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Publishing the home address of a nemesis (in your head) on Twitter serves no purpose other than to gratify a sadistic need to inflict harm and to place innocent persons in physical jeopardy.

It also means you are losing.


To be clear:

The troll who has cyber-harassed, hacked & doxxed me for mos — who published my home address 2x last night on Twitter — has NEVER filed an attorney complaint against me & has never reported me to any agency.

@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @FBIIndianapolis @VSPPIO
Perhaps @jack can address that troll’s account before my family is harmed.
For the record, the matter of releasing my private information by this troll was formally reported by me to @Twitter @jack — as was the use of my profile pic by the troll depicting me being kicked in the head.
I have also reported this troll’s repeated use of violent profanity directed at me, unsolicited taggings, the troll’s repeated public false statement ableist abuse about “benzo abuse”.

@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport
Also for the record, in the event harm comes to my family, I have notified @jack @Twitter numerous times that this individual has repeatedly unmasked my new ANONYMOUS Twitter handles — changed by me for personal safety.
@jack @Twitter @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport have determined that the posting 2x of my HOME ADDRESS and the repeated linking of same to my ANONYMOUS Twitter handle on Twitter last night by the troll was NOT a violation of Twitter TOS.

I post this now for memorialization.
@jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport are aware that I have been the past target of hate crime, and yet have allowed for my home address to be published by a malicious troll on @Twitter
@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety is on notice that it has allowed for the publication of my home address on its platform, over my strenuous objection.
@jack @twitter should re-evaluate this decision, as it has a chilling effect upon political discourse when opposition may intimidate by posting the HOME ADDRESS of their enemies on Twitter, placing them in real and present danger.


@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport
Let me add, @jack @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety have also deemed it NOT to be a violation of their TOS for this individual to use my image depicting me violently being kicked in the head & nor is it a violation of TOS for this individual to tweet profanities at me daily
It is as though #PravdaNest has an employee-friend working at @Twitter.

@jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @FBIIndianapolis @VSPPIO
I received this last night.

It appears that @jack may have a problem with hackers or friendly insiders overriding his system.

This has placed my family in grave danger for months.

@FBIIndianapolis @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @HoganLovells
@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety should do something about Laura Groen’s abuse its platform with her multiple accounts used for doxxing and targeted harassment.

Laura often projects her own guilt onto others.
@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety : Laura Groen abuses your platform with multiple accounts, used to dox, hack and harass citizens.

She has engaged in months of targeted harassment & doxxing and 2 nights ago posted my home address.


@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @FBIIndianapolis @HoganLovells

How many people must be harmed by Laura Groen?

Laura Groen has repeatedly placed my family in harm’s way and has repeatedly violated Twitter’s TOS.

Her posting of my HOME ADDRESS was A VIOLATION of TOS.
Laura Groen is envious of my family, for sure. However, @Twitter should not allow for her to endanger my family by posting my HOME ADDRESS.

@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety
REMINDER: Laura Groen is Never Trump Republican, Milo adulator, swatter, doxxer, hacker, Robin Brenizer’s “best friend”


This is how the disabled are treated by Laura Groen on @Twitter.

Evidently, it is not a violation of TOS to engage in such egregious ableist abuse.

cc: @LupusOrg @LawyersVSLupus @ACLU @HoganLovells

@Twitter @jack’s failure to uphold it’s platform’s TOS regarding ableist abuse has emboldened further abuse by Laura Groen & other ableist abusers.

I don’t & did not use “Benzos”.

The disabled should not be subjected to such abuse on this platform.

@TwitterSafety @LupusOrg
@jack @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety were provided by me last year w the full court entries of my DISABILITY attorney suspension — an entry reached after consideration by the court of extensive medical testimony & evidence.

@ACLU @LawyersVSLupus @LupusOrg
It should be noted the US govt has classified me as “least likely to improve” medical category, dated since the day after my employment termination (Feb 2011).

That classification was obtained via production of 5 yrs prior medical records — no testimony, no lawyers, no appeals.
@jack @Twitter @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport must do a better job of ensuring for the fair treatment of and safety for the disabled on this platform.

@ACLU @LawyersVSLupus @LupusOrg
I realize now that my real purpose in all of this is not so much to defend myself (I have done nothing wrong. I got sick. I could not defend myself then.), but is rather to use my training and ability here to speak as an advocate for the disabled about ableist abuse.
I can think of no better way to share about #LupusAwareness today than to use my situation as a teachable moment.

