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2. D5, have we nailed down what it means yet?

[D]eclas [5] papers. 5? They had discussed 1-4, and then later 5-6.

[D]ecember [5] which would have made sense. It was going to be Huber's testimony.

I think [D][5] is referring to a chess move. Solid evidence from Q drops.
3. Basically, all of what Huber was investigating and his findings were going to be spoken about on [D]ec [5]. Note, when Huber's testimony was posstponed due to #41's funeral, Q said "Postponed. Well-Played DS. Please allow us to counter."
No ? at the end of the request.
4. [D][5] is an opening chess move by BLACK ONLY. (Deep5tate = "BLACK") (Good Guys) "White" don't ask for permission to counter but it's a gentlemen's game, so a courtesy to request, but not seeking permission to move and the other player knows they have no choice in the matter.
5. I am not a very good chess player, but I understand this "1st" move to mean black moves their PAWN forward to attempt to start the battle and to fight for the center. In perspective, center of what? Government? USA? DOJ? FB_? C_A? Control of the "game" or "war"? "Kingdom"?
6. King = Kingdom? All protect the king. The term PAWN? In military terms can stand for "Programmable Autonomous Waypoint Navigation" - has to do with automated, automatic, remote control of DRONES. Some of the bad actors we've seen act like drones. MKUltra? Monarch? PsyOps?
7. Basically, the D5 chess move parallels what we've seen so far. PAWNS or DRONES, being controlled by powerful player(s), moving to take control at the center of the US government. But what of the other pieces on the board? Q has used REPEATED chess analogies throughout drops.
8. Starting from the top and working our way down. King: talks about many things but Saudi Arabia caught my eye ESPECIALLY due to the whole Khashoggi incident which may become the sole reason the US leaves it's long time alliance with the "Kingdom".
9. Drop talks again about the Saudis and to tell you the truth, I'm starting to get goosebumps. Are Q posts written in reverse order? Has there been a regime change in Saudi? We've all heard MBS is most likely responsible for the Khashoggi incident.
10. I've posted many threads on the Khashoggi incident and I've given multiple links that state the kingdom has in fact come together to remove MBS from the line of succession. Several exiled princes have returned to the kingdom to help with the situation. Is it happening?
11. MBS may have already been replaced. King Salman may be working for his own safety or time table for announcing. Funny...just a few posts after this one, Q says "Flynn is safe", we just saw that come to fruition, 1 year to the day in fact! Perhaps Q posts ARE in reverse order?
12. Can you play chess in reverse? Are at least some drops in reverse?

This is where we realize that FUTURE proves PAST. The bible has multiple DUAL fulfillment's of prophecy. Is that what we're seeing with Q? Two times Q is right from the same drop? Mathematically impossible?
13. I'm posting the entire text of this drop because if this don't make you cock you head to the side and say WTH? I don't know what will...especially since it was posted over a year ago on..? 11/11.

"Why were the events in SA extraordinary?
Who was arrested?
What will bank...
14. ... records provide?
List names, family history, investment/ownership stakes, and point-to-point contacts.
EX: Alwaleed HUMA BO Citigroup US Control
Why is this relevant?
House of Saud.
House of Saud US Control
Follow the money.
What power shift recently occurred?
15. Was a new King appointed?
Dark to LIGHT.
Why is this relevant?
One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).
Other sides falling.

Are you not intrigued? Are you not entertained? Good grief, this is almost too much.
16. Just tonight I asked an Anon who I respect VERY much, if I should keep writing about Khashoggi because honestly, VERY FEW people are seeing it for what I'm seeing it as. There's SO MUCH going on behind the scenes with this situation. As I write this thread I realize just...
17. much there REALLY is to the Khashoggi incident. I will keep writing because this has caught my fancy, let me tell you what!

By the way, whoever made qmap, you are a friggin' genius and you have contributed to the #QArmy in a massive way. The associated info is great!
18. I will tell whoever made qmap, the search feature does not bring up all drops on word searches. I've been using this site as well to find the drops with key words, then moving to the qmap for the juicy tidbits. Both sites are incredible! ThanQ!
19. this drop does not name the Saudis but the suggestion is there. Also, the Lord's prayer. THY KINGDOM COME. A kingdom where no more pawns attack, nobody is controlled to do someone else's bidding. No more war, no more cabal, no more crime. Blessed!
20. re: the above drop, why did the C_A lead the hunt for OBL? Because if military intelligence knew where he was, they would bomb the shit out of him and be home for veteran's day BBQ's, not paying out trillions to world banks in a 10 year war or "hunt".…
21. might be one of the most telling of all.
"Thank you Dopey.
King to pawn.
Eyes on.

Short, sweet. Yet again we see a chess move. King to pawn? In chess, this move describes the king who is usually near defeat, moving into the path of the pawn so...
22. ...that it cannot be "promoted" to a more powerful player, namely, the Queen. We shouldn't take the gender into reference here. The idea is, promoting to Queen makes you the most powerful, most capable, and most agile player on the entire board. You don't want a bad player...
23. become a "Queen", which is exactly what "DOPEY" would have become if HRC had won. And, she would've become ANOTHER queen, symbolically. Two queens on the board means nobody would've survived. Literally, it's check mate, game over in very few moves. Rampage and carnage.
24. DJT gave us a clue. How do we know who dopey is? DJT called him that directly in a tweet during the 2016 election campaign:

"Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected."

