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1) This is my Q thread for December 6, 2018

Q posts can be found here:

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My Theme: Deep State Fake Out
2) On Nov 4th, Robert Mueller sent his sentencing memo to a judge regarding General Flynn's case. Mueller recommended no jail time.

The unredacted document was made public. Predictably, the MSM hoped it spelled doom for POTUS.…
4) Link to Mueller's partially redacted addendum concerning General Flynn sentencing:…
5) If you read nothing else about the sentencing memo, read this. 👇🏼…
6) If you've been following Q for more than a few months, it probably didn't surprise to you that Mueller recommended no jail time for General Flynn.

Last December, Q told us the General had the dirt on everyone in DC and that he was safe.
7) What are the odds that exactly one year after Q said General Flynn was safe, Mueller would release a sentencing memo recommending no jail time for him?
8) In March, an anon demanded General Flynn to be freed.

Q responded, "Done in 30."
9) Exactly one month later, The House Intelligence Committee released the findings of its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, concluding that General Flynn had done nothing illegal.…
10) That day, Q posted a link to the article and suggested that General Flynn had secretly been giving testimony to Mueller's team concerning corruption.

As head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama, he would have had considerable firsthand knowledge.
11) The first new post from Q is long and it requires explanation. Here is the drop. Explanations will follow.

Q reposted the message about General Flynn from one year ago and noted that markers are important.

[Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018]
12) Q Wrote:
"Think No Name."

Q posted a picture of John McCain on July 25th, at 4:28 pm, exactly one month to the minute before his death.

1) I live in Arizona, the same timezone where JohnMcCain was pronounced dead.
2) The timestamp from Q's post is my local time.
13) Q posted a link to a tweet by NBC News reporter Tom Winter about General Flynn's sentencing recommendation.
14) Q posted a link to a second tweet by Tom Winter who came to the uncomfortable realization that General Flynn has been cooperating with Investigators outside of Robert Mueller's team.

16) Robert Mueller's addendum says General Flynn had provided information to several departments in the DOJ, regarding multiple investigations on 19 different occasions.

(Redactions make it impossible to determine which investigations.)…
17) Q wrote:
"Did Mueller have a choice in making the recommendation?
Who does Mueller 'now' report to?
Does WHITAKER also oversee HUBER + OIG?
What case(s) is HUBER + OIG + team of 470 currently working on?
18) Jeff Sessions, in this letter to Chuck Grassley, Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy, said that The DOJ Inspector General is investigating DOJ/FBI compliance with FISA requirements.…
19) Jeff Sessions confirmed that Inspector General Horowitz has a team of 470.

Sessions also confirmed that the Inspector General has the ability to convene Grand Juries and refer criminal cases to US Attorneys, such as John Huber.…
20) Sessions confirmed that US Attorney John Huber is working outside of Washington DC, in conjunction with the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.…
21) The DOJ doesn't confirm ongoing investigations, Stephen Boyd's letter to Bob Goodlatte is the closest we'll get to confirmation that the DOJ is investigating the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One to the Russian company Rosatom.…
22) The same letter outlines the matters that the DOJ Inspector General's office is investigating.…
23) Additional:
Because he had no reason to recuse himself, Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has assumed oversight of the Mueller investigation.…
24) Q wrote:
Who has the server(s)?
Who has access to NSA UT Term1-12?
Does FISA grant access to NSA umbrella collection?
25) We know who has the servers.
26) Who has access to the NSA's Utah data center?
Anyone in the DOJ or FBI with a FISA warrant.
We know FISA goes both ways.
Yes, FISA grants access to NSA umbrella collection.
27) Q wrote:
You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]
28 Q wrote:
Coincidences > > > reveal w/o violating NAT SEC

Q provides legitimate information to us in a way that allows us to piece together the big picture without violating national security laws.
29) Q wrote:
Coincidences > > > mathematically impossible to be 'FALSE'

We know the information Q provides is reliable because the odds of so-called coincidences approach mathematical impossibility.
30) Q wrote:
Coincidences > > > bypass 'installed' restrictions to prevent future legal attachments

Q's information is presented as coincidences. If we find the information ourselves and piece it together, drawing our own conclusions, it avoids future legal entanglements.
31) Comms understood? 5:5?

5:5 = military jargon for "loud and clear."
33) Q has always portrayed Huber as the man chosen to prosecute DC corruption.
The odds that Q would know Huber would testify on December 5 [D5] about the Clinton Foundation and that a state funeral would postpone that hearing are remote.

[D5 and Huber drops below.]
34) The first hint from Q that a US Attorney had been appointed to investigate and prosecute DC corruption was in November of 2017.
35) It wasn't until March of 2018 that Jeff Sessions made it publicly known that a US Attorney had been chosen to investigate DC corruption.

The question that Q skeptics never address is how did Q know?…
36) These are the first and last drops from Q about US Attorney John Huber.
37) Early D5 drops.
The drop from May 10 that begins "Fellow Patriots" is the first.
38) D5 drops from August through September.
39) D5 drop from October showing how Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance helped set up the spying operation (SpyOp) against the Trump campaign.