“Invisible illnesses” are not to be judged or shamed.

#Lupus is an episodic disease which affects every person differently.
If hacking, harassing and targeting a woman with #Lupus on Twitter is your thing, or associating with those types of persons is your pleasure, please UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

Thank you.

@TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @jack — Laura Groen continues to tag me unsolicited & to engage in targeted harassment.

AGAIN, she lies.

The “purge” of deleted tweets were tweets containing PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS — photos, names, etc, so I could ensure my safety after her doxxing.
MY tweets were responses made to the doxxers — AFTER BEING FULLY DOXXED.

Recall, I received credible threats to my family in January 2017, by tweets & DM, which was reported to @Twitter and LE & which I made public.
I also deleted the very lengthy 7 day Novena prayers completed.

Laura Groen needs to really get help and GET A LIFE.
@jack Why does Twitter allow for individuals to repeat dox after the victim takes safety measures to ensure anonymity?

Why is Laura Groen permitted to continue to link to my new handles behind a block unmasking my account every time?

@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport
Those who attack the disabled by calling them “benzo” addicts, “doctor shoppers” and “thieves” care less about persons affected by the illness.

Were I to get well tomorrow, said defamatory statements only impair my ability to overcome financial judgments from when I fell ill.
These abusers care less about my former clients.

Do not let them use my former clients for personal gain and Twitter followers.
But, of course, right wingers at heart love to keep their boots on the necks of the vulnerable — especially on the necks of the disabled.

We are the mirror into their own mortality.

They detest us and the last thing THEY will do is to see us rise above.
Btw, account sharing is a thing with this crew.

What is Laura Groen today may not be tomorrow.




@FBIIndianapolis @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety

They operate like a gang.

They are a gang.

They are criminals.




@TwitterSafety @jack @TwitterSupport

Ray Burger has had 12+ accounts banned by Twitter in 12 months.

@jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport

I personally think Ray Burger is lying about having a “connection” with @jack — why would Jack associate w a hacker, doxxer & physical stalker?

If Ray knows Jack, then why have so many of Ray’s abusive accounts been banned?

Ray lies to make friends online. It is what Ray does.
*January 2018 (typo)
Moving this over to this thread.

Laura Groen is a malignant narcissist who sets up fictitious straw-men.

She is a liar.

As @jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport can see from their own records now, Laura Groen and her flying monkeys attacked the account depicted in the above tweet — not for any reason other than that it stood up to an abusive malignant narcissist.
As can be seen from the irrefutable evidence, this account engaged Laura Groen’s flying monkeys — Laura Groen had no ideological objection to this account then.

Her objection is that this account stood up to her malignant narcissistic abuse.

@jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety and others now see what everyone else can see.
@jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport — is it any wonder why Laura Groen and her flying monkeys fratted this account away?

(I do have screen shots of their braggings about fratting this account).
It is no surprise that I had an account dedicated to demonstrating the parallels between Trump and Hitler.

After all:

The Nazis’ First Victims Were the Disabled…
@TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @jack — I am the mother of Jewish children — they and I call Trump a Nazi.

Individuals who operate behind anonymous sock accounts do not get to gaslight on this issue.

As we know, my account is not anonymous, thanks to trolls.

卐rump is a Nazi.
Laura Groen will not win with me.

I’ve spent my entire life dealing with malignant narcissists like her.

I know EXACTLY what to do.

I am prepared, with evidence, to defend my family.

She should NEVER have endangered my children.

@FBIIndianapolis @jack @HoganLovells
I recall when I was a triathlete, during the biking leg, my teammates trained to “draft” off of one another — One leads, while the rest ride in the draft, to lessen the amount of energy needed.

Laura Groen has spent 18 months riding in my draft, to get Twitter followers.
Interestingly, Laura Groen has only been admitted to the CA bar for 5 yrs.

She lacks courtroom experience and was caught lying to a reporter last year about being a “constitutional lawyer”.

I am in no hurry here. 😉
Let’s talk, Atlee Solomon.

Your charade began with Laura Groen is over.

Time to come out from that abusive sock, Atlee.

Account sharing is a thing with these individuals.

Let’s discuss your DM’s **AND TEXTS** provided to me, Atlee.

You are not a good flying monkey for Laura Groen.

@FBIIndianapolis @VSPPIO @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @jack
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