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1/ This thread is coming.

Poor “Jester” is not what he pretends to be.

Poor “Jester” is not as smart as he thinks.

Poor “Jester” ...

@FBIIndianapolis @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @jack
2/ I am not going to do this thread now, but here is a teaser.

Jester’s Russian email.

This is a TINY piece of the Jester puzzle to come ...

3/ Here is some food for thought about this RIGHT WING operative until I resume this thread later.
4/ “ipsum esse subsistens”

What happens when a “good man” goes bad?

“Jester” knows right from wrong ...

(more to come ... )
5/ We are going to discuss these things later.

Meanwhile, Greiko should know he’s been playing online chess for 18 months with a chess life master.

“Jester” knows right from wrong ...
6/ A preliminary matter:

For criminal prosecutions, the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act doesn’t contain a specific statute of limitations.

In the absence of a specific statute of limitations, the default SOL period of 5 years applies. See 18 U.S.C. § 3282.

7/ Civil actions have a 2-yr statute of limitations. See 18 U.S.C. § 1030(g) (requiring civil actions to be brought “within 2 years of the date of the act complained of or the date of discovery of the damage”); see also 18 U.S.C. § 2707(f); 18 U.S.C. § 2520(e).

- pause thread -
8/ More food for thought, before we begin ...

10/ This is not a drill.


- pause thread -
11/ Moving this thread over here, because it belongs here.


12/ He dislikes LGBTQ, too, but we’ll discuss that later ...
13/ “Patriotic hacker” dislikes Islam, for sure.

14/ “Patriotic hacker” is a right wing Dominionist, for whom any means are justified — even if illegal.
15/ “Patriotic hacker” likes right wing Nazis.
16/ “Patriotic hacker” got an idea to start his own platform — a safe space — something “Counter-Social”
17/ It took some friends, some “self-talk”, and timing ... timing ... what fortunate timing ...

18/ It took very special skills.


- Pause Thread -
19/ Some background.

The original “Jester” account shared an aversion to Islam and also displayed grandiose egocentricity.…
20/ However, the original “Jester” ran afoul of his own “friends” — his account was deleted and a new account returned in its place in 2012.

21/ “A group of former operators from The Jester’s IRC channel on 2600, who now make up the group ReaperSec, are particularly disillusioned with what they see as The Jester's constant self-promotion, and with the whole “patriotic hacker” mythology.” (Id).
22/ The original “Jester” harmed many innocent people. (supra, para 19).


- pause thread -
23/ Also in 2012, it was reported by Infosec Island:

“The hacktivist known as th3j35t3r has been identified as Robert "Lance" Miller from Pittsboro, North Carolina. Mr. Miller is now in police custody after the multi-agency operation took place...on April 1, 2012.”
25/ The next month, Jester’s account was replaced with a new “Jester” account.
26/ The April 1 “raid” report was likely an April Fool’s prank.

In 2010, Jester also complained of getting “raided” by police.

27/ The “new” Jester knows what this says.

(December 9, 2010).

Two videos from hactivist Th3j35t3r teaching Russian hackers about his XerXes tool.


- pause thread -
28/ While Putin and Prigozhin canvassed our country 2010 - 2014, preparing to undermine our election, this conservative right wing fella was building a cyber business with his “friends”.

29/ I do not know who “th3raptor” is specifically (see paragraphs 12-16), only that Jester mirrored his views at the time and they were cited by Jana Winter (Fox News, later the Intercept) in a tweet thanking them together.
30/ ”They” dumped SABU’s info to Winter, and she doxxed SABU, who was an unsavory character, to be sure.

But at the time, he was an FBI confidential informant who was giving up people in Jester’s Lulzsec crew.

31/ That’s right, this alt-right account “and” Jester (who removed his racist alt-right anti-Muslim tweets when he became Trump fake opposition), worked for months to out an FBI informant and to kill an FBI under-cover operation.

32/ Also, let’s not forget his .ru email address he used at the time (

He deleted the tweet, although there’s an archived copy; then showed his followers a search not turning up the tweet as a denial when called out.

