The excellent @nickmon1112 (follow & support him!) is reviewing each quote in the “Gavin McInnes is violent” supercut & providing context. Definitely worth your attention!
Proud Boys & others active in right wing street politics who know me: you know I’ve droned on & on about our language & our disposition when out on the street, especially as they relate to two things:

- policing our movement
- optics
Policing our movement

A movement is defined by its shared values & goals AND by the taboos formed & maintained by the majority of its participants.

There is a reason I’ve endlessly called for an emphasis on RELUCTANT but determined self-defense.

We do not want to embolden
those who would parasitically attach to our movement but who reject our values.

It is not “virtue signaling” to loudly articulate those values & tell those who reject them that they are not welcome.

It is baseline, necessary work for the preservation of a movement.
I know many of you very well. I know that regardless of tough talk online, you believe violence is a last resort and reject elective violence full stop.

But the fringe actors — bad people, unstable people, confused people — they must understand they have no place in our movement
if they refuse to embrace our values and norms.

Too many times in moments of righteous anger folks have allowed themselves to be lulled into accepting “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

No. We belong to this movement because we seek the preservation & restoration of certain

We don’t oppose commies because we hate gardening & carpentry tools. We oppose them, and their militant front represented by AntiFA, because they reject our values & do so violently.

When it comes to using violence against our American brothers & sisters, no matter
their ideology, we must be reluctant but determined warriors, carefully distinguishing actual self-defense against elective violence from wrath, vengeance, or base bloodlust.

Do not celebrate violence. Do not go “looking” for fights.
Each time you step out into street, say a prayer for peace. Pray that you will not be *forced* to defend yourself or other innocents from terrorists roaming our cities.

Pray you will have the courage to deescalate when everyone else is seeing red and no one wants to hear it.
That takes courage. That takes conviction. It is easy to roll with the wave of anger. It is hard to be the man or woman reining folks in when the adrenaline is pumping.

Be that person.

Now, onto the next topic.

We are fighting an information war against an industry half a trillion dollars in size.

They wield nearly incalculable power to shape the opinion of the masses.

You know the majority of our American brothers & sisters will not read past the headline, and will not
research proactively to see if a quote or statement in a video was taken out of context.

Many of you respond to this environment by saying something like

>They are going to call you violent neon Nazis no matter what. Do not concern yourself with optics

This is a mistake.
Precisely because they will try to do so, you must be vigilant in ensuring that the language you use & the image you project *accurately* portrays your values & those of the movement.

We cannot stop them from taking things out of context, as they’ve done so blatantly with
many of Gavin’s statements.

But we can work hard to make their job more difficult. We can act to ensure that WHEN they try to take things out of context, there is a simple & clear response we can reach for that doesn’t rely on “just trust my good intentions”.
As boring, frustrating & unsexy as “policing our language” may be, it IS an important part of the battle whether we like it or not.

They would be rabidly tearing the Proud Boys apart regardless of Gavin’s statements. No one can deny that.

Just look at Patriot Prayer.
But that comparison is useful for my point as well.

While the MSM will reach for guilt by association & cynically parse every one of Joey’s statements looking for dirt, they will not come away with a Gavin style supercut.

That doesn’t mean they will fail in smearing
him, but it does mean it will be more difficult, provide a lower ROI, and will be less convincing to a subset of individuals they attempt to fool.



With hundreds or thousands of hours of footage, Gavin
should not be judged on the basis of a couple minutes of questionable footage, especially when he’s been pretty clear about his actual beliefs countless times.

He shouldn’t have to police his language & propagandists in the MSM shouldn’t be able to get away with smearing him.
But they WILL get away with smearing us & we all have to police our language and nurture our image whether we like it or not.

This isn’t about justice. It’s about reality.
This goes beyond even preventing smears in the MSM. We know that when the feds come knocking, they’ll scan AntiFA terrorist curated web sites to find compromising statements about violent intent & will not give a fuck about carefully parsing them to understand the nuance.
Women shouldn’t have to be afraid of walking through an alley alone late at night.

Trump supporters shouldn’t have to be afraid of being ambushed when they walk outside with a MAGA hat.

Right wingers shouldn’t have to worry that isolated statements will be used against them.
But this is the world we live in.

I’m not asking anyone to posture for the media. That is not my point.

I am asking folks to face reality & recognize the absolute necessity of policing our movement to keep out unhinged fringe actors that reject our values.
And I’m asking folks to remember each time they tweet or utter a word on camera that it ought to ACCURATELY represent their values.

Because no one is going to give a shit when you try to explain that you didn’t really mean it.
Ok, enough said for now.

On Thanksgiving I am grateful to have so many folks risking financial ruin & even violence to try to Make America Great Again.

I love you all & pray this rambling thread will never be important to your future.
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