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Guess who's back! 😎

Q's been on the chans for a couple of hours, and I finally have some time to thread 🤗 We have a lot to get to today folks, buckle up!

Thread for Dec. 11th

2. New drop 2579

Q links past drop 2502 showing us the defense spending & budget for 2019 already passed in congress.

Q links POTUS' tweet & F0X article saying POTUS will use Mil to build the wall within the 2019 defense budget.

But we knew that 😎…
3. New drop 2580

Q links WH post with video of Kellyanne reiterating the fact that border security is a national security threat.
4. New drop 2581
Q drop from yest. re: Cain, whistleblower for CF. Also links motion to UNSEAL the FB! raid docs.

Q tells us again, this was for the protection of the witnesses, evidence & investigation.

Q tells us to read the attached motion carefully!…
5. NewDrop 2582
Q links Anon quoting Pelosi/POTUS meeting this morning in Oval Office. More proofs we knew the Mil Engineers would build the wall. POTUS outed the Dems & got funding at the same time! Winning! Q links article> the Hill re: meeting w/ video.…
6. In drop 2582, Q purposefully linked that Q proof from our fellow Patriot and QResearcher @intheMatrixxx! Well done! 👏🏼👏🏼 Not only a shoutout from Q, but intheMatrixxx decoded this back in MARCH! 👌🏼Anons knew 😎
7. New drop 2583

Q links article from 2001 re: Civilians serving on Military Tribunals.

Q says: think about the line of questioning from Graham at the Kavanaugh hearing re: military tribunals.…
8. Anons are always happy when Q jumps back onto the chans. Always sending love and gratitude for POTUS. 🙏🏻 ThankQ
9. Anons are responding to Q and have many questions:
11. It was all planned.
We knew this was coming.

POTUS approved a $717 BILLION defense budget. Here's a breakdown:
12. Very well packaged indeed!

POTUS: "Do you want the government open, or do you want the border open?"

They will not get both!
13. Absolutely correct! This is well within POTUS' Executive powers to shut down government, declare a national security threat at the border - and order the Military Engineers to build the wall while our other units secure the border. Winning!

Thank you GS 😉
14. There are no coincidences.
16. Reminder: when Pelosi & Chucky showed up for the meeting in the O-office, they 'thought' they were having a private meeting. At the last min, as they arrived POTUS opened it to all media! 😂 Who's in control? POTUS! Who calls for transparency? POTUS! You'd think they'd learn.
17. ICYMI: Schedule of Events

This week is BIG!
Q asked: Why is CF back in the news?

CF Hearing is Dec. 13th, where 2 whistleblowers will testify, as well as HUBER and Fitton (Judicial Watch).
18. Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided At Port Of Baltimore Reveals Sick Secret: 14 containers found of PEOPLE! "We honestly didn’t know what to expect; what we found was simply surreal."…
19. New drop 2584

Q links article from Mark Levin debunking the fake news narrative re: Impeachment.…

Q states it requires 2/3 of senate. Why was senate so important? We have control!

Q links Senate statutes re:impeachment…
20. I mentioned yesterday how I have observed the online visitors to Q_map increase daily. Yesterday we avg 185-187k visitors.

Check out today! We have almost hit the 200,000 mark! Tipping point so close I can taste it! 😎
21. On 11/11 there was a wave that rippled around the world in 17 sec intervals and nobody knew why.

Anons later found out from Q that white hats took out CERN tech [they] had been using against us for years.

Chatter on the chans that it's happening again! More waves WW!
22. Could these waves have something to do with the amount of earthquakes we've had lately?

Today, HUGE magnitude 7.1 earthquake STRIKES close to Antarctica and British-owned Bristol Island.

Q just posted a pic from Antarctica.
23. Full video from today's Oval Office meeting with POTUS, Pelosi and Chucky.
24. A small reminder of Chucky from past drops:
25. Small flashback into Pelosi from past drops:
27. New drop 2585

Q links article posted by Hannity re: shooter in France identified on terrorist watch list.

Q asks how do you quell growing protests against you? Notice a pattern?…
28. This is very important to note.
[They] will do anything to try and stop what's coming! Their biggest fear is being exposed! Expect FF and stay vigilant!
29. Active shooter incident training today for Houses of Worship.

We know FF happen shortly after active shooter drills. Something is happening. EYES PEELED! See something, say something!…
30. BREAKING: Pelosi mocks meeting with POTUS today re: border wall - calling it a "manhood thing" and a "tinkle contest".. she states she was the Mom.

[They] keep digging that hole of theirs deeper and deeper. Soon they'll completely bury themselves.…
31. Just as I thought, today's earthquake and recent Q photo from Antarctica are related. There are no coincidences!

Anon spells it out within another proof!

7.1 quake > Think Mirror = 17 - Q!
33. ICYMI: POTUS tweets from earlier today. Note the timestamps!

34. BREAKING: Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay President Trump $293,052.53 in legal fees over failed defamation lawsuit.…
35. BREAKING: Christopher Steele disclosed information from his infamous dossier to Strobe Talbott, a longtime Clinton insider and former State Department official.…
36. POTUS speaks to press after threatening Government shutdown.
38. Future proves past.

When Q told us we would have 10 days of darkness. Total SHUTDOWN.

Was he really meaning government shutdown?

Nothing is a coincidence. This has been planned for years.
39. Anons are VERY pleased that POTUS allowed the media inside the meeting today to expose [them] further.
40. It's official. Dems have chosen Maxine Waters to lead House Financial Services Commitee.…
41. Past drops from 1 year ago today
Dec. 11th, 2017
42. More past drops from 1 year ago
43. I wonder why that is 😎

-->> DIFFUSION <<--
44. Secret military bases have been exposed by Russian satellite map.

