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Thread: An Old IC Guy Comments on the Bergdahl for Five Taliban Generals Swap

1. With recent rumors of legal actions surrounding the Clinton Foundation heating up, linkages to Benghazi and Bergdahl must be re-examined and not swept under the rug again, right @gowdy?
2. The Bergdahl-for-Taliban generals swap lit a fire under an old IC guy after a Benghazi summary and a report that the former Clinton Foundation CFO is spilling the beans both made the Internet rounds. How are the Clinton Foundation and the Bergdahl swap connected? Read on.
3. First, the Benghazi summary: <quote> Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US-made Stinger missiles that the State Dept had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission.
4. Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton had brokered the Libya deal through Ambassador Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi, but some of the shoulder fired Stingers ended up in Afghanistan where they were used against our own military.
5. On July 25th, 2012, a US Chinook helicopter was downed by one of them. It wasn’t destroyed only because the idiot Taliban didn't arm the missile.
6. The helicopter didn't explode, but it had to land, and an ordnance team recovered the missile’s serial number which led back to a cache of Stinger missiles kept in Qatar by the CIA.
7. Obama and Hillary were in full panic mode, so Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to retrieve the rest of the Stingers. This was a "do-or-die" mission, which explains the stand-down orders given to multiple rescue teams during the siege of the US embassy.
8. It was the State Dept, NOT the CIA, that supplied the Stingers to our sworn enemies because Gen Petraeus at CIA would not approve supplying the deadly missiles due to their potential use against commercial aircraft.
9. Obama threw Gen Petraeus under the bus when he refused to testify in support of Obama’s phony claim of a “spontaneous uprising caused by a YouTube video that insulted Muslims.” Let’s face it: Obama and Hillary committed TREASON!
10. THIS was a major reason for conducting the investigation into Hillary’s email server. She was involved in illegal arms-trading and also selling TS/SCI/SAP information to our potential adversaries for cold, hard cash.
11. This is why she had a private server (in order to control and delete the digital evidence), and why Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was the result of the YouTube video, even though everyone knew it was not.
12. Furthermore, the Taliban knew that the administration had aided and abetted the enemy WITHOUT congressional oversight or permission, so they began pressuring (blackmailing) the Obama Administration to release five Taliban generals being held at GTMO.
13. Bergdahl was just a useful pawn used to cover the release of the Taliban generals. Bergdahl was a known traitor, but Obama used his exchange for the five Taliban generals to cover being blackmailed by the Taliban about the unauthorized Stinger deal.
14. <unquote>
What we had in Benghazi are the following:
a. Illegal/unapproved arms trading
b. Corruption at the highest levels of the US government
c. Four dead Americans
d. Serial perjury by senior Obama officials, including Hillary Clinton
15. In my opinion, Trey Gowdy’s “Benghazi Select Committee” let Hillary off the hook through political corruption similar to the DoJ/FBI corruption exposed during Comey’s closed-door testimony to Congress last week on the “tarmac meeting” and the email server faux investigation.
16. I bet the Finance Center knows where all of the money from the arms transactions (and other Clinton Foundation shenanigans) went, including whose palms got greased (a LOT of people’s!). That’s why this story about the Clinton CFO could be YUUUUGE if true:
17. <quote>
The CFO of the Clinton Foundation, thinking he was "meeting an old professional acquaintance," admitted to investigators that the charity had widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest, ….
17A. and that Bill Clinton has been commingling business and personal expenses for a long time.
18. Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel made the admissions to investigators from MDA Analytics LLC - a firm run by "accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators," who have been probing the Clinton Foundation for some time.…
19. Note that this was a PRIVATE company that has been investigating the Clinton Foundation, too, not the leaky ship that is the current FBI! No wonder we haven’t seen anything about this in the media until just recently.
20. What is the probability that MDA Analytics also uncovered past pay-for-play and arms transactions “irregularities” involving the Clinton Foundation? Pretty damn good! I’d surely like to see the MDA investigators compare notes with Charles Ortel, wouldn’t you?
21. Now, the old IC guy weighs in about the Benghazi summary. Yup, the Stinger stuff is about right on, and yes, it is most likely that the assault on the consulate was an act of retaliation and/or resistance.
22. I do doubt that Shrillary could have "issued" arms from an agency cache without the agency knowing or cabling the authorization. Been there, done that: NOTHING gets issued without an HQ State cable providing authorization. Yes, even in the case of acquiring Stingers for ops.
23. The documentation and procedures of the Stinger recovery folks are pretty damn tight!
24. On the other hand, control of battlefield-recovered SA-7, -14 and -16 (Soviet) and HN- 5 (Chinese) missiles can at times be far looser, and redirecting such is possible before they are fully documented and put into storage with the Stingers.
25. Also, the Chin and Rus MANPADs COULD have been in the possession of an "in" arms dealer (one who is “politically-connected,” and you just know there are a lot of shady people in the Clintons’ orbit looking to cash in).
26. That cable authorizing thing is a big deal, and if the transfer WAS authorized, there is evidence in the cable system back-ups for the period. To repeat: State Dept cannot authorize release of CIA-owned munitions!
27. The arms dealer (Marc Turi) involved was a civilian operator who worked for the US IC. Usually, that means he moved stuff for the military and the agency - some general support and some covert.
28. If he was persuaded by the Shrillary Machine to support her "loose cannon" projects, then I would suppose that he is/was dodging a quick trip to Ft. Marcy or a "robbery gone wrong" scenario!
29. I noticed that once his name came up, it was quickly deleted from further media interest, & he went from being a person of interest to not being noteworthy in a short time. At that point, I figured out his place in the mix. This guy knows EVERYTHING.
30. How Gowdy’s committee let this guy escape serious interrogation is beyond my comprehension! But we know the answer, don’t we? Because Gowdy was politically compromised and is all talk and no action!
31. All that known, I did not "get" the extortion part of the Birgdog release/exchange before reading that Benghazi summary. That part fits the puzzle perfectly! And yes, I concur that Shrillary and Obama committed treason, perjury and every other crime on the books.
32. Geez, for their action during the Arab Spring, they are full up War Criminals. Count up the dead in Egypt, Libya, etc., and lay that on them – and then find a rope.
33. Lately, I’ve been pondering how the two of them could be genetically connected to the family of Saddam Hussein; I mean the genetics seem to mesh, don't ya think? But as the article (and conventional wisdom) these days say, they will never be indicted.
34. I pray that they will be, but I see their crimes fading into the past (like Gen Montgomery killing 40-50,000 French by bombarding Caen to avoid an urban battle in 1944, which was criminal in a big way, but no one seems to note that because victors write history).
35. The more one studies history, the more one realizes that the worst murderers came out on top and lived long and evil lives. Stalin and Mao come immediately to mind.
36. To sum this all up, there is what you see, and what is going on behind the scene. The latter is where the true story lies. With all the stuff breaking lately, e.g., Comey’s serial perjury, MDA’s investigation of the CF making news, etc., some harsh justice COULD be coming!
37. And maybe – just maybe – all of these things will finally be linked together in one coherent story, the center of the spider’s web being the Clinton Foundation! ///The end.
Appendix: #$%^@! Rep Gowdy's correct Tw@tter handle is @TGowdySC (first tweet in this thread). One of these days I will double-check everything and tweet out a "perfect" thread. I am too lazy.

(H/T: @CatherineABird)
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