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Evidence of DEW in genocidal California wildfires

I'm combining CA fires #CampFire #WoolseyFire info w/ recent 9/11 thread because neither tragedies will ever make sense without studying the use of dark weapons technology

Amazing precision in destruction
Wait so accidental false emergency evacuation alert from Red Cross in August??? #DEW practice drill #CaliforniaFires
Fires #DEW #QAnon California WildFires MalibuFire #WWG1WGA evacuation paradisefire Calabasas #deepstate #TheStorm

Static electricity is the operating fuel of DEW

(( think "Mini Nukes" ))

HAARP Earthquakes are sonic weapons fired at faultlines in the oceanfloor to ripple tectonic plates

Hurricane Erin stagnated off coast of Manhattan for 4 days prior to Sept 11th

Evidence of DEW in Wildfires for the past DECADE

Not just California, but Colorado, WA, BC Canada, N. Carolina, Tianjin

Fort McMurray, Slave Lake, Loon Lake = fracking towns

Paradise, CA still had Gold in land, mine never modernized before developed...
Paradise Lost

This channel says blaming Smart Meters, Power companies is red herring to distract

If anything narrative to blame PG&E / SunTrust / Smart Meters just helps liquidate ground based energy in favor of tech giants low-orbit satellites for energy
Wow. Have y'all heard of "Diet Lanes" in California?

Reduces 2 lane streets to 1 lane
to accommodate bikes & buses
to fight "climate change"

Paradise, CA received 1.2M grant from state to "update" city roads by remove 2nd lanes

What could go wrong...?
Paradise, CA popular destination for Gold Panning
There have even been Gold prospecting development work after WWII.

Some of the old mining properties prospected were made into housing subdivisions now destroyed by #CampFire…
Directed Energy Weapons #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #ThesePeopleAreSick land grab WeThePeople Wildfires California Fires #CampFire #WoolseyFire prayformalibu Butte Strong DEW #GreatAwakening Qarmy HereCoMESTHEPAIN PatriotsUnited followthewhiterabbit
Oh my goodness. I forgot about the threat to NUKE civilians just prior to wildfires!!!
war zone. @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr need to reinstate draft.
build up our military who are already strongest combat fighters in the world.

U.S. ARMY & Marines have never lost a single battle.

This is an act of genocide perpetrated on American soil
Mr. President, @realDonaldTrump California "wildfires" are an act of war, perpetrated on civilians

Engage. Neutralize.

Let the bankers hang or vaporize them with their own toys.

#QAnon #HereCoMESTHEPAIN #WWG1WGA #d5 #CampFire #WoolseyFire Paradise Lost
Death toll "missing" in wildfires,, specifically Paradise, California much higher than officials are reporting ...

#CampFire #ParadiseStrong #Woolseyfires #ButteStrong #Qanon #WWG1WGA #DEW
Predictive Programming of civilian cities attacked with wildfire & more unsettling questions about DEW, HAARP in the #CampFire #Woolseyfires

#CaliforniaFires #herecomesthepain #ThesePeopleAreSick
The "Exploding" Fireball House - Video Analysis -->

Genocidal maniacs burning up California.
#Campfire #WoolsleyFire #CarrFire #Malibu #Qanon DEW #ButteStrong #DirectedEnergyWeapons D5
"Words can't describe it."
Nuked down to the foundation.

#Campfire #woosleyfire #QAnon #WWG1WGA #DEW #California #D5 #directedenergyweapons
California Winery's Security Camera Captures Weird Anomalies in Wildfire - bright flashes of light

#QAnon #Campfire #Paradise #woosleyfire #BayArea #Malibu #Butte #DEW #arsen #TheStorm #ThesePeopleAreSick #GreatAwakening
😂😂Reporters with Mickey Mouse Voices explaining away wildfire anomalies in California
Official narrative's rationalizations make so much more sense with voice tuning! #DEW
Paradise, California residents evacuation driving capture fire clusters, strangeness
2008 began The Age of MEGAFIRES

Century+ old forests never hit with wildfires anywhere near this devastating in recorded history

#Campfire #paradise #ButteStrong #SantaRosa #calabasas #Malibu #carrfire #QAnon #TheStorm #WoolsleyFire #WWG1WGA
California's flaming mounds

#Campfire #paradise #DEW
Paradise Lost💥💥💥🔥

Eye Witnesses & Victims Speak Out and Share Testimony

#campfire #ButteCounty #D5 #WWG1WGA #California #DEW
DEW 101
// Directed Energy Weapons //
Primer of Modern Warfare

#TheMoreYouKnow #Qanon #ModernSlavery #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #wildfires
Eye witness + (former) Paradise, California resident claims corporate helicopters were flying circles around property & surrounding towns surveying Butte County for months prior to the Camp Fire

#DEW #ButteStrong #ParadiseStrong
California resident is tired of "Anomaly" becoming more common in official explanations of wildfires ~ sits on highway guardrail to give perspective of what is shown in videos of residents evacuating Paradise #DEW
"the new normal" junk science for wildfires »»

"2700° fire tornados" helps FakeNews explain away strange precision of what gets burned, what doesn't.
#campfire #paradise #ButteCounty #WoolsleyFire #Malibu #ButteStrong #WWG1WGA #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening
How convenient for Paradise, Butte County, California.

