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I keep seeing this "Great Awakening" map and it's making my brain melt out my ears.

I believe it first appeared on 8chan, but now it's being sold by QAnon grifters and is called "the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the Matrix and Returning to Source."
I love conspiracy crap, and some of this clicks for me but I'm totally baffled by most of it, so I'm going to do the responsible thing and dive into every bizarre claim on the map try and decipher it.
If this isn't your thing... sorry. Mute the thread. Going to be a terrible ongoing project for a bit.
I'm going to start in the top left hand corner and see where it takes me.

(A . I .)
Lots of this traces to (notorious grifter, author, and "psychic") David Wilcock and his conversations with Corey Goode.

Goode claims to be a psychic who was abducted by the government and trained to contact aliens and worked at the Secret Space Program and went to the moon
All that to say, there's no basis in reality for the following claims other than the psychic transmissions of a couple of grifters...
Corey Goode stood on the shoulders of fellow huckster David Icke, who popularized the idea of a shape shifting alien race called the Draco or the Saurians (reptilians) have been related to most powerful families throughout history (something like 4% of voters believe in this)...
Goode has made the claim that the reptilians have been infested with a malevolent AI called "nanites." The nanites are want to destroy all biological life (for some reason) and have already "wiped out entire planets, solar systems, and possibly even galaxies."
According to "Documents" from the "Secret Space Programs" the nanites originate in other realities. They now have taken over "Prophet Species" (I don't know) that influence our planet in some way or another.
These goofballs have interpreted these AI to be related to Satan (or a Luciferian Force), but for some reason Satan can only interact with us through technology, because then they're subject to karma and judgement.

Wilcock compares these to the Borg, I think Goode disagrees.
That doesn't seem to click with the idea that they're directly controlling a whole species of reptile aliens, but go-off I guess.
Whatever the case, Goode psychically connected with some aliens who told him there's going to be a "Solar Event" that will (among other things) fry this AI and reveal all the beings that have been effected by them.
ok... where are we...?
I can't find anything specific about the AI living in the electromagnetic fields of moons or planets or the auric fields of humans, but it doesn't feel like a huge stretch to throw in with the rest of this garbage.

Remember that big ol asteroid we saw pass by last year? According to these grifters, the Secret Space Program landed on Oumuamua and discovered a billion-year-old "technological wonderland," left behind by the "Alien Builder Race."
The Alien Builder Race apparently has all sorts of structures and stuff all around the solar system and we'll get back to them later.
Uhhh... I guess the "Dark Fleet" is related to the Secret Space Program, but these were started by Nazis (I guess), and were recently involved in some battles on Mars (I guess).
Iapetus is a moon of Saturn (a planet we'll also get back to) that has this natural ridge down the middle of it, so naturally all these people assume it's some sort of Death Star, spaceship thing.
The idea that bacteria is coming from the sun appears to be based on this hokum....
And finally...

The Electric Sun theory (also Electric Star theory, and Electric Sun Model and Electric Sun Hypothesis) is the idea that the Sun (and stars) derives the main sources of its power electrically from its surroundings, rather than from within by nuclear fusion.
It makes reference to the Cosmic Web, which is hydrogen gas connecting a bunch of galaxies, and when you visualize it, it looks very cool.
Now these grifters and goofballs have decided that this isn't gas, this is an electrical grid that connects all the suns in the universe. Good shit, good shit.
I hit my goal for the day.
We'll get into the weird nazi S's later (I'm not quite on top of them, but they come up a lot).

What a tremendous waste of time. More tomorrow-ish.
Okey knuckleheads. I've got about an hour and I'm going to try and knock out as much of this as possible.

Here goes something.
(To reiterate, this is all bullshit, and to be believed by no one!)