Declass will make it public.
40) D5 drops from October through December.
The last one on December 3rd asked what the odds were that a state funeral would be held on December 5th [D5].
41) Q posted this image and a link to a tweet.
42) The tweet is from @BarbaraRedgate thanking patriots for their love and support of General Flynn and his family.

43) Before we move on, here's some information about "Rapid Fire" from Q's earlier post.

Q frequently illustrates issues we need to be aware of by using film titles.
"Rapid Fire" was a 1992 film about the problem of corruption inside the FBI.…
44) Q drops that reference "Rapid Fire."
45) On December 5th, Q posted this, noting that the deep state [DS] made their move, successfully postponing the hearing where John Huber and whistleblowers were scheduled to testify about the Clinton Foundation.
46) An anon posted this on December 5th.
47) Q responded.
48) An anon didn't believe the funeral of Bush41 and the cancellation of Huber's testimony on the same day were a coincidence.
49) Another observation.
50) Was Bush43 in on the plan?
52) Agreed.
53) Moves and countermoves.
54) Always 10 steps ahead.
55) I believe, like the anons, that Trump and his team set up the hearing with Huber on Dec 5th knowing the deep state would do something to cancel it, causing them to prematurely expend ammunition.

Deep state fake out.
56) An anon answered an earlier question about why Washington Post is leading the attack on Q.
Q previously suggested the CI_A would be dismantled because it's impossible to clean.
The deep state and its propaganda outlet, WaPo are fighting for their lives.
63) The Clinton Foundation hearing has been rescheduled for December 13th.

Q asked if the deep state will attempt to cancel the hearing next week and continue delaying it until Dems take control of the House?

[LL] Loretta Lynch and [JC] James Comey are testifying this week.
64) Link to congressional committee calendar.…
65) My theory is that John Huber wasn't going to testify on December 5th. That meeting was scheduled to get the deep state to make their move.

Instead, Huber met with Chris Wray, Matt Whitaker and Michael Horowitz in a SCIF to develop the next phase of their mission.
66) Names and faces of the 4 who met in a SCIF to plan their next move(s)
67) What is a SCIF?

A secure meeting room impervious to surveillance.…
68) Plans are essential.
But a plan remains intact only until first contact is made with the enemy.
Then the plan must be adjusted based on the enemy's response.
Plans must be continually readjusted as the battlefield changes.
69) This anon considered the possibility that Huber's meeting was a move to fake out the deep state.
73) If the deep state intends to cancel next week's hearing featuring John Huber and the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers, how might they do it?
78) This anon realized that the deep state's delays won't matter if:
1) Members of Congress are about to be indicted
2) The indictments happen before January 3rd when the next session of Congress is sworn in.
79) Q posted a link to an article by John Solomon who reported that a chain of emails between James Comey and high-level members of FBI & DOJ prove they knew the Steele Dossier was unverified information but submitted it to FISA court as evidence.

What do you want for XMAS?
81) Q often posts links to tweets and articles by Sara Carter and John Solomon. In December of last year, an anon said it must be because they're good people.
82) Q responded.
83) Most of the media can't be trusted.
@SaraCarterDC and @jsolomonReports are more valuable to Trump and his team than we realize.
84) Q asked:
"What do you want for XMAS?"

I won't try to decode XMAS (though others have) or read into it any meaning other than what was plainly stated.

An anon responded with this.
86) An anon's request.
87) Another request.
88) Please pray for this anon?
89) Declas brings down the house.
92) A request for a Christmas storm.
93) ARRRR...
94) Old school.
97) A short list from a 🇬🇧anon
103) I ignore Q haters especially verified (blue checkmark) ones but Q noted that on the 5th, they were out in force, bashing Q because arrests had not been made.

Q is a threat to them because he's a legit Trump intelligence insider, with better information that their "sources."
104) (Q never promised or predicted arrests on the 5th.)
105) Dems accused Trump of colluding with Russia because it's what they did themselves. (Projection)

Fake News, alt news and even citizen reporters are threatened by Q because he provides free information and encourages people to think for themselves.
106) Q and POTUS choose to drop intel on 8chan because the board can't be censored.
There's nothing standing between you and information coming directly from the White House.
All you need to do is grab hold of it.
Stop taking the blue pill.
Open your eyes.
Sheep no more.
107) Q updates us regularly on the status of deep state players in the FBI & DOJ. Most have been fired or will be once their cooperation with investigators is complete.

Counterintelligence Chief Bill Priestap is one of the last remnants. He'll be retiring next year.
108) Link.
109) If I were Priestap & I knew what he knew, I'd be the first to flip and I'd make my own deal with Sessions:

•I'll tell you everything I know.
•I keep my position and retire at 20 years with benefits.
•Nothing is leaked to the press about my cooperation.

