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Today's episode of

TONY TONERRO PT3 (The finale)

FT: Ahmed, Jumoke and candice

It was past midnight and i had left the club in a hurry, I didn't call a cab so I started walking down the road hoping to find a cab.
The road was empty, all I could hear was the chirping of crickets and the hollow dark of the night. I was beginning to get scared
I called Ahmed a couple more times and he still didn't pick up. I was so worried about my own safety but I still worried about his as well.
I was a long way from home and there was no way I could walk to my house, I needed a cab or a small motel to crash for the night
The night was cold, the road was lonely and I was all alone when all of a sudden I heard someone shout

“stopp right there”

I looked up and it was the police mounting a roadblock. I didn't know if I should be happy or scared.. I quickly raised my hands.
A lanky looking officer with a very bright torchlight came to me

“wetin u dey find for outside for this kind night”

“Oga I dey come back from club and I no see cab naim i say make i trek small”

“u dey come back from.. U think say i be mumu, na rob u wan go rob so”

“ahh oga”
“no oo, I just dey waka to see if I fit locate cab, I no be thief na”

“Naso una dey talk, u wan go meet ur gang mk una terrorize this neighborhood.. God don catch u today”

“mee.. Rob....God forbid no na”
I was still pleading with the officer when another officer came up to meet us. This one was plump with a nice accent.

“what's happening here”

“sir.. I catch this man on his way to a mission”

“ahh no sir, I was just looking for a cab home”
“young man what is ur name and why re u out so late”

I told him my story and he was more considerate.

“we cannot allow you to leave, u will stay with us till the morning when we will tk u to the station for proper questioning unless u hv someone that can come and get u”
“ahh sir,.. Yes sir.. I hv someone, let me call someone”

I scrolled through my contacts, my battery was almost empty, I had enough for jst one phone call. I didn't know who to call so I called the most unlikely of persons.
I kept whispering pickup.. Pick up.. It rang a couple of times, I assumed she was already asleep then she picked with a drowsy voice
“hello, nick whatsup”

“hi.. Pls I need ur help”

“nick it's late can't this wait till morning”

“i knw, pls I hv been held by the police along estate road pls just come and get me out”

“it's late nick,... Am too tir…”

The call ended. My battery was flat. Lord na die I dey so
The lanky officer walked up to me and smiled

“u don make ur call finish”

“sir, it's not what u think”

“abegee u no even try settle, u just dey speak English.. U go land for cell tomorrow”

Ehhh God..
He quickly handcuffed me to their vehicle and left me to my fate.

This night couldn't get any worse. Here I was handcuffed to the back of a police van, in the blistering cold not knowing what fate held in store for me.
I slowly lowered my head and started praying.
Suddenly a bright light was approaching..

The car came closer and pulled up by the checkpoint. The driver rolled down the window.
I stared at the car from my handcuffed position so as to see the driver and there she was.. Jumoke.. She actually came for me
“officer good morning”

“good morning, where are you off to this late”

“my friend said he is being held by your men”

I immediately spoke out

“jumoke am here o”
“oh u mean that suspect we found, he is due for questioning at the station”

“Yea.. Can I speak to ur boss pls”

The lanky officer beckoned the plump one. Who came forward and started talking to Jumoke. They were talking so low and I couldn't figure out out what they were saying.
but after a while he said

“sergeant, release the boy”


The lanky officer came to me and removed the cuffs.

“u get luck say she come, u for smell pepper for yard tomorrow”

“Abegii release me joor”

“i go catch u again”

“for wia, no be me and u”

I got into the passenger seat of the car and Jumoke drove off without even saying a word.
We drove for a while in silence then I broke the ice

“thanks for getting me out”

I could see she was pissed at me so I just kept mute till we got to her place.
We entered the house and she shut the door.