D R A C O & R E P T I L I A N
Ok, "Service to Self" is diving right into the spiritual system of these "Ascension" folks. STS is basically a reference to any sort of egoism in a "race" (or species), and is characterized as a necessary part of "the mechanics of creation when seeding a new race consciousness"
(If we really start to get into how this worldview looks at humanity and race and their connection to ancient alien DNA and visitors it gets.... pretty racist)
Now, Earth is being invaded by a slew of "Negative Aliens" who are altering our DNA and all sorts of weird shit. These Negative Aliens have lost their connection to the "god source" (I think we'll be back to this) and now feed on humanity like parasites.
The Dracos (from Alpha Draconis of course!) are at the top of the Reptilian hierarchy here on earth. They hang out with the Greys, are into mind control, and, for whatever reason, everything I read about them mentions that they're incredibly misogynistic. They also keep slaves...
More importantly, they're in cahoots with the Elite (and have been forever or something) and they've teamed up with the government to form the Secret Space Programs (SSPs), and are generally in the process of implementing the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA)
We talked a little about the Black Fleet, but (according to our guy Goode, who is just a wealth of information), it was developed by the SS in Antarctica (of all places) during WWII.
graphicdesignismypassion dot jpeg
Presently the Dark Fleet is staffed completely by humans who have "a totalitarian ideology inspired by nazi ideals."

Actually the fully quote from Goode is worth reading because I can't believe anyone takes this dude seriously:
They have a base on the moon, and ships that look like Imperial Star Destroyers from Star Wars (weird there's also a fleet called the Dark Fleet in the Star Wars universe.... 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔).
Whatever the case, this fleet is teamed up with the Dracos to help them protect their territory and head outside our solar system to help them on their noble journey to enslave everybody or whatever.
The Orion Syndicate was a criminal organization in Star Trek (oh there's alllllso a Black Fleet in Star Trek. Clever stuff), but apparently relates back to some age old wars about populating the universe with DNA and they had some sort of hand in making humans...
This all looks preeeety race-sciencey from where I'm sitting and all ties in with ancient Egyptian mythos that these weirdos like to flirt with, but I honestly can't seem to figure out what they have to do with anything today...
I haven't made the progress I was hoping to, but it's looking like a good place to wrap up for the day. Tomorrow I'll get into Saturn, the Sun and the ICC (which doesn't have anything to do with the International Criminal Court)
Ok, just a few more....
The ICC is the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate which started with a pact between Eisenhower and the nazis who had decided to leave Earth (the "German breakaway civilization") so the German and American Military Industrial Complexes became one.
They've established bases on other planets, and mine and the Dracos gave us rights to them for some reason.

They have agreements with over 900 civilizations and trade with even more than that (WOW!)
Naturally, they have colonies on moons of Saturn because everyone thinks Saturn is the weird planet.
Ok, I'll try to get to more tomorrow.

Day three of this corner....
So, the Ringmakers of Saturn is a book my this dude Norman R. Bergrun who looked at some Voyager 1 photos of Saturn's rings that have in motion space rocks flying through them and thought "Spaceships?"
He suggested that these were some sort of electromagnetic ships that created Saturn's rings with a "massive display of power.” He even went as far as to suggest that the Tunguska event (an impact event in Russia) resulted from one of these ships.
The book is essentially an incredibly long commentary on some grainy NASA photos. Fun stuff.
According to our old friend David Wilcock, the original rings were built by a race of very large beings who lived on Saturn who had been exiled there so that they could learn about love (awww), but the rings were a weapon (and housing apparently)...
I guess some other aliens didn't trust them with such a weapon so they destroyed it, and all the ice that NASA says is floating around Saturn is actually glass from their big broken structure.
David's friends told him this after they reversed engineered the Roswell craft and went out to see these rings for themselves. Apparently there are like, desks and chairs and all sorts of office furniture floating around out there too.
Saturn's hexagon at it's north pole is actually very cool and beautiful and can be explained away by fluid dynamics.
There's this former NASA consultant (apparently) Richard C. Hoagland, who's been talking about artifacts on the moon and mars and also likes to talk about this "hyperdimensional hexagon," which is to suggest that the energy creating this hexagon is coming from another dimension.
I think I found a now-deleted article about this, but I'm seeing other claims that particular individuals part of the Secret Space Program were trained on Saturn, so it seems like a wire got crossed.
I'm also 90% sure that someone suggested that their article "went down the rabbit hole" and it somehow made it on this chart.
Ok, the Council of Saturn is this whole fucking thing...
We have to start with "The Law Of One" which are five books that were published in the early 80s that are supposed to be psychic transmissions between the questioner and "Ra."
"Ra, who is described as an entity composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrial beings that are fused into one unified consciousness... Ra is a higher density being. A sixth density lifeform of pure energy (spirit), speaking through the body of [a] channeler."
Ra rules because he starts every statement with "I am Ra..." and there are just five books where every couple of lines it says:

