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#YazidiGenocide survivor: I was forced to abort two times by IS fighters in order to be used as sex slave.
It was difficult to be raped,but what more difficult is to see 9 yrs children being raped by ISIS
She was kidnapped from shingal/Iraq and sold to Raqqa/Syria
Her 10 yrs niece was kidnapped with her,, though she was 10 yrs she was tortured and raped.
this #YazidiGenocide survivor children were taken to Islamic school,brainwashed and ISIS used them to subdue the mother.
Her son was taken to learn how to kill people.
ISIS fighters enslaved #YazidiWomen and ISIS wives treated them as slaves.
This survivor Said I was enslaved and raped like all Yezidi kidnapped.
While ISIS raped Yezidi women I have heard children being tortured by raping them.
I was powerless to help them.
ISIS fighters used to buy #Yezidi sex kidnapped from slavery markets,raped them or give them as gifts to other friends.
They sell them in houses where they imprisoned thes slaves.
When they can’t sell them they take their pics to share them to sell them
@BeeGoldsmith @POTUS
#YazidiGenocide survivor: there are still 1000s of Yezidi women in ISIS captivity suffering under IS enslavement.
The survivors need help, they are suffering in displacement camps without help.
Their have been killed and children have been brainwashed.
@FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump
Layla was kidnapped by Islamic state in Iraq and Syria,she is a Yezidi from shingal/Iraq was in IS captivity for three yrs.
She was enslaved and sold for many times.
Her brother wrote a book about her story in IS captivity.
She has witnessed ISIS crimes against Yezidis and Christians in Iraq and Syria.
Muslim Sunnis attacked Yezidi people in shingal,killed men and enslaved women,sold them in slavery markets.
She was kidnapped with many members of her family.
Muslim neighbors told ISIS about Yezidi and Christian families in shingal and areas around and helped IS to kill and enslave Yezidis abd christians.
After ISIS captured them they put them in Ambulance.later she was imprisoned with her family in a building belonged to Iraqi gov.
Many Yezidis were with them in this building.
Virgin Yezidis were used as sex slaves.
IS collected virgin Yezidis and Christians and sent them to its fighters in Iraq,Syria abd libya to be used as sex slaves.
It was very painful.
The situation was miserable in IS captivity.
A hard bread and women were raped in front of their husbands.
Inside this building were IS men ,the Amir came to take the married women to enslave them every night.
The IS fighters said it’s ok according to their faith and sharia.
IS used to starve Yezidi children.
ISIS didn’t give the children any food and the Amir said Kaffir children must be starved till death.
They didn’t give mothers any foodso they can’t feed their .
The mothers have no Melk in their breasts from hunger
If a woman was going to be sent to be raped IS gave her a piece of bread.
phones were taken from them so they can’t call anyone but Layla was able to hide her phone from IS. She was able to call her brother in displacement camps and her husband to be in one house in IS captivity
IS Amir told her if you,you brother and husband converted to Islam we will let you live in one house.
We converted to Islam in front of them and we were allowed to live together after we converted to Islam by force.
Many Yezidi men were killed in front of families after refused.
I felt I’m alive after I saw my brother and husband bcz I’ve seen IS killed many men in front of wives and children so she was afraid that IS killed them both.
We women were used as sex slaves and IS fighters just saw us a body for sex.
They just tortured women,raped and enslaved
Her brother said:I decided to write my sister’s story of enslavement in IS captivity.
IS kidnapped Yezidi children and forced them to join IS militants to fight for them.
IS has websites to sell #YazidiWomen and we suffer with rehabilitation.
Iraqi gov ignored Yezidi Kidnapped.
Pain,blood and tears three words describe Yezidi situation in Iraq who suffer .
IS used to kidnapped women,rape them and sell them in slavery markets,children used as fighters and men were killed bcz they are Kaffirs and aren’t allowed to convert to Islam.
