2. If you have not read the first thread I wrote on this, you really must read it to understand the importance and context of THIS thread. Twatter has been messing with me, that's why I'm starting a new thread for part II instead of continuing on part I.

3. So, NEW INFO! Check this out from September 3rd, 2016. This guy saw it for what it was, made a bit of a parody of it and apparently the community on this site proposed multiple "moves" by both DJT and HRC. Note, He has Trump winning. Must be a PATRIOT! chess.com/forum/view/gam…
4. That guy set it up as DJT playing black, so, perhaps he's not an Anon, or wasn't then, but he definitely referred to HRC as "Crooked Hill...".

Some more validation for the chess allegory and history? How about this for example? DJT 24 yrs ago!

5. That man on DJT's right, is one of the greatest chess players to ever live. What's more is, he's apparently quite the acquaintance of DJT AND, is a staunch advocate AGAINST communism and socialism. He survived communist Russia despite being Jewish. His story is amazing.
6. You can read more about Boris Gulko here. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Gul…

Apparently Gulko is quite the scholar, and he has built a long standing relationship with DJT. In fact, you might even say he has a spiritual opinion on our leader. To be honest, it caught me a bit off guard.
7. Grand master chess player, Jew, victim of USSR communism and...prophet? This is actually a bit off putting to me.

"President Trump is the friendliest to Israel American leader in the history of the Jewish State."

"Is President Trump the Messiah?"

8. Let's face it, people are going to think of Trump what they will think...good or bad? Some apparently think he may be the Messiah of the Jews, others think he may be the devil! We know him, as Q+. But, what does all this mean anyway? Honestly, I don't care about the fan base.
9. What I want you to observe is, a MASTER CHESS PLAYER is a close friend and quite the devotee of DJT. Meaning, chess plays, moves, lingo, strategies, explanations, and analogies could have been ripe between these two. It doesn't end there though. DJT is a chess player as well.
10. Now, now, now...look what we have here! A wonderful tidbit with TWO special features...AT LEAST! Check out the 10 second mark of this video. Who do we see? The man, the myth, the legend! c-span.org/video/?416683-…
11. At 20:40 mark. What is that DJT says? He's on about immigration and trade. He comes to a point about making a whole new type of free trade environment with nations around the world. He says "You have to be like a grand chess master, and we [BHO admin] don't have any of them!"
12. I really like listening to these campaign videos. It's absolutely amazing to see the script he laid out back then, unfolding like a well rehearsed play. Promises fulfilled left and right! But, back to chess! Is the MSM starting to take notice? Frankly, I'm shocked The Hill...
13. ...actually gave this much credit to DJT. Even groups supposed to be on his side don't usually give this much credit to the man. This has to be the most pro DJT article I've read.

"When it comes to the international chess game, Trump is a master"

14. The real question is, when did the game actually begin? I believe, the first move was DJT becoming president...but, he's not a pawn, so perhaps that's not classified as the "start" of the game. In fact, Q gives us a hint as to when it REALLY started. An invitation was given.
15. In drop qmap.pub/read/354, Q issues the challenge. "Shall we play a game?...How about a nice game of chess?" This was almost a year ago, just a week shy. Notice the content of the drop...laying out the dirty deals, dirty deeds, and criminal acts done by traitors.
16. There's more! In drop qmap.pub/read/365 Q returns and says again, "Shall we play a game?...How about a nice game of chess?" Something we see here is the site I'm giving you drops from, THE MAP. DJT obviously has a plan and we know that Q does too. "Future proves past."
17. Now, this part is on me, maybe a really far fetch. "Khashoggi". Break the word down. Khas = clcbd.org/lawdictionary/…

Khas basically means land owned by the government that cannot be owned by the public, set aside. It is from a document in the Bangladesh government.
18. Why Bangladesh?
"While her congratulatory letter to Donald Trump may simply be a reflection of ‘diplomatic necessity’ rather than any ‘genuine conviction’ for him, Sheikh Hasina is likely relieved that Hillary Clinton did not win the US...election."

19. From that article, "The Yunus affair poisoned the relationship between the Hasina government and the Obama administration, but it got a lot worse four years later – after Clinton had left the state department – when the US government strongly criticised the Bangladesh...
20. ... government over its handling of the January 2014 national elections, in which all opposition parties refused to take part."


The dispute involved Hasina calling Yunus a “blood sucker of the poor”, the government (through its proxy, the country’s Central Bank)...
21. ...removing him as managing director of the microcredit bank, the lodging of numerous criminal cases against Yunus (including for defamation and food adulteration), and a vitriolic campaign against both him and Grameen Bank in the pro-government media."

And there's more.
22. "Government attacks against any other Bangladesh citizen would likely have gone unnoticed by the US but Yunus was not only a Nobel Peace Prize winner but also someone very well known to Clinton, the US secretary of state at that time."