33/ You know, despite this .edu article and numerous other sources confirming it was his.…
34/ Jester participated and amplified every Kremlin active measure — Bundy Ranch (Bureau of Land Management- BLM); Black Lives Matter, ISIS etc.

He has also spread disinformation. See:…
35/ He deleted a false tweet about 5 million bots propagating Trump’s Twitter feed, but not until it had received 10,000 retweets.

And not until the falsity was corrected by WaPo (see Myth 4):…
36/ This video is publicly available online.

“To the Jester, from Russia with love ...”

37/ This individual is not “Jester”, but it is interesting to note the expressed restraint toward the Kremlin.

38/ The heretical distortion of Catholic teaching by secular right wing operatives is, obviously, of interest to me.

I do agree, though, about those nuns ...
39/ As for “Jester” and his self-talking “friends”, his chance was willfully squandered.

This story ends rightly with law enforcement, which will take it’s time doing what it does best.


- end thread -
40/ It has been requested I leave this thread open.

I will oblige.

To clarify, the RIGHT WING male toasting Russia in the public video in paragraph 36 of this thread is the same individual speaking Russian bellow.


41/ RIGHT WING “Jester” dislikes homosexuals.

He deleted his Islamophobic and homophobic tweets before launching his predatory, opportunistic “anti-Trump” business.
42/ We will discuss all of this later.

RIGHT WING hacker “Robin Jackson” was Jester’s helper.

Jester no longer needs Robin.

43/ My motives in doing this thread are to warn the public and, of course, to warn fellow Democrats & authentic #resisters that it’s highly inadvisable share their data to Jester’s new platform.

He’s an admitted hacker and he is FAR RIGHT WING.


44/ “Jester” was part of a team of FAR RIGHT “patriot” cyber-vigilantes.

He has deleted most of his interactions with his far right crew.
45/ Robin was Jester’s side-kick.
46/ Robin worships “Jester”, to say the least ...
47/ Robin talks, A LOT ... which now is Jester’s undoing.
48/ Robin even has a “smooth radio voice” which works well for “Jester”

49/ Russian-loving Jester is not Weev and nor is he Jon Nichols.

He is another RIGHT WING operative, who even uses toned downed rhetoric of recent, to build his business and to gather your data.

His “hack” of the Russian intel unit was a dog and pony show.
50/ To be clear:

Jester and Robin use their methods against any who disagree with them — EVEN AGAINST DEMOCRATS AND AUTHENTIC RESISTANCE MEMBERS.

Hacking, doxxing, flying monkey smear campaigns — nothing is off limits to this RIGHT WING crew.

- pause thread -
51/ Here is Jester and his RIGHT WING crew harassing and outing the FBI informant SABU.

52/ Robin Jackson’s profile picture is a homage to “Jester” — it is a pictograph of the person who is Jester.
53/ Jester and Robin touch base now and then.

Jester kindly warns Robin to forget things best forgotten — perhaps their past RIGHT WING exploits?
54/ Jester was hacked in 2010, and as mentioned earlier, his account was replaced in 2012.

We will discuss this in more detail later.

- pause thread -
55/ We pause to ask:

What is more harmful to America and its citizens:

A 2010 Wikileaks/Snowden/Jill Stein-loving hacker, or a post-2010 RIGHT WING Dominionist, who fancies himself a rogue “patriot hacker” who knows best for you and me?

To be clear: neither are patriots.
56/ Jester is very much still RIGHT WING.
57/ Here is Jester in 2013, attacking Michelle & Barack Obama.
58/ Jester’s minions join him in this crusade.
59/ One person stood up to Jester on this issue, and look who swooped in to reinforce “Jester”.

Jester has deleted THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of his RIGHT WING tweets and tweets which link him to his cohorts.

Jester is a Kremlin prone RIGHT WING Dominionist.
60/ Jester is on a “mission from God” to fight Islam.

He will use any means necessary to fight his Dominionist war, including propagating fake news.
61/ These images were manufactured by 4Chan.

