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In recent weeks, we've all noticed the attacks intensify against the QAnon movement. Patriots have been censored, personally attacked and shilled to the highest caliper. Q has told us we're the #2 attacked next to POTUS, and we feel it.
2. Unfortunately, this has caused some folks to become disgruntled, impatient, and confused.

Many Anons have decided to go to the chans to call out journalists to ask the question, "Who is Q?". Patriots are becoming agitated, and want this to go full stream once and for all.
3. I'm about to give you all some clarity, and hopefully some faith. 🙏🏻

Qanon is an innovation movement: 'The Great Awakening'. This is an idea based movement to awaken the masses, and transition truth back into our media, and our daily life 'as we know it'.
4. This does not happen overnight, or even in a year. But when? When will they WAKE UP? Read on.
5. What we are currently living is called the 'Diffusion of Innovation Theory'. (DOI) developed by E.M. Rogers, 1962, is one of the oldest social science theories. It's been tested in more than 6000 research studies & field tests, & is amongst the most reliable in social science.
6. DOI takes a radically different approach than most theories of change. Instead of focusing on persuading individuals to change, it sees change as being primarily about the evolution or reinvention of ideas & behaviours, so it becomes better fitted for the needs of a population
7. 'Diffusion' is the process by which an innovation (Qanon) is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system.

An 'innovation' is an idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption.
8. Diffusion of Innovation theory is also based upon human behaviour. It explains to us WHY people behave and react the way they do, and it also gives us insight as to what we can do to change their behaviour, and help them adopt change.
9. This thread will hopefully give you all some insight into why we're being attacked to this caliper, why MSM is doing everything NOT to bring attention to Qanon in a positive way, and when Q will go mainstream. It's coming! 😎🙏🏻
10. An important note within DOI is the PERCEPTION of newness. Keep in mind, people have been lied to for decades. They're willing to defend those lies to keep their comfort zone. Anything 'new' is out of the ordinary and not comfortable. It's their perception of their own world.
11. There are four main elements that influence the spread of a new idea: the idea itself, communication channels chosen to spread the message, time, and a social system.
12. DOI explains how, over time, an idea gains momentum and spreads through a specific population or social system. The end result of this diffusion is that people, as part of a social system, adopt the new idea and behaviour. The Great Awakening!
13. Adoption means that a person does or believes something completely different than what they previously did.

Example: Believe truths they once projected as lies or conspiracy. [ QAnon ] [ Russia ] [ U1 ] Etc.
14. Adoption of an idea won't happen simultaneously w/in a population. It's a process where some people are more apt to adopt the idea than others. Researchers conclude, those who adopt an idea early in the cycle have different characteristics than people who adopt an idea later.
15. But, this innovation (Qanon) must be widely adopted in order to self sustain. Within the rate of adoption, there is a point at which an idea will reach critical mass. The tipping point. This point is when an idea reaches 20% of the population.
16. Once the point of critical mass is reached, the question "Who is Q?" will be forced. Patriots, please hold on. Stay strong. Stay together! DO NOT let [them] divide you! We are almost there! We have almost reached the critical mass tipping point. Read on.
17. Within this DOI theory, there are 5 established adopter categories. The majority of the general population tends to fall in the middle categories, but it's necessary to understand the characteristics of all categories to understand our target.
18. (1) Innovators: These people want to be the first to try or know of the idea. They're fearless and interested in new ideas; willing to take risks, and are often the first to develop new ideas. Very little, if anything, needs to be done to appeal to this population.
19. (2) Early Adopters: Represent opinion leaders. Often in leadership roles & embrace change. They're aware of the need for change & are comfortable adopting new ideas. Strategies to appeal to this population include how to's. They don't need info to convince them to change.
20. (3) Early Majority: Rarely leaders but they do adopt new ideas before the avg person. But they need to see proof the idea works & has basis before they're willing to adopt it. To appeal to this population: success stories & evidence of the ideas effectiveness. (QProofs)
21. (4) Late Majority: Skeptical of change, & will only adopt an idea after it has been tried & accepted by the majority. Appeal to this population by information on how many other people have tried or are involved within the idea/movement and have adopted it successfully.
22. (5) Laggards: Bound by tradition & are very conservative. Skeptical of change & are the hardest group to bring on board. Appeal to this population by including statistics, fear appeals, and pressure from people in the other adopter groups. Some will never adopt the idea. 4-6%
23. Adoption vs. Diffusion
Adoption is an individual process detailing the series of stages one undergoes from first hearing about an innovation to adopting it.

