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The frustrating thing about these profiles about Maxime Bernier is that they completely downplay the way he is mobilizing a growing white nationalist constituency. He is not "teasing" or "sympathizing" with the alt-right, he is alt-right, full-stop. #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier giving a full interview to a 9/11 truther conspiracy theory youtube channel that supports neo-Nazi Faith Goldy. If you don't include this in your profile of him you are acting as his fucking PR agent #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier chatting with Ezra Levant about "ethnic nationalism." Maybe because they are both ETHNO-NATIONALISTS #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier giving an ethno-nationalist speech to a Rebel Media crowd #cdnpoli
Here is another example of Maxime Bernier being an ethno-nationalist. If you can't read these vaguely coded dog-whistles you shouldn't be reporting on rightwing politics #cdnpoli
There are so many more examples of Maxime Bernier's politics in full view. I'll just note that the main touchstones of his political project are exactly the same ones used by white supremacists like Paul Fromm in the 1980s
If you actually want to understand Maxime Bernier's political project, you have to talk to people who are closely following the far-right. So far, media outlets have failed to do this. #cdnpoli
Here's Maxime Bernier promoting an antisemitic conspiracy theory about "cultural marxism" to attack feminism (see: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…) #cdnpoli #PPC
Here's Maxime Bernier posing with Alex Van Hamme, the founder of Free Bird Media, who has done multiple videos with white supremacist Richard Spencer, & with James Sears (plus other staff behind the now banned Nazi newsletter Your Ward News), & many more alt-right #cdnpoli #ppc
Faith Goldy talking to Free Bird Media about Maxine Bernier: “the people are on [his] side,” he has the most “potential,” but he needs to be more vocal about nationalism and mass immigration.

The neo-Nazi sympathizers are Bernier-curious but want more from him. #cdnpoli #ppc
Yesterday, Maxime Bernier was scheduled to speak at an anti-UN rally that had been organized by 15 extremist groups, including Storm Alliance, La Meute, III%ers, and other conspiracy theorist fringe groups. He bailed at the last minute without explanation
Good to see @CBCTheNational expose a Bernier supporter for being the guy who targeted refugees at a hotel in a video from Sept - could also mention he was alongside a white nationalist & a reporter for a conspiracy theory website, and that the hotel was later targeted with arson
As Maxime Bernier echoes the anti-Islam fearmongering of T*rek Fatah & Faith Goldy to cast suspicion against Muslim immigrants, a reminder that Fatah is a supporter of Bernier (and a defender of Goldy). #cdnpoli #ppc
Maxime Bernier is really scraping the bottom of conspiracies here, trying to turn an entirely benign and boring proposal into a PLOT TO DESTROY CANADA by that TRAITOR TRUDEAU. What a joke. #cdnpoli
@pressprogress did a good rundown of the many ways in which Maxime Bernier has been actively seeking out the support of far-right conspiracy theorists by repeating their nonsense back to them #cdnpoli #ppc pressprogress.ca/maxime-bernier…
Maxime Bernier’s @peoplespca gets an endorsement from alt-right racist Stefan Molyneux.

Molyneux believes non-whites have low IQ & aren’t capable of democracy, & that mixing races will lead to slaughter/ white genocide. More: #cdnpoli
If you acknowledge that global warming is real, but promise to "do nothing" about it, you are leading a death cult #cdnpoli #ppc2019 ctvnews.ca/politics/berni…
“Everybody wants to do something about climate change, and I’m the only party who said, you know, we won’t do anything” - Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier is obsessed with defending Canada’s “Western Civilization values” against the threat of “mass immigration,” which is pretty the same line that the hip white supremacists are using these days. #cdnpoli
-Dave Rubin says he wouldn’t blame people if they turned to ethnonationalism if we don’t do something about radical leftism (there would be no alternatives??)
-Maxime Bernier says there’s no ethnonationalism in Canada... but agrees with premise of the q? Please advise
Imagine being Maxime Bernier and thinking of immigrants and their families not first as human beings, but primarily as economic inputs to exploit.
The campaign manager for Maxime Bernier’s anti-trans candidate in #BurnabySouth is also an executive of UBC’s “free speech club,” which in March will be providing a paid platform for white supremacists Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern #cdnpoli #PPC2019
Maxime Bernier's campaign manager in #BurnabySouth is providing a paid platform (tickets $25-$200) to Molyneux and Southern. Here they are discussing how IQ differences between blacks and whites in South Africa means that democracy doesn't work there:
I can’t tell if Maxime Bernier’s point is anti-Muslim or just pro-racist Halloween costumes. Probably both. #cdnpoli
Bernier is still doing “redpill” memes. The whole point is to appeal to the alt-right/ men’s rights crowd.
According to @AntiRacistSud, People’s Party of Canada candidate for Huron-Bruce Justin Smith is a member of the Sudbury Soldiers of Odin antiracistsudbury.com/2019/02/03/sud…
“There are a lot of supporters” of Faith Goldy in the PPC
I have some issues with the analysis of today's Toronto Star piece on Bernier and the alt-right (i.e. the idea that the alt-right is 'infiltrating' the party), but it has some interesting details on several racist PPC executives and organizers #cdnpoli thestar.com/politics/feder…
White supremacists love Tucker Carlson
Maxime Bernier chose to share this video from Tucker Carlson which claims that “identity politics” leads inevitably to genocide and forces people to adopt white nationalism. Just some good ol’ white supremacy sympathizing here. #cdnpoli #ppc2019
Maxime Bernier is pro-blackface.
Maxime Bernier uses his rare speaking time in the House of Commons to go off on conspiracy theories about whether Canada will be "a post-national subdivision of the UN or a sovereign nation deciding its own future." Truly deranged. #cdnpoli #ppc2019
The white nationalism defenders have logged on.
“White? Man? Guilty!”
I legitimately wonder what controversies Bernier's staff had in mind as they wrote this tweet. Faith Goldy's ban from Facebook? The bigotry of UCP candidates in Alberta? What exactly?
What exactly is this supposed to mean? Is Bernier saying that “white supremacy” doesn’t exist? Or is he saying that all Sikhs are terrorists? Hard to say.
The funniest thing is how upset Maxime Bernier feigns to be when his incomprehensible trolling tweets are interpreted in the most straightforward way possible ca.reuters.com/article/idCAKC…
you can hear this dog whistle from space
Maxime Bernier keeps breaking out the white supremacist talking points. 3 more and he gets a free sub sandwich.
G&M investigation of leaked discord chats shows that far-right extremists saw @MaximeBernier's 2017 #CPC leadership campaign as the best vehicle to push their racist views into the mainstream. #PPC2019 #cdnpoli theglobeandmail.com/canada/article…
“A People's Party of Canada executive encouraged national organizers to court votes from the Canadian Combat Coalition” (a far-right anti-Muslim group) #ppc2019 #cdnpoli huffingtonpost.ca/2019/04/25/ber…
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