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🚨#Q is back! 🚨

This will be my Q thread for Dec 3rd

Big week ahead, Patriots!

2. QDrop 2537

What are the odds of a state funeral on #D5?
How many coincidences until mathematically impossible?

3. QDrop 2538

Q links an article posted a few days ago regarding the 4 different ongoing investigations into CF and explains further of how [they] have become unhinged.

Panic > RATS
4. Article Q linked👇🏼…
5. Q mentioned 68-95-99.7 in his first drop today.

This is a possible decode.
6. Anon gives insight into Q's link re: #ClintonFoundation

How does one obtain official whistleblower status?
7. QDrop 2539

The public is about to learn that FBI, DOJ & other assets have been actively working on the largest investigations in history.

#DECLAS will illuminate the truth to the people

Transparency is the only way forward!
8. Q made a point to BOLD the statement [Controlled Media - 'Enemy of the People']

Is POTUS preparing to enforce his executive powers and seize control of the corrupt media? Allowing him to give full transparency to the people.

9. QDrop 2540

Q links a schedule for this week for the US House of Representatives.

[They] have postponed FIVE hearings this week!

Q responds: Well played DS. Allow us to counter 🐸
11. QDrop 2541

12. We are AWAKE! #QAnon
13. QDrop 2542

Q posts a tweet #POTUS posted on Friday to watch #Hannity

Q has told us before everything has meaning! Learn the comms!


Picture will be the signifier.

Patriots, watch Hannity TONIGHT at 8:16 ‼️
14. 👀👀

Anon has unintentionally discovered a hidden message from VP #Pence within the Presidential Message on Hanukkah

15. Most important postponement Q has pointed out: #ClintonFoundation postponed!

It was to be held #D5 - no new date has been scheduled!

How will POTUS and Q counter this move? Watch #Hannity tonight! 👀#QAnon
16. Anons are always happy to see #Q back on the boards 😁
17. Anons have deciphered the 68-95-99.7 Rule from Q

This brings us to a past drop from #Q where he told us Standard deviation was broken long ago!

You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard!


Q told us in March, many will be buried before being exposed.

What does the house cleaning represent?
We always knew
Final stage

>>> FF/Distractions
22. Anon has discovered this posted on #Drudge

Every dog has its day - Q


23. Whadda know .. GOOG has also been postponed .. no new date scheduled.

Interesting that there are no new scheduled dates! Coincidence?

24. [PANIC IN DC] #QAnon
25. Anons are always showing gratitude to #Q and #POTUS 🙏🏻

26. 👀👀 Coincidence?
27. Interesting theory on a possible new frequency on #D5 from the 17 sec seismic waves that occurred on Nov 11th
28. Anons are telling #Q

We're READY!
Bring the [PAIN]

30. Anon reminds us of the pros and cons to #DECLASS before or after [their] testimonies
32. 💥[BOOM]💥

I believe this Anon is spot on!

[They] had their comms taken out on Nov 11th, sending them to online comms - which have also been penetrated by white hats 😎

[They] needed an excuse to meet!

#D5 Checkmate
33. 😏😂 We'll all be watching #Hannity tonight! Including the DS in their special pants 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
34. QDrop 2543

The ART of trolling the #FakeNews media ‼️

(Trumps book: The Art of the Deal)

White Squall
#WWG1WGA (from the movie)
Thank you for playing
35. Step 1:

Q linked POTUS's tweet re: Cohen

Notice the purposefully capitalized "Scott Free" 👀
36. Step 2:

Q linked this article speaking about his earlier tweet and the frenzie around people trying to decipher "Who is Scott Free?"

Trump is playing 4D chess while these fools are still playing checkers!
#GameTheory #Checkmate…
37. Step 3:

Q links a Wikipedia article on "Scott Free Productions", a British production company.

Scott Free Productions produced the movie 'White Squall' in 1996.

38. WHITE SQUALL, the movie.

"...Travelled halfway around the globe when suddenly they are challenged by a severe storm"

#D5 Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING!

You are watching a movie! 😎
39. QDrop 2544

Q posts the link to the movie trailer for White Squall (video below)
40. Q linked:

White Squall, the movie trailer 1996 - Jeff Bridges

41. QDrop 2545

If you decide to change careers
Your name has been entered to be fast-tracked

🤔 Who is Q speaking to?

Links for 'How to apply to join USSS and FBI' 👇🏼👇🏼
44. QDrop 2546

Anons on the board are getting frustrated, and asked Q when are we going to see #DECLASS?

Q responds: #POTUS has given the order when he said #TheCalmBeforeTheStorm
When did he make that statement?
When did Q go active?
Watch the news, FBI and DOJ
45. Q told us to watch #Hannity tonight. The anons have discovered a post from Cain stating he will be on hannity tonight!

Cain is a whistleblower of the #ClintonFoundation ‼️

#QAnon #TheStorm
46. Anons have answered Q when he asked when did POTUS first make the statement #TheCalmBeforeTheStorm
47. Anons are always showing what the MSM will never tell you.

