I love the book 1984. It's a great work of art which will outlive everyone who reads these words. However, it can become a millstone for those who read it, the inevitability of it all is bad for morale.

Hence I advocate "Orwell's Oversight".
I've pitched the concept in the broadest possible sense:

Any instance where the official line is publicly contradicted. Orwell suggested a society of citizens, constantly watched and controlled. Instead we live in a world where everyone is watched by everyone else.
1984 is a victim of its own success. A vision so compelling it has enchanted many, including those in positions of power, but to mistake it for reality is to live in an oppressive fiction.

Liberation is in the fact the internet's all-seeing-eye works both ways; we can see them.
"Orwell's oversight" relates to why the internet is so successful and why it represents a dramatic change to the balance of power.

In short: the information superhighway sends traffic both ways.

The watchers are being watched and "Big Brother" is also a prisoner of the web.
In the UK the death of Ian Tomlinson is a good example. Initially a report was dictated to the media which described evil protesters attacking heroic police officers who were trying to save a poor man who lay dying.

In the past that would have been the end of it.
Then, "Orwell's oversight" kicked in and a member of the public submitted footage of Tomlinson being anything but 'helped by the police'.

Previously such thuggery would have been impossible to report supported only by word of mouth testimony.

Instead Ian Tomlinson's family was awarded an apology and a financial settlement. And rightly so!

This is the influence of "disruptive technology". The Police are clearly used to a different set of rules - they didn't expect the encounter to be recorded.

There are numerous examples - feel free to add more.

Anyway, this is the reason everyone nowadays speaks about "narratives"; previously 'Big Brother' told his citizens what he wanted and they had no right to reply.

This is no longer the case...
Nowadays drone attacks cannot be covered up, revelations from the likes of @wikileaks won't go away and evidence of the disparity between what Governments claim to be and what they actually are, will continue to frustrate the agenda.
This has undoubtedly caught them by surprise. The establishment is used to a more compliant, controlled, broadcast media. Supplemented by newspapers which are, in the main, ignored by the masses.

It's important to remember a distinction between print media and broadcasters.
Broadcast v Print media.

One is licenced directly by the powers that be; the other is not.

This accounts for their different editorial directions.

Broadcast media needs to be compliant with the Government line. Meaning, the bias of the civil service.
Newspapers follow public opinion. This is why they attract the wrath of organisations such as @hopenothate and @StopFundingHate - they see themselves as shepherds to the general public's nationalist / anti-globalist prejudice.
The key aspect of "Orwell's Oversight" is the fact the net allows anyone to give direct feedback and offer a 'counter narrative' to the establishment's line.

In other words, you are just as powerful as Rupert Murdoch. You have access to a global communication system which you can update as and when you feel.

Your Twitter or Facebook is no different to "The Sun" newspaper. You just have a smaller audience.

Social media - kills media.
Advertisers and politicians always fantasised people passively consumed the media, believing everything it said, accepting it as an authoritative source.

I don't believe this was ever the case. There's a 'slight of mind' trick played here where 'silence is consent'.

Not so.
The 'silence', or 'lack of questioning or dissenting voices' is obviously as a result of selection and media bias.

If politics has suddenly changed from being something which was "simple" and clearly "a concensus" that only means you shared the bias and ignored your opposition.
I can't be the only one who remembers people mocking; "oh, yeah it must be true if it was in the papers, ha ha".

As a child I used to love listening to my Dad take the piss out of "wankers" on the telly. I assumed that was how most watched it; with a proverbial pinch of salt.
My point here is that the media does not dictate to the public, it talks to it. For many years there have been people within the media who were under the impression they were dictators. They tend to vote #remain and go on about #ClimateChange

No judgement, it's a living.
Nowadays though, these poor celebrities, get feedback which most of them are not prepared for.

Ask @GaryLineker or @lilyallen

The response to their, rather tame, - acceptable in the 80's - lefty leanings are insane!
Previously media "stars" and politicians were protected from this feedback because the broadcaster only sent traffic one way and responses were always filtered.

Silence was wrongly taken to imply consent or satisfaction. It might often have indicated contempt.
The word "apocalypse" means "revealing". If anything we've seen a large number of 'revealing' stories, many of which would have been suppressed without the force of "Orwell's Oversight" behind them.

#Wikileaks #Savile #Rotherham

Maybe 2012 was the start of an "apocalypse".
The new dynamic is; we live in a world where everyone has access to a global communication system. Those awarded a 'licence to broadcast' are becoming irrelevant.

The full consequences have not yet played out but they suggest a different world to the one predicted in 1984.
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