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he pulls out a teddy bear that looks at least thirty years old, but it's in fair condition.

it smells like that musky scent jinyoung carries.

hoseok can't help but shove his nose into it, wet little sobs muffled but the faux fur of the bear's tummy.

hoseok's shaking.
he hasn't smelled yoongi in three, four years. he's only had that diluted version of him that jinyoung has, and hoseok?? hoseok has missed it so much.

once hoseok's calmed himself down a bit, enough to stop gasping for air, he sets the bear down gently.
there's other things.

a blanket embroidered with airplanes, a pair of scuffed little trainers.

mementos of yoongi's childhood.

the things he'd saved for his children.

it makes hoseok's entire being burst with warmth, because yoongi actually /cares/.
there was a time during the pregnancy where hoseok had fallen ill, and in that delirious stupor, all he had wanted was "his alpha".

that was the only time hoseok had really suffered the affects of being unmated, to being unofficially "rejected" by the alpha who had knotted him.
but the pain was always there.

those little what-ifs had chewed him up and spat him out almost everyday since he'd given birth to yoongi's son.

the constant nagging thought of how things would have been if yoongi had decided to mark him that day.

how much happier he would be.
now that hoseok knew that yoongi would be there for jinyoung, and that he would take responsibility for his actions, this wild sense of euphoria rose in his veins.

because, for the first time in years, an alpha was going to be there for him and his son.

he wouldn't be alone.
hoseok didn't even notice that jinyoung had hobbled out of his bed, feet paddling on the cool floorboards.

he didn't notice until the little boy tapped hoseok's leg, eyebrows furrowed.

"why you cryin', mama?" he whispered, "no tears allowed."
"sweetie, why aren't you sleeping?" hoseok tried to pull himself together.

yoongi's scent was still crisp in the air, and looking at his son only made it worse.

tears pooled in his eyes again and jinyoung crawled into his lap.

"i said no tears, mama!!" jinyoung's lip wobbled.
jinyoung's eyes were looking a bit wet too.

his arms wrapped around hoseok's neck and he puckered his lips.

"i gotta kiss the sad away!!"

hoseok barked out a laugh and his son pressed little pecks all over his neck, and he tightened his grip on the little boy.
jinyoung looks at his mama after scenting him profusely.

"all better?" the little boy's tone is almost menacing, and hoseok thinks that, yes. this is yoongi's son.

"all better. thank you, honeybee."

jinyoung purrs as he runs his cheek affectionately against hoseok.
something catches jinyoung's eye.

the bear.

he squeals, reaching out for it with his chubby little hands, and before hoseok can stop him, his face is buried in it.

"smells like you, mama!!" his voice is muffled, "smells like unca joonie's friend, too. the bald one."

hoseok knows he's talking about yoongi.

"i can't 'member his name, but he smelled good. gave good hugs."

hugs? hoseok's lip wobbled again and he suppressed a sob.

yoongi was not a big hugger, especially with children.
"i liked him." jinyoung says, face coming up from the bear. he wraps his little skinny arms around it, tight.

"he smiled funny, like me!!"

and that's where hoseok loses it.

pulling jinyoung to his chest, he just lets the tears fall, sobbing into the soft black tuft of hair.
three weeks later, and hoseok still hasn't contacted yoongi.

the letter is pinned to his fridge by the ugliest magnet in the world, and everytime he passes it, he freezes.

he knows he should call him, or text him, or something. but he's terrified.

he doesn't want to fuck up.
he knows he's being stupid, but he's trying.

hoseok at least has yoongi's contact in his phone now.

it's only when jeongguk's going through his phone one Friday, trying to find the number to their favourite pizza shop, that he realizes how stupid he is being.
"when THE FUCK did you get min yoongi's phone number." jeongguk's wide eyes tear holes into hoseok's back as he cracks open a coke can.

hoseok is ashamed.

"he, he left things for jinyoung while i was, you know, /away/, and he gave me his number just in case."

jeongguk blinks.
"so the father of your children-"

"child." hoseok cuts in, "singular."

