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👀👀 I had a feeling!

#Q has returned! This will be my Q thread for Dec 4/5th.

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheStorm
2. QDrop 2548

We were right Patriots! Past QDrop from 1 year ago was a signifier. Q links same drop! #QProof #FlynnIsSafe

Lots to decipher through this drop! Let's go! 🐸😎
3. Q linked these 2 posts from Tom Winter.

Q quotes (((+++separate criminal investigation going on outside of Muellers purview+++)))

Who did Q say +++ was?
4. #POTUS did it again! 🙌🏼

I was surprised earlier today that nobody picked up on POTUS's odd choice of words in one of his posts. I felt it was code. It was. 😎

5. The elegance & PRECISION of the 2 days have been remarkable! - POTUS

Sci-Fi or PRECISION Military planning? - Q
6. Who does Mueller report to? Whitaker
Does Whitaker oversee Huber/OIG? Yes
What case is Huber/OIG/470 working on? CF
Who has the servers? We do!
7. You are witnessing something (firsthand) that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality.

You are watching a movie.
8. Coincidences reveal the truth without violating national security.

This many coincidences makes it mathematically impossible for the information to be false!

Coincidences makes it possible to bypass DS restrictions, and avoid future legal liability.

Learn the comms 5:5 sig

Here's one reason why 👇🏼👇🏼


Think [No Name]

In NUMEROUS drops Q has stated Flynn [30]. Exactly [30]. 🤔

Drop 1935: [He did not depart on his own terms] > No Name

Now read this drop against today's!
11. New QDrop 2549

Deep State used GHWB funeral to stall Huber's testimony re: CF

Use logical thinking!
What are the statistical odds that Huber would be scheduled to testify on D5?

What are the odds that GHWB funeral would be that day?

Which news dropped first?
12. Why does the (global) fake news media [largest in the world] continue to attack Q?
13. Why is WP leading the attacks on Q?

Am@zon owns WP

🤡's control Am@zon

Am@zon launches new cloud service for 🤡's

Get the picture?

Here's a past QDrop from August where Q talks about WP leading the attack, and he linked article of new cloud service.
14. A MAJOR solar storm is predicted for TOMORROW #D5 after researchers discovered the sun has released a barrage of cosmic radiation. Coincidence?…
15. Going back to [No Name].. I'm digging further, I remembered how MANY drops Q has mentioned no name as a marker.

Past drop #25: 'We don't say his name' Q states "Proof to begin 11.3"

The . is there for a reason! What if it's 1/1 3pm?

🚨Jan 1st EO: Martial Law/Mil Tribunals
16. Your daily reminder!
#IStandWithGenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
17. Q posts on D5 at 17 marker!


Thanks @Daniel_Latulipp for pointing this out! 👌🏼🙏🏻

18. Anons are responding:
19. Sci-Fi or Precision Military planning? - #Q

Anon: I'll take precision MI planning for $500! 😎
20. Q is up late! So are we 😎

New QDrop 2550

Attention on deck!
For God & Country

*Notice the pic title is JUSTICE
Q also linked a post from Gen Flynn's sister! 🇺🇸
21. QDrop 2551

Q links past drop when [they] outed the GHWB funeral > forced all hearings this week: postponed.

Well played DS. Please allow us to counter. 👇🏼This along with [RAPID_FIRE] > drop 2549, seems to be a GO code.

Counter move incoming!
Reminder: Q said watch news
22. Today, #D5 is @GenFlynn's birthday! Everyone should wish him a happy birthday here 👇🏼 on his pinned post, and please RT his post for maximum exposure for his book!

Happy birthday Sir! 🙏🏻
We stand with you!

#IStandWithGeneralFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️

23. Woah! 😲

Yeah, I would think it's safe to assume that 170,757 indictments total so far is out of the ordinary!

A little more than the 67,000 already knew about! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

[Cleaning house] - #Q
24. Q tells us to watch for double meanings. Was [RAPID_FIRE] really a code for this movie instead?

Hmm .. China reference again
25. Think [No Name]

Did Q mean to look at Mueller the same as No Name? We already do!
He's been complicit in numerous crimes against the US going back YEARS!

No name > ran weapons
Mueller > ran Uranium
27. Anon full decode from earlier drop 2549 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
28. Past Q drops from this day one year ago. #D5
29. Yessss precisely where we want them, Anon. Out of resources and out of ideas! 😎 GodFather III
30. Who has the servers? - Q
31. BINGO!