Thank you #POTUS! We love you!

#WWG1WGA #WorldWide 🌎🙏🏻
48. Will POTUS give us the biggest #QProof yet, and post again tonight at exactly 8:16 pm which is the timestamp of his Friday post to watch Hannity, which Q re-posted today in a drop?

Or will Cain come on #Hannity 8 min 16 seconds into the show? 🤔

KEEP WATCH Patriots! 👀👀
49. 💥[BOOM] #QProof

Anon has mapped out past Q drops with the article posted re: the 17 second seismic waves that rumbled worldwide on Nov 11th.


#Q knew 😏🐸
50. In the midst of all the chaos - we must keep positive and LAUGH! 😁

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.. and these Anons create the BEST memes 😂👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
51. Perfect graphic to clearly show how #Mueller is running his witch hunt #QAnon
52. Interesting find:

Details on the ONLY hearing on the schedule that has NOT been postponed, DOD Artificial Intelligence! 👀

Scheduled: #D5

#POTUS has signed an Executive Order closing government on December 5th #D5 for a 'day of mourning for GHWB'

There's more to know regarding this though .. 👇🏼👇🏼
54. Has POTUS closed government for ANOTHER reason?

Q always tell us:

55. T - 30 min until #Hannity ‼️

Patriots, get ready! 🍿🍿😎🐸
56. OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
57. Anon mapped out QDrop from earlier tonight. #QProof

The Art of Trolling the Media 👌🏼
58. #WWG1WGA 🌎#WW
59. There are NO coincidences 🐸
60. Some of you tipped me off to this .. thank you! 🙏🏻 So Cain will apparently NOT be on #Hannity tonight.

Cain is the U1 & CF whistleblower who had his house raided, and has perhaps singlehandedly delivered the death blow to the Clinton dynasty.

👉🏼Who is whistleblower #2?
62. FOX cancelled THREE guest segments tonight .. which #Q pointed us to watch for.

>>> Who were the 3 guests?
63. In the middle of creating this thread, [they] completely locked my account down - shutting down access to ALL of my threads.

After 3 hours of frustration, I FINALLY regained access! Apologies to anyone who didn't have access during that time! 🙏🏻

64. I'll finish this thread up for tonight, as there's been discussions happening on the chans. In the meantime Patriots, give yourselves a ROUND OF APPLAUSE!👇🏼👇🏼

65. QDrop 2547

In the last drop of the night Q tells us F0X executives pulled 3 scheduled guests - including CAIN, the U1 & CF whistleblower. Focus will be on GHWB.

>> Who are the other 2?
66. The Anons are not happy about the news.

F0X has shown its hand. It's now officially confirmed they are 🤡/cabal controlled!
67. Anons are calling out the media bias and are NOT happy with #Hannity.
68. Until one astute Anon points out that while everyone is pissy with Hannity and the coverage of GHWB - nobody was paying attention to the scrolls at the bottom of the screen!

>> USPS SUSPENDS mail delivery on #D5 👀👀
70. Anons have done some digging on sealed indictments and whistleblowers👇🏼
71. Your daily reminder ⭐️
72. Anons are still discussing the seismic waves sent out on Nov 11th.

Anon points out these were not 'typical' waves were all used to - this was a SEISMIC event and what was 'waving' was solid Earth rock! 🌍

Anon links Wikipedia on Seismic Waves
73. What is Wikipedia up to now!?

When opening the link to the seismic waves Anon dropped above, THIS popped up first! 👀

Wikipedia is asking for DONATIONS! 🤔🤡
74. Anon reminds everyone who is frustrated with the events of the night, that there is SO MUCH HAPPENING!

Patience my fellow Patriots 🙏🏻
75. Let's use logic.

GHWB died weeks ago!
[They] were holding that card, wanting to play it when THEY wanted. So Q forced their hand and leaked a whistleblower coming Monday > hours later GHWB hits the news.
76. So what happened tonight?

EXACTLY what was planned to happen! Q tipped us off to watch Hannity > RIGHT BEFORE air > 3 segments cancelled & the show was all about GHWB.

Q wanted us to have the confirmation that F0X has been compromised, as suspected.
77. But.. but.. whistleblower?

Right! But Q and POTUS needed to ensure that [they] would play this card NOW (GHWB), and not during the time when the 'operation' goes full execution mode.

We got a 2-fer! 🐸😎
78. Now, the REAL issue is the DS having all this weeks hearings postponed.

But remember Q said:
Well played DS
Please allow us to counter

Be patient while Q & POTUS execute this countermove! And keep watch for it! Q told us, watch the news! 👀👀
79. Thank you Q, POTUS & Team 🙏🏻#WWG1WGA
80. That's all for now folks! Until next time Q returns 🙏🏻😎

Don't ever let [them] silence you!

[They] want us divided!
Divided we are WEAK!
Together we are STRONG!

#PatriotsFIGHT #WWG1WGA 🌍
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