"shut up. the dude who knocked you up,,, the one YOU'VE BEEN THIRSTING FOR,,,, FOR LIKE, YEARS,,,, WANTS TO BE IN YOUR LIFE. AND YOU HAVEN'T TEXTED HIM."
hoseok doesn't answer.

"oh mY good GOD." jeongguk yells, "you HAVEN'T."
hoseok is glad jinyoung is out with namjoon for their weekly "bonding time".
"it's not my fault-" hoseok hisses, a blush rising underneath his skin, "i don't know /how/."

"hyung. it's simple. you just type a simple 'hey'." jeongguk's voice is condescending, "here, i'll do it for you."

hoseok abandons his coke to launch himself at the dorky beta.
"i swear to FUCK, jeongguk-" he grapples with the younger boy in vain, and jeongguk giggles.

"you can't swear to things you haven't had in like, three years, hoseok-hyung."

hoseok yelps as jeongguk twists his nipple harshly, throwing him off.

jeongguk's eyes light up as the tell-tale 'shwoop' sound echoes in the kitchen.

"oops. my thumbs slipped."

hoseok suppresses the urge to scream, cry, and murder jeongguk all at once.
jeongguk tosses the phone to hoseok, who is sprawled dramatically on the tiled floor.

hoseok blankly looks at the 'hey ;)' jeongguk had sent the man he had been avoiding for three years.

a fucking ';)'.
yoongi's side of the chat instantly pops up with the tell-tale grey cloud, and hoseok whines.

"this is honestly the worst thing to ever happen to me." hoseok cries, "this literally comes before that time jinyoung found my spare tampons. and ate them."
yoongi's text comes in with a little ding!

hoseok doesn't want to look at it.

"read it to me, heathen. im so embarrassed right now." he tosses the phone to jeongguk and curls into a fetal position on the floor.

jeongguk says, "yoongi says 'oh, hello'."

there's another ding.
jeongguk wheezes.

"he sent a winky face back, oh my god." the younger boy is laughing, hard, "what a fucking loser-"
hoseok groans on the floor.
jeongguk giggles, and he shouts, out of no where.

"HE WANTS TO CALL YOU. HE ASKS IF THAT'S OKAY-" jeongguk glares and hoseok, "i don't CARE IF YOU SAY NO."

hoseok squeaks on the floor, pathetically.
jeongguk's thumbs fly over the screen and he tosses the phone at hoseok again.

hoseok looks at the 'yeah, im always up for a call from u, stud' blankly and takes a deep breath. counts to three.

"get out of my house." he says calmly, and jeongguk pales.
he's gone within thirty seconds.

hoseok presses the blue call button immediately after he hears the front door slam.
the three buzzes are enough for hoseok to regret everything.

the call goes through.

hoseok rushes, panicked, "those texts you just got. i didnt send them. it was jeomgguk. not me."

there's a pause and yoongi lets a breathy laugh out.

"yeah, i figured."
the silence is too much, to static.

"hoseok-ah, i'm sorry-"

"no." hoseok hisses, "do not apologize. it was not your fault."

yoongi breathes, shaky.

"jinyoung is the best thing to ever happen to me." hoseok says, firmly. "he's my little angel."
hoseok bites his lip. focuses on a spot on the tiling that looks a bit screwed up.

"i don't hate you, hyung." hoseok decides, "i dont blame you, either."
yoongi makes a wet noise, and hoseok clenches his fist against his pant leg.

"i still feel guilty, hoseok." yoongi's voice is emotional, and hoseok knows if yoongi starts crying, he'll start crying too.

he's a loser like that.

"there's nothing to be guilty about."
"it's no one's fault. we didn't expect my heat to come early. it's not as if you forced yourself on me, either. i asked you to knot me." hoseok chokes the words out, "it was okay. im okay."

yoongi makes an exasperated sound. "hoseok. i got you pregnant." he pauses.
"i didn't even mate you."

yoongi leaves the phrase open.

hoseok's brow furrows, because the way yoongi says it suggests that he would have.

that he wanted to.
"the little boy you gave me was a gift." hoseok whispers, "he is nothing to be sorry for."

yoongi doesn't speak.