Surely Jester knew this.
62/ It was not until he was exposed, that he deleted the fake images. THREAD:

63/ Even after being exposed for Islamophobic fear mongering and using fake images, Jester used the tragic deaths of so many to boost himself.

This is morally repugnant behavior.
64/ The friend Jester tagged in the fake images tweets is Lucie Holliday.

She has since changed her handle and spends her time trolling decent Muslim #Resisters

- pause thread -
65/ Before I proceed, I dedicate this thread to Trayvon Martin, and to all black people victimized by patriarchic Western supremacy — by those who heretically distort religion to commit atrocities in the name of their false god.
66/ We are going to discuss Jester’s RIGHT WING fundamentalist Islamophobic fixation with Islam, and his other conservative peccadilloes.

cc: @wilw

- pause thread -
67/ RIGHT WING Jester has been busy building his brand and protecting his assets.

He is making a fortune off of the anxiety and fear of the Trump era.

Indeed, he promotes the anxiety and fear.

We will explore this further.

- pause thread -
68/ RIGHT WING Jester expresses a modicum of shame, but this does not change his ideology or who he is.

His public “mea culpa” is a disingenuous business strategy.

We will discuss this later, too.

- pause thread -
69/ This is how RIGHT WING “Jester” operates: DISINFO

I’m no “Mensch Davidian” — haven’t followed LM since June 2017 & blocked her accts a while ago.

Nor am I or ever have been @/BornABadAss3 — Jester knows this.

Levying ad hominem in no way mitigates the FACTS in this thread
70/ Interesting “Jester” never once denies being a RIGHT WING KREMLIN LOVER.

Instead, he launches DISINFO attacks against an anti-Trump Democrat, to divert attention from what we’re going to discuss in this thread.

Jester is a chaos monkey.

- pause thread -

72/ A public video posted by RIGHT WING KREMLIN LOVER “Jester”.

“To the Jester, from Russia, with love ...”

73/ Others have not spoken clearly & unambiguously about RIGHT WING Jester & his gaming of liberals for personal gain bc he has a LONG history of intimidation behaviors toward his critics.

Here’s Jester in 2013 taking credit for hacking Obama’s gov website.

He also hates LGBTQ
74/ See paragraphs 57 & 58 of this thread for more information about Jester’s grievance with the Obamas and the Amber Alert system.

His minions are FAR RIGHT WING.
75/ If it were not that so many decent Democrats and fine liberals have been duped into giving this RIGHT WING HACKER their data, I would not be doing this thread.

Let’s back up and review some important history.
76/ Shortly after RIGHT WING DOMINONIST “Jester” exited the military in 2010, the original Jester (a Wikileaks-loving Jill Stein supporting hacker) was hacked by the person we now know to be Jester.
77/ This takeover caused some confusion throughout 2012 and into 2013.
78/ The original Jester persisted through 2013.
79/ Here’s the new Jester in 2011 (post hack), taunting the original Jester about his “buddies” — these are the individuals who the new Jester outed.

He outed SABU, an undercover FBI informant. (see earlier in this thread for more info).


80/ In 2010-2011, this account @real_j35t3r also trolled the new Jester.
81/ He trolled the RIGHT WING DOMINIONIST Jester about 2 of the new Jester’s anti-gay web sites and about the new Jester’s use of homophobic language (which, of course, “Jester” has since deleted).
82/ Mach2600 is also a Jester sock.
83/ So, in 2011 and into 2012, RIGHT WING “Jester” dedicated himself to interfering with an FBI investigation, to screwing an FBI informant, to protecting himself and to hacking & harassing American citizens and others.

84/ It is in this context that a group of RIGHT WING cyber-vigilantes gathered in 2012 to combat “radical Islam”.
85/ “Jester” was all about the TANGO DOWN of Islam in 2013.
86/ He had many adoring RIGHT WING fans.
87/ Here is an analysis of his TANGO DOWNS!…
88/ But, here’s the thing.

Jester is a narcissist.

He’s also obtuse.

And he is a menace to US intelligence agencies.

“To the Jester, from Russia, with love ... “

90/ Not only does RIGHT WING Jester profit from your data, he also sells “Jester Gear” on Zazzle.

