I am told the U.S. appears to be at the airport as precaution in case Americans needed to be evacuated. This weekend was expected to be very heated in #Haiti.
29) Sadly, I do not have any encouraging news about them removing Jovenel Moise or corrupt officials from #Haiti. That said, the people of Haiti are making it very difficult for Moise.
30) It’s tragic how violent these protests become. Moise was unable to go to Cap-Haitien today (though I didn't hear about violence in that specific area), and instead did a prerecorded message to the people. We continue to pray for justice for the people of #Haiti.
31) Updates with #Haiti: Though some streets were barren in areas throughout Haiti, protests did continue Monday & Tuesday, with a lot of violence. I am doing my best to sort this out, as I was receiving reports for 2 days, but wanted solid confirmation.
32) Here is what I know thus far: there was a bus transporting tourists yesterday, and two tourists were shot. The U.S. Embassy in #Haiti was asked if a U.S. citizen was among them. The Embassy is not commenting. My source tells me 1 was a U.S. citizen and 1 was French.
33) I have no way to confirm this 100% as of yet. It is my understanding they were badly wounded and an ambulance was trying to get them to a hospital. I do not have further updates on this as of yet. #Haiti
34) I am also told there have been numerous areas under attack. Ambulances are under attack in Cap Haitien, Bon Repos, and La Saline. In Les Cayes (4 hrs away from PAP), markets & gas stations were set on fire. #Haiti
35) The U.S. Embassy in #Haiti put out a Security Alert today for Port-au-Prince, stating the consulate will only open for emergency services for American Citizen Services, stay within 15-mile radius of Embassy, do not drive through barricades or protests.
36) Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald has been a long-time reporter on Haiti. Important info can be obtained, but learn to read between the lines. Here’s why. 👇…
37) Given the above, she is reporting the following, which I find most interesting: “Former police chief said there is a new core created inside the police wearing a black uniform. @DG_PNH says there is officially no new corps created. New uniforms & vehicles paraded by USGPN.”
38) She goes on to state the National Palace unveiled new uniforms, guns, and vehicles for its police officers, and is running its own police given that @pnh_officiel was surprised. She questions where the funds came from to purchase all of this. #Haiti
39) Whereas I cannot speak to the validity of these statements in below tweets, it would seem, this is what they are reporting in regards to what Jacqueline was referencing: “new core inside the police.” #Haiti
40) This is the part that really peeks my interest, based on information I have been receiving. She talks about dealing with the “attaches” inside the police force, and the “mobilization” for resignation of the President, who was supposed to address the Nation tonight. #Haiti
41) Curiously, this was postponed indefinitely without a reason. I have been receiving reports about someone possibly replacing Jovenel Moise, but until I have 100% confirmation on this, I am reluctant to report on it. #Haiti
42) There is a LOT going on in #Haiti right now, and therefore, there will also be a lot of disinfo and narrative controls in place. So I cannot say with any level of certainty that Moise will in fact be replaced, but given what’s taking place on many levels, something is up.
43) Meanwhile, it seems ABC, NBC, CBS, and WaPo are beginning to catch up, despite the fact none of them can agree on the number of people killed and injured, all of which have their numbers far lower than what’s really transpired, sadly. Pray for #Haiti. 🙏
44) Note: Some people stated they do not believe we sent U.S. forces to the airport in case of emergency. I'm reporting what my source is telling me, who has been correct on past intel thus far. Reminder from July - additional Marines were sent to Embassy:…
45) Article above is from JULY. I was told they were likely sent this time as precaution in case American citizens needed to be evacuated/assistance, as they knew this would be another big & potentially violent protest. I'm not on the ground, so I'm doing my best to report facts.
46) @CharlesOrtel also has a source in connection with Haiti, who verified we sent U.S. forces to the airport in Port-au-Prince. Is it possible, we were both misinformed by sources who were fed disinfo? Possible yes, but not likely. My focus is on Moise right now.
47) This is just awful. I am told 9 people have been run down by an suv in #Haiti. WARNING ⚠️ graphic.
48) IF indeed this is video footage of the suv that ran them down, it would appear to be a government vehicle, with extremely upset people rallying around it. #Haiti
49) What the heck? Somehow the video posted in all black with just audio. Let's try this again.
50) This is what Jacqueline Charles from the Miami Herald is reporting on Moise's status, the corruption, and about the government vehicle tragically running over people - but doesn't state the name of the driver.…
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