"i know things are complicated. but, if you want to be in jinyoung's life, you have to promise me something."
yoongi rushes in, tone adamant, "anything."

hoseok's voice breaks. "you can't /leave/ him."

hoseok knows he's crying again. maybe it was the lingering hormones from his last heat.

"you." yoongi corrects.

hoseok sniffles.


"i won't leave you. not again."
hoseok bites his trembling bottom lip.

"hoseok-ah, if you will let me, i'd like to see you again." yoongi says softly, "you and jinyoung."

hoseok nods, even though he knows yoongi can't see him. he wraps his spare arm around his legs, knees pushed together.
"i'd like that." hoseok whispers.
so should yoongi and hoseok meet up today?? or, should they wait??
yoongi's waits on the other side of the line.

hoseok speaks before he can think it through.

"what about today?"

there's something panicked about his voice. something that tells yoongi that hoseok's almost as afraid to lose him as yoongi is.

"yeah, seok-ah. of course."
yoongi breaks the skin of his lip with his tooth.

he runs his tongue over the fresh wound, the coppery twang dancing on his taste buds.

"when and where, hoseok?" yoongi asks, carefully.

"remember our café?"


yoongi feels the rush of mostly foreign familiarity.
yoongi and hoseok used to share a lot of things.

an apartment. a bathroom. a bedroom.

occasionally a bed.

now, a child.

but never the scar of a mark.
"yeah," yoongi says, breathy, "yeah, i remember. what time?"

there's static on the other end.

the silence is charged with something dangerous. something that makes yoongi's skin crawl. it's tense.

its ugly.

hoseok's obviously stressing out already. i
"joon'll be back with jinyoung-ah in two hours. how about," hoseok pauses, "how about six? we can eat together, or something."

"sounds like a plan, seok-ah."

hoseok breathes heavily.

"thank you, hyung." he sniffles a bit, "for taking this so maturely." hoseok's voice is quiet.
yoongi's heart breaks.

"don't thank me." he almost begs, "you and jinyoung, you're my responsibility, now. please, don't thank me."

hoseok makes a wet noise, then something akin to a whine. yoongi's skin prickles.

"i've gotta do now, hoseok-ah. we'll talk in person."
hoseok murmurs a small farewell, and the call cuts out.

yoongi's hands are shaking with nerves.

perhaps it wasn't a good idea to meet up so soon.
yoongi pushes that thought away because obviously hoseok needed someone. yoongi in particular.

yoongi knew that he was dumb, but his brain was /screaming/ at him.

he had failed to protect his omega.

he had failed to take care of his family.

his pup didn't even know him.
he had failed to mate the omega he knotted.

he had failed as an alpha.

and that? that was doing stuff to yoongi's head.

every part of him was screaming at him to make up for everything he'd done.

yoongi was stressed.
yoongi ran his fingers through his short hair, and he gnawed on the inside of his cheek.

he wanted hoseok to forgive him.

he knew that hoseok said he didnt blame him, but he was just so damn GUILTY.
yoongi tries the freshen up. make himself presentable.

he digs out a pair of old jeans from his almost barren closet only to find out that they're too tight.

yoongi fleetingly thinks enlistment did do him some good after all.

he finally put some weight on.
hoseok, on the other hand, feels as if he's going to explode.

this nervousness seeping into his bones is doing him no good.

he's uncomfortable, and he wants to nest somewhere secluded, and /jinyoung's not home/ and /he's freaking out/.

he shakily calls namjoon.
namjoon picks up immediately.

"hyung? everything good?"

hoseok can hear jinyoung chattering in the background and his fingers clench.

"need." hoseok takes a deep breath, "need my baby. please, joonie, please bring him home."

namjoon is silent for a while.

"i'm on my way."
hoseok nests in jinyoung's room.

jinyoung smells like home. he smells like love to hoseok.

hoseok craves for it. for love.
pick one
namjoon comes home to find hoseok snuggled up in jinyoung's bed, his own blankets and the little biy's comforters forming a makeshift protective barrier from the world.

