1. It seems not only Dugin’s neo-Eurasianism(made from NazBol), but also Ivan Ilyin’s “Russsian Fascism” is Putin’s ideological pillar. We need to study Ilyin for knowing Putin’s ideas..
Anti-Regime(USSR/CPSU) Russian Nationalists, such as Alex. Solzhenitsyn, seems to have been influenced by Ilyin.
2. Anti-Regime Russian Nationalists were different from

a. Eurasianists, Mladorossi, Smenovekhovtsy
b. “Red Slavophiles”: “Conservative” CPSU high-officials who tried to marry Soviet Communism to Pre-Revolution like right-wing Slavophile Nationalism and Orthodox Clericalism
c. and other kinds of NazBols

these kinds of Pro-Soviet-Regime RUS Nationalists. And they were more direct descendants of Tsarist Slavophiles.
3. They strongly condemned “Soviet-made ‘Destructions of Traditional Culture and Orthodoxy’” and Russian Revolution which brought those tragedies. And they thought Russian Revolution itself was “internationalists’ conspiracy” and some blamed Jewish people.
(See antisemitic White Army’s propaganda in 1920s, which was later copied by Nazis)
4. They were “anti-communist”, in a sense that they were anti-Soviet regime, they opposed communist progressivism(though USSR was extremely socially right-wing since Stalin, while remained economically and politically communist: quasi-NazBol)
and called for rebuilding traditional Russian Culture and Orthodoxy.
5. Those views were very alike those of modern pro-Putin conspiracists.
Those conspiracists believe that there’s a struggle between

“Jewish, Progressive, Anti-nationalist, Anti-Traditional-Culture, Atheist, Globalist”
“Cultural-Traditionalist, Conservative, Religious, Nationalist”
They believe that USSR was the former, Putin’s Russia(many are saying since Putin while some claim that Cold War USSR was the latter: after Beria was executed) is the latter.
They claim that both “capitalism, liberal-democracy” and “communism” are globalists’ conspiracy and propagating the narrative that “Putin and his fellow Nationalists” are fighting back against those kinds of things.
6. Solzhenitsyn, a leading Anti-Regime RUS Nationalist, was seen as a hero of “anti-totalitarianism”, especially regarding his “The Gulag Archipelago”. He was not, he was another form of totalitarian himself: he was strong Slavophile Nationalist.
He was not criticising “Anti-liberal, totalitarian Soviet Regime”, what he was criticising was “Soviet Regime which destroys traditional Slavic and Orthodox culture”.

He was never friend of capitalism and liberal-democracy.

7. Many of former anti-Soviet-Regime RUS Nationalists have become more pro-regime now during years of revival of “Russian Orthodox Church”(In fact it’s a KGB’s Church since 1943), since Gorbachev, but especially since Putin.
Solzenitsyn, in last years of his life, praised Putin. Also, he bashed NATO for “Colour Revolutions” and West’s policies on Central Asia(ex-USSR states).
8. Solzhenitsyn was influenced by Ivan Ilyin. Ilyin was pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi, and believed that Fascism/Nazism could save civilisations from Bolshevism.
9. Whatever Ilyin had said, Fascism/Nazism and Soviet Communism are “twin brothers”. And that’s why NazBol is possible.

Both were made from authoritarian socialism and prefer Collectivist and “Constructive Rationalist” views over “spontaneous order”(what F.A.Hayek calls).
Mussolini was a notable Leninist before he invented Fascism, Nazism was “National Socialist”.
Hayek also pointed out Nationalism, not only extremist one; Fascism or Nazism, but as a whole, has socialist nature, no matter how many of them claim to be “anti-socialist”.
Because they try to control economy with very Statist approaches in favour of nation-state’s benefit rather than letting it be in the free-market mechanism.
They are also utopian(idealism named “anti-idealism”) and extremely social-constructivist with their authoritarian(and sometimes reactionary) blueprints.
I think this applies pre-Revolution Slavophilia, Ilyin’s RUS Fascism, anti-Soviet Regime RUS Nationalists and modern equivalents. They were/are no fan of “West/Globalist capitalism”
10. Some fascists thought that Stalin is converting USSR into “Slavic Fascism” from Bolshevism. Hitler said he had learnt a lot from Bolshevism.

Since Stalin, “International Communism” became more like Pan-Nationalist(just like old Pan-Slavism) than “rootless cosmopolitan".
We all know, Nazis and USSR was allied(1939-1941) and they invaded Poland together. They were similar!
11. Nazis had more pro-commie, anti-capitalist, pro-Soviet, quasi-NazBol wing: Strasserists. SA had a lot of Strasserist followers. Hitler purged them during “Night of the Long Knives” in 1934,
still there were still Strasserist survivors in the top Nazi officials, until the last years. Including Goebbels and Himmler.
12. Post-WW2 West German “Socialist Reich Party”, a full of ex-Nazis, was neo-Strasserist, pro-Soviet and anti-American. NPD(National Democratic Party), a pro-Kremlin extreme right party in modern Germany, has SRP roots.
13. Back to current Russia. We know that Putin himself was KGB, member of CPSU and is nostalgic for the USSR. His “United Russia” regime is full of CPSU regime people,
especially heirs of “Centrist Wing of CPSU: Andropov-Grbachevists, later Primakovist Eurasianists”. Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism, a backbone of Russian-Regime’s Nationalism, is made from NazBol(National-Bolshevism).
Many of Russian Ultra-Nationalists are made from CPSU, not only “Centrist Wing of CPSU”, but also “Conservative(Brezhnevist, anti-Perestroika) Wing of CPSU”. CPRF(Communist Party of Russian Federation) and some of far-right RUS Nationalist groups are heirs of Brezhnevists.
14. Still, in modern Russia, pro-Soviet, neo-Sovietist, NazBol and neo-Eurasianist RUS Nationalism and legacies of anti-Soviet RUS Nationalism: Ilyin’s Fascism and Solzhenitsyn’s Slavophiles, are somehow coexisting in the Putin’s Regime.
Both kinds of nationalism are big fan of Russian Orthodox Church. Of course, both are anti-free-market, and anti-individualist.
Putinist Regime seems like: they are defending Stalinist(when USSR become more nationalistic with Stalin's “Socialism In One Country” agenda) and Cold War USSR, and communist doctrines with neo-Eurasianist perspective.
On the other hand, they attack Russian Revolution and early years of USSR(when Lenin and Trotsky had power) for “destruction of Russian traditionalism”, promotion of “rootless cosmopolitanism”.

