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Oh my! So much wailing and gnashing of teeth – not forgetting hand-wringing and general woe-is-me-ing over Twitter's long overdue decision to treat deadnaming and misgendering as a serious bootable offense.

Forgive me as I wipe a tear from my eye.
1. Still, at least they'll get it at last: at least some of those who've made life hell for trans folks will at long last understand the gravity of what they've been doing. Because no-one could seriously defend such behaviour.

Could they?
2. Apparently they could, as Twitter and elsewhere fills up with cries of “we were only ”telling it like it is: telling the truth; speaking facts".

Like a four-year-old caught with a catapult in front of a broken window: but i was only shooting stones at the stars!
3. As if the veracity of content - which wasn't an issue per se anyway - somehow absolved them from all consequence.

Odd that: because in other circs i'm sure they would argue the exact opposite.
4. As a journo I have on occasion been party to information about the name and identity of witnesses, victims, which is protected by a court or by simple decency.

I would not dream of outing that individual, no matter how true the facts I had at my disposal were.
5. Or take name change, more widely.

A few years back I prepared a paper on the topic for the Cabinet Office. Reasons one and two for name change were marriage and divorce respectively. And reason three? Not transition.
6. No: most likely abuse and a desire to escape an awful past.

Would I “oldname” someone in such circs and then excuse myself on the grounds that, well, it's true so I bear zero responsibility for any consequence?

Absolutely not.
7. And before people start in on the “yes, but deadname is different”: darn tootin it's different!

But in all sorts of unpredictable ways. For one individual mild inconvenience: for another quite literally a matter of life and death.
8. Unless you know the individual intimately you don't know: and even if you do know them well, the chances are you don't know.
9. Hey! Details of previous abuse.

The “fact” that someone just had a miscarriage.

It doesn't take much to imagine things that are quite true and which no decent person would just drop into conversation with a close friend...
10. ...let alone someone they barely knew.

So, please: away with the total hypocrisy of the “just a fact” defence.

If you're claiming it you are either incredibly stupid. Or exceedingly vicious. Which is not for me, but for you and your conscious to determine.
11. In a way, though, that is the easy argument. Over the last day or so i've seen another argument that speaks buckets about those running it.

It may come as a shock to some feminists. Though to those who are intersectional, it will be no surprise at all.
12. I refer here to the repeated mantra of how dare they do this to women, to feminists: how dare they silence US!

Which is, to those who read such stuff, kyriarchy in its purest form.
13. Kyri- what? Are they Australian?

Well, no: kyriarchy is in feminist theory, a social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission.

It's patriarchy operating outside the bounds of gender.
14. And that mantra? It is pure patriarchy.

Er, kyriarchy. Because it comes dripping with privilege and presumption. The idea that there exists a class of people who should get to speak sans objection and whose silencing is, in and of itself, outrageous.
15. Sure. The intent here is to lay claim to victim status: to bleat about how it is the oppressed (class) that is being silenced. Which just about makes sense outside of an intersectional framework.
16. Just about hangs together if you believe oppression fixed and immutable and the Queen always and forever more oppressed than the average homeless guy.
17. But really? In 2018?

When we look at who some of those being “silenced” just happen to be. Individuals who hold positions of power and influence in opinion-forming publications across the globe.

These are the oppressed?
18. Or are they, relative to the rest of us, pretty privileged?

And, given why the “silencing”, not so much individuals silenced for arguing ideas – because however yuk, you CAN argue anti-trans gender crit lines without ever deadnaming or misgendering any individual....
19. ….but people silenced for going out of their way to tackle the person rather than the ball.

A tactic which, I am informed by at least one of these individuals, is a sure sign that the person deploying it is a man!
20. Or, lest many of those now under Twitter stress imagine I am misgendering them: a sure sign that they are members of the privileged, the less oppressed class RELATIVE TO THIS ISSUE.
21. In sum, if you think that the truth of something gives you free rein to say it, no matter how much harm or grief you cause, you lack basic sense and humanity.
22. And if you add to that some vergognoso (!)... some schifoso (!)...some screwed creed...that states that membership of a particular class exempts you, forever and always, from such consideration, you are not talking about feminism.

16a. A footnote here. The idea that women are intrinsically virtuous and that whatever they say is therefore progressive is just nonsensical...old fashioned conservatism dressed up as new age something else.
16b. Think again. Did you watch what happened in Greece when the menfolk of neo-fascist Golden Dawn were imprisoned and the women took over for a year?
16c. Then there are neo-fash orgs in France (Front National) and Italy (Fratelli d'Italia) both led by women - Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni respectively.

Not forgetting our very own Jayda Fransen (Britain First).

What women say intrinsically more worthy of saying? Nah!
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