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"Don't forget o, take two of this in the morning and two at night!" The pharmacist said to Tony, he paid, thanked her & headed home

As soon as he walked out to the roadside he saw a car broken down & a lady standing beside it

Trials of Tony One Week


"Are you Okay?" He asked & she looked at him, "I went in there to make my hair & I came out to a flat tyre" she replied.


"Do you have a Jack?"

"Yes I do"

Tony kept his drugs under a nearby tree & helped Sharon fix her tyre; he finished, grabbed his drugs & disappeared!
Tony was a young entrepreneur chasing dreams, he'd fallen ill & went to get some antibiotics when he met Sharon. He left the scene while Sharon was trying properly park her car;

"Tony! Tony!!" She called when she came out, but he was gone!

"Oh no! Why did he have to go"
Tony went home to eat & take his drugs while Sharon went straight to see her boyfriend Johnson, she was excited to show him her newly made hair but to her greatest surprise she got there & he didn't even notice it!

He put up a rather disgusted look;

"Honey I'm back"

She asked why he looked disgusted & he kept mute, she became curious & moved closer to him;

"Baby what's the problem?" She asked again but he kept mute still, seconds later he looked at her;

"I'm hungry & so tired to cook, if only you could cook now I'd have asked you to help"
"Is that why you couldn't even welcome me properly?!" Sharon 'exploded', "you know I don't know how to cook yet you make this a big deal!" She added

Tension suddenly arose in the house & Johnson reacted immediately;

"Why are you shouting?!" He asked

"Why wouldn't I shout?!"
"You seize every opportunity to complain about my inability to cook!"

Johnson stood up & walked into his bedroom;

"Where are you going?! Come back here!" Sharon screamed as reached for Johnson's hand;

"I don't think I can cope with your constant nagging & your refusal to cook"
"You know what? Just leave me alone! Go!" Johnson concluded as he let go off her grip, went into the kitchen & left the house through the back door!

"Fine!" Sharon exclaimed as she went to grab her bags, she got into her car & drove off!

"I'm tired of this crap!"
Sharon got home looking upset, "Why is your face like that?" Her mom when she walked in - "did you fight with your boss, or did you hear from your college?" She asked again;

"Mummy it's nothing serious I'm just stressed!" Sharon responded, "I didn't fight with anybody" she added
"Good evening dad" Sharon greeted her father as he saw him walk down the stairs, she went straight to her room to sleep.

Sharon's parents were wealthy & highly connected, Sharon was also waiting for her admission letter from a school she applied to in the U.S. for her MSc.
Tony lived in a one bedroom apartment near the city, he was an Fashion Designer who had started his own little company in his house.

He registered the business & had begun executing contracts for medium scale businesses & individuals, he was a very intelligent & ambitious guy..
Tony was returning from a meeting one evening & had taken a bike to his bus stop, as he paid the bike rider & walked into his street he saw someone wave at him from inside a car;

"Who could that be?" He thought, he walked forward a bit - "hello" he heard & turns;

He saw Sharon!
"Do you remember me?" She asked Tony, "I think I do" he replied - "I'm glad you do, I've been hoping to see you again, I came to my make my hair again & luckily you passed again" Sharon said.

"Your hair is beautiful & it's nice to see you again" Tony replied

Sharon smiled!
"So you live around here?" She asked & he said yes ponting to his compound which was just down the block, "okay, I really appreciate what you did for me the other day";

"It's nothing, you're welcome" he replied, "the sun is a bit harsh, we could go to my house" he added

They looked at each other & smiled;

"You're not scared going to my place?" Tony asked & she smiled again, "maybe you should be scared I'm coming to your place" she replied & they both laughed!

They got into Sharon's car & drove down to Tony's house;

"Welcome to my small house"
"Nice place" Sharon said as she walked in, "stop being polite" Tony said - "thanks for appreciating my little place though" he added.

Tony offered Sharon a cold drink & they talked briefly, "I knew there was something about you - you just introduced yourself, helped & ran away!"
"You're such an intelligent young man" Sharon reacted when Tony told her of his life goals, "I'm sorry I have to go now" she added;

"Wouldn't you even wait to taste my food?" Tony said, "I would've loved to but I have to hurry" Sharon replied

"but I promised I'd come again"
Sharon hurried home, she had closed early from work that day to send some documents to her prospective school - she got home & parked her car, as soon as she walked into her living room she saw Johnson!