"mama, mama," jinyoung chirps immediately, running to the side of the bed, "mama, wanna cuddle too!"
"baby." hoseok mumbles, reaches out for his son. jinyoung tumbles into them, and namjoon looks at the way hoseok scoops up the child and pulls him close.

rubs his nose all over the boy's neck.

namjoon feels like he's intruding, but hoseok is in a dangerous spot.
hoseok is an omega, and he's an omega who is extremely receptable to hormones. namjoon knew this for a fact.

a major mood swing, or stress, could bring on premature heat.

the fact that he had a pup, and was "rejected" by an alpha in the past, made it even more dangerous.
namjoon, an omega himself, had to be there for him.

hoseok looked at him blearily from the tangle of sheets and namjoon studied his face.

"make room for me?" namjoon asked carefully, hoping that hoseok wouldn't react negatively.
hoseok hugged jinyoung tighter, the boy purring in his arms.

he looked like a happy little kitten.

"yeah, joonie. come cuddle with me n' baby." hoseok sounded far away, and namjoon knew he was going to drop soon.

the stress with yoongi had been too much.
namjoon carefully crawled into the nest with hoseok and latched on without a word, pulling him close.

"jinyoungie smells like he's gonna be an alpha, joonie." hoseok said dreamily, "smells like-"

namjoon cut him off before he could continue.

"tell me what's wrong, hobi."
hoseok's eyes are red.

namjoon swallows thickly.


namjoon's eyebrows pull together, and he tightens his grip on the two of them.
oh /jesus/.

namjoon swipes hoseok's bangs out of his eyes and he carefully chooses his words.

"hobi, be more specific." namjoon pleads, "please."

jinyoung shifts in hoseok's arms a bit, uncomfortable with the tense atmosphere.

"hyung. i called him today." hoseok mumbled.
"said he never wanted to leave me again. he said he'll do anything for me n' baby." hoseok's face is open.

namjoon blinks at hoseok.

"i want alpha." the tears are beading his waterline already, "please."

namjoon is completely lost.

"who is alpha, mama?"
namjoon freezes.

hoseok sobs.

jinyoung stares at his broken, emotional mama.

namjoon speed-dials yoongi.
three rings.
yoongi picks up, and namjoon rushes the words out.
namjoon had pulled himself from the nest moments before.

"hoseok's in bad shape, hyung. he needs you. h-he's nesting, and he's-"

yoongi's breath stutters, and there's sounds of hurried rustling.

"i'm on my way, namjoon."
namjoon climbs back into the nest and hoseok pulls himself and jinyoung into his lap, nuzzling at his neck.

"y'smell like gukkie, joon." hoseok mumbles, a little far away, "s'cute."

"thank you, seok." namjoon cards his fingers through his best friend's hair.
yoongi tears through the streets in his beat-up sedan.

he knows where hoseok lives, and he thanks all the gods he can think of for it only being five minutes away from his new place.

yoogi swears. pulls on his bangs as he runs countless red lights.
namjoon starts to worry when hoseok begins to whimper.

jinyoung's all pressed up against his mama, whispering with his little slurred voice -"don't cry, mama, don't cry"- and namjoon breaks a little.

holds on to the two of them tight and hopes hoseok's heat doesn't hit at all.
namjoon smells the preheat first, and its ridiculous.

ridiculous how hoseok just went through his natural cycle not even a month ago, and here he was again, weakly emiting the scent.

only this time, hoseok smells putrid. scared. not at how an omega in heat should smell.
namjoon has never had a stress-induced heat, but he knows they're painful.

there's really not a persistent need to take a knot, but hoseok gets sick. real sick. the knot makes it bearable.

namjoon recalls their college days, before yoongi, when he was the one caring for him.
namjoon massages the other's back, ignores how the scent makes his stomach twist.

"its okay, hobi. hold onto your pup tight. i got you. you're safe." he mumbles into the omega's hair, and he feels hoseok's wet eyelashes brush against his mark.

"joonie, i want alpha."

