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It's game over for Comey & the SpyGate plotters. They knowingly presented an unverified Steele Dossier to the FISA Court to get a surveillance warrant for the Trump campaign.

Calling the Steele Dossier 'politically tainted evidence' is one of the most monumental understatements of all time.
Reading the transcript now.

Comey is seriously pretending to Gowdy that he's NEVER READ the Strzok/Page text messages where she asked for reassurance "He's never going to become President, right?" and Strok responds "No, we'll stop it."
Sweet baby Jesus in a manger.

There it is in black & white text.

The former FBI Director telling Congress under oath he has NO IDEA who started the FBI's counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, designated "Crossfire Hurricane". In December of 2018.
Fully grap what Comey just admitted there.

Not only did he not know at the TIME who or how the FBI's counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign got started or who initiated it, he was telling Congress under oath just yesterday HE STILL DOESN'T KNOW.
BTW, ponder this question, if you will. As the Mueller probe winds down, what did he just spend a year and a half *specifically* proving to the American public through his numerous prosecutions of people like George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort?
I see I'm going to have to do a poll.

Mueller just spent a year and a half proving:
You think after the bullshit Mueller & his special counsel team pulled last year with their perjury convictions of

1) Michael Flynn
2) George Papadapoulos
3) Michael Cohen
4) Alex Van Der Zwaan

Trump & his team just let Comey & Co. walk away from their manifest perjury?

Horowitz, Huber & Whitaker/Barr will take it away from here.

You've been swell Bob, really! But adios!
Wow literally EVERYBODY who is responding to that poll is getting it wrong.

Oh well.
Note that in that exchange with Gowdy, Comey goes on to claim he NEVER EVEN SAW the document that initiated the Crossfire Hurricane counterintel investigation. Never read it, doesn't know who created it.
OK reading further, it's becoming clear to me what Comey's play is going to be. He's going to point the finger at Bill Priestap AGAIN & claim this was all Priestap's idea/doing, just like he did last year when asked why he didn't inform Congressional Oversight about the CH probe.
Last year when testifying before Congess, Comey was asked a direct question by Rep Stefanik about why he did not inform Congressional Overight that the FBI had openend a counterintel investigation of the Trump campaign for over 9 months.
Here's the video of Comey being caught flat footed and stumbling his way through his answer. Note who's sitting next to Rep. Stefanik as she asks this question.

And watch then-NSA Director Adm Mike Roger's face as Comey answers

Note how Comey lies here and pretends it's not the *law* that Congressional Oversight has to be informed of any open counterintel ops. Instead he blathers it's only a 'practice' and so he could decide not to tell Congress for 9 months.

When she PRESSES him on that BS answer, what what Comey did: He immediately offered up BILL PRIESTAP as the fall guy, saying Priestap 'suggested' to him that he not tell Congress about Crossfire Hurricane, so he didn't.
Comey basically says "Well ya know, I was *totally* gonna follow the law here and do my legal duty & inform Congressional Oversight about Crossfire Hurricane, but hey, Bill Priestap got in my way & suggested to me I not tell Congress so I didn't so I'm the wrong guy to ask."
That exchange with Stefanik was so dumb I made a meme out of it at the time.

You can CLEARLY see Mike Rogers scowling and his body language is obvious. "That's some real BS you're telling there, Jim."
So now here we are a year and a half later and Comey is ONCE AGAIN pointing his finger at people below him, he's getting ready to say he had NO IDEA what Priestap or Strzok were doing in the FBI's CounterIntel Division, they handle that stuff, he's out of the loop, etc. etc.
"Well ya know, I never saw or read the documents that launched the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, Priestap and Strzok, those guys handle that stuff, not me. Why, that's WAY below my level, Mr. Gowdy!"
Be kinda funny if after this testimony yesterday where he claimed not to know who or how Crossfire Hurricane got started that email chain from the FBI NSD got declassified and shows Comey was right in the middle of it all, huh?
Gowdy then points out you have to have EVIDENCE of an actual CRIME before a counter intel op can be launched. So he asks Comey if he ever saw evidence of the supposed crime that was used to launch Crossfire Hurrican.

Look at how Comey answered that.
Comey again is forced to say he has NO IDEA what was evidence was used to launch Crossfire Hurricane.

Gowdy then points straight to the narrative that the DNC Media Complex has been pushing for 2 years for Dems & Hillary Clinton: the 'crime' of 'collusion'.
Ponder what Comey says here when Gowdy asks him to state exactly what 'collusion' is and if it's a crime.
Now that he's got Comey on the record saying he has no idea what collusion is, look where Gowdy goes: the long-established DNC Media/Clinton/Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier/FISA warrant claim that THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIANS TO HACK THE HILLARY/DNC EMAILS.
Gowdy: it would be a CRIME, would it not, for someone to hack into the DNC/Clinton servers to steal emails?

Comey: Potentially a crime, yes

Gowdy: when the FBI launched CH in July of 2016, did it have any EVIDENCE any1 in Trump campaign conspired/participated in the hacking?
Comey attempts to dodge answering this. "Well there's an ongoing investigation, so I can't answer this."

