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The Christian Right had their own "Cambridge Analytica" in the 2016 election, aided by 20,000 pastors.

The tech guy behind this has ties to Hungary, a known hub for RU intel activity.

Do parishioners know they were, and still are, targets of big data campaigns? /1
My investigation was prompted by this Mar 2017 video feauturing Canadian Pastor Craig Buroker revealing he learned Trump won b/c 20,000 pastors in 11 American swing states gave their databases of 15 million to a "big data firm" for a POLITICAL campaign. /2
Churches have a tax-exempt status and shouldn't be sharing personal data w/ a campaign's data firm to help "their side" win.

Did 15 million parishioners know and consent to this?

This data firm (as well as any others they may have partnered with) now has their data forever. /3
In above video (dated 3/19/17, uploaded 3/23/17), Pastor Buroker--after pausing & questioning aloud whether he really should share the following info--boasts of having met w/the "Head of Canada Family Action Coalition" who "in the past week" had met w/ a "well-known" American. /4
This American, well-known in business and gov't circles, is a "successful Christian" and explained to the CFAC head that Trump was able win b/c an "extremely wealthy" and "billionaire" Christian businessman funded a "big data campaign" in "eleven swing states." /5
I was able to piece together much of "who's who" in this operation by identifying the head of CFA (Canada Family Action) mentioned in Pastor Buroker's video.

That person is Doug Sharpe.

Sharpe's intensely right-wing and hates libs in a way that mirrors American counterparts. /6
I believe the "successful Christian" who provided the details as to how Trump won the 2016 election to Sharpe (who passed them on to Buroker) is David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group.

The date of this post is 3/8/17, which is shortly before Buroker's video (dated 3/19/17). /7
Barna Group was founded by George Barna. Kinnaman is its current president. Barna Group conducts interviews, studies, and public opinion research w/ a focus on Christianity, the challenges it faces, and what people are currently thinking/feeling about a number of faith issues. /8
From what I've gathered, Kinnaman seems like a nice, intelligent guy and not as intensely partisan as, say, Doug Sharpe.

Still, good chance he knows much about what this data operation entails. /9
This is where things got tricky for me. In previous threads, I focused on Robert Mercer & Cambridge Analytica as being the "billionaire" and "data firm" behind the operation.

Then I looked at Dan & Farris Wilks (Farris is a pastor) who funded Cruz's Keep The Promise III. /10
But I found more compelling evidence when I looked into who ran Cruz's "Keep The Promise PAC."

His name is David Barton.

Wikipedia describes him as "an evangelical, Christian political activist and author." /11
Barton's intense. He believes the US is "an explicitly Christian nation" and rejects separation of church and state.

David Barton and Glenn Beck (yes, THAT Glenn Beck) established the National Black Robe Regiment. /12
June 2015:

"Fortunately, the Black Robe Regiment that he and David Barton established a few years back has managed to cobble together at least 10,000 pastors who are willing to do just that." /13
“The # in the Black Robe Regiment is about 70,000 now,” Beck said. “The number that I think will walk through a wall of fire, you know, and possible death, is anywhere between 17,000 and 10,000. That is an extraordinary number of people that are willing to lay it all down..." /14
20,000 pastors, he says?!

"You’re going to see these 10,000 to 20,000 pastors begin to stand up,” Beck promised, “and say ‘it doesn’t matter if I lose my church, it doesn’t matter if I lose my building, it doesn’t matter if I lose my life, I will not sit down!'” /15
Per their website, "NBRR is a network of national & local pastors & pastor groups that equips & empowers pastors to engage in their Biblical and historical role to stand boldly for righteousness, justice, & to transform society through spiritual & cultural engagement." /16
"Engage – Organize local pastors through identifying leaders on the state and local levels to build coalitions of pastors and pro-family organizations to focus on city councils, school boards and other local entities and local issues." /17
Remember from the Pastor Buroker YouTube video, he mentions they sent "undecided" voters a "side-by-side" comparison of Trump vs. Hillary on certain issues... among 15 million voters that were identified for the data firm by 20,000 pastors?