Sounds more like Ilyin or Solzhenitsyn.
Unlike old USSR times when Lenin and October Revolution were “sources of Soviet identity”, Putinist Russia put more focus on Stalin, “Great Patriotic War(WW2)” and the Cold War.

*Zyuganov’s CPRF defends October Revolution and Tsarist White Army at the same time.
*Cold War USSR was in fact “moderate Stalinist” rather than Leninist in a real sense, still they had to criticise Stalin’s “Cult of Personality”, that’s why they chose Lenin as a symbol of “moderate Stalinism”.
15. Poklonskaya, despite herself is very much a member of “Nomenklatura”, sounds very like Solzhenitsyn.
16. Ilyin and Solzhenitsyn’s views are “useful for Putin”, especially for establishing his form of Clerical Fascist regime with “KGB’s Orthodox Church” and promote himself as a “defender of Christian and Traditionalist Civilisations” against “all Leftism”.
17. Pro-Putin Conspiracists are propagating this narrative around the world, including my country, Japan. Former Japanese ambassador to Ukraine, Mutsuo Mabuchi is included(What a shame).
They are working for Putin:

a. camouflaging Putin’s Soviet roots: by promoting him as a Tsarist rather than Sovietist
b. making “anti-communists” around the world to be Putin’s fan-club
c. claiming both capitalism/liberal-democracy and communism as “leftist” ideas and propagating “Current West and Old USSR are same”, while promoting “conservative” nationalism(which itself is very socialist, as Hayek says)

Sounds like his regime(itself is a heir of Communists) think Russian Revolution as something like a coup or treason and more has sympathy toward Tsarists instead.

Many "Revolutions" are never "destruction" minded like Russian Revolution.

There are also Revolutions for freedom, rule of law and democracy: USA(1776), Eastern Europe(1989), Colour Revolutions(2000s), Ukraine(2014), Hong Kong(2014, failed), those were never "communist".
Despite that, Putin's criticism on "Revolution", applies to all other Revolutions..

Putin-fans often label "Revolutions for freedom and democracy", especially if those were anti-Kremlin or anti-Kremlin-supported-regimes, as "communists' conspiracy",

even though most of those were die-hard anti-communist ones..

Some of "anti-communist" Putin-fans even attack Revolution in Eastern Europe(1989) that freed Europe from communism and they might think those were "leftist-globalists' second attack on Russia following 1917."
At the same time, Putin regime fears if another Maidan, Revolution for freedom, rule-of-law, and democracy, happens in Central Asia, Belarus, or even in Russia or maybe in Putin-friendly countries(like China) or in Putin-Xi's Satellite states outside of Russia.
Ilyin or Solzhenitsyn-like ideas are useful for Putin for bashing anti-communist, anti-totalitarian "Revolutions" by comparing those to Russian Revolution and blaming "leftist, globalist, communist, anti-RUS-nationalist networks".

Kremlin's anti-Soros narrative is one of these.
I am big fan of Edmund Burke. He was "Evolution" minded rather than "Revolution" minded and favoured Polish Constitution(1791) rather than French Revolution.

Still, he never mixed up "Freedom-minded Revolution" with "Destructive-minded Revolution".
Burke defended American Revolution while he rejected Jacobins.

On the other, with Solzhenitsyn-like ideas, Putinists intentionally are mixing two different kinds of "Revolutions" and compare those with "leftist" Russian Revolution to discredit "Freedom-minded" ones.
Putin regime itself is made from Soviet regime that was made from "communist" October Revolution.

Still, whether it is radical-leftist one or pro-freedom one, he does not want another "revolution" that kicks his regime out.
Same with Xi Jinping, he does not want another "revolution" happens, not only pro-freedom one like Tiananmen, but also "Marxist" one.

Many of "CPSU conservatives" became NazBol or Eurasianist, while some of them converted into pure fascism.

Air Force Colonel Viktor Alksnis is one of them.

*He is a personal friend of former Japanese diplomat Masaru Sato.
"Russian All-People's Union (leader: Baburin)" is a political party for those "Soviet Fascists" and other ex-"CPSU conservatives" RUS nationalists who stopped being communist (still favouring socialist economic policy) rather than being Red-Slavophile/NazBol or Eurasianist.
It embraces more traditional RUS nationalism and even had connection with monarchists.

It merged into People's Union in 2001, dissolved itself from it in 2008.

People's Union jointed "Rodina(pro-Kremlin semi-NazBol-like party)" in 2003.
Before their acception of Eurasianism and "official revival of Orthodox Church", majority of Soviet's Red-Slavophiles' views on Orthodox Church was at first, were more atheist, non-clericalist and non-friendly.
Even at that time, they, on some point, reevaluated Orthodox Church's influences on traditional Russian Culture.

Later, many turned a big fan of Orthodox Clericalism with influence of Eurasianism. Including Zyuganov and his fellow communists.

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