Ra: I am Ra.
It's mostly indecipherable gibberish like:

"The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density"

Like, what the fuck?
Whatever the case, the council meets in Saturns rings (amongst the glass and broken furniture, I guess) and apparently discusses the affairs of the solar system. It's all very hush-hush and Ra only offers so much insight.
Like so many other aspects of this, plenty of people are happy to piggyback on the original grift so there are still people talking to the Council of Saturn and speak of things like the omniverse, and how the giant ice gods of Saturn rings relate to norse myth and yada yada yada
The B-ring ruins are references to artifacts left on photos that look like this. I guess they look like skyscrapers or something, but it still reasons that this is not a ring of broken glass so who knows.
What else we got here... ah.. Solar System Climate Change, All Planet Are Heating Up
This is bunk.
People like the Ian C McClintock (climate changer denier) have been spouting this claim for a while, based on some poorly read data of a eight large bodies (out of dozens) in our solar system.
For instance, McClintock confuses weather and climate on Mars, confuses how seasons work on Neptune, looks at climate models (not data) for Jupiter and how it's equator is supposed to warm (while the poles cool), etc.
But most importantly, over the last 50 years the Sun's output has actually DECLINED. So this is all hokum.
We're going to talk a little more about the sun, because there's all sorts of nonsense to know about it.

Going back to the Cosmic Web, we're referencing gravity and gasses connecting astral bodies that, when visualized, look very cool and beautiful.
The Cosmic Web in esoteric parlance refers to a stargate (yes, like the movie) system that alien civilizations have been using for ages. It turns out ancient "breakaway" Earth civilizations used these too (presumably because they knew we'd never audit the fed).
We have these portals on earth too, and they connect to the sun, which connects to everywhere else by way of "Torsion of Space/Time and it's effect on "Densities."" Also multi-dimensional physics, like those apropos to the Hyperdimensional hexagon on Saturn.
Apparently traveling through these is actually very easy on the human body unless there's bad weather on the other side of them.
Conscious Living Being is actually a reference to the Sun itself as a, well, conscious living being, and one that creates life directly (as opposed to indirectly with solar energy).
Conscious Life Expo is also a two day ancient alien and modern spiritual gathering featuring are good friend David Wilcock.

Honestly, I'm shocked I've not put up this dudes face yet. It's wild but also exactly what you'd expect.
Now, the Great Solar Flash is a big reoccurring topic that I'm only just beginning to suss out, but it's on a lot of people's minds, but we're going to focus on Corey Goode's thoughts on the whole thing.
I've also not put up this dude's face. Can you imagine the government looking at him as a baby and being like "this is a psychic baby who should correspond to aliens. Let's send this beautiful boy to other worlds."
So he doesn't even really claim to know what the Great Solar Flash will look like, but he's under good authority that the final "solar sneeze" should be kicking off in 2018 or 2019 which.... well, I guess he's still got time.
He's saying The Elite are moving underground in huge numbers to prepare for the event.

I'm not sure who the elite are (presumably faceless men in dark suits), but it's fun to think about Elon Musk tweeting himself into trouble with the FCC from the center of the earth.
So Goode has been hanging out with the Anshar (who I'm sure we'll get into later, but are future humans who experienced the "Mandela Effect" [again, later] and are now back to fix their timeline) near Jupiter and they tell him we're about to have a series of "solar events."
This will culminate in the "Great Solar Flash" that will cause us to ascend into 5th Dimensional Beings, but not without a certain amount of turmoil (because ascending is stressful)
Which is why meditation and self love and all that shit plays such a role in all this. We should all be chill for the Great Solar Flash that ascends us, reveals the secret alien technology, free energy, anti-gravitic flight, telekinesis, the ability to pass through matter.. etc
My browser crashed because I was TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH
The map makes reference to Samvartaka Fire, Frashokereti, Ekpyrosis, and Yuga Fire.

