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Rod Rosenstein wouldn’t need Senate confirmation hearings if Trump appoints him to replace Whitaker. Rosenstein’s *already* been thru confirmation hearings.

& who could argue he needs to recuse himself from investigations he’s been overseeing for TWO YEARS? 🤔
Those of you who think I'm crazy or joking here, you obviously haven't been reading my columns.

"Rod Rosenstein: The Man With The Most Thankless Job In America"…
"The Silent Professionals"…
"The Circus Of Confusion And Chaos That Surrounds Rod Rosenstein Is Deliberate"…
"Is Rosenstein's Endgame Approaching?"…
Around 80% of what the mainstream media thinks it knows about Rosenstein in BS.

About 90% of what right wing media like Sean Hannity & others tell you about Rosenstein is BS.
I walked through the timeline here on Twitter yesterday. Let's do it again, shall we?

Sessions recused himself. As far as the 2016 election-related investigations went, Rosenstein became the de facto Attorney General.

And he's been functioning in that role ever since.
Rosenstein oversaw the establishment of the Mueller Special Counsel probe while also overseeing the Horowitz investigations in the Inspector General's office.

On top of THAT he was also tapped to oversee the creation of a new FBI leak hunting unit w. > 24 leak probes ongoing.
After a year of digging into Spygate, Horowitz suddenly surfaced last December because he was ready to let Congress see *some* of the evidence, the release of which had to be carefully managed because some of it was still classified.
What happened? That body full of grandstanding drunks & ass grabbers that we often refer to as "Congress" immediately began leaking whatever was handed over to them.

The leaks *included* the *very* classified Carter Page FISA warrant, all 82 unredacted pages of it.
Some of you may dimly remember hearing the names "James Wolfe" and "Ali Watkins" in the dim, dark past. THAT was just ONE of the major leaks of Spygate information.
Faced with the choice of continuing to hand classified info related to Spygate and OTHER ongoing investigations to our favorite body of grandstanding drunks so they could continue compromising stuff with more leaks or having Congress call him dirty names for a year....
...guess what Rosenstein's decision was?

He decided to let Congress scream at him for a year while he protected very serious, very professionally run investigations being done.
How good has Rosenstein been at his job the past year? Even after Sessions revealed in a letter to Congress last March that US Attorney John Huber was leading a team of US attorneys working in tandem with Horowitz, NOTHING of what they were doing leaked in a year.
STUPID PEOPLE still haven't figured out the guy OVERSEEING all these 2016 related investigations is the guy who accomplished what people thought was IMPOSSIBLE.

Investigate the Clinton Foundation with no leaks?
Reopen the Email investigation with no leaks?
Get a McCabe Grand Jury seated [and other grand juries we don't know about yet] and build a case for 6 months in WASHINGTON DC where it didn't leak for half a year?
Now look at the hat trick of managing to HIDE the fact the 6,000 documents from that whistleblower was *already* in Huber's hands OVER A YEAR AGO and not a single freaking one of the bad actors in the DOJ/FBI knew that.

That is some deep sh*t there.
*I* see Rod Rosenstein's role in all of this.

People peddling theories he still has his job because he's BLACKMAILING Trump into not firing him are hysterically funny to me.
There are people who, not having a grasp of all the facts going back years, will look at TODAY'S NEWS and always give it the worst possible intepretation.

Sooner or later you start to realize all this doom crying never goes anywhere.
In just the last 2 weeks you found out:

1) Huber has been investigating the Clinton Fdn for more than a year.
2) those whistleblower docs the FBI was supposedly *just now discovering & trying to seize* have been in the hands of Huber's team for over a year.
3) Nunes & other R's in Congress *quietly* added a NSD email chain to the list of SpyGate docs they want Trump to declassify.
4) Cohen's latest plea focused a spotlight on YET ANOTHER FBI INFORMANT sent to lure Trump people: Felix Sater.
5) Flynn's been cooperating with the SC who is now going after MERCURY which means Tony Podesta. Flynn's also been cooperating with 'other offices inside the DOJ'.
FAce it, Trump slap-fought with Sessions on TWitter for 2 years while SEssions cleaned up the DOJ & got a lot done while Rosenstein was preparing all this stuff we are seeing coming to the surface now.