Gowdy tries again:
Comey's dodge is twofold: I never read the initiating documents that launched Crossfire Hurricane so I don't know what evidence was cited in it to justify it's launching.

And even if I had read it & knew what it said, I can't talk about it because it's ongoing investigation.
Let me be clear here: *any* evidence in possession of the FBI in July 2016 or ANY TIME THEREAFTER proving Trump campaign conspired/participated in the hacking of emails from the DNC/Clinton campaign would've been leaked LONG AGO.

There is NO WAY it wouldn't have leaked by now.
COMEY KNOWS THIS. That DC leak culture, there is NO WAY a smoking gun like that could be kept under wraps for 2 years.

So the narrative that the FBI had some kinda EVIDENCE tying the Trump campaign to hacking of the DNC/Clinton campaign is false.
So what Comey does here is he uses the "still ongoing investigation" canard, to give the impression there's a CHANCE....a slim chance but *still* a chance...that somehow Strzok & Co. and then Mueller & his team managed to sit on a scalding hot smoking gun for two years.
People aren't supposed to remember that ROD ROSENSTEIN, every single time he announces new Russian hacking/influence indictments is very careful and CLEAR to state there is NO EVIDENCE tying any AMERICANS to any of this Russian/foreign hacking/influence activity.
OK Rep. Ratliffe of Texas has taken over the questioning. He's grilling Comey about the now infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting in AZ that we only learned about because a local source tipped of a local reporter.

And...wait WHAT THE F**K?!!!
It *appears* @RepRatcliffe and @Comey are here discussing 'materials or documentation' that has been kept from becoming public that purported to show AG Lyncy and the Clinton campaign REACHED AN AGREEMENT regarding the DOJ's investigation of Hillary's emails.
WHAT IN THE HOLY FREAKING BLUE BLAZES....documentation detailing an agreement reached between the AG and the Clintons that came out of that tarmac meeting has been KEPT SECRET for two years? Is this Trump's ace in the hole?
Ratcliffe goes in for the kill. Comey and others KNEW about the tarmac meeting & had 'unverified' documentary evidence an agreement was reached between Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch during that tarmac meeting & Ratcliffe wants to know what EFFORTS were made to make Lynch recuse.
Pages 38-39. Ratcliffe is pressing Comey. By the time Hillary Clinton was interviewed 5 days after her husband & Lynch's tarmac meeting, there were legitimate questions about a deal having been done.

The interview isn't under oath and it isn't recorded.
Page 39/40. Ratcliffe introduces Comey's testimony to DOJ IG Horowitz where he he states he saw no need for Clinton's interview to be done in the presence of a grand jury.

Comey now claiming he has no recollection of what he testified to. 🙄
Ratcliffe then brings up Lisa Page's text message to Strzok about how Lynch already knew in advance Comey wasn't going to file any charges against Clinton.
Again, Comey is claiming he 'never' read the text messages, doesn't recall reading them, etc.
When Ratcliffe points out the text messages were in the IG report, Comey backtracks "Oh yeah I read that so *probably* saw the text messages, just don't recall."
Now Ratcliffe brings up prior testimony by Comey's former chief of staff, Jim Rybicki.
You literally can't make this up. Look what happens next: Ratcliffe essentially asks Comey if he even knows what questions were asked of Hillary Clinton in that interview 5 days after the tarmac meeting.

Get a load of Comey's answers.
And get a load of the bombshell @RepRatcliffe is dropping here.


*NOBODY* asked Hillary Clinton about the tarmac meeting.
Ratcliffe is very specific: the words 'tarmac' and "Loretta Lynch" do not appear anywhere in the 302 interview forms that the FBI agents filled out after conducting this interview of Hillary Clinton.
Ponder what you're reading here on pages 46-48 of this transcript.

5 days after her husband was discovered having a super-duper-top-secret meeting with the US Attorney General in a private plane in AZ, Comey has no idea if Hillary was asked about it.
In case you needed a reminder how that meeting became public: a member of the local security team on the tarmac saw what was going on and TIPPED OFF A LOCAL REPORTER about it.
Ah, here's Ratcliffe setting Comey up and he walks right into it. Comey & Lynch *prosecuted* former CIA Director Gen. Petraeus for mishandling classified information. That's on page 48-49.
Lynch and Comey HAMMERED Petraeus then turned around and engineered Hillary Clinton walking away scott free from what she did when the amount/type of classified info she exposed was only about 1,000,000 times WORSE than what Petraeus did.
My God. I'm on page 49-50. Comey is now - are you sitting down? - claiming he has NO RECOLLECTION of Hillary Clinton insisting in public statements & under oath before Congress that she NEVER sent or received classified information.



He says this!
Watch the guy who was in charge of the FBI & supposedly overseeing this highly important investigation claim he can't remember not only what Hillary Clinton was publicly saying at the time, he can't remember what HE was telling Congress at the time.
OK skimming the Dem's questioning Comey where they ask questions designed to rehabilitate Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page, McCabe.

I'm up to Sheila Jackson-Lee [Dingbat-TX].

File THIS away for next week when Huber comes to DC.
...and that's all for tonight!

Gonna take a break.

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