25. DJT told us what's happening. The Saudis have been giving money to our politicians in exchange for God knows what? They want the keys to humanity.


(More to follow...keep checking back!)
26. Next in the search is "Queen". Drop is just one of two drops where the word Queen actually pops up. This thread is apparently regarding the Q of England, and has obvious undertones that there is some very real and shady stuff going on over there.
27. It does NOT sound like the power and authority we just read about with the King and how many times that position has been discussed by Q. BUT, the drop is important to dissect.

What political leaders worship Satan?
What does an upside down cross represent?
Who wears openly?
28. I'm not endorsing ANYTHING written on this site. I'm posting it because it contains a LOT of pictures that verify my theories on who Q was speaking of in that post. There's also some twitter quotes in there that seem very important.…
29. So, in the same post about the "Queen" we see Q analyze someone or some people in our royal players club, who are obviously beholden to a different god than the ONE TRUE GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...the God of Judaism and Christianity. That post is all about thinking.
30. The position of a queen determines where she can move and what she can attack. The more backed into a corner she becomes, the less ability to fight she has and the less dangerous she becomes. This is very important as she is immensely powerful.
31. As we discuss the most powerful of players in this game:

"Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?
How do you defuse a bomb?
Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?"
32. Anybody with UDT or Ordinance disposal knows...9 times out of 10 you do not cut wires or try to diffuse a bomb. Too many accidents, too many talented bomb makers with back door triggers. No...the best way to defuse a bomb, is to blow the damn thing up. Cesar Sayoc anybody?
33. Onto the next...Rook. There are no direct mentions of the rook nor of it's positions A8 or H8. Next, It should be noted, in Chess, the rook is considered to be the most mysterious of all pieces. It might even be synonymous with "Steal bomber.…
34. Bishop. One mention.

Interesting post, perhaps very telling? It's very succinct but it was a response to an Anon. I'll be honest, I have no idea what it means. However, in the link above you see:

"1. The Bishop is a cult leader in human society "
35. The Knight is also not mentioned in any drops that I can find. Positions starting on the board = B8 and G8. Strange that the Knight sounds a lot like BC

"2. The Knight is a sword wielding equestrian , who finds time to hold the door open for ladies"…
35. Lastly, PAWNS. This term has been used several times by Q.

If I'm right that Q drops are in reverse, (at least some of them?), around January 27th, '19, MW will be loudly spreading false news about RM. I figure that means by Jan 27th... PAIN!!!
36. We've already seen this one with the king to pawn.

Oh boy, I just wrote a big one about this whole mess...isn't is strange, they're in the news...AGAIN!

Calling the shooter, who we assume is Nikolas J Cruz, a pawn.
37. We saw the destructive power of that "pawn". As young as he was, most likely Monarch graduate, or something else that followed. says pawns must be sacrificed. For the king to win, with pawns on the front line, they are bound to be sacrificed.
38. From drop #833 we see more chess annotations. The board is labeled with numbers and letters. If you move UP the opponents side, you're moving DOWN your side. If you're moving LEFT on your side, you're moving RIGHT on theirs. This is strategic military planning jargon as well.
39. In Pawn again. This time in response to an Anon's comment about a Goldman Sach's CEO stepping down. What is all of this about? Turns out that former CEO Lloyd Blankfein was stepping down, most likely from reported health issues. But, Cohn? Who's that?
40. Q says
"Tied to Cohn.
It was not his choice.
Pawn used."

But who's the pawn, and who's pawn was it? DJT's pawn? DS's pawn? Goldman Sach's pawn? There's a LOT going on here but without further help I don't think I'll be able to guess it right now. Suffice it to say...
41. ...Mr Cohn resigned 4 days before that Q post. This is something that reminds us that not ALL Q's posts are in reverse, if any at all? Some are real time, addressing real time events.

Being Cohn a Goldman Sach's big wig, something tells me HE was the pawn. Keep reading...
42. Cohn left Goldman with a fortune upwards of $250 million...That would be enough for most people to literally sail off into the sunset. But not for Cohn. In the rarefied world of Wall Street C.E.O.s and pretend-billionaire government officials that he has been hanging out...
43. ...with for decades, a mere quarter of a billion dollars hardly rates. Both his old boss, Lloyd Blankfein—to whom he played Prince Charles for some 11 years—and Jamie Dimon, the C.E.O. of JPMorgan Chase, are billionaires, or nearly so."…
44. Apparently Cohn has been a pawn of the Goldman Sach's group, running it very well and earning them billions, while he did well compared to other common people, but got nowhere near the money his bosses and predecessors earned. He probably left to contribute. A good guy?
Looks like the thread got separated. Here's the rest of it.
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