Those are reference to Vedic, Zoroastrian, Stoic and Legend of Zelda (actually Hindu) references, all talking about a burning down of the universe and becoming one with the creator in some form.
Erm... at the top of the map it makes reference to the One Infinite Creator which is both God in any sort of Judeo-Christian sense, but in this world, we're connected to him through extra-dimensional realms that many of these alien types come from.
It's sort of like the angelic orders of olde. 3rd/4th/5th/6th dimensional beings, each one at a place that closer to the One Infinite Creator.
Erm.... what else...

Ceres! Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It's a dwarf planet and the 33rd largest object in our solar system.
Apparently there's also a Dark Fleet (remember the "breakaway" Germans) base underground in Ceres
This dude Tony Rodrigues says he was abducted by the Dark Fleet and kept in Ceres for 20 years because he made fun of another boy in school for having an illuminati dad. V harsh
Tony also went to Mars and the Moon and had lots of wild adventures with all sorts of aliens (and Germans), but that's a whole fucking thing.
Apparently lots of people claim to see UFOs with Iron Crosses on them and that there are stories of alien encounters where ET is speaking German. Why aliens would choose such a language to practice when there are a plethora of pretty ones is beyond me.
There's this quote on the map where it says:

"humans are one of the most valuable commodities around the galaxy"

and I honestly can only find threads about Qanon that mention that quote exactly.
Brb, going to watch 2 hours and 41 minutes of talk about off-world human slave trade.
Actually the gist of it is that there's no actual currency across these thousands of civilizations that we're currently engaged with, so we have to barter for everything (which sounds like a real good Libertarian pitch for the Gold Standard)
Basically the Secret Government noticed ETs were abducting us without our consent anyways and taking us wherever so the Government decided to get in on the action and trade us for that sweet sweet alien tech.

This has been called a genocidal crime. Folks are upset.
Ok. Getting there.
We've not even really touched these goofy arrows all over the map, but I think most of the connections will start to reveal themselves. Who da fuq knows.
I've not had time to do a deep dive on this for the last week or whatever, but I saw this story and thought about alien office furniture flying out across the solar system over the next 300 million years and had a good laugh.
You thought it was over, but it's only just beginning
We're going to keep heading south and see what we find.
J U S T A R E M I N D E R:

- Admiral RICO BOTTA, US spies, Nazi ARVs -

Ok, Rico Botta was a real dude. He seems like he was a technical expert of some and was a Captain in the Assembly and Repair Department of the US navy. He was awarded a Legion of Merit for being a very good Captain.
BUT, by night (Botta was a busy man) he lead a team of "29 spies embedded in Nazi Germany’s most advanced aerospace programs which were developing antigravity flying saucers." During this time, he learned about 30 prototypes of antigravity aircraft.
This was all revealed by to retired aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, who appears to have been a pencil pusher but wrote a book as an old dude and told the world about the nazi ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles).
I think Tompkins actually spelled Botta's name *very* wrong in his book, and referred to him as Rick Obatta, which seems like a red flag to me.
Whatever the case, Botta continued on to be one of the originators of the Secret Space Program, thanks to the knowledge he gleaned from the nazis.

You all remember this dude right? He was behind the biggest military computer hack of all time. But this was 2002 and who knows how many of you remember 2002.
He for real got into 97 US military and NASA computers over the course of 13 months and purportedly caused over $800,000 in damage. All from the comfort of his girlfriend's aunt's house. He deleted a bunch of critical files and generally made life harder for the US military.
But he was a weird dude. He maintains the reason he did all this "was to find evidence of UFOs, antigravity technology, and the suppression of "free energy", all of which he states to have proven through his actions."
His biggest claim is the existence of a project called "Solar Warden." Solar Warden is purportedly run by the US and started in the 80s. It features approximately eight cigar-shaped motherships (each longer than two football fields end-to-end) and 43 small "scout ships."
But his connection was slow and he wasn't able to download any of this evidence, but everyone believes him anyways (Mckinnon might even believe himself).
People have taken this to be a sort of a air traffic controller of our solar system.

Our old friend Goode says the program changed it's name to Radiant Guardian in the late 90s. Goode is a wealth of info, lemme tell ya.

