1) For those who like dates, the last two specific dates left for JFK Jr. to show himself is today (with reference to the pain) and on Sunday - his birthday.

I don’t see a December reveal.

You have to confided, JFK Jr has associated a huge amount of symbolism in his ...
2) ... planning and actions. Case in point, the tail numbers of his planes. Both planes had his fathers birthdate on them. 5/29. The first plane - the fun one - has his birthdate written properly - 5/29 or 529. Where the fun plane had his fathers initials ...
3) ... (JK) the death plane had his birthdate written in reverse, 925. Not like 29/5 (day - month) but fully in reverse - mirrored. The reverse of birth is death. The suffix of the death plane was 3N. Why 3N? 3N >> 17 or Q. But is it that simple?

After winning the presidency,..
4) ... JFK and Jackie were given a ticket tape parade in NYC. The car they rode in was a 1950’s Chevy convertible. The license plate was 3N-4251. I’m not sure what the details were behind the selection of that plate for that car. The plate had a 60 as the year it was ...
5) ... registered. The year JFK won the presidency. The entire plate reduces to 29 then further to 11. Aside of the 3N, there is 4251 which reduces to 12. Of all numbers I see that have no direct connection to Q or JFK Jr. that I see a lot are 12/21, 42/26, 51/15. These may ...
6) ... be connecting to this plate, this day. The tail number, N529JK reduces to 51. The assassination car had a plate used only on the day of JFK’s death. The plate was GG-300. N >> 14. G >> 7. GG > 14. Where 3N (3-14) was the beginning of JFK’s presidency, GG-3 (14-3) ...
7) ... the reverse or mirror, represented the end. Just as JFK Jr. did with the tail numbers of his planes.

The 3N was chosen for the death plane for its symbolism. Also the death plane reduces to 11, just as the inaugural car’s license plate did.

These two planes were ...
8) ... numbered before he owned them. There is a N529JJ plane and a N529JL plane. JFK Jr paid a broker to find and purchase these two planes based strictly on their tail numbers - for their symbolism. Symbolism with precision.

Then you look at the date of the crash and the ...
9) ... process he took to ditch the plane and fake his death. The timing in UTC aligned exactly to the timing of the assassination.

When Q said, their symbolism will be their downfall, I think about the precision of the use of symbolism JFK Jr. used in taking his death. ..
10) ... This alone makes it mathematically impossible to prove he’s dead. Death, is a random act in ones life. Neither JFK’s death or JFK Jr.’s death was random. The fact that both share the same symbolism, significantly reduces to the point of eliminating the possibility ...
11) ... the notion JFK Jr.’s crash was an accident.

It’s like JFK Jr. was using their symbolism to begin their downfall in 1999. In year 20, he will be using their symbolism to bring them down for good.

And all signs point to that being accomplished.

I contend something...
12) ... happened yesterday behind the scenes. Something damning to the deep state. Yesterday could not have been passed up by JFK Jr.

Trump tweeted and retweeted the schedule for 11/22/2018. Mirroring.

Before the 22nd, Trump used a code starting with 18S UJ. On the 22nd,...
13) ... he started using a code starting with 17R NK. We have the obvious, 18 and 17, but look, N and K - the ending of each plane. But what about U and J? U reduces to 21 which further reduces to 3.

U (or 3) joined with N makes 3N.
J joined with K makes JK.

The ending ...
14) ... of both planes. Common to both planes was 5 2 9, with the N prefix being a FAA regulatory prefix.

18 + 17 = 35.

SR >> 37

529JK >> 37

BOOM! Full circle.

Something went down yesterday that was linked to JFK Jr and his urgency to pick planes that connects to his...
15) ... fathers life and death.

Their symbolism will bring them down.

The deed began yesterday.

I think we can rest assured Trump, JFK Jr. and Q are on the job.

Keep the faith. Be patient. JFK Jr. is on the way.

We have clear comms.

Trust the Plan!

*consider (stupid smart phone 😕)
What’s interesting with the codes:


Is across you have


And down you have

35 and 37

This makes a bridge over 11/22.
*42/24 - fat fingers and fast typing 😕
*faking 😕
35 + 37 = 72

72 mirrored 27

JFK >> 27

Mirror 37

35 + 73 = 108 >> 18 R

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