Why are we the #2 most attacked by the MSM, next to #POTUS?

WE are becoming the news, as well as the NEWS MAKERS! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Be proud of yourselves anons! We are winning BIGLY!

The truth is powerful and [they] are PETRIFIED of being exposed for who they REALLY are!
32. Map created by Anon of our #QProof from today. 👌🏼

We protect our Patriots
33. There's the 30 marker again!

Past Drop 970: Q responds to Anon's statement "Free Flynn"

Done in 30
House cleaning
WH secured
Final stage

We are coming to the final stage!
35. Past Drop 265 from #D5 one year ago.

Watch the news!

>> Q told us countermove is incoming!
36. The most stunning White Hat of them all ❤️ #FLOTUS
37. Now that Whitaker has control, and oversight over Mueller - [they] know Mueller isn't in their pocket any longer.
38. Has Mueller and Flynn been working together to fool the DS into divulging info to Mueller?

Was Flynn's charges a ploy to make [them] eat out of POTUS's hands, ending with a full pardon for Flynn anyways?

Did Mueller make an immunity deal for his part in U1?
39. [BOOM]

[No Name] Funeral - Q took out big bird & other satellites

11/11 - Seismic waves 17 sec apart, took out numerous satellites including 5Eye

What will today bring? #D5
> GHWB Funeral

>> Countermove INCOMING!
41. Arrest them all at the funeral?

42. Anons are telling Q we're ready!

43. 😲Another #QProof

Marker 1:07 = 17 that was pointed out earlier 👆🏼was a stated marker from Q in past drop 1464.

A week to remember
Dark to Light (marker)

Coincidence? BIG WEEK FOLKS
Blackout necessary
>> What is being taken out today!?

We've seen that before too.

Past drops: 1434 & 1436
'Flood is coming'
Future proves past

FB! director McCabe sent email titled "Flood is coming"
It's happening

🤔 McCabe today?
45. Q is back again! 😁🙌🏼

New QDrop 2552

Bill Priestap is OUT! But we knew that. 😉NONE of other high rank FB! Officials involved in these investigations will remain w/ bureau!

Q tells us to follow the names from past drops update list

46. Article Q linked:…
47. Q told us to check the [update] list for names; well the most recent update was from past drop 2381. Here's the section with the FB! names: Priestap was the ONLY name NOT fired - and now he's retiring.

48. New QDrop 2553

Anon posts live photo of #POTUS & #FLOTUS at funeral NOT participating in the evil ritual.

Q responds: 1 man who gave up everything for we the PEOPLE!
[They] expended more resources/ammunition they planned to play 'later'. Evil has no place here!
50. New QDrop 2554

Q links oversight schedule for CF that has been postponed > Dec13.

Q asks will [they] try to delay this until Dems get sworn into House (Jan)? Comey & LL hearings? Moves/Countermoves. #SeeSomethingSaySomething

Q is telling us to keep vigilant for FF attacks
51. House Oversight link Q posted regarding CF hearing:…
52. New QDrop 2555

Q links previous drop and says Whitaker, Horowitz, Huber & Wray had long meeting in SCIF > this is unusual, which means something important was discussed that is upcoming.
53. New QDrop 2556

Q tells us the validated accounts are out in full force today trying to discredit our movement.

Why are [they] so scared?
Being exposed is [their] FEAR!

We are AWAKE! #WWG1WGA 🌍
54. Those that squeal the loudest!

[Panic in DC]

Q has told us to be prepared for a blackout, full shutdown in past drops.

"Big tech companies are planning to take down ALL sites at same time to prevent DS takedown news to spread in near future!"

Patriots, IT'S TIME! 😎
55. TICK TOCK! 😎
56. Anons are telling Q we're ready! It's time! #DOITQ
57. It's time! ⏰
58. Evil only wins when good people do nothing!


Look here - not THERE!

Anons are always showing gratitude to POTUS, Q and the Team 🙏🏻 #ThankQ
59. Lots of chatter about the wrinkled flag over the casket.. #Traitors don't get RESPECT!

Guess who else had a wrinkled flag?
60. Notice the difference?

Traitor vs. Respected Veteran
61. BINGO! Anon points out that #POTUS & #FLOTUS have the patience of a saint having to sit next to [them] at the funeral.