I think I found it on NBRR site! /18
Also, here's evidence Barna Group/Kinnaman & Barton are, in fact, connected around the period in question.

Kinnaman of Barna Group met w/ Sharpe (Canada Family Action) on 3/8/17 2017.... and then George Barna (founder of BG) phones into Barton's WallBuilders show on 4/26/17. /20
I wonder if Barna ever discussed with Barton how Canada Family Action & Buroker's Southside Victory Church could use Barton's help in organizing "the very same thing" that helped Trump win 2016, as described by Pastor Buroker in the video? /21
The "20,000 pastors" and "side-by-side" comparison don't seem like a coincidence.

Barton seems involved.

But I'm not convinced the funder (Richard Uihlein) and data firm (Rigel Strategies) behind Barton's KTP PAC are. They *could* be, but there's reason to look elsewhere. /22
I looked elsewhere b/c Buroker said the "successful Christian" (who I believe is Kinnaman) gave Sharpe "name & cell phone number" of "the guy who set up the whole system" of 20,000 pastors collecting data on parishioners.

That guy may be Barton, but who set up "the system"? /23
And, as @VickerySec discovered, there is a guy--an evangelical activist, in fact--who created a "system" for compiling data on voters for political outreach.

This guy's name is Bill Dallas.

Bill Dallas is also an ex-con who served time in prison for embezzlement. /24
In Dec 2015, data-breach hunter @VickerySec discovered that Dallas' firm Pioneer Solutions appears to have been behind the breach of 191 million voter records in 2015, 18 million of which were enriched profiles he discovered in a second breach. /25
The enriched profiles contained "dozens of additional details, from hunting interests and religious views to income levels and even whether the person is a fan of NASCAR." /26
"Other categories included cellphone numbers, occupations and religious identities, as well as notations for whether individuals made campaign contributions, gave to religious organizations, had a 'Bible lifestyle' or owned a gun." /27
Dallas is also President of United in Purpose. NPR in Feb 2012: UiP “persuaded wealthy Silicon Valley conservatives to help fund the creation of a database of as many adults in the U.S. as they can find. So far, UIP has added 180 million."

UiP has a point-system (see pic). /28
"Conservative activists also use the data to identify who in their communities is Christian but isn’t registered to vote. W/ help of the data, campaign foot soldiers arrive at the doors of such Americans, or call or email them, to urge them to register & show up at the polls."/29
But, before we presume Bill Dallas' Pioneer Solutions was "the system" used in the operation described in Buroker's video, we need to ask, does Bill Dallas have any connection to David Kinnaman and David Barton, which would make this theory plausible?

Answer: "Hell yes." /30
First, as we know, Kinnaman is the current president of Barna Group, which was founded by George Barna.

Not only do George Barna and Bill Dallas know each other, they're also on books together! /31
Furthermore, George Barna has been an uncompensated "Director" of Bill Dallas' United in Purpose Education (Private Foundation) from at least 2012 thru 2016! /32
So how about David Barton? We know Barton has a relationship with George Barna, but does Barton have a direct relationship with Bill Dallas?

Turns out Barton was an uncompensated "Director" of Bill Dallas' United in Purpose (501c4) from at least 2011 thru 2016! /33
And, if that's not enough for you, Barton's National Black Robe Regiment and Wallbuilders are partners of Bill Dallas'/UiP's "Champion The Vote" project. /34
Now that we've established a relationship among Kinnaman's Barna Group, Barton (who ran Cruz's KTP PAC), and Bill Dallas, next question is, who is their "extremely wealthy" funder?

@VickerySec already found that out for us.

Major General Vernon Lewis./35
"So, how does a retired general have $3.6mil to hand over to dubious data handlers? Could be from time as an executive of a private weapons smuggling company. The company which allegedly enabled a Croatian genocide, for which they were sued in 2010." /36
Some more information on Maj Gen Lewis here: /37
investigated the question of "why" a military general may be involved in this operation, and found that the original founder of United in Purpose in 2008 was John Murphy (still an uncompensated director in 2016). /38
Notably, Murphy "became CEO of a sophisticated real-time imagery software company working primarily with the Department of Defense and U.S. systems integrators to deliver very fast, high end reconnaissance solutions to each of the four branches of the armed services." /39
Having 2 military-minded guys involved in this operation reminds me of this excellent article by @carolecadwalla: /40
Particularly, this quote:

"This is not just a story about social psychology and data analytics. It has to be understood in terms of a military contractor using military strategies on a civilian population. Us." /41
*short break*
Now, the most worrisome part.