(Just a hunch.)
110) Here's the latest list of FBI & DOJ employees who have been removed from power and those who remain.
111) Political pundits insist nothing is happening to dismantle the deep state under Trump.
112) Preistap's departure brings almost to completion the removal of top-level brass in the FBI & DOJ who were in power over the last 20 years.…
113) This just in from POTUS,
Looks like Trump is happy about the way Pompeo is draining the State Department swamp.
116) Q posted a link to an article by John Solomon about the potentially illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation that are being brought to light by whistleblowers.
117) The Feds have had information about the Clinton Foundation from whistleblowers since 2017.…
118) John Solomon explains the information that has come to light regarding the Clinton Foundation.
119) Solomon confirms that John Huber is scheduled to testify about the Clinton Foundation investigation on December 13th.

Will the deep state attempt to postpone the hearing?
120) Q asked:
Why is the Clinton Foundation back in the news?

The President is using Sean Hannity, John Solomon and Sara Carter to create a news cycle about the Clinton Foundation to prepare people for the prosecution that is coming.
121) POTUS made his "Calm Before the Storm" comment on October 5, 2017.
Q went active on October 28th.
Huber was appointed in November.
A major part of Q's mission is giving us glimpses and assurances that the swamp is being drained.
122) Anthony Scarmucci was brought into the Trump administration to do a dirty job that someone in permanent position couldn't do.
He needed to fire leakers and traitors.
It took him 10 days.
Once the firing was done, he was replaced.…
123) Matt Whitaker was brought in as Acting Attorney General to wield an ax. Since he's a temp, optics don't matter.
Whitaker's entrance signals the deep state's demise.
When his work is done, he'll be replaced.
124) Q posted a link to a tweet by John Roberts and asked:
"What was leaked today (on purpose?)?"

125) The announcement that William Barr will be nominated as permanent US Attorney General may take some heat off Matt Whitaker and allow him to do his job.…
126) News of Barr's selection as permanent AG confirms that Whitaker is a temp.

It also means he must do the required work before his replacement is sworn in.

It's reasonable to assume that Barr's confirmation would be in February.
127) Logical thinking brings us to the conclusion that indictments would need to be unsealed and the prosecution of corruption must well underway by February.
128) Q wrote:
OIG to release report #2 [overview indicating many 'potentially criminal referrals' made]?
129) The Inspector General's office is the exception to the DOJ policy prohibiting discussion of ongoing investigations.

The IG's office is investigating other matters, including allegations of FISA abuse. (Think Spygate) We can expect criminal referrals from that investigation.
130) Q wrote:
"We do not discuss active/ongoing DOJ / FBI investigations."
131) Q posted a link to a Fox News informational video that lays out in simple terms the basic facts of the Clinton Foundation's legal problems.

The music in the video is familiar. (See tweets that follow)
132) Here's the video Q linked to.

The information that is coming out now is designed to get the public up to speed on what is about to happen regarding the Clinton Foundation.

133) The Clinton Foundation is a massive spider web of corruption that entangles thousands of people in government, Hollywood and the corporate world.

Why now?

The prosecution of the Foundation is drawing near and it would be unwise to sping this on unaware citizens.
134) The fact that whistleblowers and former intel agency sources are being permitted to speak publicly about the Clinton Foundation probably indicates that the investigation is complete and the prosecution is near, (DOJ does not comment on ongoing investigation)
135) Q asked about the music for the Clinton Foundation video. It's the same music used for Fox's info video about the NXVIM/Allison Mack case.

(Thanks to 8chan anons & @LisaMei62 for the info)…
136) On a side note, Allison Mack was arrested on April 20th. It was not disclosed to the media that she was cooperating with prosecutors until April 23rd.

Yet somehow, Q knew on the day of the arrest that Mack was cooperating and naming names.
137) This graphic shows that from April 20-22, the press only knew Mack had been arrested. It wasn't until the 23rd that they knew she was seeking a plea deal.
138) Q posted COME[Y] in the above drop as if he is connected to the Clinton Foundation.
139) The Inspector General's report on FBI handling of the Clinton email investigation contained information about files that were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop:

Hillary Clinton and Foundation
Crime Against Children…
140) Both Comey and Randall Colemen claimed to have amnesia about the meeting they had the morning they discussed the files on Weiner's laptop. I suspect we'll find out the truth soon enough.
141) A Twitter account that tracks air traffic noticed yesterday that Air Force 1 was flying under the call sign Q 0 (Q zero)

142) Q posted a link to the tweet and asked where is the + is located on a phone keypad.
143) The + symbol is at the same location as the number 0.
144) If zero = plus
Then, Q 0 = Q+
145) @Q_ANONBaby received a photo of himself with POTUS that was taken at a rally.
The President signed the back of the photo (((+)))
146) Some of Q's posts are signed Q+
We believe this signature indicates the message is directly from the President.
147) An anon responded to Q
148) Air Force 1 flying under the call sign Q 0 (Q+) is the President's way of trolling the fake news media about the Q operation.

Operators are active.
149) The trolling is intended to get the press to ask the Question so POTUS can confirm Q's legitimacy.

At what point will do they wake up?
151) Wait.... what?

Did she say "Go Q?"
152) 3:30 mark
154) From the President's Instagram account.…
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