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THREAD: Am I the only one who’s getting sick and tired of reading about lawbreaking while nothing is done about it? Spend any time at all on Twitter and you can read about how corrupt and evil Mueller was and is. Yet he sits in the catbird seat.
Volumes have been written about the muh Russia mess, yet not one person has even been indicted. Yes, some people have lost their jobs. Big deal. Wouldn’t it be nice if YOU could break the law, and the only consequence for you was job loss?
In FL, Brenda Snipes retires with a $130K salary after having broken numerous laws. We’re not even reading any discussion about even considering bringing any charges against her.
Search for “massive voter fraud” on Twitter - literally tons of examples. Anyone gone to jail? Anyone being investigated? Anything at all being done to fix the problem? Just yesterday a read a tweet that said DHS estimates 3 million illegal voters in CA.
3 million! What’s being done about it? Lots of hand wringing. No action. Yesterday we learned about the sweetheart deal that Epstein got. Has anyone involved in making that deal suffered any consequences? Nope.
Everywhere you look corruption is in full bloom and nothing is being done about it. We keep hearing about the massive number of sealed indictments. People going to GITMO for their crimes. Really? Is there ANY proof this is going to happen?
Years ago I worked for a small computer company. I talked to one of the salesmen who was discouraged, because he wasn’t getting any sales. I told him how wonderful the company was, what a great idea they had, how success was just around the corner.
You know what he said? “I’m too old for delayed gratification.” That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. I’m sick and tired of reading the pollyannish crap about how justice will be done. Show me some. Charge ONE person. Prove this is more than wishful thinking.
Why is Mueller still running his op? When is it going to end? What’s happening to Peter Strzok? I don’t see ANYTHING going on. Oh, we saw Manafort’s house being raided. That was splashed all over the news. Why isn’t Strzok being raided? Why isn’t ANYBODY being raided?
We watched Cohen get raided. How about raiding Comey? Brennan? Clapper? No. Then don’t tell me justice is coming. Words are cheap. I want action. We were told a red tsunami was coming in the midterms. Dems would be extinct. They look pretty alive to me.
And, as usual, they stole numerous elections with voter fraud. And, as usual, nothing is being done about it. From where I sit, the future doesn’t look all that great. In fact, it looks like more of the disgusting same we’ve been putting up with for decades.
Yes, there’s a loud a raucous crowd on Twitter demanding change. But their demands appear to be falling on deaf ears. Who in the government is dong anything to right the ship? Yes, some good things have happened, but those can be destroyed by the next Democrat administration.
Trump has been pulling a Charlie Brown with the declassification of docs. First he will, then he won’t. Meanwhile, the Dems are gearing up to make life miserable for all of us. And this because the promised red tsunami turned out to be a bust. Yes, the Senate still stands.
And that’s good, because we’ll still get good judges, and Trump’s appointees will finally get approved once the despicable Jeff Flake is gone. But we have to put up with the insufferable Romney blathering his disgusting mouth off.
Meanwhile, conservative voices are being strangled on Twitter and Facebook, and the facist left continues to destroy the country. I don’t want to be told this will change. I want to SEE change. And the only change I see is a steady, relentless march to Marxism.
I wish Americans had woken up a long time ago. They haven’t. They’ve elected communists. They elected jihadists. They’re so enthralled by multiculturalism they don’t even realize they’re committing national suicide.
If something doens’t happen soon, I’m quitting social media entirely. I’m sick and tired of being told everything will be better while I watch the core of the nation rot.
I’ve seen an endless stream of sexual deviants being convicted by the DoJ, yet guys like Epstein STILL get away with murder. Nothing is going to change unless heads roll at the TOP. You can arrest a million pedophiles, and it won’t have the same impact as one Podesta behind bars.
Bring me some heads. Big heads. Heads that mean something. Heads that prove that real change is here. Otherwise, spare me the blather. I’m up to me ears in the happy talk. It’s time for action. Either that or begin writing the epitaph, because America is dying.
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