Nobody knew what was really going on and THAT'S THE POINT.
A disinformation campaign only works if it fools EVERYBODY not in on it.

To hide what was really happening, tons of fake leaks and drama went on. And it worked.

Hey, nobody knew Huber was digging into the Clinton Fdn. right? We're only discovering this now because it's TIME.
That's not an accident. Careful planning went into this.

TV talking heads spinning the worst possible interpretations based on incomplete information got people so fearful and hysterical they couldn't step back and see the BIG PICTURE.
Trump's never been in any danger from Mueller.

Meanwhile, what happened in the last yr & 1/2 since Comey got fired?


How'd THAT happen? 🤔
Morons spin a narrative to you in which ONE OF THE CHIEF SPYGATE PLOTTERS IS IN CHARGE OF ROLLING ALL THIS OUT for the past year and a half.

Because he DID HIS JOB & protected ongoing investigations, they spun this as his trying to SUPPRESS the SpyGate plot.
Just yesterday CNN regurgitated a Washington Post story from 2 months ago about how Rosenstein offered to wear a wire and tape Trump to try to get him impeached.

The source for that story?

Are you sitting down?

Andrew McCabe.
Waitaminute, I thought the narrative was that McCabe and Rosenstein were WORKING TOGETHER as part of SpyGate to stop Trump?

Yet suddenly, after he got his ass FIRED & we learn there's a grand jury in DC hearing a case against him, McCabe's LEAKING about Rosenstein to the media.
WHY does McCabe see Rosenstein as a threat who's credibility he must impeach with these leaks?

Because Rosenstein is the guy overseeing the investigation that's very likely going to send McCabe's ass to prison.
If Rosenstein is a SpyGate plotter trying to hide the plot, he's done a piss poor job of it over the past year and a half.

What have I told you for a year? The *real* investigations into SpyGate/U1 *aren't* being done by the grandstanding drunks of Congress.
The real investigations into SpyGate/U1 are being done *inside the DOJ* where Rosenstein is overseeing them.

That's Horowitz & Huber.

What *EVIDENCE* is there that Rosenstein has tried to PREVENT Horowitz & Huber from doing their jobs in these investigations?
This is where the doom criers have a problem. Since NOTHING LEAKED in over a year, and they just found out a week and a half ago that Huber's been investigating the Clinton Foundation, they're struggling to find a narrative where Rosenstein is 'stopping' Huber.
The dumber doom criers simply tell you what they've been telling you for the last 6 months, despite everything we now know:

'Huber's not doing anything. Huber's not interviewing anybody. I'd have heard something. My deep inside sources have heard nada."
They farmed the investigation of the Clinton Foundation out to a private firm.

No shit your usual sources didn't hear anything. And once that private firm had the goods, they *quietly* turned the documents over to the right people inside the DOJ.
Which is why we got that fun, well publicized raid of the Whistlerblower's house. Because people didn't know Huber & Horowitz & other investigators inside the DOJ *already had those documents a year ago*.

You don't know because YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW.
Not only that, you think you NEED to know but you don't.

Wictor used to tell people this all the time.


And he'd say "Great! Let's BLOW THE ENTIRE OPERATION because you're having a tantrum & let the bad guys get away."
What GOOD would it have done for people to know over a year ago that Huber was digging into the Clinton Fdn if that meant TIPPING OFF all the bad guys and letting them get away?

They kept the goddamn lid on it for GOOD REASONS.

You don't like that?

I don't care.
Adults are in charge here. Serious professionals.

Screaming media talking heads wanting them to blow their investigations because they want all the cards on the table TODAY, you think they pay attention to those people?

They don't. Neither do I.
So no, I'm not joking when I say it *might* be that Trump could appoint Rod Rosenstein as the permanent Attorney General.

Most of what you THINK you know about what he's done/been doing is disnformation or narratives spun to look as bad as possible.

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