Diffusion signifies a group phenomenon which suggests how an idea spreads.

[They] call us a phenomenon for a reason!
24. There are 2 distinct classes of communication channels to spread a new idea or innovation: MSM broadcasts messages, whereas interpersonal channels such as SM & Chans work on a person to person basis, allowing for direct communication and discussion.
25. Sound familiar?

The Liberals question and berate POTUS' use of Twitter?

Qanon began on the chans? Hmmm.

Moving right along.
26. Time is also an important aspect. Diffusion is a process that unfolds over time. Therefore, time is relevant when witnessing and reconciling how an individual or social system will gradually change their internal state and belief system.
27. As we move further into this process, and more transparency occurs through testimony, documents surfacing and finally DECLASS, more and more people will begin to adopt the truth, and the Qanon movement! They will AWAKEN!
28. Time is also an important measure when categorizing people into different 'Adopter Categories', or when determining an ideas rate of adoption: the number of adopters for an idea in a given period of time.
29. Finally, we reach the tipping point (critical mass) and diffusion will happen within a social system. People will WAKE UP!
30. The 'Innovation Decision Process' describes how someone will adopt or reject a new idea. The goal of this process is to reduce the uncertainty about the idea.

Hence why we have seen so many more Q proofs recently since the MSM & DS have intensified their attacks.
31. The process to adopt or reject:

Knowledge: The person becomes aware of the ideas existence and begins to understand how it works.

For example, someone comes across a post on SM. > imperative to RT and #
32. Persuasion: The person develops an attitude towards the idea.

Example: Through a discussion with a friend that was triggered by the post, the person begins to believe the idea has merit and decides to research further.
33. Decision: A person who is aware of an idea and has formed an attitude towards it will at some point decide whether to adopt the idea.

This often involves a trial phase by the person. Someone might also reject a new idea at any time during or after the adoption process.
34. Implementation: The person starts using the innovation or spreading the idea themselves. They continue learning further, overcome obstacles and further reduce the ideas uncertainty.
35. Confirmation: After having implemented the new idea or belief, an adopter will continue to collect information that reinforces their decision. If this leads to conflicting information, the adoption may be reversed and abandoned.
36. Which is where we are at now. Some are at the brink of falling off, after their presumptive hopes were let down after D5.

Reminder: Q NEVER stated arrests or major events would happen that day!

And as we saw with 11/11/18 - if something happened, we might not be aware yet.
38. This phenomenon happening now is called the knowledge-attitude-practice gap (KAP-gap). It describes the situation in which individuals have gained awareness and knowledge about an idea, have formed a favorable attitude towards it, but do not act upon it. You've become silent!
39. KAP-gap often occurs for preventive measures to mitigate an undesirable future event. Because the effect of adopting Qanon has been a “non-event”, something not happening, (in your eyes).
40. Having access to the benefits of the idea (Freedom, Justice & Truth) through SM & 8_chan does not seem as a pressing issue anymore, even when the general attitude towards the process is positive!

Arrests and changes are happening!
41. Once people begin to see that others are becoming disgruntled, or discontinuing their adoption of Q, they will also be more likely to stop believing or become suspicious.