62. [Their] need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Bob Dole gives GHWB the illuminati salute.

👀>> ((( paralyzed )))
64. Past drop 1332

Patriots, what you are about to learn will scare you, but will intensify your resolve to take back your FREEDOM!

Stay the course #TrustThePlan
Protective measures are in place
Remain BRAVE
We knew this day would come
United we stand WORLDWIDE
65. Past drop from Nov 2017

Holy crap! READ SLOWLY!

Same lines from drop from last night:
Attention on deck
Active WAR

Now look at [.]
C!A is here

Woah! #QProof
66. Was this week purposefully meant to force them to expend resources? Did Q make a big deal about the whistleblower leak on Friday to force [them] to play a card?

67. 😏We know [they] needed this as a way to all meet - since POTUS has compromised all their comms 😉
68. #POTUS is playing [them] like a fiddle. We ALL want justice now, but isn't this at least a little fun to witness and be apart of? #ThankQ
69. Many folks are in my mentions asking about this post 👇🏼Some took this as though arrests WILL happen today.

Top line: Arrests are POSSIBLE

With Gov shutdown today, congress arrest protections are VOID. Meaning it's "possible" .. let's wait and see!
70. ICYMI:

4 defendants charged in Panama Papers investigation for their roles in Global Law Firm's decades-long scheme to defraud the US.

Read here:…
71. Nice timestamp Q! Where have we seen that before? Past drop 453!

Countdown! ⏰
72. This Anon is paying attention!
73. Whitaker #DeadStare 👀
74. Interesting theory:
75. THIS 👇🏼 #TrustThePlan 🙏🏻
76. 😂😂
77. WE are the newsmakers now!

🗣🗣 #WWG1WGA 🌍
78. BREAKING: John Solomon Bombshell: FBI Email Chain involving Comey that Republican lawmakers have discovered between the FBI and DOJ - may be the most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet.…
79. New QDrop 2557

Q links article re: new email chain found between FBI/DOJ

What do you want for Christmas?

80. Good catch Anon!

Q asked what do you want for Christmas?

Solomon article: added ..... to their WISH LIST [Boom]
81. New drop 2558

Q links F0X article: O's high ranking regime is now gone, as they've all been fired, resigned or retired.

Q says it's all a conspiracy right?
Nothing to see
Nope, nothing happening!
Keep talking about RUSSIA!

Article here:…
82. New QDrop 2559

Q tells us the real Russian conspiracy is when [they] had the fake docier created - paid for by Clinton. [They] are projecting their own crimes onto POTUS to swing the narrative.

What happens when the truth is fully exposed? #SheepNoMore
83. Why is this email chain that has been found important? 👇🏼👇🏼
85. A total of 104 child sex traffickers have been arrested in Florida during a massive undercover investigation on human trafficking.

Nope nothing happening.
"Why aren't we seeing arrests yet?!"
We are! Pay attention 😎…
86. Canada arrests CFO of Huawei Tech. at the request of US; as part of a US probe into whether the Chinese telecommunications giant violated sanctions against Iran…
87. Pollak: Flynn Sentencing Doc: "the most explosive piece of info in the sentencing doc. is not about collusion with Russians, but about the collusion between the media, the intelligence services, and the outgoing members of the Obama administration."…
88. Will #SantaT give us the BEST Christmas present of all?

FIRST DOJ INDICTMENTS UNSEALED: Clinton Foundation-Connected Bank “Mossack Fonseca” Tied To Money Laundering…
90. Looming arrest and trial of Clinton throws Russia into full war footing.

"whose anonymous leaker Russian intelligence analysts maintain is a secretive and mysterious US military intelligence organization known only as “QAnon” 🤔🤔…
91. Anons believe they have deciphered code in Q's drop tonight. He spelt XMAS - not Christmas.

We have learned from past drops (X) equals 10. 10 more?
92. Where else have we seen (X)?

Hmmm .. Killary next?
94. Reminder ICYMI: FISA Court Finds "Serious Fourth Amendment Issue" In Obama's "Widespread" Illegal Searches Of American Citizens…
95. BREAKING: China Outraged At Arrest Of Huawei CFO, Warns It Will "Take All Measures"…
96. They don't get the recognition they deserve. Thank you #POTUS and #FLOTUS for leading to world to FREEDOM and prosperity again! 🙏🏻 #WWG1WGA 🌍
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