An aerospace and arms company. The 5th largest arms dealer in the world. They also appear to be one of those companies looking into the speculative future of interstellar travel.
They're also supposed to be behind the infamous Black Triangle UFOs (most famously described in the Phoenix Lights incident, which we'll get back to).
Now, lots of people suspect that the UFO is actually a terrestrial project, known as the TR-3A Black Manta. The evidence for this being a real thing is... pretty flimsy. It mostly comes from the testimony of a "former Area 51 employee" in a BBC documentary
Now, it's not totally implausible that these aircraft (that are spotted with a certain frequency) could be government aircraft. We do know that members of particular military agencies fed bad information to UFO-heads in the 80s in order to cover up *actual* top-secret projects..
But in all likelihood there's no connection between these big ol' triangles in the sky and Northrup Grumann.
The Majestic 12 thing is hysterical. It's one of those screaming matches in the UFO community that has gone on for 30 years. Everyone is screaming "DISINFORMATION" at one another, ad infinitum.
Basically, this UFO researcher received an envelope containing film that showed these supposed top secret government documents that appeared to be a briefing describing "Operation Majestic 12."
The claim is that President Truman put together a committee of 12 people who were tasked with covering up the Roswell incident, how they should exploit the tech they found, and how they should engage with aliens moving forward.
Later another memo appeared, the Cutler/Twining memo. It simply mentioned the Majestic 12 and was just a simple forgery that was supposed to give the original briefing credibility.
To be clear:
The Cutler/Twining memo could not have been written by Cutler because he was not even in the country on the date at which it was written, which seems like a big ooooopsies.
Truman's signature on the MJ-12 document was "a pasted-on photocopy of a genuine signature —including accidental scratch marks — from a memo that Truman wrote to Vannevar Bush on October 1, 1947"
Debunker Phillip Klass "dismissed theories that the documents were part of a disinformation campaign as "ridiculous", saying they contained numerous flaws that could never fool Soviet or Chinese intelligence"
The myth continued in 1996 with a "MJ-12 Special Operations Manual" that got circulated among the UFO crowd. It was also clearly bullshit.
Apollo Moon Landings
So the Pleiadans are the Nordic aliens (sometimes). Earth was a Pleiadan colony and they're responsible for humans as such.

They're basically like angels, and don't live on our particular 3rd dimensional wavelength. Remember this stuff...
There are a whole slew of books about Pleiadans, and their predictions and promises.

They're like super-white people. Strong men, curvaceous ladies, no pigment at all, and they don't poop.
Pleiadans were big in the original contactee (as opposed to abductee) canon, but that started to die when the hippies went away, so our aliens got more cynical too.
Pleiadians are somehow connected to Atlantis, Reiki, ear candling, Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, and crystal healing... all from the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians brought dolphins to Earth.
Jesus was a Pleiadian.
It's very worth pointing out that New Age racists and white supremacists love the Nordic Alien myth and use it to take architectural and cultural accomplishments away from indigenous and native peoples and give Nordic aliens the credit....
Whatever the case, Pleiades is actually a 150 million year old star cluster, meaning that the planets around those stars would be, at most, 150 million years old, and the likelihood that our ancient ancient ancestor is from a 150 million year old planet is... pretty unlikely.
I actually can't find *ANYTHING* specifically tying the Peiadian's to the moon landings, but if you see something, let me know....
We already talked a bit about W I L L I A M T O M P K I N S (SSP Whistleblower), but he's worth going over a bit more.
One of those lucky kids, groomed by the Navy before he graduated high school to help with some top secret work building a mile long UFO.

He went to work on the Saturn program, met a bunch of Nordic aliens (the "good guys" according to him), and saw the alien bases on the moon.
D O U G L A S A I R C R A F T is a company that (according to Tompkins) is responsible for developing anti-gravity aircraft for the US, and is a precursor to the Secret Space Program.
TRW is another aerospace company. It's built a number of (real) spacecraft and space telescopes. It's also somewhere where Tompkins (supposably) worked.
N O R T H A M E R I C A N A V I A T I O N falls into a similar category as the above. A company with some actual space credentials that Tompkins supposably spent some time at.

An incident with a weather ballon just after the US entered WWII.
We were all freaked out about the Japanese attacking again that when someone saw the balloon, they started shooting and then everyone started shooting.
UFOologists saw a newspaper picture that had been touched up (as was the style at the time) and were like "WOW, they're shooting at a UFO."

