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THREAD: One of the things that really irritates me is the people that spread wild and outrageous conspiracy theories about stuff they obviously know little about. I don’t spend much time arguing with them, because they’re completely convinced their right.
For example, 911 truthers. You can wasted literally weeks arguing with these people and get absolutely nowhere with them. It doesn’t matter how many facts you throw at them, they’ve got an explanation for everything.
The hottest conspiracy on social media right now is the directed energy weapon attack on California. You can find literally tens of videos on Youtube explaining it to you. The bottom line is the government is deliberately destroying homes and killing people.
This video is a good example:
They speak in authoritative tones and make definitive statements that seem quite convincing. As is my habit, I investigate these claims to see if they’ll hold up to scrutiny. They do not.
First of all, the idea that the government would destroy homes and kill people for some hidden agenda AND NO ONE WOULD REVEAL IT is laughable. The government can’t do anything competently, much less carry on a sooper sekret conspiracy without a word of it leaking.
I get that people don’t trust the government, but when you go from not trusting to actively thinking they’re out to get you, you’ve crossed the line into insanity. Anything the government does can be blamed on incompetence, not some twisted master plan.
Look at the muh Russia investigation. It’s like the Keystone cops. As it unravels, the stupidity of the major players is exposed. And these were people at the very TOP of government. You think the underlings are more skilled?
The thing about government is that it’s a CYA business. NOBODY is going to do anything bold, because they don’t want to get fired or demoted. It’s all about protecting your turf. EVERY agency is that way; FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ, State, Commerce, Education, you name it.
So, the idea that the government could conduct some nefarious plot to destroy homes and kill people is just silly. It’s completely foolish. Nothing like that could ever happen in the any incompetent bureaucracy. That’s not to say that rogue elements might do something awful.
After all, look at muh Russia. Rogue elements took it upon themselves to try to overthrow the Presidency. And they not only failed, but they were exposed and fired. And they’ll likely be prosecuted and go to prison. So, give me a break with this directed energy weapon bullshit.
You may have noticed by now, that I’ve given you no facts. No sources. Not to worry. That’s what’s coming now.
First, forest fire temperatures.…
“An average surface fire on the forest floor might have flames reaching 1 metre in height and can reach temperatures of 800°C (1,472°F) or more. Under extreme conditions a fire can give off 10,000 kilowatts or more per metre of fire front. This would mean flame heights of
50 metres or more and flame temperatures exceeding 1200°C (2,192°F).”
Some of the videos point to molten aluminum puddles surrounding burnt out cars and claim that can’t happen. Guess what temperature aluminum becomes molten at? 1220 degrees Farenheit.…
But cars aren’t made of aluminum. They’re made of aluminum alloy. Guess what temperature that becomes molten? 865-1240. So, the type of alloy determines it’s melting point. But even the highest is WELL below the temperatures of a extreme fire.
People point out that the tires are burnt off, turned to ash. Uh huh. Guess what temperature rubber burns at? About 1000 degrees F. Well within the range of a normal forest fire. But the fires in California are not normal forest fires.
They are called wild fires. They’re driven by the Santa Anna winds and can reach temperatures of 2200 degrees F. or higher. And that doesn’t include the materials in a home such as plastics, that can raise the temperature even higher.
Review this chart.… Most things will melt in the temperatures that a wildfire generates. Silver, sterling silver, gold, copper, brass. all will melt. Most household appliances are made of thin alloys that can’t withstand these temperatures.
Others will say, but the trees didn’t burn. True, but tree’s aren’t dead wood. They have sap and water in them. Some trees are fire resistant, e.g. Ponderosa pines, which are quite prevalent in California. Read this:…
Here’s a guy who actually tested the theory. He took a piece of wood from his attic and cut a limb off a tree and tried to burn them in his fireplace. The limb didn’t burn.…
I’m no expert, but neither are these conspiracy nuts. Why do some things burn and others don’t? How do I know? But you can look at them with your eyes and see they didn’t burn, yet you watched the fire rage.
Another issue they raise is that the homes are completely destroyed. Nothing is left standing except fireplaces. Yeah, that’s what happens when a fire is allowed to burn until there’s nothing left to consume.
Use your brain. If you build a campfire and you let it burn out, what’s left? Ashes. Maybe a few small pieces of wood. Watch this video.
How does anything survive that? Did you watch the girl driving through the fire? Burning embers pelting her car? Imagine being in the middle of that.
I watched a Youtube video last night where a woman showed houses burned in the CA fires and then pictures of houses burning and being fought by firefighters. She pointed out that the “normal” fires didn’t destroy the houses. Well doh! Firefighters were putting the fire out.
Nobody is putting the fires out in CA. They’re trying to stop the fires from advancing and save people’s lives. Saving property is the least of their concerns. And what happens when a house burns and no firefighters arrive? It burns to the ground.
You don’t have to be a physicist to figure this stuff out.
So, what about directed energy weapons? Well, they’ve been working on them since the 1960s. And they hope to have one in production by 2020.…
Watch this video that “proves” that DEW exists.
Notice anything about the descriptions? They can, they could, they hope to. Is there any proof that DEWs actually exist? Yes. In tests.…
Is there any proof that DEWs have been deployed or provisions to any of our military forces? Yes. ONE Navy ship has one.… And they’re planing on test firing a truck-based DEW soon.
So, while the concept has been around a long time, the practical application of the technology isn’t quite ready for prime time. You know what the conspiracists say? They’ve been around a long time, you just don’t know about them. If that’s true, prove it. Show us ONE instance.
How do these fires get started? Well, some have been proven to be arson.… Others could be started by lightening, a careless camper, a cigarette thrown out the window, or by existing fires being carried miles away by the Santa Anna winds.
Read this about an earlier fire.… If you survive, it’s by the grace of God. And nobody can explain why one building burns yet the one next to it survives.
They say but granite doesn’t burn. So? Have you sifted through the ashes to see what remains? No. You’re sitting on your couch in your pjs pontificating about pictures taken from many yards away and making judgments without any facts. What happens when the cabinets burn?
The granite falls to the ground and shatters into pieces, then gets buried under the ashes. Go dig through the ashes and let us know what you find.
It’s claims like these that make me to quit social media entirely. It’s so ridiculous it’s not worth discussing, yet tons of people believe it fervently. And it explains to me why Americans can vote for communists when it’s tantamount to committing national suicide.
People will literally believe anything.
Addendum: I’m going to post some videos some the people claiming DEW did this can see that their claims about everything being destroyed are false.
Coverage of the town in the aftermath.
This is a video of a man who stayed to save his house and watched his neighbor’s dogs burn to death.
A firefighter, one of the last to leave, drives through the burning remains of his town.
This is a clear example of how some places don’t burn while others next to them are destroyed.
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