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At the @UrbanAge_ Conference in Addis. Follow this thread for my live tweets and commentary over the next two days as we discuss a range of important topics with several distinguished guests. @LSECities #DevelopingUrbanFutures #UrbanAge
Ricky Burdett from @LSECities stating that 80% of Singapore’s population lives in affordable public housing. #UrbanAge
Prof. Alcinda Honwana on the “politics of waithood”: “Waithood is preparing them to be creative and find solutions to their livelihoods [...] It also represents a period of political marginalization”. Fascinating analytical lens through which to understand the Qeero. #UrbanAge
“In 2006, you couldn’t get any politician to talk about Urbanisation whatsoever [...] the conversation has changed. You can’t have the energy supply level of Spain to serve an entire content. Infrastructure deficit is at the center of the discussion now” @EdgarPieterse #UrbanAge
“This crude photoshopped future of what we imagine, is actually where are at. We don’t have other imagined alternatives.” @EdgarPieterse
“The pro-urban policy approaches that foregrounds the resolution of land markets are simply creating smooth landing pads for the wrong kind of capital [...] it’s not just about markets and trade, it’s about spatial justice. @EdgarPieterse #UrbanAge Eagle Hills anyone?
@BURDETTR asking whether city governments have enough power to make decisions or whether these decisions are made else where, at the level of the state. Relevant question to many projects in #Addis, the LRT, Realestate projects etc. Do cities decide? #UrbanAge
Fitting that @flyethiopian overtakes @emirates as the biggest carrier to Africa, as we discuss connectivity at #UrbanAge see diagram from conference newspaper. sabcnews.com/sabcnews/ethio…
“If you want to understand where Addis will be in 10 years, you have to look at Merkato and understand the ownership dynamics” - Emanuel Admassu #UrbanAge @LSECities
Irene Sun of @McKinsey_MGI saying a lot, but really nothing at all. #UrbanAge
„In Paris, no space gets appropriated by a certain level of class, gender or race.“ Deputy Mayor of Paris #UrbanAge The racial segregation of Paris, however, is stark and can’t be ignored.
“We used to be the Centre of drugs and violence” Alejandro Echeverri, Director of URBAM at @EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia.
“As latecomers, we have the chance to learn from others, but we are still attracted to these flashy images. The protection of heritage is not just about saving a few old buildings, it’s about maintaining the vibrant, multi-layered street life which exists.” - Prof Fasil Giorghis
Provocative question from @marcodinu about what inclusion looks like spatially and aesthetically? Also, interesting question from another audience member about whether we can plan for informality? #UrbanAge @LSECities
“Maybe the ring road is the biggest make made in the middle of the 20th Century. Highways in the city cente are the biggest mistakes and we’ve made these mistakes in Paris. Don’t make our mistakes. It’s extemeley difficult to undo.”
- Deputy Mayor of Paris #UrbanAge @LSECities
“This competition among cities across the world about who can build the highest sky scrapers is stupid!” - Deputy Mayor of Paris #UrbanAge @LSECities
“We have to caution ourselves to not treat cities as closed systems. Cities are mechanisms to distribute surplus and the extraction comes from the hinterland and this connection we have to bring back to the discussion.” - @RMAArchitects Director Rahul Mehrorta.
“Cities are built the way they are financed” - @CAHF Director Kecia Rust.
“we need a housing ladder in Ethiopia. Currently the jump from Kebele housing to condominium housing is a big jump and most people can’t afford it.” Elias Yirbarek Alemayehu @EiABC_ Urban Planner #UrbanAge #AddisAbaba #Ethiopia
DAY 2 of the @UrbanAge_ conference in #Addis! Follow thread below! Today will be focused more on Ethiopia with great speakers! #UrbanAge @LSECities
The @UKinEthiopia Ambassador Susanna welcoming and introducing UNECA Executive Director @SongweVera to open the day.
“We need to find the political will and the resources to take people off the streets and onto the water. Water transportation especially for freight is key.” Ladi Lawanson, Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos.