So, a DS operative was under fire!
23. HRC was going to annihilate the rightfully elected Bangladesh leader if she won the US presidency. Note the date on that article, Nov 15, 2016. Very early on this was an issue for DJT. Sheikh Hasina wrote him a congratulatory letter within hours of his victory against HRC.
24. "...“within hours of the victory’”, Hasina told Trump...that she thought his electoral success was down to his “extraordinary leadership to serving the American people and also the global humanity” (sic), and she invited the president-elect and his wife to Bangladesh."
25. This is one of the very first hands of friendship offered to DJT from a nation in Asia. It helped him tremendously when he continued his efforts with other nations in the region. But, there's a MAJOR tie here to earlier info in my previous thread.

More to follow immediately
26. Refugees escaped SAUDI ARABIA, back to Bangladesh after being tortured and raped.

"Dhaka (AsiaNews) – Thousands of Bangladeshi women who went to Saudi Arabia in search of fortune have gone home penniless after enduring torture and sexual abuse."

27. "Officially, at least nine million Bangladeshis work in 160 countries...Those who are lucky enough to travel to the United States or Europe lead difficult but dignified lives. But those who go to the Middle East often find themselves in hell, especially females."
28. "Saudi Princess Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef went on a rampage against the ruling Saudi regime...to the French newspaper Le Monde, saying slavery in Saudi Arabia has different forms...in secrecy and permitted only among the... beneficiaries of the princes of the House of Saud."
29. On 11:11:17, this brave princess risked her life by giving this damning testimony to a french newspaper. The quote in #28 above is from the link below. Can you imagine a more disturbing report? HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING BY THE HOUSE OF SAUD!

30. So, figuring out why DJT would become involved right away and why the Bangladesh people are so important to him? We saw in my last thread that DJT literally has it out for the Saudi kingdom and he is playing a masterful game of chess right now. That was the "Khas" part.
31. Now, "Shogi, also known as Japanese chess or the Game of Generals, is a two-player strategy board game native to Japan in the same family as chess, makruk, shatranj, janggi and xiangqi, and is the most popular chess variant in Japan."

32. I know it's missing the 2nd G in the name Khashoggi. BUT, Japanese chess? "THE GAME OF GENERALS"? What was the big thing we noticed early on in this administration, even Q remarked on it? DJT surrounded himself with PATRIOTIC LOYAL GENERALS, including Gen Flynn!
33. So, are we seeing this yet? Chess, the game of generals. But, notice the one main difference between Shogi and Chess! "Chess has one piece with no counterpart in shogi: the queen." gnu.org/software/gnush…

A chess game with no queen. HRC DID NOT WIN, THEREFORE NO QUEEN!
34. Is DJT playing multiple games here? Shogi, Chess, what about the variant we see "Chu shogi". Does it translate, does it sound the exact same...nope. And that's why I'm leaving it here. Except oh, one more thing.

The history of chess goes back more than 1000 years.
35. "The game originated in northern India in the 6th century AD and spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently, through the Moorish conquest of Spain, spread to Southern Europe."

36. Sources say it originated in India, which shares a border with Bangladesh, next to China. It was adapted by muslims and became what it is today. Get that? DJT is using a strategy to undo the most terrible kingdom in the world using one of their own historical treasures. Chess
37. My premise, this whole incident has a LOT more to do with "Khashoggi" than any of us might have realized. Back to the Q drops.

What's this? A chess game? And, look what else!

"Think BDT.
>Shall we play a game?
>How about a nice game of CHESS?

38. According to the MAP, BDT stands for Bangladeshi Taka, the currency of Bangladesh.


There's a LOT going on in that Q drop, but, can this be ignored? The chess game mentioned immediately after reference to the Bangladesh currency?

What's going on?
39. Please note, one of the main issues DJT is addressing with the people of Bangladesh:"U.S. President Donald Trump has assured Bangladesh of U.S. support in dealing with the Myanmar Rohingya refugee crisis, a Bangladeshi official said on Friday."

40. This is going WAY down the rabbit hole folks. A brutal uprising against muslims back in the '60's caused a LOT, 70,000 refugees or more, to flee from Myanmar to Saudi Arabia due to being in a country where islam was being persecuted.