This sort of connects to Douglas Aircraft and their motivation for starting their anti-gravity programs.
The first one is retouched (the published one), the second is the original. I guess I get why everyone went batty about it.
This is breaking my brain so I'm done for the day. Much progress happening, and lots is going to start repeating itself, so this is going to start rolling right along.
The Q - Pleiadian connection, in the wild, folks.
For more on Pleiadians check stuff from the thread above, and much more to come when we hit the top-right corner of the map.
Sorry lads, but it's that time again.

Going to try and tackle the Secret Space Program bubble today, but we'll see how it goes.
"After the great solar flash all secret space program infrastructure will be turned over to humanity"

This is a claim from Corey Goode (who seems to be responsible for a lot of this nonsense) and his conversation with a "Sigmund" who is a former officer in the USAF SSP.
Sigmund related that the "60,000 sealed cases" (that Q people like to reference A LOT, more on that later) that will eventually take down the Deep State actors, will also involve seizing the assets of the Dark Fleet.
This also relates to Executive Order 13818, or "Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption" which proves to the Q people that we're really ready to take down these deep state actors...
"What’s particularly noteworthy is Goode’s claim that all Dark Fleet assets in the solar system and even adjacent start systems, will be confiscated and handed over to White Hats who will ensure that these are eventually used for the benefit of all humanity."
What this means to them is we're getting our own Star Fleet, baby!
There's actually a claim that, Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry was briefed about the navy's Secret Space Program, and this is all part of some planned disclosure, or something.
Whatever the case, this technology will be given to "White Hats" to make sure it's distributed to The People in a humane way, and in full.

Now, what is this technology?
"Temporal Drives"

Goode is a funny dude because he talks about the temporal drives on the science research vessel “Arnold Sommerfeld,” (a ship he made up) which is part of the Solar Warden fleet (see above), but he claims he doesn't know who Arnold Sommerfeld is.
Sommerfeld was a German theoretical physicist who pioneered developments in atomic and quantum physics, which relates to this engine Goode *also* made up.
These drives propel you through subspace (which is a completely fictional feature of space time) and it transports the vessel from one point to another almost instantaneously. This works vis a vis "principals of Quantum Entanglement between certain isotopes" or whatever.
USAP - Unacknowledged Special Access Projects

These are the dark money projects where they point to things like the F-117A Nighthawk and the B-2 Spirit which started out as USAPs.
The idea is that there's no accountability, congress doesn't know about them, they're funneled through private corporations, this is where all that Pentagon money went missing too, etc etc.

Boring shit, moving on.
The "20 and Back" program absolutely slays.
The basic idea is the combination of time travel and age regression. So, the recruit to the Secret Space Program (SSP) serves a 20 year tour of duty and then is instantly transported back to the moment they signed up (or were forced into it).
Now, the idea is your memory is also wiped, but this wipe fails on 3-5% of the recruits (like Goode and a few other characters like Tony Rodrigues who we talked about earlier)
Now, it's unclear to me if this means that both timelines take place, if there's another Goode in space somewhere working for the SSP while the Goode on earth tries to bring down the SSP, but it does seem like a very convenient way to get a grift going.

Like "free energy," "anti-gravity" technology is supposably very real and suppressed by the government and it's corporate overlords because disclosure would disrupt the energy markets.
They point to Otis T Carr, who was a grifter claiming to have a flying saucer type invention that he was *definitely* going to demonstrate at a fair but he was feeling unwell that day.
He eventually went to jail for defrauding investors but after serving 14 years went on to sell non-working free energy products.

We pretty much talked about all these BLACK PROJECT Aerospace Corporations so I'm going to jog past that one.
ET NORDICS is another thing we've already gone over pretty thoroughly... (Ctrl/⌘+F Pleiadians)

Jfc what a lazy asshat.

Goode says the there are ancient portals or stargates that look, basically, like the portals from the very famous tv series and movie, Stargate.
These portals use a "navigation system is similar to how the internet operates" "that a series of numerical coordinates based on hyperdimensional mathematics designate different galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc., which becomes the address for a particular portal."
These portals are all over the world and are the actual reason we invaded Iraq, I guess
Whatever the case, they're also referring to "Stargate SG-1" as "soft disclosure" because of the similarities with Goode's story.
These people are too fucking much, my god.

