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(1) Good Question Martin! But it requires some history & a bit of faith to answer fully imo...
Quotes from Wayne Madsen ;)
(2) Let's start with the facts *Q clearances are real & have been around since the (AEC) Atomic Energy Commission was founded in the U.S. in 1946. The Idea being to create a stringently vetted compartmentalized work force. See Image*
(3) Investigative journalists have been aware of "The Q Group" since at least 2009. "Q" Was initially used for targeting journalists & Ex-NSA agents adhering to FISA protocols who called out The Bush/Cheney Administration for the rumors and government process surrounding 9/11.
(4) Of Note, An NSA sponsored Q counter intel sting "was utilized by Dick Cheney in 2004 to target Ken Ford, Jr. (An NSA Agent) That called into question Cheney's notion that the NSA had signal that Iraq/Saddam possessed "weapons of mass destruction.""
(5) Where it gets interesting is that "Ken Ford, Jr. was sent to prison for 7 years After the Judge overseeing his trial was replaced with Peter Messitte, who set out to ensure a guilty conviction of Ford in cahoots with then U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein..." 🙄
(6) This I believe was the turning point for agents working under the NSA’s Then Security chief Kemp Ensor III under the Bush/Cheney Admin. "NSA agents seeing Ensor's tactics began to become disgruntled at the targeting of Journalists VIA-The NSA journalist monitoring database."
(7) "The National Security Agency (NSA), on the orders of the Bush admin, eavesdropped on the private Comms of its own employees, employees of other U.S. intel agencies — including the CIA and DIA — & their contacts in the media, Congress, and oversight agencies and offices."
(8) "The journalist surveillance program, code named ‘FIRSTFRUITS,’ was part of a Director of Central Intelligence program authorized as part of a DCI Countering Denial and Deception’ program responsible to an entity known as the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC)."
(9) "Since the intelligence community’s reorganization, the DCI was replaced by the Director of National Intelligence" Then headed by "John Negroponte and his deputy, former NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden at the time..." Circa 2005, but back to the disgruntled Q group.
(10) "A number of NSA personnel who were on duty in the months leading up to 9/11, the day of the attacks, and subsequent weeks and months, are aware of undeniable facts that point to a massive cover-up by the Bush-Cheney administration of the circumstances surrounding 9/11"
(11) Out of the thousand fold Q group "Many had avidly backed Barack Obama for president hoping that the past era when NSA complied with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution would be restored" But that never happened...
(12) "The Obama administration, rather than lessen the pressure on the NSA personnel" journalists and average Americans "turned up the heat and is resorted to even more draconian methods to ensure silence." This is where I believe the fracture in the intel community fully broke.
(13) "The word from inside the NSA" At that time was "is that a state of fear exists" So during 2008-2009 we see that core agents within the Q group aware of the abuses & disgruntled with corruption in the intel community make a break from the corrupt system. 10 years later...
(14) After recording a decade of abuses and utilizing every trick of the intel trade available.The first Q post is made. It appears that core Q group military intel operatives have changed the intel game. TIME magazine lists Q as one of thee 25 most influential people online.
(15) In the last year Q drops on 4chan & 8chan have had the uncanny effect of drawing everything from mockery & ire to shock & awe. The #Qanon following and the events they follow from Q's drops has created a community of vigilant digital soldiers bent on destroying corruption.
(16) With the intel community at war with itself and an awakening populace globally Q has made it impossible to put the tooth paste back in the tube. Goverments, Intel agencies, Journalists and everyday people all have eyes on Q. This has created a nightmare for the old guard...
(17) The way things were will never be again. The deep state globally being forced to deal with extinction and facing pressure from every corner has gone haywire. From Q's constant message to an awake and active public and populists presidents encouraging freedom they're panicked
(18) So what is Q? Q morphed from being an attack dog for evil masters into an attack force against global corruption & tyranny and invited the public to join in. In my own experience Q is a Peer-to-peer deprogramming campaign designed to duplicate itself and spread freethinking.
(19) It's simple really Q asks you took at info and think for yourself & tells you "The choice to know will always be yours". Surprisingly much of what Q asks you to look at or consider happens and that encourages people globally who are sick of corruption in goverments. #Qanon !
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