1) Alright everyone. After taking a step back to look at the General Flynn sentencing memo, I have come to a conclusion and it is ASTONISHING. Buckle up, and let’s begin. Massive revelations into the Mueller Special Counsel.
2) Flynn was the centerpiece of the media fabricated Russia collusion narrative. The media conspiracy theorist claimed that Flynn was “guilty of Treason!” was the “back channel to Putin that helped Drumpf steal the election from Hillary!”

That BS narrative is now debunked.
3) So the liberals and the media took a massive L on this. Yet, they are turning around and trying to say “this means Flynn flipped on Trump! See collusion!”

Poor libs.... This is complete folly and there are multiple reasons way.
4) Firstly, if Flynn was a massive player in a Trump Russia conspiracy to rig an election, there is no chance he would be let off with zero jail time. No matter what sort of testimony he gave, you’re not getting away with treason.
5) Secondly, and most importantly, it says it right in the memo, that Flynn gave significant evidence in regards to “several ongoing investigations” an unspecified criminal investigation and the investigation concerning Russian government and individuals associated with Trump.
6) Why is the criminal investigation redacted and the Russia probe into Trump is not? (THIS IS VERY SIGNIFICANT)

Mueller goes on to explain that the testimony Flynn gave was redacted “because the investigations in which he has provided assistance are ongoing”
7) Pause. That’s an absolute bombshell. Mueller just revealed he is currently assisting in multiple ongoing investigations, one of which we know to be criminal, and is most likely being redacted because it could compromise the names of witnesses or defendants, Title 1 Grand Jury
8) AND the unspecified criminal investigation is SEPARATE FROM THE TRUMP RUSSIA PROBE.

Meaning, Flynn, known white hat and huge adversary of Clinton and Obama, just gave significant testimony to an unspecified ongoing criminal investigation separate from Trump/Russia probe.
9) Do you all know how massive this is? And just wait, it gets better.

If the mystery criminal investigation is ongoing therefore must be redacted, that would mean that the Trump/Russia intel would need to be redacted... unless its no longer an ongoing investigation...
10) Yes folks. I am insinuating that the Trump/Russia investigation is now over, and Mueller is still operating because he has been tasked with multiple other investigations. If the Trump/Russia investigation was still going the name of the investigation would be redacted as well
11) So for any of the liberals who want to try to spin this as a victory, be my guest. You’re cheering for your own demise. This sentencing memo just proved that Mueller has been looking into BOTH SIDES. If Flynn was singing, and it wasn’t about Trump, who was it about?
12) Yesterday Trump said Mueller is “a much different man than people think”.

Trump has been cryptically signaling to us that Mueller’s role is different than the established narrative. Lib and conservative media see mueller as only going after Trump. We now know this is a lie.
13) Yes folks. Mueller is a “Grey Hat”. Lets take it back to the origin of the Mueller investigation so we can fully understand how this genius maneuver was created by Trump.
14) May 16th, 2017: 7 days after the firing of FBI Director, James Comey, Trump has an interview with Bob Mueller for the position of FBI Director. However, Bob Mueller had already served more than his maximum term limit as FBI Director. He was legally ineligible for the position
15) May 17th, 2017: Bob Mueller is appointed by Rod Rosenstein (Trump’s appointee/subordinate) to the head of the SC.

Mueller met with Trump the day before he was appointed to SC. What did they really discus? Was a deal made? Does trump have leverage over Mueller? URANIUM 1
16) I believe that Trump sat down with Mueller and gave him an option to work for Trump in exchange for a pardon from his crimes (Uranium One). Help us take out the deep state, while simultaneously exonerate Trump of the Russia BS and we will let you walk. Art of the Deal.
17) Remember that special prosecutor Trump told Hillary he was going to hire to look into her situation? I believe MUELLER to be that special prosecutor
18) It’s genius. Trump had to prosecute the Clintons, but he had to make sure the left and the media would accept the result of the investigation. How did he do it? Make the media and the left legitimize and trust the person who would be doing the prosecution.
19) Trump also had to make it look convincing. So minor players like papadopolous got a slap on the wrist for process crimes unrelated to the Trump/Russian conspiracy theory. This is how Trump generated the MSM’s faith in Mueller.
20) Trump also used propaganda and a couple of tweets to make the liberal AND CONSERVATIVE media, think that Mueller was on a witch hunt against him.

The liberal media just got done drooling over Mueller for a year, and praising him as the second coming. Exactly as planned.
21) Now when Mueller exonerates Trump and prosecutes the deep state actors, the media can’t say “Trump weaponized the intel agency to go after Hillary!”. When they just got done saying Mueller was after Trump for a year and a half. They are beyond screwed and they don’t know it.
22) The liberals and media can try to deny Mueller’s conclusions all they like, but they will have no credibility and they will have no choice but to comply.

Tonight was a significant shift in the tide. We are on the offensive and the Deep State is out of escape routes.

Please excuse my few typos, I’m throwing this together on the fly
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