Mr. Gowdy. Did the FBI make any effort to identify those
sources and subsources that Steele would have relied upon?
Mr. Comey. Yes.
Mr. Gowdy. With success?
Mr. Comey. I don't remember, and I think I don't remember
because the work was not finished before I left.

Lawyer again tries to get the line of questioning shut down and run out the clock...
Mr. Comey. Can I have your question again, Mr. Gowdy?
Mr. Gowdy. Pardon me?
Mr. Comey. What's the question again?
Mr. Gowdy. God, if I remember. 😂😂 I think it was whether or
not the Bureau made any effort -- oh, I think what I asked is
whether or not you had an idea the scope, the breadth, of the
number of sources or subsources Steele relied upon.
Mr. Comey. I don't. I have a recollection that there were
a variety of sources and subsources, but I don't have a sense
of the scope.
Mr. Gowdy. Do you have a sense that the Bureau was able
to identify every source and subsource Steele relied upon?
Mr. Comey. I don't know one way or another.
Mr. Gowdy. I'm going to let Mr. Ratcliffe take over from
here, other than I'm going to ask you whether hearsay is
ordinarily admissible in court or not.
Mr. Comey. Is this a quiz? (FUCK YOU COMEY)
Mr. Gowdy. No. Well, if I didn't think you could answer
it, I wouldn't have asked you. I know you know the answer.
Mr. Comey. It depends upon whether it fits within one of
the exceptions to the hearsay rule.
Mr. Gowdy. Assuming -- what's the general rule? We won't
get to the exceptions. The general rule, is hearsay admissible
or not admissible?
Mr. Comey. Well, the general rule is that hearsay is not
admissible unless it falls within one of the exceptions to the
hearsay rule.
Mr. Gowdy. Right. And we're going to assume for the sake
of argument that there's no exception unless you can identify
one. What is the definition of -- well, is it an out-of-court
statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted?
Mr. Comey. Yes, that's my recollection.
And now one of the dems tries to say this was only supposed to be about Clinton case -- COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GET KELLEY A COPY OF THE DEMOCRAT PORTION OF THE TRANSCRIPTS??
Mr. Kelley. You know, Mr. Gowdy, we've agreed to be here
to talk about the questions and decisions made and not made in
connection with the investigation of Russia and Clinton's
Mr. Gowdy. Yes.
Mr. Kelley. And we've been very patient, but why don't we
get to the point instead of asking ridiculous questions about
the definition --
Mr. Gowdy. The fact that you think it's ridiculous is of
no consequence to me whatsoever, Mr. Kelley.
Mr. Kelley. I'm sure it's not.
Mr. Gowdy. It's not. And I've asked almost every other
witness, none of whom had an attorney that didn't understand the
relevance of that question. So that's between you and
Mr. Comey.
(Gowdy cont) The reason that I want to ask about hearsay is
the ability to rely upon information that cannot be
cross-examined. And if you can't see that, then y'all can discuss that on the next break, but I'm going to go back into it, and for now, it will be
Ratcliffe's turn.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Mr. Comey, do you recall that you signed
a FISA application on October 21st, 2016, relating to Carter
Mr. Comey. I don't recall the date. I do remember signing
such a FISA in October.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Would you have reviewed the FISA
application before you signed it?
Mr. Comey. Yes.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Do you recall that the FISA application
would have been titled -- or was titled "verified application"?
Mr. Comey. No, I don't recall that.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Don't all FISA applications state that they
are verified applications?
Mr. Comey. I don't know. I don't -- sitting here today,
I can't remember the word "verified."
Mr. Ratcliffe. What did the FISA application that you
signed on October 21st of 2016, aver in terms of probable cause
for a warrant on Carter Page?
Lawyer Bessee shuts this down
Mr. Ratcliffe. I was told the Director didn't want to review classified info today and that he came here without any provisional clearances because he didn't want them, but yet he was prepared to answer any questions that may pertain to classified information. Is that incorrect?
Mr. Kelley. That is incorrect. We were told in advance
that this would not deal with anything law enforcement sensitive
or classified information.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Who told you that?
Mr. Kelley. House counsel. Not so much who told me, so
much as a representation made before a United States district
Chairman Goodlatte. House counsel's position is very clear, the Congress does not recognize an ongoing investigation prohibition on answering questions. We do obviously recognize a classified, and we're prepared to create
that environment to ask that question.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Did the FISA application that you
certified, or verified, allege that there was probable cause to
believe that Carter Page was working for or with the Russian
Mr. Comey. I don't remember specifically. My
recollection is it was -- it was submitted to the court as part
of an application where the DOJ alleged he was an agent of a foreign power, namely, the Russian Federation, but I can't remember what it said about probable cause.
Mr. Ratcliffe. Would it have averred that there was
probable cause to believe that he was in a position to influence
the Trump campaign or Trump campaign officials?
Mr. Comey. I don't remember that.
Mr. Ratcliffe. But you did review it?
Mr. Comey. Yes. I remember reading it for the purpose of
signing the certification that the FBI Director has to sign.
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