"i know."
yoongi races up the stairs, because /holy shit/.

he can already smell them.

his alpha is going wild underneath his skin, the frantic pulse of that primal mantra- "find omega, mate omega, protect omega, find him" - makes yoongi want to puke.

he can smell his pup and his omega.
hoseok perks up.

sniffs around his tears.

"joonie," he gasps, "joonie someone's at the door. joonie, joonie, is it him?"

jinyoung grips the neckline of hoseok's shirt. stares at namjoon.

he looks like yoongi.

namjoon tears his eyes away.
"lemme check, hyung. you have to let me go."

hoseok nods and peels himself away.

namjoon threads his fingers through the omega's dishevelled hair. hoseok leans into the touch.

he's always been a little affection-deprived.

"stay in the nest, hoseok. please."
so. hoseok's heat has been triggered prematurely by stress,,,,

pick one.
hoseok smells him.
its overwhelming a bit, to catch a scent that his son mimics weakly, and hoseok whines.

he grabs jinyoung and presses him to his chest, his heartbeat erratic. jinyoung plasters himself against the omega. mumbles a bit.

"mama, you're crushin' me. don' like it."
hoseok, half-delirious from the scent that's leaking to the room, notices the grip he has on the almost-four-year-old.

"s-sorry, honey. mama just wants to hold you tight. he's not feeling good." hoseok stumbles over his words.

he vaguely recognizes that he's in heat.
jinyoung isn't supposed to be here.

hoseok doesn't feel safe.

he wants yoongi, but he's terrified.

hoseok smooths the little boy's healthy black hair back with a shaky hand. tries to ignore the pain stabbing his gut. distracts himself with his son's pretty, thick hair.
"unca namjoon gives good cuddles." jinyoung says absently.

hoseok's mouth goes dry as the scent /spikes/.

yoongi is in his apartment, and he smells /angry/.

hoseok wants.

hoseok recognises the heavy, quick footsteps as namjoon's. they're coming right back to the bedroom.
namjoon throws the door open.

"seokkie." he sounds panicked, "please, hand over jinyoung."

hoseok cocks his head to the side. blinks. namjoon wants to take his pup? something primal and territorial tells hoseok's heat-addled brain that this is /wrong/.

"hyung, you're in heat. your alpha's in the /living room/. please, let me take jinyoung. he's not safe here."

hoseok's eyes well up with tears.

"you wanna take my pup away?" hobi whimpers.

yoongi's scent spikes again, stronger, and hoseok's completely delirious with heat.
"no," namjoon says evenly, brow twitching, "do you really want your son to witness you mate?"

hoseok short-circuits.
hoseok tries to think.
jinyoung reaches out of namjoon, and hoseok can smell the bitter, unhappy twinge to his son's scent.

"unca joon." he begs, and hoseok loosens his grip on his son. "i wan' unca joon-"

hoseok tries to ignore the stab of jealousy and sadness that pierces his heart.
namjoon gently removes jinyoung from hoseok's arms.

"don't take 'im, please," hoseok feels the hot tears run, "please, he's all i got, he's my baby, please, don' take 'im-"

namjoon hugs jinyoung close to his chest as the little boy starts to sob as well.

it's a mess.
"i'm not taking your baby, hoseok," namjoon says, with as steady a voice he can muster, "i'm gonna take care of him until your heat is over."

hoseok is wailing, snot and tears dripping from his chin. he grabs blindly for his son.

jinyoung is terrified and in tears.
namjoon backs away slowly, his heart tearing into pieces as he hears hoseok scream out in terror.

he doesn't understand. hoseok doesn't understand why namjoon is taking his pup away.

namjoon grimaces, and wraps his arms protectively around jinyoung as he exits the bedroom.
namjoon doesn't know what to expect from yoongi.

he watches him prowl around the living room, hands tearing at his own hair. he locks eyes with namjoon, and his blood runs cold.

yoongi's his best friend, but his alpha side is terrifying.

he's staring at jinyoung.

namjoon feels his subconscious hiss, and he shields jinyoung with his body.

he doesn't look down at the little boy, fearing that if he lost eye contact with yoongi, something bad would happen.

namjoon has to protect him.

he feels every hair on his body stand straight up.
"your omega is in heat. can't you smell him?" namjoon says, and yoongi's hands twitch.

he's lost in his headspace. namjoon can see it in his eyes.