“Addis Ababa has 1 Bus per 3000 people. We want to make sure that most people currently walking will use public transport instead of their own vehicles.” Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr. Solomon Kidane #UrbanAge
“What’s very easy to do is put concrete on the ground, the infrastructure is easy. What is difficult is that the moving parts and the infrastructure often age quicker than the infrastructure.” - @gometroguy #UrbanAge
“The LRT was built on a capacity operation that we never had, on a capacity of infrastructure development that we never had and a capacity of electricity provision that we don’t have” - Deputy Mayor Solomon Kidane with a scathing critique! #UrbanAge @LSECities
Prof. Kate Megaher “informality gets a bad rep but informality is a technicla term.”
“Two years ago we procured 300 buses, last year 850 buses, we’re adding another 500 buses this year. And the fair is low, the service level is high. We want to use market to push out these minibuses gradually, by offering alternatives.” - Dr. Solomon Kidane #UrbanAge #Addis
“Ethiopia’s Urban Transformation” Panel now with @bobomaheder @PhilippRode @EiABC_ staff and many others!
“Ethiopia’s urban population is at 22%, but Ethiopia’s cities and towns account for about 70% it total economic output” - Ethiopia’s State Minister For Urban Development and Construction Tazer Gebereegzhiabeher #UrbanAge #EthiopiasUrbanTransformartion
“5 Million people seek a place in cities every year in Ethiopia. It’s the size of Addis Ababa. We have to build one “Addis Ababa” every year” - Prof. Zegeye Cherenet of @EiABC_ #UrbanAge #Addis
“A disaster loop has characterized this nation for too long. [...] Urbanization is the last frontier in braking tanks loop of disaster in this region.” - Prof. Zegeye Cherenet #UrbanAge @LSECities
“I really doubt some of the numbers that we have been show in the presentation earlier because we don’t understand the complexity of the scale at which Urbanisation will take place. Ours plans are going to be planned on a half-cooked situation.” - @bobomaheder #UrbanAge
“Since 2017, the 10th Masterplan has been in place focused on four pillars. Increasing green area coverage, development of a poly centric city, development of mass transit systems and affordable housing.” Dereje Fekadu, Planning Commissioner of Addis @UrbanAge_ #UrbanAge
“When the growth is so fast, you’re not in control of the urban fabric and the way you implement these ideas.” - Rahel Shawl, @RAASArchitects #UrbanAge #AddisAbaba
“Who sets the urban agenda in Ethiopia? [...] By the time our leaders get educated, they get relocated.” - @bobomaheder #UrbanAge
“We need a strategy for all, the Chinese, the Indians, the French, the Londoners, the ARUP, the GIZ. They all have their interests.”- @bobomaheder #UrbanAge
Bethlehem Shibeshi teasing out the tension of #Addis not having an expansion area and therefore needing to build vertically to accommodate rural-urban migration. Someone who understands the the real context of planning in Addis! #UrbanAge
State Minister stating that there is no connection between politics and planning. Thoroughly enjoying the range of views in this panel, there are clear faultlines! #UrbanAge #AddisAbaba @LSECities
“If we’re following the quick and posh way of urbanizing Addis, believe me there is more evil coming. [...] I’m a very opinionated individual. You should hear me in Amharic, it’s been imposed on me to speak in this imperial language.” Powerful statement from @TsedekeWoldu
“This is deeply personal [...]” @TsedekeWoldu. Flinstone Homes has in many ways remained successful in maintaining the social fabric of its residents in Addis. #UrbanAge
“Sidewalks in Cairo are constantly negotiated, contingent on who, what, where and what time. These were micro spaces for us to understand the bigger picture.” - Omar Nagati, Founding Partner of CLUSTER #UrbanAge
The mayor of #Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah illustrating the urban sprawl of the city in the last 20 years. #UrbanAge
"Back then people went to Germany and bought a Mercedes, to show your neighbor that you made it. This became a value system. Do you aspire a city where everyone gets a car or where even rich people get on a bus?” - @erionveliaj Mayor of #Tirana, #Albania #UrbanAge
“People wouldn’t pee on the streets if they felt like they belonged.” - @erionveliaj #UrbanAge
“The kids need to be the epicenter of our cities. In 100 days of building this playground, we had 97 protests. [...] Acupuncture- we don’t have money for a full body massage, but we can touch enough nerves.” -@erionveliaj #UrbanAge
“Our spheres of concern are detached from our spheres of influence. We need to think about scale and this is extremely challenging for practice.” - Prof. Rahul Mehrorta @HarvardGSD @RMAArchitects #UrbanAge
@GerEmbAddis closing the #UrbanAge conference together with Anna Herrhausen.
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