They can cure any disease! Regrow limbs and organs! It's great in space!
These folks are looking at Trump's inauguration speech and seeing things:

"We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."
Specifically he's of course highlighting the SSP, advanced medical technologies, and all around disclosure of all the tech we're not allowed to see.

Short for Military Abduction, is the program that brings in the SSP recruits. Militarized programs working with extra-dimensional beings like the Reptilians, in order to further the Negative Alien Agenda.
They're "interested in harvesting earth resources, and human slave labor, genetic hybridization, Breeding Programs, sexual slavery and other purposes"

Abductees often get genetically enhanced and crossed with alien genetics

Pictured: Our beautiful boy, maybe part alien????
Part of all this also includes furthering the "Transhumanism Agenda" here on Earth (which, proponents argue is an agenda that ultimately corrupts the soul)
MILABs often involve a fake encounter with extraterrestrial beings but is *actually* a staged ploy, which seems weird given just how many actual aliens we have running around.
When you look up HUMAN/ET HYBRID CLONING you get lots of fun pictures like these

Hoagland was a huge Star Trek fan who now makes money writing books about the face on Mars, hyperdimensonal physics, and all this hogwash.
SMART GLASS PADS are just terminals on Solar Warden research vessels. They connect to military and Nordic databases and you can watch movies, listen to music, and control them ~with your mind~
The GLOBAL GALACTIC LEAGUE OF NATIONS is like a NATO ~in space~ started by the United Nations (here on Earth) and Reagan. Goof-balls site this speech as some sort of proof.
The GGLN works with the ICC (bad guys) but is a much more relaxed environment and they're just generally working on technology to protect us from alien invasion (which already appears to be happening but go on)
I guess it's a highly compartmentalized organization where most people don't really know the extent of the alien takeover even though a bunch of them are working in other galaxies, whatever.
Whhoooooo, here it goes.

Ready for some racist nonsense?

The Mayans are extraterrestrials from the Pleiades (same place the Nordics are from).

They came to Earth as refugees from some war with the "Orion Group" and settled into Mesoamerica and then some priests left again after successful ET contact
After the priestly Mayans liberated themselves from the Orion Group (who are a Satanic, Negative Alien Alliance conglomerate) they came back to Earth and and transferred over 40 million of their people to their planets in the Pleiades.
Oh god it gets so much worse.
"However, those who were of mixed blood due to breeding with Earth humans were left behind. "
All of this is to argue that ancient people of color couldn't have possibly have developed the rich culture and monuments without alien assistance.
All the sources I've seen are quite keen to point out that the Mayans are always smiling and are very kind, so there's that I guess.
VOICE OF GOD TECHNOLOGY (VOG) is just to fuck with channelers, who function as the source of lots of the information to come.

"Any channeled material from around 2000-2003 should be viewed with skepticism")
"The Voice of God device has three functions:

1) the transmission of audio directly into the mind of an individual
2) a function that triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters
3) a “download” function that gives people hallucinations involving all five senses"
It's just to fuck with people and spread disinformation, I guess.
ZERO-POINT ENERGY is a thing that some physicists think is potentially real, in that there's this potential energy when subatomic particles flutter in and out of existence.
Meaning "even the seemingly empty vacuum of space is actually a roiling sea of virtual particles fluctuating in and out of existence."

Some scientists are like "even a little bit of this could boil the oceans" and Einstein is like "nah, it couldn't"
Whatever the case, Zero Point energy is the powerhouse behind the secret space program.
THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM ALLIANCE are defectors from different SSPs
Their aim is "to defeat the ‘Babylonian Money Magic System’ and end financial tyranny on earth... to restore order and justice and civility to our world – and release the planet-healing, life-extending, hyper-futuristic technology they possess to everyone."
Interestingly, that guy Sigmund (see above) started hunting alliance members (?). I don't know. I'm so over this tonight.
Most of the rest of this in the "SSP" bubble is pretty contextually self explanatory.

- ICC: we talked about them
- MICSSP: The relationship between the navy/corporations and space programs
- TR3B: Those black triangle UFOs
- Food Replicators: Seriously, just like Star Trek
- $100 Toilet Seats: Another reference to black projects and how the pentagon spends money
Solar Warden is another thing I chose to not re-cover, and there's no way I'm going through that whole list of SSP whistleblowers.
Fuck that bloody circle
..... more soon
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