"he's in pain, yoongi-hyung. he needs you." namjoon continues, and yoongi's growl penetrates the air.

"want my pup."
"you can have him after you mate your omega." namjoon's voice is firm.

there's a muffled scream from the direction of hoseok's bedroom, and yoongi visibly tenses at it.

namjoon rocks jinyoung against his hip, the little boy's face buried into his scent gland.

yoongi's torn.
"my omega." yoongi mumbles.

his fingers twitch against his thighs.

namjoon finds it hard to watch him.

"go to him, hyung, he's hurting." namjoon coaxes, and yoongi wildly looks at him. looks at jinyoung, who is pressed into his chest and neck as if he was glued there.
"let me scent my baby." yoongi begs, and namjoon frowns.

"but he's /mine/, he's mine, you can't-" yoongi is starting to look erratic, and namjoon feels the fear prickle underneath his skin.

"s-stop," jinyoung gasps, tears his face away from namjoon's neck, "help mama, please mister, please help my mama, /he's hurting/-"
yoongi's face is twisted in some emotion in between anger and sadness, and he rakes his eyes over his son's face.


namjoon orders him this time, hears hoseok's wails of "baby, jinyoungie-" increase in volume, feels his own eyes prickle with tears, "go now."
yoongi stares at him blankly, reaching out with a desperate hand, amd namjoon doesn't dodge him fast enough.
he runs his fingers through jinyoung's hair gently, and the little boy recoils in shock. he hisses at the older man.

yoongi pulls his hand away as if he was burnt.

hoseok yells out in agony, loud and gut-wrenchingky clear, then yoongi is running down the hall.
what do you want?
yoongi's barely able to form an intelligent thought when he tears into hoseok's bedroom.

the younger man is curled around himself, dry-heaving from the sobs wracking his frail, thin body.

the sour scent of premature heat settles moist in the air, assaulting his senses.
yoongi feels that suffocating urge to /protect/ rise, and he stumbles clumsily to the haphazard nest hoseok buried himself in.

"seokkie," he gasps, "seok-ah, i'm here. alpha's here."

hoseok's head rises, bottom lip torn open and bloody, teeth still digging into the flesh.
his eyes are unfocused, and yoongi registers that hoseok's regular self is totally gone.

this is that broken, primal side of the omega that was abandoned three years ago, and was left to suffer alone.

hoseok's face screws up in recognition, and yoongi is pulled into the nest.
yoongi vaguely notices that hoseok's lip is still bloody and dripping, but that doesn't stop him from shoving the distressed omega's face into the crook of his neck.

"shh, shh. alpha's got you."

yoongi's palms press against hoseok's back, keeping him close.
"where /were/ you." hoseok gasps, voice wracked with tremors of emotion, "you /left/ me."

yoongi's heart shatters.

all he can do is hold hoseok close.

"you knotted me, and then you /left/. was i- was i not good enough? was i... a bad omega?"
"no, honey." yoongi's hands scramble to pull hoseok away from his neck, to cup his face.

to wipe away the blood and the tears staining his face.

"you are the best omega. the only omega for me." yoongi is choking on his words. "i'm so sorry. alpha,,,, alpha is so, so sorry."
yoongi bites his tongue, ignores his subconscious and the way it screams for him to finally take what is his.

sweat beads on yoongi's forehead as he bares his neck in submission to the shattered omega.
"i'm yours, hoseok. i'm never leaving you. never again." yoongi keeps his head angled, and hoseok falls into him.

presses his nose against the gland there, fingers frantically touching his chest, his arms, anywhere they can reach.

yoongi's fingers softly find the omega's hair.
hoseok's scent is sour, and yoongi holds his breath.

"mine?" hoseok marvels, fingers tightening in the fabric at the chest of yoongi's shirt.

he's wide-eyed, pale, and sweating. he looks sick. he smells of heat and slick, and yoongi's fingers thread through his hair.

