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Yay! It's it must be thread time again.

Today a key topic: the silencing of trans voices and the weaponising of language – with the explicit approval of State and establishment - against trans folk and other minorities.
Along the way we'll be looking at labels and libels and 1984.

And because this, like Snarks, is something of an elusive topic, I shall set it out in similar form. In two parts or, maintaining consistency, two Fits.

So here is The Hunting of the Silence: Fit the First
1. Let's start with simple observation. There is no such thing as a transpohobe. No, honestly. You might think the likes of Blah and Bluh and Bleh, when they argue for reducing trans medical support or our exclusion from loos is being transphobe.

But you are missing the point!
2. There is no such thing as a transphobe.

Oh. OK. Maybe the guy that glasses you down the pub on a saturday night for no other reason than that you are a freak might just be.

But not the mediocracy. That is, the folks in the media obsessed with us.
3. Not those who tell us we should be nice to parents whose actions drove their trans child to suicide. Nor those who obstruct our access to medical treatment. Not even the ones who want to exclude us from public life altogether with trans-exclusive loos and public spaces.
4. Nope. I see no transphobes. Not even the sainted Ms Raymond who, through the Transsexual Empire argued that we should be mandated out of existence. Because the only mandate she meant was "moral".

Extermination? <looks innocent>

No way!
5. Everything said and done is with our best interests at heart. Those who have salivated over stories of naughty trans-supporting doctors while staying silent on the absence of decent trans healthcare...

...they too are only motivated by our best interests.
6. Because, doncha know, we have been betrayed and exploited by men, by the patriarchy, by the medical establishment and if we would only listen to them – wot have our best interests at heart – we could ascend together into some post-trans utopia....
7. ...wherein most of us would have realised, thanks to massive therapy intervention, the error of our ways. And the few twoo twans who remained could be put in zoos, whither the public would come to visit and gawp.
8. It is amazing how pernicious this trope is. And how inconsistent and hypocritical. As though @BBCWomansHour, a prime offender, decided to hand issues of reproductive autonomy and sexual violence over to a bunch of men who patiently explained they were not misogynist....
9. ...and then we all went home for elevenses, happy and satisfied at a world in which no woman ever has grounds for worrying about a thing! Because men had explained it all to us.
10. Because after all, how else do you explain recent earnest investigation into topics, by WH and other media along the lines of “why is this 'debate' so toxic?”?

Well, duh: I don't know.
11. Nowt to do with how they obsess on us! Nor that so much time is spent pontificating on trans stuff!

Like, if a group of men, again, spent their time deconstructing and explaining and belittling women's view on women's issues, we'd name it as a bit creepy. Misogynist, even.
12. Could it even have something to do with the fact that over and over and over, trans folk state that we find certain takes on certain topics transphobic – only to have that folded back on us and lectured on how anti-debate we are?
13. I mean, any journalist with an inquiring frame of mind might think that was a clue: might think that maybe a thing to look at is why we say that we find certain topics threatening.

But no. That digging rarely ever happens.
14. (Here I pause for one moment to nod in recognition of how disrespectful, how erasing this reflex is. As though nothing trans folk say on anything is to be taken at face value or believed, ever).
15. The most hateful of haters, despite the obsession, despite the negativity, despite the consequences of their obsession either do not realise they are haters or do not want to realise...
16. Because it spoils their self-image. Because they only want the best for us and only they, untainted by our madness, are qualified to explore that topic. So by not being transphobes, they can continue to posture as our saviours.

Like so many Lords and Ladies Bountiful...
17. And because, like 1984's Big Brother, whose defining project was to create a language in which certain dangerous statements became literally unsayable, their focus, too, is on sanitising their bigotry, converting it into care.
18. Big Sister is Watching Us.

And by the way: in the world according to Big Sister, there is no such thing as transphobia.
19. That, in turn, turns the spotlight back on the trans community as perpetrators of irrationality and as culprits. For if there is no transphobia, how can we possibly complain?

What are we whingeing about?
20. How, ultimately, can anyone other than us be to blame when debate turns “toxic”?

Here endeth the First Fit.

Stand by for The Hunting of the Silence: Fit the Second...
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