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"Nothing's happening!"

You know what people miss at this time? Even though I and a few other researches pointed it out when Sessions 'outed' Huber with his letter to Congress?

Sessions revealed Huber is working with a team of...what?
Huber has been working for over a year with a TEAM OF US ATTORNEYS. Anybody who assumed they are ALL based in Utah was making an unwarranted assumption.

Suddenly it's surfacing that US Attorneys have been digging into the Clinton Foundation and are now publicly revealing they are in contact with Uranium One/Rosatom whistleblowers.

And hey...somebody's been following the U1 money trail....
If you've followed the Uranium One scandal since the beginning - and I have! - then you're aware BILLIONS of dollars changed hands in that scandal.

Somebody was gonna have to spend the time doing the hard legwork of working their way backwards through the laundering.
HOW exactly do you prove that all those billions of dollars made their way from the Russians into the bank accounts of the right people here in the West to bribe them in order to facilitate the Uranium One deal?

You have to follow DOZENS of money trails through shell corps.
You have to trace the transfer of billions of dollars through different banks and shell corporations. It takes time to build a rock solid case where you can PROVE in a court of law with defense lawyers SCREAMING their clients are being railroaded exactly who got what & how much.
Right now we know about ONE bank, Danske Bank, that is now trying to stutteringly explain to investigators how $230 billion in shady money got moved through one small branch in Estonia.
Now look at Deutsche Bank. Also being investigated in relation to the Panama Papers.

"Off shore services" is a fancy lawyer-speak for "We help set up shell corporations and foreign bank accounts for US clients overseas."
Billions of dollars were exchanged to make the Uranium One deal happen. The US officials who accepted massive bribes often never had ANY of that $$$ directly sent to them here in the US. They likely used shell corps. to launder the $ and parked it in foreign bank accounts.
Now remember, who's Huber been working in tandem with for over a year?

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.

You know, this guy.
Horowitz has been digging into the CLINTON EMAIL SCANDAL for almost 2 years. What was in Clinton's emails? Especially on the Weiner laptop, which likely contained many of the 33,000+ emails The Witch was desperate to hide?
Pay for play schemes? Certianly. And what was the BIGGEST PAY FOR PLAY SCHEME OF THEM ALL? Uranium One. Everything else pales and is dwarfed by that Mt. Everest of national security breach.
American officials, entrusted with high offices and decisions directly affecting our national security, sold out to Russia and took massive bribes to sell our uranium stocks to Vladimir Putin and his cronies, who no doubt earmarked some of that Uranium for their Iranian clients.
Whatever things previous administrations got wrong before Obama/Hillary, at least they'd successfully strangled the ability of rogue regimes to access the necessary uranium they'd need to cause nuclear proliferation.

NOBODY ever expected SIMPLE BRIBERY to undo all of that.
An incoming new Presidential administration in early 2009 that had plenty of people in it willing to take massive bribes to simply SELL uranium to Putin and the Russians.

It was inconceivable that this could happen before it did.
You gotta understand. This has always gone FAR BEYOND just their spying on Trump's campaign, or a couple of cozy bribes paid to Hillary by foreign countries to swing a few business deals.

This is WHY they had to make absolutely 100% SURE Hillary won.
Uranium One is WHY they had to make absolutely sure the incriminating emails never surfaced & that Hillary walked away scott free.

Uranium One is WHY they had to make absolutely sure she won the election and not Trump.
HOW do you come in with a new administration & transition successfully when the gov't you are assuming command of is RIDDLED THROUGHOUT with people who not only participated in U1, they covered it up & tried to sandbag you even before you assumed office?
Morons will tell you Trump & his team should have blown the whistle and revealed the WHOLE THING right after the inauguration.

He should have turned to Obama & Hillary right after being sworn in & said "You traitors are under arrest!"
Morons live in a fantasy world where they don't understand how anything in the real world actually works.

Trump lives in the real world and knows how to get things done in it.
Before you go public with something of THIS magnitude, this U1 scandal, you had BETTER have all your i's dotted and all the t's crossed. You better have ALL THE EVIDENCE and you better be able to lay it all out.
Because not only will some people in your own gov't try to sandbag everything you are doing [until you can replace them], once you rip the lid off THIS Pandora's Box, Democrats & DNC Media Complex & Never Trumpers are going to LITERALLY try to tear this country apart.
Look at the people in this screenshot. You THINK you know the lengths to which Democrats & DNC Media & Never Trump will go to save these traitors & criminals from justice, but you really don't.

They will literally try to start a civil war to save them.
You think Trump & Co. should have exposed it all 2 years ago?

I don't.

You know who agreed with me?

Donald Trump did.

Because they are doing this RIGHT.

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