"Where have you been?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Been waiting for you"
"I'm tired & don't have strength to argue with you Johnson"

"I came to apologise, I'm sorry"

Sharon looked at Johnson & told him she was really very tired, "Can we talk tomorrow?" She added.

Sharon went in & left Johnson dumbfounded in the living room.
These series of incidents began a new phase for Sharon, she began to visit & spend more time with Tony who seemed to be calmer & more experienced - though not rich.

Tony would cook her meals & profer solutions to issues; he seemed to have the solution to most of her problems
The bond between them got so strong that romance became inevitable; while they were together one evening discussing "socio-political issues", they caught themselves staring at each other - eye to eye

That moment jump-started their advent into a romantic relationship

They kissed
Johnson was good for her image but she didn't love him, she knew her family & friends would not accept any guy who wasn't rich - regardless whatever attributes he may possess.

"I have to go" Sharon said as she ended their brief romantic moment "I have to do something for my dad"
Tony walked Sharon to her car & watched her drive off, he dwelt on that feeling his heart witnessed while kissing Sharon even as he finished his work for the day.

Sharon on the other hand realised how much she'd fallen for Tony, she lost her love for Johnson!

The following week Tony went to fix his faulty phone, when he finished he went the mall to do a few shopping & headed home - as soon as he got to his street he saw a 'mad' man on dreads & a white garment.

"If she call you don't pick!" The man man suddenly screamed - facing him!
Tony was shocked! Before he could recall himself back to sanity the 'mad man' had moved forward, walking fast towards the other end of the road.

Tony just shook his head, as soon as he headed home his phone rang!

He checked to see who was calling;

He started to think of what the 'mad man' had said, "Why the fuck are you listening to a mad man?!" His alter ego said to him - he picked!

"Hi are you home?" Sharon asked, he told her he was home & she said she'd drop by 'after work';

"What time would that be?"

"In 30 minutes"
They ended the call & he hurried home to take a shower & await her presence, minutes later she came by - he had already started cooking home made Jollof rice so she watched;

They ended up making out & having 3 rounds of Mekwe before the food was ready!

..The food was soon ready
The ate & spent the rest of the evening together before she finally went home, for the rest of the week she would visit him everyday after work; their love metamorphosed to "die hard love"

One day Sharon got an email, she checked & found out she got admitted to her dream school!
She picked up her phone & dialled her family to inform them, het dad had accused her of paying her way through college in Nigeria & not being able to get a decent school abroad.

She felt she had finally proven him wrong, she also wanted to get her MBA in a descent school.
Her dad picked the call & she informed him of her admission, her dad was so happy that he couldn't hide it - his friends' children were returning to the states for their masters degree & he wanted to be able to brag about his daughter too.

They soon ended the call..
She suddenly remembered Tony & her whole excitement disappeared; "What have i just done?" She asked herself, "What is going to happen to Tony?" She asked herself as she placed her hands on her head.

She became scared & the rate of her heartbeat tripled, she thought of what do do
"Hello baby, are you home this evening?" She said as soon as Tony picked the call, "sure my love" he replied - "okay, see you"..

They ended the call, Tony turned to respond to his friend who was advising him to stop using his nickname on social media

"If pesin dey find you nko?
"Guy forget, anybody wey dey find me make the pesin come my house!" Tony said to Tom, "issue aside you go meet my babe today, she dey road" Tony added.

Sharon had been asking to meet Tony's friends or family but never met any, Tony had moved to a new location for focus & privacy
It was soon time for Sharon to go home & her car refused to come on, she became frustrated & as soon as she tried to call her mechanic her dad's call came in;

"Where are you?" Her dad asked & she said she was about to leave the office, "I'm In front of your office" he replied!
She grabbed her bags, locked her car & headed outside - she got outside & saw her dad's car parked, he sat at the back seat of his black SUV while his driver 'mounted the wheels'.

She got in & the driver zoomed off, "Abu Nokia charger dey?" Sharon asked;

"No madam" Abu replied
Her phone had just gone off & she needed to at least communicate with Tony, "I'm just coming from Chief's house" her dad said as he cleared his throat.