This can create cascades of discontinuance that will eventually lead to the idea becoming abandoned.
42. WE THE PEOPLE have control!
It's up to US when we hit > tip point! The more people that spread truth & Qanon, more people will become AWARE & hop on board! We are almost to the tip point: 20%. Keep going! Do NOT let [them] divide you! What's their greatest fear? PEOPLE AWAKE!
43. There are 5 factors that have a strong influence on whether & how fast an innovation is adopted. Note that each of these plays into the adopter categories.

Remember: There is no reality, only perception. It's only important how a potential adopter 'perceives' this new idea.
44. (1) Relative Advantage: The degree to which an innovation is seen as better than the idea, program, or product it replaces. (Freedom vs NWO)
45. (2) Compatibility: How consistent the innovation is with the values, experiences, and needs of the potential adopters. (Is The Great Awakening compatible with Western values and experiences? YES!)
46. (3) Complexity: How difficult the innovation is to understand and/or use. (Not at all! We help eachother learn and understand as well.)
47. (4) Triability: The extent to which the innovation can be tested or experimented with before a commitment to adopt is made. (Are Q drops available to view by anyone, anytime, anywhere for analyzing? Yes!)
48. (5) Observability: The extent to which the innovation provides tangible results. (How many Qproofs do we have? How many arrests have we seen WW? Resignations WW? Is the process moving forward? Yes.)
49. These five factors (above) have been found to determine about half of the variance of adoption rates.
50. MANY individuals are influenced by peers when deciding whether or not to adopt an idea. Peers from distant social networks introduce Innovators to new ideas. This gatekeeping process gives the relatively locally oriented Early Adopters access to these innovations.
51. Acting as opinion leaders, they demonstrate the advantages of an idea to the Early Majority. Through peer pressure & out of economic necessity, the Late Majority and Laggards finally also adopt the innovation.

DOI is driven by interpersonal communication.
52. This is imperative to understand how EACH and every single one of us can help spread the truth among our peer groups! RT, Share, TALK. Don't hide your support for Q!

Reminder: A red pill a day keeps the NWO away! 😁
53. We are almost there! The tipping point to which the DS and MSM no longer control the majority narrative. When TRUTH takes over! Which is why they have become unhinged. They know they are losing control!
54. Critical mass for Qanon is the point at which its diffusion becomes self-sustaining within the population and does not need to be supported by change agents and thought leaders anymore.
55. I have used this theory successfully for years for business purposes.

This theory has also been widely studied and adopted by the military. Which is what we are witnessing & living right now. One of the most strategic military operations of our time. And we are apart of it!
56. It's now easy to understand why the QTeam has executed this theory to incite change. It's based upon the EVOLUTION of the new ideas and beliefs, instead of forcing them by use of persuasion.
57. Each one of us should feel extremely proud! 👏🏼👏🏼 We are the Innovators, the Early Adopters and now for some, the Early Majority.

We are the thought leaders that will help lead, teach and encourage the late majority and the laggards when the time comes.
58. Remember, [they] attack us because this is new and different. The truth is uncomfortable for many that aren't as informed yet; and aren't as willing to have an open mind for change & leave their comfort zone.
59. But we can not, and WILL not give up! We will not let their attacks silence us. Keep in mind, every time [they] attack us, more people learn about Q. Every time they quote our tweets to attack, more people see us! Let them cluck now! They'll join us soon. 🤗
60. The freedoms and sovereignty of our countries depend on all of us, right now! This is not an "American" fight, we are WORLDWIDE. We are QANON!

Thank you to #POTUS & the QTeam for having the courage and strength to lead the world to FREEDOM!

61. Thanks everyone for coming to another one of my TEDtalks 🤗🤓

We are winning BIGLY!
#TrustThePlan 🙏🏻

Tipping point is almost reached! 🏆

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62. Here's the unroll for THE GREAT AWAKENING thread: Dec 9/18
63. I've had far too many folks in my mentions claiming the DOI Theory explained here is "another Q cult conspiracy". 🤦🏼‍♀️WAKE UP! Inform yourself! I was asked for an example of this, I responded in comments but many have missed it.

DOI happens EVERY DAY. Here's an example 👇🏼
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