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We'll be continuing this thread of crystals from Steven universe.

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But also continuing a thread here on crystals from Steven universe.

Next in the line up we have fluorite who is one of my favourite characters from Steven universe she's a fusion of 6 different gems (and my poly ass loves her so much)

Part of the “off colours” a group of gems from homeworld she first appears in the episode named for the group.
Fluorite is a hard character to pin down as of yet as we don't know much about the gems that make up her fusion. But I can tell that irl fluorite has a fair few variations and all are a result from the way the crystal has interacted with certain pollutants over its formation.
Clear flourite is as close to pure fluorite as you can get. It's fairly commonly found because of its association with purity it works well in healing works. But specifically those about unblocking pathways either physical mental or spiritual.
Clear flourite is Excellent at absorbing negative energies for similar reasons.

Scents associated with clear flourite are myrrh chamomile and elderberry it's star sign association is Pisces
Then there's yellow fluorite this one is one of the less common fluorites it's meant to be great for helping eliminate self defeating behaviours and learning to deal with jealousy that's coming from a place of insecurity.
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Yellow fluorite It's an especially good for redirecting energies into fruition of projects and goals.

Star sign association is Gemini and some fragrances associated are chamomile lavender lemongrass lemon verbena and sage.
Green fluorite is fairly common in most crystal shops.

It's thought to be excellent at unblocking past/childhood grief and healing those unresolved resentments making way for new personal growth.
For 500 yrs at least in China, green fluorite has been used as a cheaper substitute for jade in the making of practical items.

Zodiac association for this stone is Pisces and scents are balm of Gilead and eucalyptus
Purple fluorite is relatively common in crystal shops it's meant to be the most peaceful of the fluorites

Excellent at helping those who have trouble adjusting to adulthood and learning to live realistically while still being happy.
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Purple fluorite tends to become more powerful the longer it's used and so its unsurprising that in ancient china was thought to protect against evil spirits.

Star sign associated with purple fluorite is Pisces and fragrances are cherry blossom sage honey suckle.
This next fluorite, blue, I personally really love because it is fairly rare and only comes from somewhere somewhat local to me. Somewhere called Castleton which is in Derbyshire.
There are 14 different varieties of blue fluorite including a banded blue one that can have bands of blue-purple, grey and yellow, which locally is called blue John
Blue fluorite is a good stone for those wanting help dealing with the realities of effective and healthy communication.

Star sign association Pisces and fragrances include hyacinth lavender honeysuckle and wisteria
Our next fusion is another of the “off colours” and first appearing in the episode of the same name , Rhodonite, is a fusion of a pearl and a ruby( at least I get to see one pearl happy.)
It's that time again.

I'm live for #tarot readings for the next hour

Irl rhodonite is pinkish with varying black patches veins and inclusions, it's fairly common.

It is meant to be a very good stone for removing negativity and toxicity from love situations so, unrequited loves, unfaithful loves, abusive loves etc.
Zodiac association for rhodonite is Aries and fragrances are geranium magnolia rose and narcissus.
Next we have our first not fusion in a long time and one of the most interesting and unique gems in the show.

The rutile twins are conjoined and also part of the “off colours” appearing in the episode of the same name.
Irl the rutile twins would be called rutilated quartz. It's silicate/neosilicate or oxide crystals needles running through quartz that can lead to interesting fractured and geometric branches.
Rutilated quartz can come in varying transparent shades of gold silver and red and is fairly common.  

the crystal needles within the quartz have lead to some call this crystal angel hair and the ancient Romans to call it Venus’ hair
In vikikng tradition rutilated quartz is thought to be left over cuttings of Freya's hair preserved by earth spirits out of love and devotion for the Goddess.

Zodiac association with rutilated quartz is leo and fragrances include cinnamon and sage.
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I really appreciate all of you joining me and hope you enjoyed this thread

I'll be back on Wednesday with more but until then

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