#YazidiWomen are the most who suffered from ISIS crimes,they were kidnapped,they were raped,they were sold in slavery markets,their husbands were killed and their children were used as suicide bombers.her brother wrote her story with two of her kids in IS captivity #YazidiPlight
They witnessed IS crimes before being rescued to tell the world about IS abd its crimes.
The book called “Layla and painful nights”.
It contains IS secrets how they treated and enslaved Yezidi women.
book author is from shingal in 2014 lost 19 members from his family (his sister and brother family),10 members were rescued/escaped (5 women and 5 children).
I listened to their painful stories how IS treated Yezidi Kidnapped specially women and children, it’s brutal and barbaric
He decided to document it articles,but when he listened to his sister who is survivor he found it’s necessary to document it in a book.
She could tell her story of torture,she was sold in slavery markets and above all that rape in barbaric way as she is mother of 2 kids
The author of The book “Layla and painful nights” documented Layla’s story how Islamic state Kidnapped her from first day and what she has gone through.
It documents the story of pain,where she was enslaved,the places where she was sent to be enslaved.
It contains IS members names who raped her and sold her,where they are.
Though they can’t assure their real names bcz they used nicknames.
She faced crimes against humanity,from torture,sold in slavery markets,being given as present,raped separated from her kids.
Very painful memories tries #YazidiGenocide to forget in her simple tent in displacement camp.
IS sold Yezidi women publicly in slavery markets among IS members.
IS has websites where they sent Kidnapped pics to sell them.
This websites are just for IS members none can join it .
They forced Yezidis to wear half naked,makeup them and sent their pics in groups with prices.
Who wants to buy has to pay and will get her.
prices were different from one to another,virgins will be sold at higher price,young and beautiful women will be sold for higher price.
IS announced in its last days in Iraq IS will sell Yezidis to their families and announced their prices
Rescuing women it’s to difficult needs so much work,time.
People in Iraq have their smugglers in Syria,they make agreement of price and how they get the kidnapped to bring them
Those smugglers in Iraq and Syria give money to IS,get kidnapped and bring them to save places,some of those are in turkey also.
When this survivor was rescued the smuggler was an Yezidi who has its net in Syria.
In IS captivity kidnapped will be tortured all ways.Most of women were imprisoned in IS houses as sex slaves.
They used them for hard work in
houses like cleaning,cooking.
It wasn’t allowed them to go out where they were imprisoned.
Locked doors to prevent them from going out
Kidnapped women were forced to wear Niqab and wasn’t allowed that any part of their body will be seen.
Dar al-Hesba was responsible for that and lashed women who didn’t wear Niqab.
Women were either raped or sold in slavery markets or both together.
Children were taken from their mothers to be sent to military camps,brainwashed,feed with radicalism ideology, read Quran,starvation,fast,torture. beaten when they did something not according to what they learned.
IS fighters were from many countries,huge bodies and good trained
Among IS fighters were women who have experience in fighting, many informations,developed technics,but were inhuman,they took drugs and other things,they are talented in hacking websites ,they were able to recruit fighters through internet and move from one land to another easily
He wrote story of his sister to break barrier of shame and fear between him and his sister and to tell world about suffering of his sister and Yezidi Kidnapped sufferings in captivity of Islamic state.
Some #YazidiGenocide survivors get Psychiatric treatment to rehabilitate them
There are some #YazidiGenocide survivors who influenced with ISIS ideology and need Psychiatric treatment to help them recover from what they have seen in IS captivity.
Some of them need daily Psychiatric treatment as they were tortured and brainwashed.
Head of Yezidi religious council Baba sheikh welcomed Yezidi Kidnapped.
Yezidis welcome their Kidnapped daughters and children.6417 Yezidi were Kidnapped and enslaved,female 3547, male2870.
Survivors 3244,1146 female,335 male,920 children female,843 children male
still 1482 female and 1691 male in IS captivity.
Iraqi gov don’t help Yezidi survivors and don’t act to rescue Kidnapped
Most of survivors live refugee camps in bad situation.
Some countries like Germany,Canada,Australia took some survivors 2 help them but without their families
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