Sharon tried to snap out of her worrisome mood & listen to her father, "How are they?" She asked & he said they were fine!
"He told me his friend's private Jet was leaving for the U.S. tonight" he continued, "that's interesting dad" Sharon commented;

"When you called me earlier, he was there. So he called his friend to ask if there was space in the jet for you"

"They will be happy to fly with you!"
"Shit! I'm I trouble" Sharon lamented within, "that was why I came to pick you so that you can quickly go park!" Her dad continued.

While they were in the midst of the heat the car stopped, they looked up & realised they were home already.

Sharon's heart started to beat faster!
"You don't look happy" her dad said to her when he noticed the indescribable look on her face, "don't bother going inside, I already packed you bags for you" Sharon's mom said as she hurriedly came outside

"Abu open the boot!"

Sharon stood there looking like she would drop dead
"You'll be saving a lot of money & you'll enjoy this experience, don't miss that flight o!" Sharon's mom continued as she forced her back into the car;

"Abu make sure you don't branch anywhere, the place leaves in about 1 hour so make sure you get there on time" She added

Ok Ma
Abu reversed the car & drove off, Tony was walking back from a nearby aboki shop with his friend Tom;

"When your girl dey show?" Tom asked, "very soon o, na she I wan fry potatoes for m" Tony replied.

Minutes turned into an hour - an hour into two, Sharon was yet to show up!
Tony decided to call her; Tom had gone home to prepare for work the next day, Tony had just finished dishing Sharon's food but she was nowhere to be found.

"The number you dialled is switched off" the network provider replied as soon as he dialled Sharon;

"Switched off keh?"
He tried her line all evening & it was switched off, he looked closely & deeply then realized he had no other way to reach out to her so he decided to keep calm;

"Maybe her phone died, she'll call me or send me sms" he concluded as he saved her food in the microwave & slept!
Tony woke up the next morning, freshened up & hurried for a meeting. He got a bus to his destination & as soon as he walked into his client's office he realised his phone was not in his pocket, He checked well & it was lost;

"Oh No!"

"Tony, Are you ok?"

"I can't find my phone"
That was the beginning of the end for "Sharon et Tony"; Tony had to forget about his phone & attend to the business of the day, he finished & went home with the deal but sadness accompanied him home as well.

From that day till 5 years down the line Tony never saw Sharon again...
He blamed himself for losing contact, he retrieved his line hoping to get a call from Sharon one day but she never called - he lost his phone for the second time so he decided to try a new network provider.

He had also tried talking to the stylist where he met her;

No feedback!


Tony was now the MD of his own company, he had about 30 staff in total & he was now financially stable.

He was also engaged to Angela who he had decided to marry, they fixed wedding date & their pastor had given them counselling appointments
On their first counselling appointment with their pastor Angela dropped by Tony's office & they drove to the church!

"They said this guy is too young to run for Governor" Angela said pointing to a campaign poster

"He's up against the current governor"

"Is he even married sef?"
They soon got to the church's street, as they drove close to the church they saw cars in a convoy preparing to leave - they drove close to the church, parked & decided to walk into the church to avoid obstruction

As they walked close they saw police escorts walking a couple out
The man walked ahead & Angela noticed him; "that's the guy were just talking about!" She shockingly revealed;

"The aspirant?"

"Yes o!"

Tony decided to turn to take a second look at them, he looked close & to his greatest surprise he saw Sharon walking & holding hands with him!
"All rise" the priest's assistant echoes through the microphone, the church choir stood on their feet & immediately began to sing a hymn.

The whole church is up, eyes on the groom in front of the alter who is accompanied by his bestman.

Suddenly, the bride walks in with her dad
"Here comes the bride!" The orchestra sang, the bride was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown - her face was covered as she marched hand in hand with her father.

Tony is standing in front of the alter, hears people clapping & turns to see his bride coming;

"She's so beautiful"
The bride finally came to the alter, the church sat & the priest turned to address the couple standing in front of him.

As the priest was about to spoke they heard a loud noise from the door, a group of armed policemen walked straight to the alter to the fear of the congregation
"Are you Mr Tony?"


"You're under arrest for the murder of Johnson Pedro, the NMT gubernatorial aspirant"

"Jesus Christ!!" The whole church screamed, Angela placed both hands on her head as she screamed;

"My enemies have finally gotten me!" She screamed

"Take him away"
The story just began!!

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