“i can't believe this nick, partying, clubbing, getting arrested, what hv u turned into”

“look am sorry I dragged u into it”

“dragged me, when i called u earlier what did u say”
“i don't know, it was my friends bachelor's eve, why are u mad at me”

“why won't i be, six months nick, 6 months dats how long it took for u to get over me”

“don't u dare do that, u left me the moment u left this country, sides I didn't knw if u were ever coming back"
“do u knw how many nights I waited for u to call me, how many nights I wished u were with me in New York but here u are getting drunk with strippers, u shud be”

“i shud be what, ashamed.. I begged u not to leave, I pleaded with u to stay with me but u left me anyway didn't u"
“left u.. Left u… Then why did I read every stupid episode of ur stories, why did I tell my all friends about u everyday.. Ehh why”

She burst into tears

“Am sorry Jumoke I didn't mean to”

"Am going to bed, u can sleep in the visitors room”

“jumoke…. Baby.. Nawa oo"
She left and slammed the door behind her.

That night I couldn't sleep. I wanted to go back to her and tell her what was truly in my heart.
I wanted to tell her how much I missed her and how I still love her.. But i just laid still on the bed till a dreamless sleep took over.
6am the next morning I was up. I walked slowly out of my room and walked to her room door. It was still shut. I knocked a couple of times she didn't reply so I just spoke from outside"
“Am sorry dear, I never should hv said those words to u.. I'll be at the wedding today please don't be mad at me. Thanks for last night.. And I'm really sorry.
I got home that morning and as soon as I touched my bed I fell into another round of sleep. There is nothing like your own bed sha..
I woke up at about 9am with my phone ringing..
Ahmed was calling.. Sh!t I had overslept. The wedding was due in a few hour
I quickly showered, changed into my suit, there was no time to eat so I just locked my door and jumped into lagos traffic .
Ahmed kept on calling..

“Bros abeg no vex I dey come so”

“oboy hurry the wedding go soon start o”

“Guy I no quick sleep, abeg no rush me”
After about 10 minutes on the road I finally arrived at the church for the wedding. The place was already getting filled up with cars, invited guests and girls snapping photos all over.
I straightened my jacket and strolled into the church with confidence
I saw Ahmed standing by the speaker with a lady so I quickly walked to him

“Guy where u enter last night”

“oboy no be small thing o.. E get one babe wey i jam”

“babe na babe be ur own.. Police arrest me last night.. Na Jumoke bail me”
“police.. Wait wait.. Jumoke.. I think say Jumoke dey abroad na”

“Bros Jumoke don enta naija back”

“oboiii Naso I see am o”
We were still talking when Tony walked up to us and he was looking worried .

“about to wed howfar na why ur face be like person wey chop shyte”

“it's Jessica, she is not picking my calls and the wedding starts soon”

“maybe she is on her way”
“i dnt think so pls klaus can u help me to check on her in her hotel”

“u mean go to her hotel now”

“yes pls it would mean a lot”

I came outside and was looking for a cab when someone called my name

“hey nick”.

I looked behind me and it was my temptress, avatar waist bender. She was putting on a yellow gown that she slayed effortlessly.. Damn she was hot
“hey pretty.. How re u”

“Am fine, u ran out on me last night”

“Yea and am about to do the same, I need to go see the bride”

“wc bride, the one that just came in”
I looked over and saw the SUV carrying the bride pull up in the church as cameramen and family swarmed her.

“my name is Candice by the way”

“nice to meet u Candice, am sorry about last night”

“u can mk it up to me”

She moved closer and held the hem of my jacket when suddenly

“Klaus klaus.. Bride don show oo mk we begin”.

Ahmed sure knows how to ruin a mood
I went back inside and the choir started singing. I stood by the alter with Ahmed and Tony and we were all waiting for the bride to make her entrance. It ws taking a while for her to come out and it felt like something was wrong.
Tony whispered to me to help him check what was happening so I quickly ran to the little room behind the church where the bridesmaid were making up and I found her crying with a phone in her hands.
“i am going to kill him, he is so dead”

“what's going on, Jessica what happened”

One of the bridesmaid replied

“he cheated on her last night, we have the video”

“ahh Tony has killed himself o”
I quickly left the room and beckoned to Ahmed. I told him what was happening and he burst into laughter

“na lie.. Tony wey crash for my side.. Baba no do anything”