Wash away evidence - create the official narrative explanation for the LACK of remains

incinerated people, vaporized property #DEW
Unintentional truth about prospecting LandGrab in Butte County via DEW
California wildfires in the last decade have cultivated an uncanny talent for "leaping" across freeways.

When did they learn to keep thoroughfares unharmed but property on both sides scorched? #DEW #SantaRosa #Paradise #CampFire #Woolseyfire #ButteStrong
🔺 ♦🔺 Sea of Embers♦🔺

Butte County California "Firestorm"

Paradise Wildfire is modern warfare 🆘🚷

Research #DEW directed energy weapons
So static electricity from storms, especially hurricanes, is the "gasoline" for Tesla weapons

Imagine laser precision of Hiroshima atomic bomb energy

Victim eyewitness revisits home where her mother was incinerated. Others keep looking for loved ones.

#CampFire #ButteStrong California Fires Wildfires #DEW
Fire Tornado Investigations California Fire "Science" Reports - Hydraulic Jump Theory to help Official Narrative of WILDFIRES Precision
Carr Fire anomalies - trees uprooted & selective on which properties burned
Death toll numbers reported are LIES -- this is a matter of genocide.

Similar to how imperialists armies take over middle eastern countries for mineral rights, oil, gold etc.

Just this time it's happening on American soil to California
& WA, CO, FL, NC
It happened before. Hurricane Harvey -- the new Texas killing fields

Witness speaks out on FEMA genocide of the elderly

#CampFire #WoolseyFire #Paradise #qanon #ButteCounty #Redding
The most powerful 1st person testimony I've heard-

DeepState + FEMA catastrophic land grabs

washing bodies out to sea

break dam wash out evidence

hunting humans for fun "hungry people shot if they looked like looters"

finally gun confiscation
California house fire up close «»

Does this look normal to you?

#CampFire #ButteStrong #paradise #Malibu #WoolseyFire #SantaRosa
California Camp Fire Paradise Evacuation

Peak Fire Compilation Cars Burning
California Forest Fire Creepy TED Talk with Paradise Drone
Paradise Lost #22 DEW
Govt Docs from 2003 safety precaution for handling directed energy weapons

Graphic images of what looks like human combustion, vehicles charred to a crisp like toasted cars from 9/11
Burnt to a crisp, looks like an atom bomb from afar.

#CampFire #CarrFire #WoolseyFire #SantaRosa #redding California Fires #DEW #D5 #Agenda21 #DirectedEnergyWeapon wildfires
silly propaganda of predictive programming from the Climate Mafia, prepping us for upcoming genocide
Sights and Sounds of Paradise, California Camp Fire Approaching - Smoke Plume and Explosions

DEW #QAnon DarkToLight Directed Energy Weapon #WWG1WGA FEMA land grab #ThesePeopleAreSick
Roof manufacturers study what ember storms do to make GradeA roofing materials. Reproduce effects study to ensure quality products

Paradoxically doesn't explain instant ignition turning to dust like #Campfire in Paradise, ButteCounty, or Malibu California
9/11 eyewitness David Long

Merrill Lynch employee

explaining in laymen terms what DEW sounded & felt like, doesn't know how to describe

claims very serious emergency drill of entire floor 1 week prior to September 11th - never done before or after
Surreal damage of #CampFire, Paradise, California

Twisted and melted METAL
cinder blocks shattered

SURREAL & CREEPY evidence of #DEW precision & destruction

#CaliforniaFires #WoolsleyFire
#Paradise #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CaliforniaWildfires #Malibu
Camp Fire: Butte County deputy turns on body camera to record what he thinks will be last moments. Fire lines with laser precision #DEW
California #CampFire
House engulfing in flames weird behavior upclose in slow motion

#CaliforniaFires #woosleyfire #Malibu #ButteStrong #Paradise
California Wildfires "New Normal" why middle class can't live anywhere in CA

BURN -- Californian Natives Move -- Homeowner Insurance Increases -- Developers Rebuild -- BURN --Natives Move -- Insurance Increases -- Developers Rebuild -- BURN...Ad nauseam
Paradise California CAMP fire aftermath. Areas of Pentz Rd, Bille Rd, & Skyway

Houses burnt down to the foundation while trees, DRY brush, plastic trash cans stand unharmed yards away

Structures untouched while buildings in next lot pile of dusty rubble
MASS MURDER IN CALIFORNIA... Does any of this look natural?
California Wildfires "Firenado" caught on film

Fire Tornados »»» "a new normal" illogical doublespeak to explain precision of damage, what is harmed & unharmed in DEW fires
Paradise Lost # 25 ~
How the Houses Were Torched »»»» Interview with 30-yr. Microwave Engineer
Let it Burn Baby Burn; The Agenda 21 CA Smart Fires Continues On
Supertanker fire retardant planes banned by U.S.Forest Service but these are approved by FAA and used in Israel, Chile, Argentina but not USA
Escape Drive Through Paradise »»» Wires and Guardrail Posts Full Blaze ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

#Campfire #ButteCounty #CaliforniaWildfires #DEW
Walking Around Paradise California November 8th, 2018
--- Bizarre, Surreal ---
Houses Burning Behind Kmart, Random Patches of Fire
California Wildfire Design for Disaster in 1961 Urban Conflagration Propaganda Movie

Mineral RICH Land Grabbing has been a preoccupation of Robber Barons long after Oregon Trail CA Gold Rush

invention of CA Subdivisions deeply disturbed Aristocrats
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