The "tech guy" behind Bill Dallas' UiP/Pioneer Solutions operation is Tamas Cser, Founder of Digital Smart Technologies.

Cser was the one who responded when DataBreaches[.]net reached out to Pioneer about the 191 million voter data breach. /42
Cser is also the Founder & CEO of Functionize.

Functionize advertises it can enable its customers to "test fest and release faster with AI enabled cloud testing."

Artificial intelligence skills and lots of voter data, eh? /43
Side note: Vice President of Functionize, Geoffrey Shenk, appears interested in Ron Paul, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange's defense fund, Yandex, and RT. /44
As far as @VickerySec knows, Cser is still involved in all of Bill Dallas' operations.

Cser also owns the domains profilsurvey[.]com and profilsurvey[.]hu, both of which use mail2[.]disgismarttech[.]com as mail handler.

IMPORTANT: [.]hu = Hungary website./45
@analyticartist found that a previous name of Cser's company Functionize was Zyget Inc, which appears how Cser's digital connection to Hungary was discovered. See analyticartist's short 3-tweet thread here: /46
*short break again*
@brazencapital adds: "profilsurvey" is pretty interesting. Based in Hungary, with Russian outpost, esposuing positve psychology testing, has online surveys/ questionaires and business development. /47
Why might Cser's connection to Hungary be such a concern?

Because of this: /48
Travels by Page to "meet w/ senior officials in Hungary during the 2016 presidential election are being closely examined by congressional investigators, given the increasingly close ties between Hungary & RU and the role of the country as a hub for RU intelligence activity." /49
So, if they haven't already, journalists may want to investigate what Bill Dallas and Tamas Cser were up to during the 2016 election.

After all, it wasn't like Dallas'/Cser's Pioneer Solutions received chump change for their services... $1.82M to be exact./50
Also, as @VickerySec notes here, "In June of 2016, Donald Trump attended a closed-door meeting in a New York hotel organized by Bill Dallas. Bill is quoted as saying 'We are trying to seek mutual understanding.' " /51
As I noted at the time, "@VickerySec - very notably, this closed-door meeting was on 6/21/16, less than 2 weeks after the infamous Trump Tower meeting on 6/9/16 w/ Russians." /52
But this one takes the cake:

I found reported confirmation that Dallas "spoke" to Trump at this event.

["It's refreshing and I sense it's real," adds Dallas, who spoke with Trump before he went onstage at the June event.] /53
Remember how @MarkWarner indicated it seemed like the Russians were able to target Americans w/ bots, trolls, and propaganda w/ alarming precision?

This suggested Russians had valuable data and were perhaps guided by Americans in the process.

What data and who helped? /54
There are some lessons in this:

- Secure your data.

- Rich people fund politically-active, faith-based nonprofits that operate under the guise of "non-partisanship." This seems illegal. /55
Final lesson:

Whatever is behind this operation and whoever their financial and technical backers are...

Doug Sharpe of Canada Family Action clearly looks to be bringing this to Canada to impact the 2019 elections.

He already started 4/13/17. /56x
P.S. - Much thanks to @VickerySec, @analyticartist, @kelly2277, @carolecadwalla & @brazencapital for their contributions to this thread, intentional or not.

Thanks to @PatrickSvitek for his articles on Cruz's PACs, even though he didn't respond to my requests to him about this.
PPS - Finally, thank you to @thespybrief (aka @20committee) for teaching me everything I know about Russian Active Measures and the various ways they seek to undermine our democracy.
Much belated, but I also realized that much thanks goes to @Veriphide for sharing @PatrickSvitek's articles with me detailing the various players inside Ted Cruz's PACs and to @soychicka for the nudge to look in Bill Dallas'/UiP's direction again regarding this story.
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