Coincidence? Inadvertent?…
45. Trump is preparing to condemn China for alleged theft of US trade secrets; DOJ expected to announce charges against hackers.…
46. POTUS is trying to stop China, meanwhile Trudeau is giving them the reigns. Anons are asking Q for a 'rope day' here in Canada too. 😏
47. Today's Oval Office meeting was exactly 17 minutes long! 😎

17 = Q

Nothing is a coincidence!
Everything is planned.…
48. CEO from GOOG testified today in front of the House Judiciary. PICHAI denied any bias, dodged questions and claimed human employees were unable to manipulate algorithms.…
49. Another proof from POTUS!

A few weeks ago, Anons asked POTUS to say "tip top" or "tippy top" as a confirmation to Anons.

Today was the second time POTUS has used this phrase since being asked. 😎
50. Q told us earlier re: Military Tribunals to think back to the line of questioning from Graham in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Here is the video:
51. Anon was nice enough to transcript Graham/Kavanaugh questioning:
53. Anons are digging into further info on Q's drops today. As we have already uncovered, Congress' arrest protections are VOID while government is shutdown. There is an exception for treason - can be arrested anytime w/ evidence.

Anon digs for further info:
54. Oh hello again, Sessions, Flynn, Mattis 😎
55. Sessions activated?
57. What Constitutional Authority does POTUS have over Congress? This Anon researched and explains:
58. Exactly. POTUS has planned for this and at this point it doesn't matter whether [they] fund it or not.

If they do: Good
If they don't: Oh well, it's being built anyways! 😎

This is a win/win situation.
It WILL BE BUILT! And the Military Engineers will have it done quickly!
59. 😎Thank you POTUS & Q 🙏🏻
60. You're damn right it's refreshing Anon! I wish #TraitorTrudeau would take some notes! POTUS is leading the world! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
61. Ok WTF is going on?!

Chelsea and Skippy RT order to leave Barron alone. Then Brennan calls for removal of "ANY opportunity of Trump running in 2020". Didn't Comey just say that too?!

These are clear threats against POTUS!
62. When you attack POTUS, you attack us all! Operators ACTIVE!
63. Anons perfectly spells out why this is SO IMPORTANT! We only have one chance!
64. Is POTUS giving us another nod that JUSTICE starts this week?

"Brings much needed hope to many families during the holiday season."

65. The war in Yemen is back in the news, but who is paying for it? Read here:…
66. Update as of today of the war in Yemen…
67. BREAKING: @GenFlynn has filed his Sentencing Memorandum…

#IStandWithGenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
68. Future proves past!

Past drop from 1 year ago tmrw tells us 'why it must be isolated'.

Wikileaks posts today about Assange's 'gagging & isolation'.

Planned since 2015 😎
70. BREAKING: Not one, not two, but THREE whistleblowers will be testifying tomorrow at the Clinton Foundation hearing.

PLUS: Huber & Fitton (JW)

BIG Booms Incoming!…
71. Retired Army General arrested and charged with child rape, incest charges.…
72. BREAKING: Bomb threat triggers evacuation at Facebook Menlo Park campus.

FF's imminent!
See something, say something!…
73. BREAKING: After pressure from China, a Canadian Judge grants bail for Huawei CFO (and owners daughter). Bail was set at $10 million CAD and 24/7 surveillance, although she faces extradition to the US.…
74. Our favourite Yellow Vest 😎
75. He's back again! QAlert!

New drop 2586

It's all coming out!
CF, dossier, F!SA, U1, sealed indictments!

Q links a post by @filthy_liberals with a video of Sara Carter tonight on Hannity speaking about "Lots of sealed indictments". [Boom]

76. New drop 2587
Anon posts breaking news that fire has started at GOOG office- tech hub in Beijing.

Q responds w/ article re: today's hearing where CEO states 'no plan to LAUNCH censored search engine'.

The fire that brought down GOOG…
77. New drop 2588
Q drops 2587 again re: GOOG saying [they] don't have plans to launch, what if China already has access? China launch? Will China release new search engine?

Q says: upcoming GOOG financials will tell us the story. Follow the $.
Q will help us track as we go 🙏🏻
78. New drop 2589
Q links post from @maga_swaga showing GOOG Executives dumping their shares.

Q says: What a coincidence! 😎
79. Released Dec 3rd, but still noteworthy today. Especially with Military Tribunal chatter.

January 7-14, military commission pre-trial proceedings are scheduled for United States v. Abd al Hadi al Iraqi at GITMO.

🤔With all Tribunals? 😄…
80. M E G A 🌎 #WWG1WGA 🙏🏻
81. Anons are responding to Q and latest drops:
82. For those that need more proof that POTUS is on the chans. He's observing and HE HEARS YOU!

POTUS responded the very next day!
83. Today, GOOG announced they are shutting down GOOG+ after massive data breach leaks data of 52.5 MILLION Users.

>CEO & Top Executives just dumped their shares.
>FIRE: Beijing.
>Data breach.

Thank you @DJDubbz1 for dropping the link. 🙏🏻
84. Thank you everyone for your support 🙏🏻☺️🤗😘 We will continue tomorrow, as I'm sure Q will return re: The CF Hearing. BIG DAY! 👏🏼👏🏼

Hearing scheduled for 2pm

As always, ThankQ POTUS, his family, QTeam & our brave Military for leading the world to freedom!
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #WWG1WGA
85. Correction: Tomorrow is the 12th, and the CF hearing is not until THURSDAY the 13th!

This is the sh!t that happens when we're super excited for this to finally arrive, and one day creeps into the next. We get ahead of ourselves!🤣🤦🏼‍♀️Y'all I'm tired lol.. goodnight 😴😴
@threadreaderapp unroll 🙏🏻☺️
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