91/ - Pause Thread -
92/ An update on RIGHT WING “Patriot Hacker” th3raptor detailed earlier in this thread.

He was/is one of Jester’s cohorts.

After his hospitalization, he went to Russia.

He was recruited for Ghost Sec.

He has also been affiliated with Anons.

93/ Ghost Security, also known as GhostSec, is a self-described "vigilante" group that was formed to attack ISIS websites that promote Islamic extremism. It is considered an offshoot of the Anonymous hacking collective.…
94/ RIGHT WING Jester’s flying monkeys are agitated and are beginning to swarm.

They are ALL RIGHT WING minions.






Facts do not lie.

This thread is meticulously documented with THEIR OWN WORDS.

A sampling of Jester’s friends

95/ As of this evening, this is the record for WikiLeaks dot RU.

Jester is NOT what he claims to be.

Jester is a RIGHT WING Kremlin lover.

@FBIIndianapolis @jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety
96/ The phone # associated with this Wikileaks dot Ru comes back to an enemy of Jester’s.
97/ Mr. Terban is well-respected in his field.

98/ Jester wrote about this conflict in 2012.

Problem is, Jester in this blog admits to felonious hacking of a US citizen.

Other problem for Jester:

Was the Terban nesting on the Wikileaks dot Ru site DONE BY JESTER to spite Terban?

- pause thread -

99/ I have been asked to continue this thread today. I will do so as time allows.

These are the FAR RIGHT WING friends of Jester with whom he has re-tweeted and interacted just in the past 24-hrs.
100/ Jester’s ONLY game is deflection, disinformation and ad hominem attacks.

I am no “Mensch Davidian” and I have never been a “disbarred attorney” — his defensive posturing is quite telling.

101/ I never brought up any of these guys either.

Jester is scrambling to divert attention away from the TRUTH.

102/ RIGHT WING Jester wants for you to divert your eyes from the reality of who he is in this public video.


104/ RIGHT WING Jester is all about spreading RIGHT WING 4Chan disinformation, Kremlin style.

105/ To be VERY CLEAR, while Jester and his RIGHT WING minions were harvesting the disinformation field last night with IRRELEVANT ad hominem attacks and rabbit holes, he had already made it clear that this was a DOMINIONIST event.
106/ Now, I may have fallen ill with lupus, but I am no Kremlin loving, Kremlin toasting RIGHT WING disinformation hacker.
107/ For the past 24-hrs, Jester & his minions have done nothing but troll, harass, dox and intimidate the one person who dared to speak truth.

He’s just fine with trolling.

Fact is, Jester is a RIGHT WING hypocrite.

Jester is & always has been the worst of the trolls.

108/ This is an attempted felony.

I have not sent a login support request to @TwitterSupport.

@TwitterSafety @FBIIndianapolis @jack
109/ Please note:

Aside from levying regressive ableist attacks based in legally inadmissible hearsay (because, false), NO FACTS put forth by me in this thread have been disputed by “Jester”.


Because FACTS.

Jester is a RIGHT WING HACKER, as are his friends.
110/ Again, Jester has not responded substantively to my thread.

Instead, he has engaged in disinformation, flying monkey trolling campaigns and dishonesty.

@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @FBIIndianapolis @jack
111/ My Twitter account was not deemed “untrustworthy” by Botsentinel in September 2018.

This abusive behavior of Democrats by RIGHT WING HACKER Jester is EXACTLY why I have done this thread.

112/ Maybe @cbouzy would like to explain why my account has been negatively targeted by botsentinel since I began this thread on Jester?

@FBIIndianapolis @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @jack
113/ The bot rating service clearly rates me correctly, as a non-troll bot, effective today.

@TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @jack @FBIIndianapolis
114/ I made this very clear: the 2010 account ending in “ter” (the original Jester) is NOT the RIGHT WING Jester we now know.

Of course, Jester knows this, too, but his entire game is disinformation and dishonesty.
115/ To use your software platform in furtherance of a RIGHT WING DOMINIONIST HACKER’S agenda is unprofessional and unethical behavior.
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