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How Going Low-Carb/Keto Made My Penis Not Work And Eating More Carbs Made Me Lose More Fat And Feel 100% Better.

How's that for a click-bait title to a thread.

And away we go.........
Every time I make a post about CICO/calories, I get a response from a handful of people who call me an idiot.

And claim calories don't matter.

And claim carbs make you fat.

And claim processed foods make you unhealthy.

And claim only low/no carb will work....
Generally, they have read:

> Good Calories, Bad Calories
> Wheat Belly
> Why We Get Fat
> The Obesity Code
> Deep Nutrition

Etc, etc, etc.
I want to tell you a little story about a really fucking obese, 300 pound middle school teacher who couldn't even bend over to tie his shoes.

That really fucking obese person was me.
It was 2011, shortly after my first daughter was born.

I was fat. Really fucking fat.

I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.

Acid reflux.

Sleep apnea.


Low energy.

Low libido.

You name the "obesity" symptom, and I had it.
I was fed up and disgusted...... and one day, browsing Facebook, a friend of mine suggested a documentary to me - Fathead, by Tom Naughton.

I ponied up the $10 and had it delivered.

This was before streaming movies were really a thing.
I opened the DVD and watched it - and it was eerily similar to what Keto/low-carbers say every day.

> Insulin causes obesity
> Carbs make you fat
> Going low-carb is the only thing that works
> Eat like a caveman
> Fasting is the magic ticket to health

Etc, etc, etc.
And boy, let me tell you what.

That fat, desperate, middle school teacher ATE THAT SHIT UP hook, line, and sinker.

And off I went, firmly believing everything I question currently.

I shunned carbs, started eating nothing but protein + fat, and started fasting.
I developed a plan. It was quite simple.

It worked like this:

> Don't eat carbs
> Fast in the morning
> Only eat when you're hungry

That was it.

My entire plan.

The simplest diet known to man.

And guess what?

It worked.

Incredibly well.
Within 3 months, I had shed 40 pounds and I felt amazing.

Like a freaking Superhero.

Gym performance went up, asthma/acid reflux/sleep apnea went away.

Energy shot through the roof

THIS IS IT! (I thought to myself)

I have found the KEY to healthy living

I will never go back
I was the biggest "no carb zealot" on the face of the planet.

I turned up my noses at carbs - ALL carbs.

No sugar, no fruit, no bread, no pasta, no rice.


And if you ate carbs, I made sure to tell you how wrong you were.

(this is douchey - don't do this)
I read all the "no carb literature" - the books I mentioned in the first tweet or so.

And since I was ALREADY BIASED (key point), this only confirmed my suspicions.

I was actively seeking out confirmation (confirmation bias).

And deeper into the rabbit hole I went.
***Side note - this was 2 years before I even started my blog, let alone coached others.....
But after about month 4 or so, some very strange things started happening.

The energy I had around month 3 started dwindling.

The pep started to leave my step.

I was always cranky and lethargic.

My libido absolutely tanked and I never desired sex.

It was a bit scary.
I developed a cold around March of 2012.

That cold lasted over 6 weeks.

I remember feeling like absolute death..... over a simple winter cold.

I remember thinking, "If this is what it takes to be lean, I don't think I can hack it."

I was truly upset and dejected.
So, then I did the crazy and unthinkable.

The thing that VERY few people do...

I began to question my own biases.

This is a CRUCIAL step towards actually figuring out what works for you.
I started asking:

"Wait, did the fasting cause my fat loss?

Or did the no-carb approach cause my fat loss?

Or did the insulin improvement cause my fat loss?

Or did the calories cause my fat loss?"

I had no clue - you CANNOT separate these items.

Each has merit.
I began to experiment with myself......

I started to look closely at my nutrition + calorie intake.

I played around with various protocols.

I started eating more carbs, keeping calories constant.....
And I was completely blown away.

All this time - for TWO YEARS - I had FIRMLY believed that low/no carb was the only way this would work.

And that fasting was the ticket.

And that carbs caused insulin to spike, which made fat loss impossible.
But when carbs were added back into my diet, everything improved dramatically.

Libido came back.

Performance in the gym shot up.

Energy returned.

Sickness/cold went away.

And I STILL lost JUST AS MUCH FAT as before.
This completely flew into the face of everything I thought I knew.

I started asking other questions - and questioning the very logic I had believed as gospel.....
If carbs make you fat...

Why do undeveloped countries where people eat nothing but rice...... still have starving people?

Why do the Japanese stay lean, when the majority of what they eat is rice?

How did @Haub_KSU lose so much weight eating processed bullshit?
These weren't easy questions to answer.

Especially when my own biases stated something contradictory.

I felt lost.

Like I didn't actually know the "truth".
It wasn't long after that that I started my blog.

And helping/coaching others.

Many of my first protocols were very low in carb.

As in "zero carbs on rest days" low.

That's rather extreme for sure....

So I understand how biases can cloud your mind.
But the more people I worked with, the more I started to understand that there is no "one approach" to nutrition.

Some clients did very poorly on low carb diets.

And when we switched to higher carb/lower fat diets, they did very well.
Some clients found "fasting" to be the magic ticket.

And others found it fucking impossible to stick to.
And some clients did better with more calories per day and increasing activity.

While others did better with lower calories and more rest.

It simply depended on the person.
It's actually rather easy to spot a bullshit scam artist.

It works like this:


That one thing could be:

> low/no carb
> fasting
> eliminating any macro
> crazy elimination diets
> whatever

There is not ONE TICKET to health, fam.
This is why I throw people like Fung, Taubes, Davies, or the ilk into the same category.

Might their methods be beneficial to you?

Yes, of course they might.

But then again, maybe not.
But you absolutely CANNOT with a clear conscience tell people:

"Use fasting, eat no processed food, and eat no carbs or else you will stay fat."

That's morally fucked - totally unethical.
You also cannot say:

"Calories don't matter if you fast/go Keto/go carnivore, etc"

Because that's completely an unequivocally untrue as well.

If you fast AND eliminate an entire food group...

News flash....

You're creating a calorie deficit, whether you think so or not.
All of these tools are just that - tools.

Use the proper tool.

But if you use the improper tool, you won't get the job done with as much efficiency or with as much accuracy.
And one more thing...

Just because it worked for YOU doesn't mean it should be the go-to diet for EVERYONE.

Humans are different.

I didn't understand this until I had worked with dozens of actual, real life humans.

And to date, I've worked with 2,500+.

Real people.
A charlatan will make a dubious claim, cherry pick literature to support it, make it sound sciency enough that your average layperson can't distinguish if it's true or not.....

And sell a FUCKTON of books.....
When you actually roll up your sleeves, forget your preconceived notions, and try to help people....

And you stop with your N = 1, anecdotal experience...

The truth may shock you.
It's too damn bad some of you are so far down the rabbit hole that you won't even consider what I'm saying.

Because it very well may change everything in your life.

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