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Despite the fact that the mainstream media tries to downplay it, and Democrats pretend not to see it and Never Trumper's completely ignore it, the increasingly irrelevant Mueller Special Counstel team DOES have a Strzok problem.

My column from Dec. 6:…
The Mueller Special Counsel team delaying Gen. Michael Flynn's sentencing for over a year since he pleaded guilty to 1 simple count of process perjury on Dec. 1, 2017 had far more to do with Strzok than any cooperation Flynn was giving to Mueller or other DOJ offices.
Strzok was the lead agent in the investigation into Gen. Flynn. He conducted the interview during which Mueller claimed to have found Flynn giving a dishonest answer.
As I point out in my column, Strzok was sort of a jack-of-all-trades at the FBI, ending up right in the middle of every single politically sensitive investigation that occurred in that agency from 2015-2017.
Strzok wasn't just involved, he was a lead agent who influenced

1) the Hillary Clinton Email investigation
2) the Michael Flynn investigation
3) the Crossfire Hurricane entrapment of the Trump campaign
4) the Mueller Special Counsel team.
Despite Strzok's own denials, he was fired from the FBI for the blatant political bias that he displayed in handling each of these investigations he was a part of.
Horowitz's Clinton Email report - which was *ONLY* about the FBI's CONDUCT of the then-closed probe - got Strzok fired.

Horowitz's next report gets to the heart of the SpyGate plot itself, instead of peripheral matters like conduct of agents in an already closed investigation.
Working in tandem with US Attorney John Huber & Huber's own large team of US Attorneys/investigators, Horowitz & his IG team have been slowly working their way backwards through a MASSIVE maze of money & information laundering & strategic leaks.
I'm going to try to sum up SpyGate in just a tweet or two:
To hide Uranium 1 & that top people in the Obama administration were subsequently blackmailed by the Russians/Iranians into doing the Iran Deal due to the bribes they took, Obama used fed agencies to try to rig the 2016 election to ensure Hillary won it.
The Uranium One bribery scandal is MASSIVE. It spans most of the top agencies not just inside the Obama administration, but several foreign countries as well. Extensive money laundering occurred to hide the trail of bribe $ being taken by top US & Western officials.
DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is ill suited to thoroughly investigate a massive money-laundering/influence peddling scheme like U1 or other pay-for-play schemes being quarterbacked from Hillary Clinton's illegal private server.
There are clear boundaries to what Horowitz can investigate. He is limited only to what DOJ/FBI personnel do during their employment at the Dept. He has limited purview over what they do after they leave the DOJ.
So here's what happened: during his examination of the Comey FBI's handling of the Clinton Email probe, Horowitz carefully examines the contents of what has come to be referred to as "The Weiner Laptop".
While seeing if political bias *influenced* decisions Comey's Bureau made in it's Clinton probe, Horowitz has to examine what they were looking at when they made those decisions.

This leads him straight to the Weiner laptop, which Hillary *didn't* get a chance to scrub first.
Recall the FBI's Clinton Email investigation was closed by Comey, and only THEN was the Weiner laptop literally dropped into his lap [pun intended]. He was *forced* to reopen the investigation briefly.
That initial investigation into Hillary's emails involved ONLY the emails she VOLUNTARILY HANDED OVER after she & her staff picked and chose what to disclose from the private server.

She then DESTROYED 33,000 emails that were under subpoena.
And Comey and his merry crew let her get away with that. They closed the investigation, everything was fine, and then this damn Weiner laptop got dropped on them.
The Weiner laptop contained hundreds of thousands of Clinton emails stored there by Anthony Weiner's wife & top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

See, ol' Anthony got caught sexting a 15 year old girl so the laptop was seized by the NYPD.
And what the NYPD found on that laptop was so stunning, they immediately flagged it to the attention of the FBI.

Comey & Co. were caught flat footed. They *HAD* to take possession of this unexptected new evidence and then publicly 'deal' with it.
So here's what Comey & His Homeys did: they announced they screened all these hundreds of thousands of new Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop & they did this in just a few hours using some amazing new software & techniques.

They announced "NOTHING NEW HERE!" & closed shop.
Whew! A crisis averted! Now her royal majesty could serenely sail on towards her long awaited coronation!

Notice that's NOT Hillary Clinton in that picture with Obama, being congratulated for winning the 2016 Presidential eleciton.
On January 12, 2017, DOJ IG Horowitz announces - because Democrats still PISSED that Comey reopened the Clinton Email case - he is initiating a review of how the FBI handled that investigation as well as OTHER issues involved in the 2016 election.

What does Horowitz start doing in January 2017?

He starts examining how the FBI under Comey handled the Clinton Email investigation.

And while doing that he & his investigative IG staff of 300+ *completely examine* the contents of the Weiner laptop.
Remember: Hillary & her team of aides & lawyers *DIDN'T* get a chance to thoroughly scrub the emails on the laptop & pick which ones Horowitz & his team got to see. Horowitz & his team got to see it ALL.
Horowitz finds evidence of massive pay for play bribery scandals and more, not just U1. He finds evidence of Obama admin people frantically trying to cope with blackmail from the Russians & Iranians, who are demanding sweetheart Iran Deals or be exposed for bribes taken.
Here's the problem: Horowitz can go after the DOJ/FBI people like Lynch & Comey for COVERING THESE CRIMES UP, but what he *can't* do is go after the people OUTSIDE the DOJ/FBI that committed these crimes.


They CAN go after them.
Huber & his team of US Attorney's don't face the limitations that Horowitz does. They aren't limited to the activity of LEO personnel inside the DOJ.

Huber & his team CAN follow the bribery trails. Which is what they've been doing for OVER A YEAR NOW.
So while Horowitz can go after DOJ/FBI personnel for covering up crimes as well as abusing their powers to launch SpyGate/Crossfire Hurricane to help Hillary & hurt Trump in the 2016 election, he can't pursue crimes not committed by DOJ people; that's up to Huber.
This why 2 big drops are coming:

1) Horowitz's detailed report of the SPYGATE plot inside the DOJ/FBI


2) Huber's expose of the U1 scandal & the Clinton Foundation's role in laundering the bribe money.
Horowitz has been known to be working on his SpyGate report for over 9 months at this point.

In the meanwhile, Huber's ready to begin surfacing his own investigation, which is why it was publicy revealed recently he's been digging into the Clinton Foundation.
Democrats take control of the House in late January 2019.

By that time the Horowitz SpyGate report will have been released and Trump will have declassified most if not all of the SpyGate documents.
And we'll all know by that point some of what Huber & his team of US Attorneys found in their year of investigation.

Trump will move when he is ready.

And so will this guy.

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