"i've only ever had baby..." hoseok's eyes are unfocused. his lip wobbles. "never had an alpha."

yoongi smooths his hair back gently. pushes it from his eyes.

"now you do, seok-ah."

yoongi's nose twitches as he leans in to scent the younger man, "i'm yours, and you're mine."
the tears fall, and yoongi swipes them away with the broad pads of his thumbs. hoseok leans into the touch.

yoongi's hyperaware of the sudden shift in mood, of the quietness that blankets them.

the bedside lamp washes the room in a soft, muted yellow.

"alpha. i'm hurtin'."
yoongi studies the omega's face. he still has the capacity to blush at the implications.

"do you," yoongi bites his lip as hoseok inches closer, scents him again, "do you want me to take care of you?"

hoseok hides against his neck.

nods twice.
"heat hurts." hoseok says, and yoongi takes time to pull hoseok flush against him, to palm at his back and rub his scent all over hoseok's neck again.

his subconscious wants him to shred hoseok into pieces and put him back together again.

he doesn't listen to it.
"lie back into your nest for me?" yoongi suggests, releases hoseok from his hold.

the omega falls back. stares at yoongi wordlessly as his face screws up in pain.

"good boy." yoongi pauses. looks. "seok-ah?"

hoseok makes a 'mm?' sound. it's cute.

"can i kiss you, seokkie?"
yoongi finally sees hoseok's smile. he practically dimples at him. it's too much.

"yes," he says, voice a bit brighter, "yes, you can, alpha."

yoongi hovers over him, then presses his lips against the omega's, careful of the damaged skin of the bottom lip.
it's chaste.

but, it's enough to have yoongi's heart thumping erratically against his ribs, have his arms tremble as he holds himself over hoseok.

it's kind of pathetic how a chaste kiss has yoongi weak in the knees.

then again, he's always been weak in the knees for hoseok.
hoseok hums against his lips, then grins.

"alpha, alpha, you're shaking like a leaf." he giggles weakly, and yoongi has to catch his breath.

"i'm sorry, honey." he says, smile threatening to tug at his lips, "i can't help it, you're so amazing. i can't believe you're mine."
hoseok's hands smooth up his arms.

"need you," he says, and yoongi can smell the way his scent is shifting.

it's getting sweeter, less toxic. he smells like he's less upset. it doesn't feel like a wet blanket suffocating yoongi anymore.

yoongi almost sighs in relief.
"yeah, baby. alpha's got you." yoongi says, pulls back.

situates himself between hoseok's legs.

his fingers tap at the sliver of golden skin he can see where his shirt rises, and hoseok's skin breaks out into a clammy sweat.

he squirms a bit.
"sit up, seok-ah." he orders softly, and the omega rises shakily, "arms up. let's get you out of these clothes."
yoongi's as gentle as he can be, but even through his laboured breaths and careful movements, he feels like he could explode.

hoseok's scent is doing a lot to him, and with the added scent of jinyoung in the nest, it makes him even more protective.

yoongi could drop into rut.
yoongi is careful when prepping hoseok.

he pays attention to the way hoseok breathes, splays a hand against hoseok's toned thigh to partly hold him open, partly provide an anchor pf reality for the distressed omega.

he's sniffling.
yoongi's crooking a second finger in, digits soaked in his slick, when hoseok whimpers.

"hurts," hoseok mumbles. squirms a bit.

yoongi goes to pull his hand away.

"want me to stop?"

hoseok looks at him quickly. wildly. grabs yoongi's wrist to keep him locked inside.
"don't." hoseok sounds broken when he whispers, and yoongi gets that. he knows the feeling.


he smooths a hand over hoseok's clammy skin. tugs on hoseok's dick a bit to distract him from the cramps and the ache from the slow prep.

yoongi's aware that he's throbbing.
yoongi rubs at hoseok's loosening walls, but he's tight. yoongi knows he's going to need special attention because of how long i had been since he's taken an actual knot.

yoongi can't afford to hurt hoseok more than he already has.

hoseok's a bit more responsive now.
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