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1. Oh boy...we have reached a precipice. A LOT of people are going to question what's going on here. There are people slamming and people praising @POTUS for his decision about #Khashoggi's alleged murder and the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's involvement. Read on!
2. I say "alleged" because not one shred of evidence has been presented to the media or to the general public, in any country, that Khashoggi was in fact kidnapped, bound, tortured, murdered, dismembered, dissolved, and disposed of. Not one shred of evidence! With the amount of..
3. ...leaks in today's society, it is damn near impossible that any REAL evidence could be suppressed or hidden from the public. I for one am still not willing to throw in the towel here. I have written repeated threads on this issue and I feel the president's decision only...
4. ...confirms my theories thus far. If you're curious what Trump had to say about this whole incident, here is the link to his letter. I encourage you to read it so you understand what he said and then I'll break it down here and discuss it.…
5. In my efforts to retrieve all of my stories on Khashoggi, I've realized I have in fact been blocked from viewing my activity from before October 13th and, since I'm shadow banned relentlessly on twitter, searching for my posts on this subject produced only one thread for me.
6. So, I've scrolled through the past month and a half and here is a link to each of the major threads I've written on Khashoggi. 11/13 is the biggest and most comprehensive, but to prove my points, you will find links to my other detailed posts as well on this subject.
7. I'm posting all of these to show you the progression of the story. Not only did the denials of the Saudis change, but so did the claims of evidence by the Turks! You can't say one is strange and not the other!

The most recent - The big dog! Nov 13th -
9. So, after all of these posts, we're to a NEW development. The Turks have declared they FULLY believe Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, otherwise known as MBS, is the mastermind behind the Khashoggi disappearance and alleged murder and that MBS gave the order to carry it out.
10. We have seen a myriad of responses from all sorts of angles here. But, the number one response by hollywood, the media, the left, and those who seem to be given to wild emotional influence; is a call for Trump to end most ALL relations with Saudi Arabia and to hold their...
11. ...royal government exclusively responsible for what has been alleged. Mind you, there's always the remaining fact here...Trump campaigned on holding the Saudi's responsible for their part in our failing economy and that he would dig into their involvement in 9/11.
12. During his campaign the left fought against Trump and called him crazy for even suspecting the Saudis. Coming off the Bush era where W was kissing the Saudi king, obama in his era was bowing to the king, surrendering large portions of the economy to the kingdom. The left...
13. ...did NOT like the idea of someone challenging the Saudi kingdom. But, here it is now, damn near ORDERING Trump to sever all ties with Saudi over the Khashoggi issue. So, what now? POTUS releases a letter basically doing what any legitimate, under control leader should do.
14. He calls a spade a spade, admits what he does know doesn't sound good, but also admits what he doesn't know. How in the hell is he supposed to hold MBS accountable for a murder that NOBODY can confirm happened? How can he "punish" the Saudis over constantly changing...
15. called "evidence" from the Turkish government? This man does NOTHING half ass'd! He either has total and complete commitment, or he has none. With the limited proof he has, the most he can do is place sanctions on the Saudis being identified BY THE SAUDIS, as those...
16. ...involved with this whole thing. He's trusting the Saudis in their decision making. But notice what Trump said, "maybe he (MBS) did and maybe he didn’t" have something to do with Khashoggi's alleged murder. Trump does NOT close the door on the issue. It's the best response.
17. In reviewing ALL of the issues going on today, I wonder exactly what's going on? Trump comes out in full and powerful support to make Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house. The democrats are outraged because they picture a friendly bonding between the two. I have shown here...
18. ...that Nancy Pelosi could be just as enamored in this Khashoggi issue as MBS! In fact, her actions make it look like she is in fact involved! So, picture this: Trump helps her get elected as speaker of the house, but then he holds her involvement with the Khashoggi issue...
19. ...over her heard during her entire tenure. Remember what Q said! "We have it all." Trump will control her every move with the threat of exposing her involvement with the murder of the media's beloved hero, the left's primary reason for Trump to abandon Saudi, "Khashoggi".
20. Truth is, Trump may not even need the Khashoggi incident to control her. After all, she's released classified information several times, but a new and fresh case that means so much to so many people will better serve his purposes. Pelosi will do his bidding under fear of...
21. ...being exposed and being arrested! Now that I've laid out that scenario, do you think it's actually possible? Is Trump this type of politician? Would he prevent findings and closure for this alleged murder for political gain? I refer you to what exactly is at stake.
22. This is one of Trump's most infamous campaign speeches in 2016, many say it solidified his win. If you will take the time to read you will see it lists nearly every single challenge that we as a nation faced in 2016. As you read it, think about the massive task it is for...
23. ...this man and his administration to cut out the cancer of corruption that has been sewn into this government. The job is immense and what's at stake is nothing less than the survival of this nation and its freedoms. He's accomplished much already.…
24. But some of the biggest and most daunting of tasks still remains. So, would our president use this opportunity to manipulate and control and accomplish his goals? I guess we'll see, but I absolutely would NOT rule out the possibility. Remember, Khashoggi had information!
25. Khashoggi was most likely an eye witness to the illegal and unconstitutional actions by hussein and hrc as they illegally delivered weapons, money, supplies, and support to terrorist organizations such as ISIS. He was living in asylum in the US as a refugee from Saudi Arabia.
26. Was Pelosi involved in order to protect her rulers from being exposed by the one man that could have spilled it all? Does Trump have this over her? We may, or may never, find out!

The End

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