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Michael Schmidt, Maggie Haberman wrote this? Off to a great start lol.

According to "two people familiar with the conversation" is pathetic sourcing, let's just start there lol. Also, let's just ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton and James Comey both need investigated and the President has been calling for Clinton to be investigated forever
"Mr. McGahn had White House lawyers write a memo for Mr. Trump warning that if he asked law enforcement to investigate his rivals, he could face a range of consequences, including possible impeachment."

I guarantee this is bs. The memo wouldn't say "investigate his rivals"
"The encounter was one of the most blatant examples yet of how Mr. Trump views the typically independent Justice Department as a tool to be wielded against his political enemies."

after reading this sentence, I looked for "Opinion" anywhere in this article, couldn't find it. Sad
Why would it matter who Sessions replacement is, instead of who McGahns replacement was? Weird argument to make.
"It is unclear whether Mr. Trump read Mr. McGahn’s memo or whether he pursued the prosecutions further. " 😂😂😂

wait what? This is an article about an alleged memo that the President may have never even read before? Maggie never lets me down for being the fakest of all news
" But the president has continued to privately discuss the matter, including the possible appointment of a second special counsel to investigate both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Comey...."

Yeah, he has also continued to publicly discuss that matter dummies lol.
"He has also repeatedly expressed disappointment in the F.B.I. director, Christopher A. Wray, for failing to more aggressively investigate Mrs. Clinton, calling him weak, one of the people said."

"One of the people said"
"one random said"

lol this is such garbage writing
"A White House spokesman declined to comment." ok that's normal journalism.

"A spokeswoman for the FBI declined to comment on the president’s criticism of Mr. Wray" ok that's editorializing and crafting a false narrative you just said one random nobody confirmed lol.. Pathetic
"Mr. McGahn would point out, though, that the president never, to his knowledge, ordered that anyone prosecute Hillary Clinton or James Comey.”

6 paragraphs in, the story is already a lie! It's an absolute lie lol. On the record comment VS two anonymous conversation specialists
The "real news" in 2 images.

Image 1: "President Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries"
Image 2: "Mr. McGahn would point out, though, that the president never, to his knowledge, ordered that anyone prosecute Hillary Clinton or James Comey.”
"It is not clear which accusations Mr. Trump wanted prosecutors to pursue."

Because you made it up.

"He has accused Mr. Comey, without evidence, of illegally having classified information shared with The New York Times "

Comey admitted that himself actually. Maybe that then
lol sure it didn't, cuz the FBI Director decided to leak it it means it's legal to do so, right @nytimes

But if the President of the USA tells the Russian Ambassador that Israel helped stop a terrorist attack it's illegal leaking of classified info right?
"Mr. Comey is a witness against the president in the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III."

Shut the witch hunt down already!

This "news article" keeps going on and on about unrelated things after it admitted the premise of the article was garbage. Weird
The NYT says there is no evidence for any wrongdoing in the Uranium One case but they have pushed a fake Russia Collusion conspiracy for over two years now.
"Mr. Trump repeatedly pressed Justice Department officials about the status of Clinton-related investigations, including Mr. Whitaker"

according to what source? Well the New York Times says that this is according to an anonymous source from CNN of course! Great reporting!
According to two people (not McGahn, who denied this already) the President had the legal authority to do this as well lol.

"He did have the authority to ask the Justice Department to investigate"

Paragraph 11 states that Trump can do it, Paragraph 6 said he never did. Wtf 😂
The NYT contradicts itself again. These people say McGahn promised to write a memo (hence why they don't know if he did or not) then they wrote their own memo cautioning the President to order investigating "anyone" not "his rivals"

Garbage article lol. Wow. This is crazy.
These random lawyers wrote a memo saying that people could refuse to follow the President's orders (they just said he had the right to order) and that could set off a "political firestorm" lol Also they warned of activist judges and the DNC members of Congress 😂 Give me a break
"Ultimately, the lawyers warned, Mr. Trump could be voted out of office if voters believed he had abused his power."


Shut up. This article is a joke right @maggieNYT? You are a parody account?
"Mr. Trump’s frustrations about Mr. Comey and Mrs. Clinton were a recurring refrain, a former White House official said. "

Again, another quote you don't need from an anonymous source because the President talks about this all the time. Also, I'm sure this official is Omarosa
This is double BS propaganda by the New York Times right here, they put Trump and Nixons names back to back, and then say that the mere accusations against Trump are somehow equal to Richard Nixons actual crimes and coverups. Insanity. This is why they are the enemy of the people
"Mr. Trump has attacked the integrity of Justice Department officials, claiming they are on a “witch hunt”

I mean, like Bruce Ohr, who is absolutely part of the witch hunt and we have proof and is still employed by the Justice Department? How about Strzok/Page/McCabe/etc? Ridic
19 paragraphs into an article that was proven fake by the 6th paragraph, we learn Mueller is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice into his investigation of no collusion. Not collusion, just if he obstructed the investigation where there was no collusion lol. #ShutItDown
I'd like to remind everyone that President Trump has the legal authority to shut the entire investigation down and fire everyone involved, as President of the United States of America, so he can't obstruct anything.
The New York Times again points out that Trump has been calling for an investigation of Clinton, publically, for three years straight now, so their entire article is trash lol.

@maggieNYT must get paid by the word at the New York Times!
😂😂😂 and then the United States of America elected Donald J. Trump to become the President of this fine country.
The New York Times has to play both sides at once, they have to say that Comey was wrong to say Clinton was negligent in his press conference but then defend him in paragraph after paragraph of not being worthy of investigation. Pretzeltown, USA over there.
"“When the facts and evidence show a criminal violation has been committed" said acting AG Whitaker back then, which appals the New York Times, that only deals in speculation and unfounded accusations and not facts
" Mr. Trump backed off. “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,"

"Nonetheless, he revisited the idea both publicly and privately after taking office. "



Yet the article continues.....
The New York Times says Judge Jeanine told Trump last year that he should appoint a second special counsel to investigate Uranium One, so she would be the millionth person including Congressmen to say that to him. Great article lol. @FoxNews how is bowing to the fake news going?
lol of course in this article the New York Times then points out that it wasn't just Judge Jeanine it was also Congress that asked for it to be looked into, and it was looked into.

Huber on the hunt! This is probably a preliminary strike against that.
LOL the last two paragraphs of the article.

President Trump confirms he is sad because he is staying out of it, not ordering investigations, etc and he publicly expressed on the radio he wanted Clinton investigated. This is the end of an article about his "privately ordering"
"Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton"

that's the headline

It should have been, according to this entire article, "Trump said publically for years to do it, never ordered it, but he had the legal authority to do so and still does"

lol garbage /end
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