41. There has been a LOT of history rewrites, but king Faisal of Saudi Arabia has been blamed on more than one occasion for starting the uprising against muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh to begin with! Almost all the refugees who fled to the kingdom were women and children.
42. Why would the king of Saudi Arabia force an explosion of women and children to feel to Saudi Arabia from their home country? Well, do you remember just a few posts up about the 5000 or more refugees RETURNING to Bangladesh because they were being raped and tortured?
43. Those women and children were offered safe haven in Saudi Arabia, then the Saud kingdom turned on them. They were forced into slavery, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, etc. Many were traded among the very royal house itself! The princess said so in her brave statement!
44. NOW we're starting to understand how DJT is unraveling this shit from the very beginning. He went to the source and is using strategies from the Arabs own history to defeat them. He's making moves and counter moves. Q has said as much, haven't they! This is deep!
45. Now it might also make sense as to why a cult worshiping Bush family found itself in the most wonderful of relationships with Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia. Remember from some of my previous posts about Khashoggi, W Bush and the king were extremely close...extremely!
46. There are about 50 different photos of Bush and Abdullah kissing. It wasn't just a greeting either. They would be sitting there, and just reach over and kiss each other. They also held hands everywhere they went. Who in the hell has that king of relationship with a KING?
47. A brother? A father? Fellow leaders in a Luciferian cult? And, what of the trafficking, rapes, abuses, murders, and so on? Why would a US president, who posted himself as the most honorable and respectful of US leaders in a long history of leaders? Bush touted his character!
48. What kind of character do you have if you are best friends with a man who trades women and children throughout his royal household as sex slaves and drug mules? Oh, an by the way...Abdullah was great friends with Pakistan too...getting all the nuclear weapons he wanted.
49. So, back to the Q drops...


"Shall we play a game?
How about a nice game of chess?"

The "Hawaii missile scare" lit up American televisions. The employee who issued the alert went against all DS explanations. He didn't lie!

50. From what I can tell, there really was a nuclear warhead fired at Hawaii. But, by who, and who was the target? Many say HRC, BC, and several others were in Hawaii at the time of the attempted strike. Several leaks from the Navy say they really did shoot down a missile.
51. The Q drop about it speaks of a chess game and war games. Moves and counter moves. Q also mentions "[CLAS-5849]", (classified document 5849?), I wonder when that will become available???

Being that the drop came AFTER the incident, I assume it was "off script".
52. "We hear you.
We have the algorithm.
Thank you @ Snowden.
Learn chess."

Q actually says to learn chess. Why? Maybe so we can all become valid players? Understand the moves? Also, is Snowden a pawn? Or, playing his own game? Multi tier chess.

53. "Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess"

"In January 2017, right before the inauguration, I was in Trump Tower with Steve Bannon.

“What about Hillary?” I asked. “You gonna prosecute her?”

He waved me off. “That’s Sessions’ deal.”

54. There's MORE telling statements! Are you not convinced yet? The drop that provided the link above qmap.pub/read/1275

Think about this. If DJT is playing chess, he's got players that he has assigned. There might also be players in his game, playing their own games.
55. In this drop qmap.pub Q challenges again, "How about a nice game of chess?"

He then goes on to lay out one of the most exhaustive drops yet, naming names, explaining backgrounds, digging into facts. Is he naming players? Good and bad? Their positions?
56. "But… interestingly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, why are there 50,000+ sealed indictments across the US [what % = USA v. X?]? Coincidence vs. HUBER start?"

It just gets better and better. The game is stacked! Time will tell which moves were made.
57. I'm nearing that time again when my eyes are watering and my rear is sore from sitting for so long. Sorry, but I need a break. Here's one more thing to look over for your own study. It's a list of of literally all chess terms. See if any strike you? chesscentral.com/pages/learn-ch…
58. There's so much more here folks, I haven't even scratched the surface. Like, why did DJT go after Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal so aggressively during his campaign? In fact, his attacks on the prince got him in the spotlight, and eventually he was arrested by MBS!
59. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is now free by the way. Some are asking why? Others say they know why. He was released in February according to what I've read and he actually says that MBS is innocent of Khashoggi's incident! Imagine that? Being scared for your life so you stall!
60. Last thing...is Al-Waleed bin Talal related to the mass bribery on US politicians AFTER members of OUR government have partaken of the lost, abused, and mistreated Bangladeshi and Myanmar slaves of the royal palace? Did DJT knows this man is evil? And yet he won't attack MBS?
61. Much love y'all. I'm exhausted. Sorry for any errors. Please continue to pray for our nation and our leaders...and for all of those who are afflicted and abused throughout this world. Jesus come quickly! Bring peace to earth!

#WWG1WGA, #QANON, #PeacefulResearch, #WAWY
HOLY SHIT BALLS! HOW DID I MISS THIS? Remember from my Khashoggi reports that Khalid bin Salman, Saudi ambassador to the US in the embassy in DC FLED THE US AFTER MEETING WITH NP? HE'S BACK! This man lied to investigators and told them he knew nothing. middleeasteye.net/news/khalid-bi…
That man is MBS's brother! He lied and said he didn't know anything about Khashoggi or why he would've gone to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul only to later be outed and confess that he DID in fact try to recruit Khashoggi to go back to Saudi, REPEATEDLY!
Folks, this is huge!

Here's the link showing he would NOT be returning to the United States. He fled just days after meeting with NP on October 3rd, the day AFTER Khashoggi was allegedly murdered. alaraby.co.uk/english/News/2…
Or perhaps, meaning WE have grand master chess players but nobody is supposed to know!
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