“dem get video o”

“person wan jst wan f*ck this guy up.. The guy no do anything”
Ahmed quickly called Tony and told him to convince Jessica to marry him while we find out who framed him. I was hurrying outside when I ran into Candice again
“nick.. Howz the wedding going”

“fine fine”

“doesn't look fine to me, looks like disaster is about to happen”

“what are u talking about”

“nothing let's jst say karma is a bitch”

Meanwhile the congregation was already getting unsettled. Tongues were already waging and the parents were looking worried.
The choir proceeded to continue their hymns to calm people down.
I Hurried back to the back room where Tony was busy trying to convince Jessica to forgive and marry him but it wasn't going well. Tony was already freaking out and Jessica just couldn't stop crying.
I silently asked Tony.

“Tony do u know Candice”

“Yea she is my friend”

“u sure cos she might be the one behind this”

Ahmed immediately pinched in

“Guy u sure say u no knack last night”

“no be u carry me go house, where I for see babe knack”
“i just dey talk na cos na ur face dey that video”

“na we all drink for club, I con pass out, next thing I wake up for ur side Ahmed so when I con tk see babe knack”

“na who go jst hate u so much dem wan ruin ur life like this”
We were still talking when Candice walked in. She was smiling like the evil twin sister in Cinderella

“so Tony do u feel it now”

“feel what”

“the pain I felt when u broke my heart”

“what are u talking about

“u impregnated me and left me for abroad”

The entire room was silent. Tony's face changed from sad to angry then to surprised

“wait u mean u were pregnant for me”

“i was but u abandoned me and ur child”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this has turned into a scene from Telemundo. Even Jessica came out of her secluded place to witness the spectacle
“Tony what is she talking about”

“baby, it was long time ago before I even met u, I slept with her once.. I didn't know she was pregnant.. Pls believe me”
Candice wasn't done ruining Tony's life yet

“u didn't even call not once and now u want to get married.. Over my dead body”

“what do u want ehh… Ok Where is the baby”

“ul never find him”
At this juncture Ahmed and I had to intervene.

“look Jessica Tony didn't cheat on u, this b*tch made that video.. Pls don't ruin ur special day because of her”
Candice started again

“u think u can get rid of me that easily, I will mk sure u never know happiness Tony I will.. ”

Ahmed just grabbed her from behind and carried her out of the room and away from the church.
Tony knelt down on one knee and begged Jessica

“babe I promise you, I will never lie to u pls forgive me. Be my wife.. Whatever comes we will tackle it together”

After much begging Jess agreed and the wedding was back on.
We stood by the alter again waiting for the bride to mk her entrance then I whispered to ahmed

“Guy where u put Candice sef”

“Baba no jst ask me”

We laughed..
The wedding went smoothly. It was so romantic with the couple reciting their own vows.

The reception was lit, food and drinks were surplus. Ahmed had found himself a nice bridesmaid to mingle with so I just sat in my chair sipping my drink. When someone tapped me..
I stood up and hugged her tightly.

“Baby am sorry I was mean to u.. I still do love you and I miss you dearly”

“it's ok.. I'm sorry too.. I missed you”
She sat down and looked at me with those brown beautiful eyes.. Oh I melted

“we really need to talk nick”

“we will.. Lets just enjoy this wedding first”

Tony and Jessica later came to where I was sitting with Jumoke.

“klaus my mahn.. Look man thanks for today, God really used u.. The devil wanted to prevail”

“sure boss, just mk sure u tk care of her, shez priceless”
“sure man”

“what about candice”

“well ill contact her family soon and talk about the child but right now my priority is my bride”

“alright my mahn”
They left and Jumoke looked at me..

“hmm u sure have changed a lot”

“well what can I say”

“I hope everything hasn't changed”

“well let's go bck to my place and I'll remind u for 10 minutes”

“better mk dat 20”
We laughed and left the wedding and with that the entire craze of my Tony Tonerooo saga was over😁😁
That's all for today… Thanks for reading..
I know it's lengthy but I hope u enjoyed it..
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